Fall In Love With Both Of Me - Episode 7 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Should we start a drinking game?  One shot every time PD Leo gets left behind with a thoughtful look on his face? And one piece of deokbeokki every time Dork does something jerky. That way we can be fat and sloshed.
JoAnne: Sounds like a plan!


Shuk:  Swooping in, our suave savior spends about a half-second looking over the conte before launching into his spiel.  OZ Advertising’s commercial is based on the concept of lying: you can lie through actions, words, and body language, but never the heart. This appears to be an elaborate point for a Samsung phone to be able to check a person’s heart rate. Luckily, I have an IPhone. Chalk Girl is smiling as he enthralls the group, and one starry-eyed woman in the front row. Wow, he pulls off debonair used car salesman very well. He calls himself a colleague of Oz Advertising and a friend of PD Leo. Everyone claps, and he sends Chalk Girl a wink and a smile. She smiles, but suspicion clouds her face.
JoAnne: I thought his presentation was very awkward, to tell the truth. But he looked good so who am I to judge?
Shuk:  After the presentation, the grilling begins.  How did he know their script after only one glance? He condescendingly calls their presentation “simple and predictable” to understand, especially for Lu Tian Xing.  He helped them to get the job, so that she pays him back that money. This is news to everyone (and do you really think that embarrassing her in front of her employees is the best way to her heart?). He also mentions that he planned to stop by to see her fail, but didn't expect to pull her out of a jam.
JoAnne: I guess all of that is ok considering how little time he'd have had to come up with reasonable expectations but my heart sinks every time he's jerky because it's not how he feels.
Shuk: Just then, PD Leo shows up, and AdGuy shuts up and decides it’s time to leave. Cue the bathroom speed-change back into Dork, with the lame excuse that he had a stomachache.  PD Leo just stares.
JoAnne: I stared, too.  Oh wait.

Shuk:  At Tian Xi Advertising, Toady finds out about the CEO’s appearance at Samsung.
JoAnne: I hate to say this but I guess they do have reason to be legitimately concerned or confused by his behavior.
Shuk:  Dork must be inhaling the CO2 keyboard cleaner, because he’s having hallucinations with himself. AdGuy warns Dork not to accept any confessions of love. Dork argues that AdGuy is the one that got smacked.  AdGuy’s goal is now falling in love with Tao Le Si and fulfilling OZ’s dreams. AdGuy dangles a silver pendant and chain, and advises Dork that he will secure Chalk Girl’s heart. With that warning, AdGuy fades away just as Chalk Girl shows up, but he reappears behind her, threatening Dork with his eyes.
JoAnne: Can't argue with the advice. Still will argue that the simplest solution is just to have Dork disappear.
Shuk:  Dork tells Chalk Girl that a he will be working on a local film project with a friend and won’t be around as much for a while.  She assures him it’s okay, but in her mind, she is disappointed that she won’t see him every day.  He promises to come by whenever he has time.
JoAnne: Close, but no cigar.
Shuk:  He’s pretty glum at DorkHouse, though. As he looks at those hated Dork glasses, he receives a text from Faithful Fu that his arrangements with Samsung have been completed. He sets the glasses down on the table. What arrangements?
JoAnne: Are you saying he hates them because they represent his 'love rival' ?  And yeah, what arrangements? He can't be screwing her out of the deal, so he must be making it so that Samsung agrees to it. Hmmmm.

Shuk:  There is a lot of bustle going on in the OZ office, as they prep for location scouting.  Chalk Girl gets a phone call; Samsung has hired a project consultant to oversee the commercial.  Three guesses as to whom.
JoAnne: Haha, this will be fun. I wonder if Samsung was going to say no and this saved the deal for them?
Shuk:  Like a bad penny, the new consultant breezes in, insulting the kindergarten atmosphere of the office. Chalk Girl confronts him, PD Leo wonders what’s going on, but regardless he sets our arrogant guy in his place.  OZ is about teamwork and there will be no ordering people around like they do it at Tian Xi. AdGuy agrees and they dive right in. Naturally, he poo-poos all their ideas, and demands a new synopsis by midnight.  Oh, and it’s time for lunch, and he plans to have it with the CEO of OZ. PD Leo is again left behind to stare.
JoAnne: LEO! Do you know or don't you? Can you not at least talk to yourself in the mirror or something and give us a clue?

