Doctor Stranger - Episode 6 (A SqueeCap)

Politicians and spies continue to weave their plans around our oblivious hero, while he remains consistent in his single-minded fixation on his first love. In some ways I envy him because the world must be so much less confusing without trying to understand all the agendas. My head hurts.
bcook: There's this thing called belief that you have to suspend when you watch this show. There's also the matter of trying really hard not to ask questions.
JoAnne: Ask the questions! Ask them! We must expose WTFery at every turn!

Episode 6

As Hoon finally comes face to face with Broom-Alike, Creep Cha watches from above, thinking back to the moment when she dared him to shoot her. He hadn't been able to pull the trigger, and she asked to meet Hoon. He asked what she would do, to which she replied "I'm Han Seung-hee." It's worth noting here that he refers to her as "the Han Seung-hee that I created." So... you took a girl named Han Seung-hee and trained her, or you took Jae-hee and made her Seung-hee? Anyway, she tells him that Hoon will see her as Jae-hee, so she'll live as Seung-hee until JangBastard's surgery team is chosen, and then she'll live as Jae-hee. She tells him to shoot her if he doesn't trust her.
bcook: Who here thinks he should have? *raises hand* 
JoAnne: Why does no one ever realize the OBVIOUS ANSWER? He took a bunch of body parts and Jae Hee's face and he literally created her. She was just supposed to be his blow-up doll girlfriend but she got struck by lightening and came to life.  At first he was all 'Cool, that actually works out better for me, heh heh heh' but then he realized that the dollperson had a hard time showing emotion so he figured why not use her as a spy and earn back some of his good standing with the bosses? The REAL MISSION here is to get Blow Up Doll near enough to Hoon to figure out the secret of the MagicHands because if you had a life(enough)like blow up doll that also had MagicHands, you could make a killing in certain areas of the internet. NK needs money.
Becca: O_o .... I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.
Then the Creep flashes to another memory: being tortured after Hoon's escape. Beaten to a bloody pulp, he still insisted that he hadn't helped Hoon. His interrogator didn't believe him of course, and that's when his finger was cut off. It's pretty gruesome. Is it weird that I actually feel sorry for this guy? I ask because I know I have a weird fascination with him to begin with, so is just me or do you guys feel it too?
bcook: I felt sorry for him the way you would feel sorry for the follower of a cult leader who realised, after seeing their leader pay somebody to fake a miracle, that the leader really didn't have healing powers. So, erm.. it's not weird...but don't tell your psychologist that you've had these feelings. 
JoAnne: Also, he's had issues with confidence ever since that torture sessions, so if you were wondering why he needed a blow up doll, now you know. If you go to those certain sections of the internet, they will totally tell you that a blow up doll (esp one with MagicHands) is a valid medical option for the treatment of 'lack of confidence.'
Becca: *narrows eyes* You are on thin ice, Jo....

In the present, he imagines walking outside and shooting Hoon, but instead he continues to watch from the shadows.
JoAnne: He's a little conflicted because the only time he actually feels 'confident' is if he's hidden somewhere, watching Hoon and the blow up doll. Sometimes he cries, because in his heart of hearts he knows he watches Hoon more than he watches the doll.
Becca: Did you know some people actually ship those two? Pretty sure THAT would be the most dysfunctional relationship ever.
Hoon greets Broom-Alike as Jae-hee, while she awkwardly looks to Soo-hyun. Hoon asks if she doesn't recognize him, but she says he must be mistaken - she doesn't know anyone named Song Jae-hee. He starts to become a little frantic and pulls out the bracelet to remind her, and she demands to know why he has something she made for Soo-hyun's mom. She tries to snatch it away, and it breaks in half. (It's a sign!! This pairing is all wrong!)
bcook: *sigh* this obsession has got to stop. I was hoping the broken bracelet would do that...
JoAnne: This is the love that never ends, it just goes on and on, my friend! Some people started feeling it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue feeling it forever just because...this is the love that never ends, it just goes on and on my friend! Some people started feeling it...

