Fall In Love With Both Of Me - Episode 6 (A Sex-On-Legs Cap)

Shuk:  We get closer and closer to the AdGuy vs Dork UFC Jealousy match, Who wins in the Octagon of Love?
JoAnne: I'll tell you who wins:  NOONAS

[ShukNote: My second computer in six months crashed, leaving me helpless and adrift with these SqueeCaps. Kdramalaws has graciously supplied most of the gifs for this recap, but my current resources do not allow me to preview them. However, I'm going to trust her and post this, sight unseen. Because of this disaster, I don't know when the next SqueeCap will be available for your viewing pleasure, so please bear with me.]


Shuk:   Chalk Girl has her eyes closed when Dork brings out the cake he baked in the last episode, singing Happy Birthday. She thanks him for making her birthday special this year, makes a wish, and blows out the candle. Now they smile over a curl of smoke.
JoAnne:  In a surprising twist, the only reason I replayed that scene over and over is so that I could hear his voice, which  was lovely.  And intimate.  Mmm. I wonder if Xian Ting will sing to her? That...would be deadly.

Shuk:  That night at her house, Tao Zi hugs DorkDeer while smiling.  Kitty picks up on the happy mood, and guesses correctly who she’s thinking of. Chalk Girl feels content in her choice of guy; after all, he gave her some great surprises and really cares about her.
JoAnne: Oh, no one is denying that Adorkable is a good guy and would be terrific as a boyfriend/lover/mate...it's just this one little thing.  Sex on Legs is The One. Don't fight it.

Shuk:  Kitty thinks back to her interactions with PD Leo, only to be pulled back when Chalk Girl apologizes for abandoning everybody today.
JoAnne:  For me, this is a YumCap.  They better do something crazy for me to muster up anything funny, those other people.  Except for Fu.  Fu grabs my attention every time. And I suppose I'll rant over  Lance and Ditso at some point.  So I guess it's really just Kitty and Leo who bore me.

Shuk:  Butler Fu is setting up coffee and juice at DorkHouse. Faithful Fu is back because it’s more fun doing crazy stuff for Young Master than fishing. Tian Xing smiles while digging into breakfast, thinking about the previous night’s events, but Fu gives him some sobering thoughts. Tao Li Si is a considerate and lovely person, but it’s wrong to have her fall in love with a shadow. She needs to love Lu Tian Xing, her nemesis.  Young Master’s eating slows down as he mulls over what was just said. He swallows that last piece of sausage like it suddenly turned into cotton.
JoAnne:  He was so in the moment that he never even THOUGHT about this before?
Shuk:  At the bus stop, he thinks about his dilemma, and how angry and hurt Tao Zi will be when she finds out about the Clark Kent secret. He glances up at the reality in the larger-than-life advertisement and tries to think of a way out of this mess. He wonders which of his personae she is really in love with, not that it matters. He plans to have her fall in love with both, and therefore be her one and only.
JoAnne: Well, Sweetness, she is definitely not in love with your Evil Twin Who Is Not Even Slightly Evil, not as far as she knows. We know that it will happen, though. But right now, you're the It Guy.

Shuk:  Chalk Girl is at her desk when Dork comes in bearing gifts of vitamin B and flaxseed oil.The supplements are to insure that she stays healthy. (Regularity is key.) Kitty and Bangs are madly shipping; PD Leo just slipped into “oh crap” mode. Dork is happy that Chalk Girl is happy, but the butler’s words are still floating around in his head. Kitty notices PD Leo’s discomfort and secretly smiles.
JoAnne: I keep seeing her noticing Leo's reactions, but I read her emotion as concern for him - which is why what she does later seems so stupid to me. 

Shuk: The gang is completing final prep on the Samsung presentation. Bangs hands the boss lady a bunch of pens for her to take apart for her stress, but she just tosses them back.  Later, she and Dork eat together. He takes her onions, but in return she has to eat his peppers.   PD Leo catches them sharing vegetables and advice.
JoAnne: Mary, why does 'she has to eat his peppers' sound so dirty to me?
Shuk:  As he walks away dejectedly, Kitty stops him and finally confesses.
JoAnne: She knows he likes Tao Zi. I've never been a fan of the 'Consider me as an option since you're a failure on that other front' confession.