Shuk:  At the restaurant, AdGuy spends most of his time staring at Chalk Girl.  She asks him what he is trying to do. Without any embellishment, he is wondering what he can do to make her fall in love with him.  With that, lunch is done. She demands professionalism at the work place, and flat-out tells him that he isn't Xiao Lu, and her heart won’t flip-flop.
JoAnne: Poor guy. He made this mess and stole the only girl he ever loved away from himself.
Shuk:  He grabs her arm before she can leave, and places the Samsung phone on her palm. After a few tense moments of staring, the heart-meter tings: 83 bpm. Hah!
Tao Zi 1, Tian Xing 0.
JoAnne: I didn't actually expect that. She genuinely feels nothing for him but dislike. I thought there'd at least be some animal attraction she was fighting against.
Shuk: Walking back to the office, she picks up some red bean buns for Xiao Lu. While waiting in line, she texts Dork. AdGuy has Dork’s phone, and reads the message while staring at her from a short distance away. Aww, sadface from him.
JoAnne: And me. 

Shuk:  Kitty is complaining about staying late, but PD Leo is philosophical; after all, the critique will help them make a better product in the long run. Chalk Girl is just zoning out. Dork shows up and she perks right up. He offers to help the brainstorming session, and she follows him into the other room where he deposits his backpack. She happily hands him the bean buns, figuring that he showed up because of her text.  Dork is aloof and uncomfortable, and denies ever reading it. As she steps closer, he shrinks away, so she stops and awkwardly leaves. He’s clearly not happy with himself.
JoAnne: I am impressed by Leo's attitude. As a reward, Writer-nim,  allow him to accept Kitty's love and be happy.

Shuk: At TaoHouse, Chalk Girl and Kitty can’t sleep, in spite of their early morning location scout trip. Tao Zi confides that Xiao Lu seemed strange. Kitty advises her to be more aggressive in her affections.
JoAnne: The thing is...we all know she ends up with Sex on Legs, of course. And who wants to live with the secret of Xiao Lu forever, so that part has to be made known, also of course. Which makes what happens  between Tao Zi and Xiao Lu very important. I guess he can't just run away, and he can't reject her bluntly, either.  Dammit, just tell her the ugly truth with the nice thought behind it, and then stick to your efforts to show her that you can be a nice guy and accept you might not get the girl. Psst: You're gonna get the girl.

Shuk:  In the morning, the team is assembled when a slick and shiny Lexus pulls up.  Clearly, our ever-efficient Butler Fu made good clothing choices, since AdGuy matches Chalk Girl, only more stylishly. Kitty sneers that there’s no additional room in the Mystery Machine for another person, but he just grabs Chalk Girl to be his navigator.
JoAnne: I really, really like him in the icy pastels. The coral the other day, this aqua...yes.
Shuk:  Bangs is snarfing down chips and driving at the same time, much to Kitty’s displeasure. Things are even chillier in LuLexus. AdGuy comments that the Mystery Machine is old and needs replacing; she snarks that his luxury vehicle has GPS – why does he need her? He doesn't like driving alone.  She lapses into silence, eliciting several glances from our hot namja driver.
JoAnne: Sigh. He even drives sexy.
Shuk:  Both vehicles stop at a train crossing when the rails come down. Suddenly, Tian Xing is sweating. Oh, do we have childhood Train Trauma? He ends up gripping the steering wheel and trying to control what is clearly an upsetting situation. Tao Zi becomes concerned as his reaction increases.
JoAnne: Anyone would. That boy is barely holding on. It would be quite alarming in person.
Shuk:  Once the train passes and the gates lift, he suddenly pulls off the road and appears to have a full-blown panic attack. Tao Zi grabs a bottle of water for him, which he gulps down while almost hyperventilating. She turns to get her phone out of his car, when he grabs her from behind and drops his head against her shoulder. In a broken voice, he begs to borrow her for a minute. She stands still as his shaking hand creep around her waist and he pulls her towards him. His almost-sobbing breathing begins to slow. After a moment, he slides his hands back to her arms before releasing her.
JoAnne: That should have been a very touching scene but I'm sorry I thought it was very sexy. The way his head lowers to her shoulder. The way he leans into her. The way his hands slide over her belly.  His vulnerability toward her. Hot. Heat. Yes. Touching yes but sexy sexy sexy.
Shuk:  He’s clearly embarrassed at the whole interlude, but thanks her while wiping his eyes. She wants to cancel the trip; he just hands her the keys and tells her to drive.
JoAnne: Poor guy. Oh God please tell me it wasn't faked.
Shuk:  When they meet up with the team, he spins a story that they were sidetracked by some pretty scenery. Chalk Girl backs him up, and they start the scouting.
JoAnne: Yay! However small, there is now an 'us' and a 'them'!