You get the drift.
bcook: That used to be one of my fav songs as a kid. Not anymore.
Broom-Alike asks who the nut is (it's implied), and Soo-hyun introduces him as the doctor who operated on Mom. Broom-Alike asks why he has Mom's bracelet, and Hoon keeps insisting that it's the one he made for Jae-hee. She orders him to stop speaking nonsense. She takes the other half of the bracelet and hands it to Soo-hyun apologetically before leaving.
Hoon follows her inside, but Soo-hyun holds him back and tries to reason that Broom-Alike says she isn't Jae-hee. Hoon can't believe it, though.

Upstairs, Broom-Alike meets Cha and tells him he made the right choice for the sake of the mission. He warns her not to be arrogant and walks away.
bcook: He so creepy.
Becca: But kinda hot, yes?

Soo-hyun continues to struggle with Hoon. He needs to know why Broom-Alike is ignoring him, and Soo-hyun says it's because she really doesn't know him - she isn't Jae-hee. He reminds her that she saw the video, too, and she admits that she's not sure. Still, Broom-Alike insists she not Jae-hee.
JoAnne: Ergo, dumbass, she doesn't know you. Or she's lying. If you think she's Jae Hee, wouldn't it be smarter to start with THAT question?
Becca: Stop trying to use the logic!
Hoon gets past her and goes up to pull Broom-Alike away from the patient she's talking to. He asks why she's ignoring him and promises that he did everything he could to find her, then apologizes as he grows more desperate. All this time she's been trying to get back to her patient, and when he asks if that's really important right now, she slaps him.
bcook: Yeah dude! Snap out of it! Jeesh! Does she smell like skittles and honey? Is that what makes you go stupid over her? 
JoAnne: Skittles and honey, huh? That's what rocks your world? I could see if she smelled like CHEETOS, maybe...because I would lick some cheese dust off just about anybody. But Skittles and honey?  Did you drop some Skittles in honey once and figure what the hell? How did you figure that out?
bcook: sweet and fruity. Don't guys like sweet & fruity smelling girls? According to victoria's secret they do. Unless it's my oppajusshi. He likes caramel. I smell like caramel. (*see's nothing wrong with what she just wrote*)

She asks if he can call himself a doctor if he doesn't put the patients first and asks Soo-hyun to deal with him. She wheels the patient away, leaving Hoon in tears. Soo-hyun promises Hoon she'll try to arrange a meeting later and implores him to leave for now. He allows himself to be led away, as Creep Cha watches.
JoAnne: If Hoon has MagicHands then Creep Cha must have InvisiLegs. He just stands all out in the open anywhere in the hospital at any time.
Broom-Alike comes back, and we learn that she's transferring to Myung Woo soon. Creep Cha reminds her that it won't be easy to get Hoon back in because of Chairman Oh. She suggests they get help from someone who can influence him.
JoAnne: The plot, it is thickened.
JangBastard has a late-night committee meeting, and we learn that politicians seems to be taking sides between him and the President. Of course, he pretends to be above all that. Once they let out, he goes to the bathroom, which is where Creep Cha finds him. Oh-ho! Looks who's in cahoots! Cha is here because he needs his help with Hoon and tells him to meet with Chairman Oh. JangBastard isn't sure he should get involved, especially since Myung Woo will get eliminated from the surgery team selection if the press finds out he's met with Oh. The Creep reminds him that the plan is over anyway if Hoon doesn't come back to Myung Woo.
bcook: What is the plan?! CreepCha and Broom-Alike clearly have a second objective (which makes sense, they're spies) but what's the first bloody objective? 
JoAnne: JangBastard is interested in a Blow Up Doll with Special Modifications, which Creep Cha has agreed to engineer if Jang helps. (Yes, yes! Insult JangBastard all you want!)
bcook: At this point...anything makes sense.
Once he's in his car, JangBastard wonders if he'll be able to find time when he's not being watched around the clock, obviously thinking of his bodyguards, one of whom has been watching him intently all evening. Lollipop Ajusshi promises to figure something out. After they drive away, Bodyguard calls someone to tell them Jang has just left.