Shuk:  Outside, Dork and Chalk Girl are walking off the meal and we get another whups-body-bump. This time they end up with intertwined fingers when they finally resume walking.
JoAnne: Seriously, those hands are something. There's some finger intertwining in Angel Eyes 11 this week that really sent me, too.  Hands are good. Good hands are really good. I like them to be biggish, but lean. Blunt nails that end before the tips of the fingers.
Shuk:  They each awkwardly try to start The Important Conversation, but she can’t spit out that she likes him, and he doesn't know how to break the truth to her.
JoAnne:  Here's how that convo goes:  "I like you!" "No, you don't." "Yes, I do." "No, you really don't." "How can you say that? I know how I feel." "Yes, but you don't know who you are feeling it for." "Huh?" "What I mean is, I don't exist." "Of course you do, you're right here in front of me." "I'm in front of you, yes, but I'm not the me you think I am - and I know you know I like you, but what you don't know is that I know you don't know that *I* like you, too." They fall dead from mental exhaustion.

Shuk:  The following morning Tao Zi is getting ready to head out to the office when she finds a mopey Kitty.  We get a flashback of the night before; PD Leo doesn't outright reject her, but says he wants to focus on the job. Kitty pushed for an answer but he gives her a work related excuse and bolts.  Back in the present, Chalk Girl points out that he didn’t say no, and Kitty admits that seeing Xiao Lu and Tao Zi walking arm in arm gave her hope.  They share a little girl-bonding when Chalk’s text tone pings. It’s our Watch Hostage-taker, demanding that she meet him at the usual place in 30 minutes. Kitty marvels that she is that close to guy Lu Tian Xing.
JoAnne: ...and hasn't jumped his bones. Yes, me too.

Shuk:  The Lexus is polished and our ersatz loverboy is resplendent with a purple paisley tie. He’s also antsy, constantly looking around, checking and rechecking his phone. Will she? Won’t she?
JoAnne: If she won't, I will.  Call me, Aaron. I'm just two continents and five time zones away. Ok fine and 3 decades too early.
Shuk:  She calls just as he’s about to give up, and with a grin, he goes into AssMode. When she doesn't respond to his sting, he finally answers the phone like a normal human being. Once she collects her thoughts, she tells him in no uncertain terms that he refuses to be jerked around by him. He can’t believe that she both yells at him and hangs up before he can retort.
JoAnne: Her secret plan to captivate him is working! Come on, she must have one. Look at him.
Shuk:  At Tian Xi Adverting, Toady tells his sycophants to arrange a meeting with PD Leo, to present to him an irresistible employment packet.  After all, if Leo goes, OZ goes.

Shuk:  If the furrows in his brow get any deeper, they would be a tourist attraction.  Tian Xing, still in AdGuy clothes, is at DorkHouse OCDing his glasses while thinking. Fu brings him some tea, and they talk about the frustratingly attractive Ms. Tao.
JoAnne: There's really nothing that can be said except OMG he's so cute about 100 times, until I sound like an idiot.

Shuk:  Tian Xing finally admits that she likes Xiao Lu, with the bright smile and the caring attitude.  He tells Fu of her rejection that morning, but denies that it bothers him, at least at first.  Lance calls his work phone, and asks him to show up for the headhunting meeting with PD Leo.   Now he has a new worry on top of his MirrorMask lovelife.
JoAnne:  *strains of 70's glam rock fill the air* Under pressure! dundundun dundundunDUN, dundundun, dundundunDUN
Shuk:  Want a little Vanilla Ice to go with that?