Shuk:  Everyone is taking pictures; Chalk Girl is forwarding them all to Dork while AdGuy watches. They stop for noodles, and Chalk Girl freezes at the pile of green onions in her bowl. Our two rivals go into action, but PD Leo gets there first, and thus begins a day-long Who Gets To Help Tao Zi The Most contest, culminating in a taekwondo flurry of fists before Kitty plucks an errant flower out of Tao Zi’s hair, and leads her off to do girl-things.
JoAnne: It was HILARIOUS, especially the  taekwondo bit.
Shuk:  Bangs, Kitty, and Chalk Girl grab some street snacks while the other two have a man-to-man convo.  Opening salvo goes to PD Leo, who warns AdGuy not to use work as an excuse to get close to Chalk Girl.  AdGuy freely admits he likes Chalk Girl a lot, so what is PD Leo going to do about it, huh huh? PD Leo claims it should be a fair competition once he throws his hat into the ring, and warns him to never hurt Tao Le Si. The rams stop butting heads when the ewes show up, and they all head back to the vehicles.
JoAnne: Wait a minute. Leo, you are warning him off by saying that someday you might  pursue her? Uh, no. No, Leo. This is not layaway. Do or die, Dude.
Shuk: Chalk Girl remembers the trip there, and decides to stay with AdGuy rather than go with the rest of the team. Wordlessly, AdGuy hands her the keys again.
JoAnne:  Caring for him as a human being is a start, ok.

Shuk:  At OZ, Chalk Girl heads off into the office to work, but before leaving she tells him to rest; he takes it as a sign that she is worried about him.  She snarks that if he gets sick, it becomes a problem for the entire team.  He teases that he should have gotten sick sooner, but then goes serious and thanks her for the “minute” he borrowed.  He offers his shoulder anytime she needs a “minute” herself.
JoAnne: I could use a 'minute'...
Shuk:  She has a flash of Dork’s face which unsettles her, so she just turns and hurries inside without replying.  AdGuy sighs, especially when the DorkPhone receives a text asking Dork to stop by the office for some yummy snacks she picked up for him.
Shuk:  Chalk Girl is a bit mopey, staring at Dork’s empty seat, and getting nothing done. PD Leo finds her asleep at her desk, and wakes her up. Her first words are “Xiao Lu?” PD Leo rocks back a bit with the hit, but still gallantly feeds her. He does ask her why she likes Dork so much. She feels safe with him like an old friend she wants to take care of. Oh yeah, and by the way, big brother Leo, have you ever felt for someone like that? I wince almost as much as he does.
JoAnne: He did it to himself.
Shuk:  It’s filming time; everything is in place, and everyone is there. Well, except Xiao Lu. Bangs is in heaven surrounded by high school girls. Chalk Girl is unloading the van when Dork shows up, stating he has just a few minutes and wanted to stop by. Hmm, can AdGuy be far behind?
JoAnne: Why does Dork show up at all?

Shuk:  Another frantic car clothes-changing scene.  Does that ever get old? NO. I don’t think so, especially when he starts stripping on the run and ends up leaving his t-shirt on the ground for a fangirl to pick up. And gray boxers this time...
JoAnne: He has GREAT legs. And those abs. And shoulders.  Ugh all of it. All of that tiny little person yes. How tall is he? What doe s he weigh? Off to google. Hmm 5'10, 132lbs. Tall enough, but slight. He should be at least 150 at that height.
Shuk: In full AdGuy mode, he steps out of the back seat, only to run into Toady and his entourage, who decided to stop by and watched the filming. Wait, a rival company overtly spying on another one? Is this even ethical? Do they have intellectual property laws in SK?? Oh wait, KDramas, nevermind.
JoAnne: Well it's not a closed set so I guess anyone could...

Shuk:  Toady wonders out loud why his three-month-vacationing CEO is working with another company, and decided it’s good business to get friendly with PD Leo.
JoAnne: It is a valid question and a good idea, but only if you mean well, Toad. Which you don't. So go away.
Shuk:  With the unwelcome arrival of the Tian Xi Advertising gang, Tao Zi is reminded that AdGuy is firmly in the enemy’s camp.  There’s a bit of a standoff before they begin the filming.  Tian Xing calls “Cut” before PD Leo does, earning him a dagger stare.  He pulls PD Leo aside for a discussion, and both sides watch with interest.  Evidently, PD Leo liked what he heard.
JoAnne: Again, I am impressed that Leo retains an openness to what his rival has to say professionally.
Shuk: Our red-checked producer gives a pep talk to the actors before restarting the filming. And we get a 42-second Samsung commercial interspersed with flashes of everyone’s faces as the filming continues. And it’s perfect! Glad hands and thumbs up all around.  Team Enemy leaves, taking AdGuy with them. Team OZ breathes a collective sigh of relief and starts breaking down the set.