The information gets passed to the President, along with the news that JangBastard has pushed back their meeting in the morning because of another event he has to attend. President does not like this and orders that the meeting be at the original time.
bcook: So the President isn't as dumb as JangBastard thinks he is. That's good to know. 
JoAnne: Anything that thwarts that evil man is good in my book. Rock on, Prez!

Hoon and Soo-hyun go to a pojangmacha and drink soju. Soo-hyun says she still thinks Broom-Alike isn't Jae-hee. He said Jae-hee smiled a lot but Broom-Alike doesn't seem to - she even checked Broom-Alike's SNS account. Hoon grabs the phone and scrolls through pictures of Broom-Alike and her parents - who are NOT Jae-hee's parents - and sighs. Soo-hyun tries to lighten the mood by saying she's envious - Broom-Alike's dad looks nice. She asks about Hoon's parents - he says Dad's dead, and he doesn't know about Mom. She gives up and orders more soju.
JoAnne: Drink-eu! Drink-eu! 
As he drives, Jae-joon dials Soo-hyun, but she doesn't pick up. By this point, she and Hoon are both drunk, and she slams down her glass and tells Hoon to just forget about Jae-hee already - he can't hold on to someone who's in heaven. He responds that he'll hold onto her until he dies, so she asks if he really likes her that much. He smiles and says of course. Oh my word, they're adorable drunks. Can they just be drinking buddies from now on? Forget the rest of it - I want THAT drama.
bcook: Haha. That'd be a good drama. Very short though. 
JoAnne: Please tell me she piggy-backs him. Picture his long ass legs trailing behind her on the sidewalk and tell me you don't want to see that.
bcook: hehe. Yessssss. 

She says she's jealous of Jae-hee - she has someone who is always thinking of her. Hoon reminds her that she has someone like that, too: that guy with the nose. Pfft! And he gestures at his own face, as if to illustrate. Well, that has to be giffed, too, doesn't it?
bcook: Ha! I wasn't the only one who noticed the NOSE. hehe. 
She laughs, but then admits she isn't sure. She asks Hoon if he really thinks Jae-joon thinks about her much, and he admits that, knowing his personality, he'd be surprised. She figures he's probably right but shakes it off right away and starts to propose a toast to Jae-hee in heaven, but he demands to know why, still insisting that she's alive. He tries to stand up, and Soo-hyun jumps to catch him before he falls over.

She manages to push him back into his chair and then finds herself staring at his puuurty face as he starts to nod off. She reaches out to gently touch his cheek, which is seen by Jae-joon, who has arrived to watch from a distance like a good second lead.
bcook: The ship is revving it's engines but it's only half full so the captain is ordered to wait at the pier for more passengers. 
JoAnne: Whatcha gonna do, Jae Joon? 
He calls her again, and this time she hears her phone ring and picks up. When he asks where she is, she lies that she's alone at Mom's house, not knowing that he's watching her. He offers to come over if she doesn't want to be alone, but she says it's okay. She has some things to think about. He doesn't press further and just tells her to take a day off tomorrow. She hangs up and leans against a nearby post, feeling bad about lying to him. He sighs and walks away. Aw, I feel bad for him, too. I've always liked him, even though he can be a bit of an ass.
bcook: Why would she lie though? He's going to have his feelings hurt either way (even if he wasn't lurking behind the bushes watching her)
JoAnne: Buying herself time. Delaying the inevitable. Secretly planning a major switch up...the list goes on.
Hoon wakes up and sees Broom-Alike sitting across from him. He calls her Jae-hee and smiles, figuring this must be why people drink - to see the people they miss. He says he's missed Jae-hee the most and reaches across to hold her hand, wondering how she can be sitting with him now. He sighs and falls asleep again.
bcook: So sweet and good but I wish it was spent on somebody else
JoAnne: I decided here that she must be Jae Hee. Because if she was Seung Hee, she would totally fall for that adorableness. And since she doesn't fall, she must be Jae Hee, who can't fall (although we don't know why yet.)
Becca: Wait, did you just apply logic to this show in a way that works? *is in awe*
Soo-hyun finds them this way when she comes back from her phone call. Turns out she's the one who invited her here so Hoon could apologize, but it looks like he's too drunk now.
JoAnne: Drunk puppy, two girls...anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