Shuk:  At OZ, PD Leo agrees to take the meeting, but once he hangs up, he asks Tao Zi to go with him to the lion’s den, to show them once and for all that he won’t leave OZ. Kitty fangirls a bit.
Because, really, what's the difference? So much NONE
Shuk:  Ad.Guy is staring fiercely at Chalk Girl, all but wiggling his butt to pounce. (SERIOUSLY, you are a genius. The lion is perfect and I'm DYING.) Toady is playing the smooth snake, but Leo interrupts. Not only no but hell-to-the-no; he will never work for anyone but OZ Advertising. Lance does the ‘aw shucks, can’t blame a man for trying’ routine; he apologizes to Tao Zi for the headhunting meeting. The entire time, Tian Xing barely blinks but constantly clicks his nails against his coffee cup.
JoAnne: Just a really weird interlude, if you ask me.

Shuk:  In the future, Toady offers, maybe OZ and Tian Xi Advertising can do some concerted work, and not act like enemies. What kind of work, AdGuy asks, and Toady calls OZ creative and innovative. Anyway the meeting is over.  Except, the CEO of Tian Xi would like to speak with the CEO of OZ, privately, to discuss collaboration. Or was it cohabitation?  Sometimes the subs get mixed up…
JoAnne: Tomato, tomahto, let's take all the clothes off

Shuk:  The two of them retire to a south-facing window wall and some coffee.  Chalk Girl wonders aloud what types of work they can do together.  AdGuy says nothing, just stares out and sips his coffee, until he finally admits that he doesn't have any idea.
JoAnne: Oh I do. I have ideas.  May I borrow him for a moment to work out the ki...
Shuk:  Chalk Girl bristles at this – is he jerking her chain to make fun of her small agency? He finally looks her in the eye and denies this, before looking away.  In fact, since she wouldn't see him before, he just wanted to spend some time with her now. She jumps up; then why is he doing this?
JoAnne: Honestly, girl, could it BE any more obvious? HE LIKES YOU. Think for a minute. THINK. Then JUMP on that boy and ri...I can't. Must.Stop.Mental.Imagery.

Shuk:  He stands too, but continues to stare out the window. Yesterday was the first time she wouldn't meet with him.  She retorts that she doesn't want anything to do with him. “Why”, he asks. She puts a few jigsaw pieces together, and quietly tells him that, whatever he may think or hope, there’s someone else she likes. With that, he finally turns and stares at her, that full, luscious lower lip sticking out a little.
JoAnne: Seriously, when that shoe dropped it hit her on the head and knocked her stupid. How could she realize, and still say no?

Shuk:  When he asks who, she looks aside for a minute then tells him, “Xiao Lu”. Saying the name must give her courage, because she then meets his gaze and repeats, “I like Xiao Lu.”
JoAnne: Which must be both insanely good and bad news for the poor boy. She likes him and admits it. Except it's the wrong side of him.
Shuk:  Later, he is still there by the bank of windows, absentmindedly rubbing the glass as he thinks about Tao Zi’s confession and Butler Fu’s advice.

Shuk:  He gets ambushed by Motor Mouth, whom he clearly does not wish to see.  Some of this must have communicated with her, as she backs off and promises to be more sedate and not bother him so much.  With effort, Tian Xing tells her not to lose that bubbly personality.  She perks back up, and tags along when he leaves.  He finally snaps at the bottom of the steps: could she not follow him when he wants to be alone? She smiles with effort and asks him to think of her occasionally.  Tian Xing is already regretting his outburst but leaves without another word.
JoAnne: Ok she's an irritating idiot but damn, it's like kicking a puppy. You really can't do things like that.

Shuk: Lance finds her crying in his office, and immediately becomes a big brother. He knows right away who and what happened and comforts her. Even though she’s liked him since she was little, she knows Tian Xing  Gue Gue doesn’t really like her.  They hug.
JoAnne: In which case, tiny props to the idiot for not trying to change herself to suit him. I respect that.

Shuk:  Our loverboy wannabe is now out of his AdGuy clothes at DorkHouse.  He fondles the OZWatch, and thinks back over to Chalk Girl’s rejection.  There’s a knock at the door, and he dons the glasses and pockets the watch in order to open the door for the object of his thoughts.
Shuk:  Chalk Girl brought dessert and coffee.  The Campaign Named For the Drama begins with an opening gambit from Dork.  He noticed the air felt strange that afternoon.  Was it because she bumped into Lu Tian Xing, that she seems preoccupied? She admits to seeing him and blurting out a secret.  Dork wonders if maybe she’s beginning to see Tian Xing as a friend?  She thinks about it for a moment; maybe so, but they can only be, at most, friends.
JoAnne: Well, it's a step.