Shuk:  Chalk Girl is outside DorkHouse. There’s no answer from Xiao Lu, so she settles down on the stoop to wait. AdGuy walks by and sees her. He disappears and Dork shows up. By then Tao Zi is sleeping. Dork reaches out to stroke her hair, then thinks better of it, and touches her on the arm instead. They head up to his place for coffee.
JoAnne: Because that's cool, stalking a boy to the point that you sleep on his doorstep.
Shuk:  Chalk Girl asks if his other job is completed, and is pleased he will back with OZ soon.  She begins to confess: even if they don’t talk, as long as he is by her side, she’s happy.  She turns and looks at him; can they be like this forever?

Shuk:  He looks her in the eye and says, “Whether or not I’m around, I hope you can be strong and finish your projects on your own.” Um, not exactly what she wanted to hear.  Does this mean he plans to leave?  He says no, but she understands what he is implying, and droops a little. He pops up to get forks, and ultimately stands in the kitchen staring at her sad little face, feeling like crap.
JoAnne: Ok so is she supposed to think the hand holding was just a misunderstanding on her part? No, this deserves more of an explanation from him. Wait, what am I saying.  He doesn't need to break up with her. He needs to tell her the truth!
Shuk:  The post-production begins, but Tao Zi’s mind is on the previous night’s conversation as PD Leo finalizes the rough cut. He hands her a copy, gets ready to say something, but then backs down.
JoAnne: Oh Leo, you are so toast.

Shuk:  She gets a call from AdGuy demanding to see the rough cut, and insisting she drive out to his house. When she arrives, she all but tosses it at him, but he tells her that the president of the ad agency ought to watch it with the consultant.
JoAnne: Can't argue with that.  But the consultant ought to have gone to the president of the agency.

Shuk:  He poses to show off those adorable ankles, but she just wants out of there.  He coerces her into making lunch, but it’s just ramyun. He makes fun of it, but is quick to cover her hands with his when she tries to take it away. She stares at the OZWatch on his wrist, and he reminds her that it’s his until she pays off the debt completely.
JoAnne: He just goes about things so WRONGLY.  He should have shown up at her office, lunch in hand, asking to see the rough cut and explaining that he thinks its appropriate for them to get a first impression together.
Shuk:  He walks around the table towards her, with some ready-made advice.  If the Samsung commercial is successful, there will be lots of business. However, the perception is that PDLeo is the important member of OZ Advertising, and the president is little more than an office assistant. She will need to become a superior producer.
JoAnne: Sound advice based in reality. She IS little more than an office assistant, when it comes to skills.

Shuk:  AdGuy comes closer to her as he dispenses his advice.  First, she needs to be able to lie with sincerity, so that others will implicitly believe in her. On second thought, she’s too honest for that. So let’s try the second point.
JoAnne: She doesn't need to be able to lie. She needs to be able to tell a story that  people will want to believe.  It's the same thing but very different and WHY did he phrase it that way? Ugh.
Shuk:  Tao Zi asks what the second point is.  Tian Xing gently takes her chin in his hand and stare into her eyes before closing his and leaning in….
JoAnne: All these shows screwing with me and my kisses this week!


Shuk:  Ugh, not for the first time do I wish Taiwan used the two-episode-per-week format.   Will there be a kiss? I’m going to say no, since she still is desperately hoping for a relationship with Xiao Lu.
JoAnne: Sadly in agreement.

Shuk:  I’m waiting for TaoDad’s advice to boomerang back.  Since PD Leo is talking fair play, I think it’s fairly safe to say it ain’t gonna happen. The whole Tian Xi Advertising  plotline is a yawner; I don’t really care about Toady and his team. I thought there at least would be some corporate takeover plot, but really, it’s just stalled.
JoAnne: I never thought there'd be a takeover but I did expect more suspiciousness from Toad Crew, perhaps with spying and figuring out the secret and then being the means of that secret being revealed before Tian Xing is able to do it himself.   But they're not doing anything and he doesn't seem to be moving toward a revelation, so I have no idea what happens next.

Shuk:  I’m pretty convinced PD Leo is suspicious of the Xiao Lu / Lu Tian Xing connection.  Does that make him Lex Luthor? I thought Coffee Prince waited way too long to resolve the gender confusion, and I don’t want to see that happen here.  I’m ready for the big reveal to happen and move on to the consequences . Groveling! Yes, that’s what I want to see.
JoAnne: Yep. We need all cards on the table, chips falling where they may, and the rest of the series is about him redeeming himself. It's time.