They drag him back to Mom's place, where Broom-Alike just manages to spread out a blanket before Soo-hyun collapses under his weight. They end up on the floor together, with his arms wrapped around her as he calls for Jae-hee in his sleep. She's clearly affected by their proximity and hurriedly disengages from his embrace.
bcook: Name one person who wouldn't be affected by that jaw line and those ears. I wonder if he had kimchi breath.
JoAnne: *dreams of biting, but not hard*
bcook: *looks at JoAnne in wonder* I thought i was the only into that. Jong-Suk likes to bite too.
She gets a call from Chairman Oh and tells him she'll be spending the night at Mom's. He orders her to come back, but she just apologizes and promises to call tomorrow.

Broom-Alike tucks Hoon in, and Soo-hyun apologizes for imposing. Broom-Alike reasons that it's technically her house anyway and remarks that she and Hoon seem close, since they drank together and now she's taking care of him. Soo-hyun awkwardly laughs, saying it isn't the way it seems, and then turns serious as she explains that someone Hoon loves died. Broom-Alike plays dumb (bah!), and Soo-hyun continues that she really does look like Jae-hee. Broom-Alike offers to make coffee while Soo-hyun tells her all about it.
In the morning, JangBastard attends his event, where the topic of the day is reuniting families separated by the North-South split. Bodyguard is keeping a close eye as usual, but as everyone is leaving, he loses sight of JB. When he goes to find him, Lollipop Ajusshi blocks the way, saying he'll be back shortly.

JangBastard has slipped away to meet Chairman Oh, who remarks that it's been twenty years since they last met in private. So that would be... about the time Dad was sent over, right? *adds info to wall of crazy* JB gets straight to the point and requests that he give Hoon one more chance.
bcook: I totally missed that. But why would they have been meeting in secret 20 years ago?
JoAnne: *SPOILERS SPOILERS!* Oh was facing a medical malpractice suit for the hospital; Hoon's dad was going to testify for the plaintiffs as a medical witness, and the hospital was going to lose the fight.  Jang needed someone to go to NK and deal with Kim Jong Il because if he died the whole region would destabilize; Oh gave him  Hoon's father.
Becca: We don't learn that 'til next episode, Jo! Also, it was Kim Il-sung.
JoAnne: That's not true. We've known about that medical malpractice suit thing since the very beginning, and we know that Jang sent him to NK. Oh you mean that Oh and Jang spoke about it?  I just assumed from the start that the NK thing was to keep him from doing whatever it was he was doing. I didn't realize everyone didn't do the same. Do we take this part out?
Becca: Eh, might as well leave it. I think anyone who cares already knows this anyway.
Hoon wakes up, sees all the pictures of Broom-Alike on the walls, and immediately goes in search of Jae-hee. He hears someone in the bathroom and bursts through the door, catching Soo-hyun in only a towel. She starts screaming and chucking things at him, and before he can close the door, he's hit in the head and goes down.
bcook: hehe. See what happens when you go running blindly into situations because of your obsession with "the girl who smiled a lot"? That's some arm Soo-hyun.
JoAnne: Soo Hyun, honey? He's got MagicHands, not X-RayEyes.
Becca: I thought he had those for a minute in episode 2, but they never showed up again. I'm disappointed. :(