Shuk:  Dork keeps pressing and asks if Tian Xing had ever done anything to hurt OZ Advertising.  Chalk Girl thinks in the negative.  Hey, what about the underhanded realty-thievery? Anyway, he’s pushing it, since he now praises Tian Xing’s personal advertisement as innocent and honest.  In fact, he may be a better man than she thinks.  She finally catches on; why is he speaking up that man?  Dork backpedals but she still believes he mocks her small company.
JoAnne: What has he ever said that was mocking?

Shuk:  Chalk Girl tentatively asks Dork if he is interested in what secret she told the other guy?  She tries to spit it out, only to invite Dork to dinner the next day instead.

Shuk:  That night at DorkHouse, Tian Xing goes over the clues that Tao Zi has fallen for Xiao Lu, and wonders how he can change the flow of feelings to the real person.  At work, Chalk Girl gives him the address of the restaurant, but he only smiles when she’s watching.
JoAnne: I hope his plan doesn't have Adorkable becoming an ass. Why couldn't he just be called away permanently on family business?

Shuk:  And now we know why as he slips on AdGuy clothes.  He’s gonna throw Xiao Lu under the bus and leave Tao Zi alone at the restaurant. Mean ol’ Tian Xing! But I’m not sure how this furthers his cause.
JoAnne: Love the one you're with?

Shuk:  It’s a really exclusive restaurant, so exclusive that she’s the only one there.  (That she was able to get a reservation for on less than 24 hours notice.  And afford. *Shakes head at details*.) Well, only for a moment before AdGuy shows up in all his sartorial splendor. She warns him away, but he just plops down on a chair instead. A little arm twitch later, and Dork is texting his regrets. AdGuy invites her to share a meal with him, but she’s not interested, even less so with a wrist grab. She pulls away and leaves right before he begins to say something.
Shuk:  Outside the restaurant, she ends up stopping on the pedestrian way to look over the city. AdGuy isn't far behind, though, and immediately starts badmouthing Xiao Lu.  Doesn't she wonder why he stood her up? She doesn't even know that person all that well. She counters that she trusts Xiao Lu, and, yes, she doesn't know a lot about him or herself in this situation.
JoAnne: Well, badmouthing.  Badmouthing would not be kosher...but he is allowed to put questions in her head, yes.

Shuk:  AdGuy pounces on that statement: She doesn't know herself, but he knows that she doesn't really hate Tian Xing. He can’t argue that he’s an “Arrogant Guy” (I think that’s what she labeled him in her phone), but has he ever done anything to hurt Oz Advertising? As he grabs her hands, she flashes to those exact same words from Dork. She pulls away to go, but he yanks her back.
JoAnne: I know it's wrong but to me it was sexy. I'm hopelessly anachronistic.

Shuk:  Well, at least AdGuy can say it. He stares right at her and asks, does she know he likes her? But her answer floors him. Nope, and she don’t want to know, neither. She pulls away again to leave, but he’s had enough. He yanks her against him, grabs her neck and pulls her in for a kiss.
JoAnne: haaaaaaaaaaaands....
Shuk:  She freezes for a moment before pushing, finally breaking free, and gives him a resounding slap.

Shuk:  At TaoHouse, Kitty is ramyuning it, when Tao Zi storms in and throws herself into a chair, clearly rattled. Kitty wonders what happened at the restaurant with Xiao Lu, but Chalk Girl deflects the question, asking about her parents. They have apparently heading over to see a remote aunt for a couple of days. Kitty wonders if everything is okay with Xiao Lu, but Tao Zi storms that it’s not him.
JoAnne: Now wondering if all the aunts in this story are euphemisms.
Shuk:  In her comfy clothes, she ends having a meltdown in the bathroom for hours. Kitty is worried, but Chalk Girl says she’s fine.
JoAnne: Why? He kissed her, she slapped him. In the scheme of things, not a big deal. Is she trying to figure out if she likes him? I don't think so, at this point. What, then? Is she that traumatized by a kiss? Better not be, she's been wearing big girl panties for a while now.

