Gap Dong - A CreepCap ... The Creep Continues (ep 4-5)

I happy to see people are as fascinated by the creepiness as I am. Lee Joon is doing an awesome job and the murders are sufficiently chilling... FYI there are major spoilers ahead. They won't tell you who Gap Dong is though because Nobody Knows! I'm usually good at guessing who the bad guy is but I have no idea with this show. And that's why I love it.
Where we are in the show: 2 victims. Identity of Gap Dong still unknown. Suspicions high.

NJA - NJA is totally in his zone. He's convinced Mad Monk is Gap Dong and he'll not rest until he's brought to justice. Mad Monk know's about the weird way the knots are tied? He must have practiced and used it on the latest victim. So what if Mad Monk's dad couldn't tie his son's shoe laces, he worked at the docks so he must have picked up the skill (by osmosis or something) and just forgot to tie the shoes. When he finally think he's got his man; there's hay placing MM at the scene of the crime, MM has confessed and he finally has DNA...The higher ups throw a spanner in his works, rain the rain of despair on his parade. There's no Gap Dong DNA. (turns out GapDong pooped at the scene of the 3rd crime...eww) waa waa. He finally realizes that Mad Monk isn't the one he's after and they hatch a plan.

The plan will fail
Mad Monk - I dunno with this guy. His drive to solve this case by himself makes him walk into situations where he looks guilty. He finally realizes that The Witness is a little too invested in this Gap Dong deal to be a random bystander but can't make the final connection. After she tries (very unsuccessfully) to tazar him, he gives her a whistle saying that it'll be an easier way to get help. They have a cute moment when she asks who will come when she blows and he says me. (that one was for Jo and Mary) aww. He's much cooler in this show than IHYV. Guess it comes with being the lead. Anyhoo, he gets caught at the scene with the second victim and NJA is all over him. So he confesses. While I'm screaming WTF at the screen, his hyung is looking skeptical and his partner is crying his innocence. He does a walk through of the crime scene and very clearly doesn't know half the details that he should. Now even NJA is beginning to have doubts. After an unnecessarily violent incident in the interrogation room (in which Mad Monk gets hit with a chair and only has a nose bleed) they hatch a plan. Mad Monk is going to go inside the hospital/prison to try and find Gap Dong.
The key word is try
His Partner - Speaking of his partner... dude goes to interview the creepster to verify his alibi and somehow doesn't pick up the "I'm a psychopath' vibes. While I'm screaming WTF at the screen it happens a lot in this show, partner crosses Lee Min Creeper of his suspect list. He lives to creep another day.

Girl with the crush/webtoon-er/giver of murderous ideas - After bawling her eyes out over the fact that the love of her life has been accused of being a serial murderer. GMI is strangely happy about the fact that her webtoon about Gap Dong is gaining popularity. She gives The One Who Creeps her sketchbook so that he can see what she's done so far and asks him to imagine how he would lure the 3rd victim to her death. Nice going *creepy clap from WTFDoc* The One Who Creeps gets a flash of inspiration and smiles in anticipation. *shudder*

The Witness - She switches out her tazer for her whistle and Gap Dong notices!!! aaaargh! She also starts hearing the Gap Dong song in the hospital and it makes her run around twice trying to find the source. I don't quite understand why because what is she going to do when she finds it?! The inmates at the hospital talk about how Gap Dong has claimed her for his own so hands off. She's of course very aware that Mad Monk is not Gap Dong but she tests her theory out when he comes to the hospital for a psych eval. She's so intent on her task that she doesn't realize Sir Creep-a-lot is in the hospital and watching. Then the song comes on again and she can't hide her reaction. He still doesn't get that she's a former victim. For an astute man he's rather obtuse.

The Police - The Kdramaland police force has never been the best or the brightest but these guys really take the cake. I mean who stands there and watches a man in handcuffs (Mad Monk) try to save the life of another man (victim 2's dad ) who crushes through a balustrade after failing to punch Mad Monk?? Then, they apparently cannot hear a creepy whistle that Mad Monk and Witness (WHO ARE IN THE SAME ROOM!!)

Dumb cops
The man on the inside -  He who creeps talks to somebody inside the hospital about using Witness as bait for Mad Monk. He knows about her whistle. *shudder* Who is this guy? Is he Gap Dong??! Did staring glasses guy manage to see who it was?

Final Thoughts

Who is Gap Dong! How can Witness not know that creepy-mccreep-creep is creepy?
Also how can you see this and not be afraid...very afraid.