When he comes to, Soo-hyun and Moon are leaning over him. They ask if he's okay, and he grasps his head, asking if he looks okay. She says he shouldn't have come barging into the bathroom that way, which Moon picks up on and asks if he saw everything. Pfft. They protest at the same time, so he asks why they're here together, and, still in sync, they turn the question back on him.
bcook: The comic moments are the best part of this show.
JoAnne: I think I have to agree with you, my friend.
He's here because Oh wants to see Hoon, and he guesses he's giving him another chance. Hoon isn't interested, though. He's going back to the hospital where Broom-Alike works. Soo-hyun tells him that as of today, she'll be working at Myung Woo. So it's back to Myung Woo for him! He asks Soo-hyun what she'll do, and she says she's going to stay here for a bit. He thanks her before he goes, and she fidgets awkwardly. Is that... awareness? The beginning of a crush?
bcook: Survey says! Yes!  
JoAnne:  Is that a crush. Might as well ask if Mary likes Song Jae Rim!
Chairman Oh arrives soon after and they go inside, where he muses that he never thought his own kids would ignore his wishes, then stops when he sees the pictures of Mom around the house. That gets him reminiscing, and he says he sincerely liked her. He doesn't know what she saw in him, but his feelings for her were genuine. He considered her his fate.
bcook: Then why are you treating her daughter like shyte? Though she does genuinely seem to like him which is a step up from how most kdrama rich kids feel about their parents.
JoAnne: Chairman Oh and Soo-Hyun, relationship status: It's Complicated!      

Soo-hyun has probably never heard any of this before and softly calls, "Abeoji," and he remarks th t she hasn't called him that in a while. She apologizes and then thanks him for loving mom. He hugs her, and when she cries, he gently wipes away her tears. Y'know, he's still a terrible father, but I kind of like him in this scene. I must be in a very generous mood today - I'm feeling bad for everybody.
To curb my good will, however, we switch to JangBastard, who is late to his meeting with the President. He makes a show of getting the President's approval for something, even though it's for a committee that is clearly under his command. The President reminds him not to be late next time, and he has to work to hide his irritation and apologize.

Back at his own office, he nearly busts a gut laughing that someone who gets ticked by him running five minutes late is the president of South Korea. JB tells Lollipop Ajusshi to tell Broom-Alike he wants to see what she's can do, then continues his laughing fit. Judging by the look on his face, even Lollipop Ajusshi seems to think he's a little nutty these days. Or is that just me?
bcook: Nope. He's certifiable. It's not being 5 minutes late, it's the gross insubordination and disrespect.
JoAnne: Five minutes is nothing. Wait until he gets his doll with the special mods.
On the way to the hospital, Moon clarifies that there's someone who looks like Hoon's girlfriend, and Hoon corrects that she doesn't just look like her, she is Jae-hee. Moon wonders how he's going to prove it, if he's the only one insisting that it's her. Hoon says he's not the only one, and calls Chang-yi's Omma to get her assurance that she would recognize Jae-hee if she saw her.
JoAnne: Logic fail in 3,2,1...

Chang-yi leaves the room for a moment and passes Creep Cha on his way in, dressed as a doctor again. He thinks of his last conversation with Broom-Alike, where he told her Omma was the perfect candidate to help her show off for JB. Broom-Alike seems to feel a little bad. Maybe. I don't know.
JoAnne: In the scene below, Creep Cha is making a mental note to adjust the facial movement programming to allow some expression. He's already daydreaming about the new marketing materials:  New and Improved! Realistic Blow Up Doll Complete with Fashionable Wardrobe, MagicFingers and New! Five Realistic Facial Expressions That You Can Choose!
bcook: When Jo makes more sense than the script....
Becca: ... you know the writers are on crack?
When Hoon arrives, Chang-yi comes running to tell him that Omma collapsed, as Broom-Alike and KimChi rush her to the OR. Jae-joon's team starts mobilizing (Surgeons assemble!), but there's one problem: Flirty is busy with another surgery, so they're left in the lurch without an anesthesiologist. When Jae-joon gets to the OR, however, someone is already there - it's Broom-Alike. Flirty calls and tells him that Broom-Alike's a new transfer, with a good reputation. She urges him to trust her, so he starts the operation. Not to be petty, but he can't be that good because his scalpel draws blood.
Jae-joon is met by an anxious Chang-yi when he comes out, and he tells her the surgery was successful and Mom will wake soon. Hoon asks what happened - Omma's heart was fine until today. Chang-yi shushes him and thanks Jae-joon. Omma is wheeled out of the OR, and Jae-joon says it's all thanks to the anesthesiologist, Dr. Han. That's when Broom-Alike unmasks, and Hoon stares.
bcook: So is he more convinced now that she's Jae-Hee?