Shuk:  Tian Xing isn't in much better shape as he goes over what happened tonight. Clearly he knows he’s just leaped into bad guy status in her eyes. And we see a little more of the kiss. When Tao Zi pulls away, she yells at him why did you kiss me?? He just yanks her back and tells it’s because he likes her. Oh yeah, your Bad-Guy Meter just pegged there, bucko. And that’s when the slap happened before she picked up her stuff and fled.
JoAnne: Now him, he has reason to be up all night with the worries.

Shuk:  He’s still thinking about, even after he’s changed. He’s at LuMansion, and he stares at the suit with his fist clenched like it’s the fault of the leather shoulder patches that he kissed her. His face still stings. Ultimately the suit ends up back in the closet.
JoAnne: Like so many pretty things in Asia....sigh.
JoAnne's closet (there's space for more)
Shuk:  Chalk Girl is somewhat calm; so is Kitty. But they end up hugging and sobbing with each other.  All they want is to be loved and find happiness; why is that so hard to achieve?

Shuk:  The next day, Dork is nervous and twitchy, and Chalk Girl wonders why he is acting so strangely.  She tells him that she unexpectedly ran into Lu Tian Xing, but doesn’t tell him what happened. He can tell she’s still upset about last night. It’s just so awkward and uncomfortable between them until they start talking shop.

Shuk:  PD Leo is heading for the office when he witnesses a scooter hit and run accident; he stays to help the driver.  The rest of the gang is at the office and getting nervous. After all, PD Leo is usually the first to arrive at the office. Tao Zi calls him; he explains the situation and tells them to head to the Samsung building.  As it gets closer and closer to the time for their presentation, Tao Zi calls him again. This time he’s giving a statement to the police, and is going to miss the meeting. He tells her to have Xiao Lu do the prezzi.
JoAnne: As far as I am concerned this is proof that Leo knows who Xiao Lu is.

Shuk:  Everyone is surprised at PD Leo’s choice, especially Xiao Lu. They all agree that he is too green to do it, but they are out of time.  The gang heads into the meeting hall.  Dork hangs back and decides this is a job for UnderDog…err… AdGuy.  He ducks out and heads for a nearby consignment shop.
JoAnne: REALLY curious to see how he works this.

Shuk:  Tao Zi starts the presentation, only to be interrupted by one of the executives. He wonders aloud where PD Leo is, implying that without him, they aren’t interested. Wait, why can’t she say it was a collaborative effort from her team, and that same team will focus their efforts for Samsung?  I have to throw the BS flag on this play, because no one person is that important in real life. Oh wait, drama, nevermind.
JoAnne: Nodding in solidarity with Shuk.

Shuk:  Anyway, Tao Zi stammers a bit in the face of this pushback, and things look bad for OZ, until a voice cries out, “Sorry I’m late.”
Shuk:  And there he is, with cheeky smile in place. Our arrogant AdGuy.
JoAnne: So hot. So very very hot.


Shuk:  Okay, Arrogant AdGuy, how are you gonna slide out of this one? Tian Xing pretending to be Xiao Lu pretending to be Tian Xing? Or Tian Xing, who just happens to be by and know everything about their presentation as a new collaborative effort between their respective businesses?  I can only hope that he can pull off whatever scheme he's come up with in the absence of PD Leo and Butler Fu.
JoAnne: Of course he will.

Shuk:  And let's talk about the kiss.  As a fangirl, I squealed a little bit.  As a woman, not so much.  I've never been fond of the he-man routine, although it frequently shows up in dramas, and always puts the male lead into some serious groveling time and reflection.
JoAnne: I like it in fantasies. A lot.  Mostly because I wouldn't allow it in real life.  Sigh.