Hoon and Chang-yi follow Omma to the ICU, where he continues to watch Broom-Alike, thinking of Jae-hee. She remarks that they've met again, and he apologizes for last night.
Later, as they watch Broom-Alike from a distance, Chang-yi gets filled in and asks if she really isn't Jae-hee, and Hoon admits he's not sure, either. He plans to ask Omma about it when she wakes up. Jae-joon comes upon them and asks Hoon for a chat.
JoAnne: There's something about Jae Joon. I don't know. I don't want him to be a bad guy. I want him to end up partnering WITH Hoon while they work to overthrow all the crap bosses, and if that happens then I want Jae Joon to have his Soo Hyun that I swear he really loves, and then I can live with Puppy and Jae Hee.  Metaphorically, I mean. And they all get together for the holidays with Uncle Moon who drinks too much and then plays with the kids so hard that they cry.
Becca: Imagine the Christmas special!
JoAnne: My favorite will be the year that Moon is in charge of ordering the Christmas sweaters and he buys them from some off-price sweat shop online and they all arrive on Christmas eve and have very questionable poses for Santa, his reindeer, and the elves.

They relocate, and Jae-joon says he knows Hoon came here because of his girlfriend, but he's also heard she died. He figures Hoon's business is done here, so he should stop showing up - especially around Soo-hyun. Hoon asks if he means Quack, and that's what finally makes Jae-joon snap. He grabs him by the collar, and tells him to watch his mouth - he has no right to call her tht. Hoon coolly responds that she is a quack in his opinion. He ask, "What do you think, Quack?" and Jae-joon turns to see that she's standing right there.
JoAnne: Oops.
bcook: wrah wroh
He lets go and straightens Hoon's jacket, giving a half-assed apology for crossing the line. Soo-hyun asks what's going on, and Hoon says it looks like they need to talk and walks away. He's got bigger fish to fry. She tries to go after him, but Jae-joon holds her back. He explains that he lost his temper when Hoon called her a quack, and she points out that it's not like him to get upset over something like that. He huffs that she's part of his team, and he can't let her be insulted like that.
JoAnne: Hold up, wait a minute, let me put that in English. You can't let her be insulted...because then it reflects badly on YOU?  My dream is dying, isn't it.
Becca: Nooo! I think he doesn't want to like her as much as he does, so things just come out worse than he intends because he's trying to keep his walls up. He doesn't want to to be vulnerable.
JoAnne: That just makes me like him moooooooooooore.
She tries to ask if maybe he and Hoon could be a little more friendly. He makes an effort to keep his cool as he asks why, and she says Hoon is having a rough time, and besides, they all have to work together. He's surprised to hear that Chairman Oh changed his mind, and she gets him to agree that he'll be nicer from now on. He asks her out for dinner tonight, but she declines, saying she has plans.
JoAnne: He's an ass but I just want to HUG him so BAD.
Becca: All. The Time. I bet he's a really good hugger, too. He looks so solid and sturdy.... *daydreams*

Before she can go, he smooths her hair and touches her cheek gently, saying he's relieved to see her looking better these days, which makes her smile. But after she leaves, he sighs heavily.
JoAnne: For me THIS love story is way better than Hoon and Jae Hee.
bcook: His jealousy is just .... I want to dislike him I really do. But he has the healthiest reason for being at the hospital (as healthy as you can get in this story)

Moon tracks down Hoon and takes him to apologize to Chairman Oh, but he's not in his office. Instead, they run into Director Choi. Hoon regards him coldly and pointedly ignores his proffered hand, thinking of the last time he held it out to him, saying he'd take him to Dad. Choi says he spoke to Oh on Hoon's behalf, so he's allowing him to come back. He's heard that Hoon's a good doctor, but he has a lot to learn if he wants to be like Dad. Hoon sneers, asking if he has any right to say that, and Choi admits this is how he can atone for what he did.
JoAnne: I see Crazy Hoon right there!
bcook: Choi is such a ... 
Hoon starts to walk away but stops when Choi mentions Jae-hee. He hands him a picture of her and Doc Ponytail from when she was in Budapest. They move to the break-room, and Choi explains that he was friends with Doc Ponytail, too, which is how he got the picture. He says that picture made him realize what he needed to do. He starts to talk about trying to find Jae-hee, but Hoon isn't buying any of it and tells him not to talk nonsense before storming out.
Moon follows him out and tries reasoning with him about Jae-hee - how could a girl who's supposed to be in North Korea suddenly show up here?
JoAnne: The way the rest of the defectors do?
bcook: but why is she pretending to not remember? I'm pretty sure Hoon knows what's up.

Broom-Alike goes back to Omma's bedside and injects her IV with something while no one's looking. Stop messing with Omma! Also, what is the purpose of all this? What are they trying to show JB? I can't figure it out.
JoAnne: Her skills as an anesthesiologist. She can put people into comas and she can take them out, seemingly at will. I'm going to go with coma does not equal unconscious because...umm....isn't that what ALL anesthesiologists do?
bcook: Yeah but it takes skillz.

Lollipop Ajusshi meets with Creep Cha in a crowded restaurant and is told the surgery was successful, but he says those aren't the skills they want to see. (Yes, but what do you   want to see?) Cha tells him he'll see what he wants soon.
JoAnne: Blow up dolls with Special Mods are not built in a day.
Hoon and Chang-yi rush back to Mom's bedside when they hear she's in trouble again. Looks like she keeps slipping in and out of a coma, and the doctors are at a loss. Flirty can't explain it either, admitting that anesthesiologists can't explain exactly how some of their drugs work.

Mom's awake right now, and Hoon asks again if she could recognize Jae-hee. (This boy. Nice to see he's got his priorities straight.) Mom nods, and he's about to ask her about Broom-Alike, when Choi suddenly appears, and Mom calls out to him. She identifies him as the one who saved her from the labor camp and struggles to get up to greet him, but she collapses again. Broom-Alike assures Chang-yi that she'll be fine with a little rest.
JoAnne: We all need more naps, but somehow I think this woman is not long for this world.
Chang-yi and Hoon talk with Choi in the hall and confirm that he's the one who brought Omma over. He admits that he asked Im to take all the credit, as he wanted his involvement to remain a secret until Jae-hee was found. He hoped that by bringing Omma over, he could encourage Hoon not to give up on Jae-hee.
JoAnne: Then why not....just bring Jae Hee in the first place?
bcook: She got moved to a special camp for special people...even though Omma saw her die...and  Choi appears to be the one that was called in to declare her dead.
Mom is moved out of the ICU (a couple hours after heart surgery - I think my eyes just rolled into the other room), and as Broom-Alike settles her into her room, Omma remarks that she really does look like Jae-hee. Broom-Alike says she's getting that a lot lately. As soon as she leaves, Hoon rushes to ask Omma the big question, but she says Broom-Alike looks like her but she isn't Jae-hee. She reminds him that she clearly saw Jae-hee die, but Choi speaks up to say she's still alive.
JoAnne: And he knows this how?
Becca: He's psychic?

He follows Hoon out to the hall and tells him he'll be going back to North Korea after he wraps up a few things here. Hoon is eager to go with him, but Choi urges him to stay here because it's too dangerous. He wants to meet Hoon again before he leaves, however, because he has something to give him.
JoAnne: Why not just give it to him NOW?
bcook: Because then this story will be 16 episodes long instead of 20. 
Broom-Alike has been watching the exchange and turns away when Creep Cha calls. He asks why she didn't kill Omma, and she says that's not what JangBastard wants to see. Could you people please be a little more vague - I might start understanding this! They exchange information - Hoon is back at the hospital, JB convinced Chairman Oh for them - and Broom-Alike says everything is in place now.
bcook: *pulls out WTFquestion list.* hmm do we get a special prize when we reach 200?
Becca: Lollipops!

Creep Cha meets Lollipop Ajusshi and gives him the record of Omma slipping in and out of a coma and says this should be enough to prove Broom-Alike's abilities.
JoAnne: Five minutes ago you wanted her dead, dude. Don't act like you know what's going on.
Moon pulls Hoon away from stalking watching Broom-Alike for a chat. He asks if she's Jae-hee or not, figuring that if she is, that must mean she's a spy. Hoon asks why Jae-hee would be a spy, and I'm like, do you want an itemized list? 'Cause we've come up with more theories in a few weeks than you have in years, apparently.
JoAnne: Perhaps his genius tendencies only work in the area of medicine. Oh and knowing his way around foreign cities at high speeds when he's never been to them.
bcook: Actually I don't get his logic either. It's just as twisted as everything else in this show.

Moon says the whole thing is strange - her being here and pretending not to know him. He's worried about the trouble they'll be in if they get her on their team and she turns out to be a spy. He asks if Jae-hee has any identifiable features other than her face - like a scar or something.  Hoon says she only has one kidney, and Moon scurries off to check her records.
They're denied access, however, and are told they could go to jail for looking. That has Moon rethinking the plan, but Hoon just snatches the envelope and rips it open. Moon tries to stop him, but he looks anyway. Moon can't help but ask how many kidneys she has and takes a look as Hoon slumps back in his chair: two kidneys. He's over the moon (heh) with happiness because this proves (he thinks) that she isn't a spy.
JoAnne: If you can take out a kidney, can you not put one in?
bcook: exactly!
Hoon goes to stare at Broom-Alike as she sits drinking coffee and laughing with Soo-hyun, and he smiles, even as tears fill his eyes. He remembers riding the motorcycle through Budapest with Jae-hee and seems to finally be ready to move on, when he suddenly remembers his own words from all those years ago: Everyone's heartbeat is different, in the same way that no two people have the same face, but his heartbeat is the same as Jae-hee's.
JoAnne: Oh geez, THIS crap again.
bcook: *sigh*
Broom-Alike is formally introduced to the other doctors, and once they all leave, Hoon asks for a moment of her time. Soo-hyun asks if he wants to apologize for yesterday, and he nods. Broom-Alike says there's no need - she heard everything from Soo-hyun, and she understands.

Hoon tells her about everyone having a unique heartbeat and asks once again for a minute of her time. He suddenly crosses the room and pulls her into an embrace. He closes his eyes, listening to her heartbeat. A few moments pass, and then his eyes fly open again.
JoAnne: Thanks for the nap, he says, as he walks away.

 Raise your hand if you died laughing when they brought back the heartbeat thing! I certainly did. But it's a testament to how accustomed I've become to this show's craziness that after asking, "Are you serious, Show??" I immediately asked, "So is she Jae-hee??" Because if Hoon can make incisions without drawing blood and diagnose patients with MagicHands™, why can't he recognize a girl by her heartbeat?
JoAnne: Totally possible. It happened to the cousin of my neighbor's hairdresser's dog watcher, so I know it's true.
bcook: Well if it happened to the dog watcher!