Doctor Stranger - Episode 8 (A SqueeCap)

It's time for musical surgical teams! The plot advances a little, but mostly this episode is all about doctors switching teams because they're jealous, spies (both international and in-hospital), being threatened, paid, or cast aside. Thankfully, we get some great character stuff to keep it interesting.
JoAnne:  And then there's the really important thing - dem BOYZ.
bcook: I'm on ship bromance. KRS (Korean Royal Ship) HoonJoon

Episode 8

JangBastard sits down with Chairman Oh, Choi, and Jae-joon, and looks around for Hoon. Jae-joon drops the news that Hoon has withdrawn and shows them Hoon's discarded lab coat.
bcook: Das right! He's out! Whacha gonna do now? huh? huh?

Hoon saves the baby and Broom-Alike smiles and says he looks like a doctor now. She holds out her hand to him (he ignores it) and guesses the person he's looking for is probably expecting to see this side of him, and he mutters that she must be joking. He confirms that she'll be the anesthesiologist for the twins' surgeries.
Now we catch up to the end of episode 7, with Hoon retrieving his lab coat and saying he'll do the competition if the hospital covers all the expenses. When he starts to leave, JangBastard requests that he take good care of him. Hoon takes a good look at him and recognizes him from when he came to see Dad in episode 1, but he leaves without a word.
JoAnne: He doesn't have to.  His face said it ALL.  Crazy Hoon is back, y'all.
bcook: If looks could kill. JangBastard would be in shreds.
That bruises JangBastard's (planet-sized) ego. As he washes his hands in the bathroom later, he's still puzzled that Hoon could just leave like that. But of course, that's when he looks up and sees Hoon behind him, calmly locking the door. Are we gonna rough him up, Hoon? Are we? Can we? Pleeeeaaaaase!
JoAnne: Oh please, beat his ASS.  JangBastard is certifiable.  I am convinced of this.  And if ever a man deserved to administer a beating to another man, it is right now.
bcook: But lille Hoon is so skinny. This was one scene where the shirt clench wasn't so convincing. He should have used a bucket.
JB observes that he takes after Dad, and Hoon loses his cool and grabs him by the collar. JB offers his condolences for Dad's passing, and when asked why he did it, he replies, "Why do you think I did it?" Hoon thinks of Dad's death, and sends him flying with a hard punch. YESSS!!
JoAnne: I do love that they have Hoon regularly punching people when it is abundently clear that the King of Puppies has NO idea how to actually punch someone.
bcook: Scientifically (based on my high school physics), he's too skinny to put that much force behind (what looks like) a bitch slap.
Crazy Hoon pulls him back up and tells him he suddenly wants to win this competition - he's really curious to see JangBastard's heart. JB, not at all shaken up, replies that he's curious, too - to see how Hoon fixes his heart.
JoAnne:  I remember being so confused about why on EARTH this man would want Hoon, of all people, to perform his surgery.  You all must be puzzled too, new viewers. Well, you get no sympathy from me.  Suffer through it like we did!  Haahahahahahahahahahah.....*sobs*
bcook: I only just found out why!!! *hugs self in befuddled joy* It finally makes 25% sense!
Becca: Well, I'm glad we learn eventually. I really need to catch up....

As Lollipop Ajusshi tries to break down the door (having heard the commotion inside), Hoon advises JB to pray it isn't him. He points at JB's heart and promises to take it out and leave a hole in his chest. He turns to go, but stops when JB says he'll have to work hard to see his heart, or he might never meet his girlfriend in North Korea.
JoAnne:  Do we know something about this yet or don't we? I can't remember.
bcook: Nope. We remain clueless for another episode or two....actually till episode 14 when ALL IS REVEALED!! and by all I mean not very much.
Lollipop Ajusshi finally breaks through the door and rushes to JB's side. Of course, everyone turns to Hoon immediately, and Chairman Oh and Choi follow him out into the hall. When they try to call him back, he just keeps walking and starts singing "Tell Me." Ha! .... I miss those days. *sobs a little*
JoAnne:  Do you know that there are people out there who don't like Lee Jong Suk?  Can you even imagine?  It's like...not liking air.  How can you not?  It's not even an option.  You need air.  You can't not like air.  Same thing with the Ultimate Pup.
bcook: They don't like him?! Did they not see that awesome kiss in IHYV? The one that made me wish (very briefly) that Lee Bo Young wasn't marrying Ji Sung??!
When Chairman Oh asks what happened, JangBastard brushes it off as a dizzy spell. Then, as if just remembering it, he tells Oh that Hoon is Park Chul's son. After they leave, KimChi Cutie and one of his lady friends pop their heads out of a stall. HA! Were they here the whole time?? She asks if the men's room is usually like this. He says it's normally quiet, then ushers her back into the stall.
JoAnne:  He is THE horniest of horn dogs.  I love this guy.  Just the right combination of over the top and sweet.
bcook: He gets better I think! Curious that he doesn't mention it to anybody.
JoAnne:  He's a decent guy, ultimately, and I think he's smarter than he looks.  He's going to wait it out and see how things are going.
JangBastard is taken on a tour of the hospital, and before he leaves he asks Jae-joon if there's a special reason he wants to do his surgery. Jae-joon shocks everyone by saying outright that he wants to become the owner of Myung Woo. Chairman Oh scolds him for being so blunt, and JangBastard looks mad at first but then laughs and says he likes that his intentions are clear. Oh escorts him to his car and wonders if he was too rash selecting him as his son-in-law, and JangBastard tells him it's a good thing that Jae-joon is so straightforward. JB figures it will be hard for Hoon to compete with him.
JoAnne:  What was wrong with him saying that?  Is he not supposed to have ambition?  Did everyone expect he'd spit out some platitude about serving his country?  I would have told the truth, too.  And I would trust the guy who told ME the truth more than I'd trust the patriot.
bcook: Still confused as to why JangBastard would be upset about that.
Becca: He was expected to kiss ass, and he didn't. And JangBastard's a diva, so he didn't like it.
Chairman Oh goes back to his office with Choi, where he has a fit about Park Chul's son being in his hospital. Choi says he'll have to let him stay and makes a thinly veiled threat to use share his knowledge of Myung Woo's shady dealings. He asks Oh to keep the competition fair. Oh agrees, but decides to make the competition a one-time, one-match thing, since he can't stand to keep Hoon here longer than necessary.
JoAnne: Yeah, I can see where he'd make you uncomfortable, you rat bastard.

Once he leaves Oh's office, Choi gets a call from a Mr. Chang of Holt Children's Services about the kid from the malpractice case, whose name is - get this - Lee Seung-hoon. *dies laughing* Either these writers have no imagination when it comes to names, or they're doing this on purpose!
JoAnne: When I watched this, I didn't know about Holt.  That's an interesting story, and I'm surprised that they used the name.  That guy Holt was responsible for a lot of the farming out of Korean orphans to overseas families - and he didn't necessarily do it all in an aboveboard way, from what I hear.
bcook: It's a real place?? Interesting. And they say you can't learn about real korea from kdrama. Ha!

Choi is told that Seung-hoon recently returned to Korea. Chang promises to confirm that it's really him then get back to Choi.
JoAnne: I almost said something but I forgot we don't know things.
bcook: I would like to say that the Engrish in this scene was just divine. Good enough to hint at practice but bad enough to remind you that korean is still his first language. Which is why...
Turns out Chang is at Myung Woo, too, and he passes right by Choi as they speak. After hanging up, he enter Jae-joon's office, where Jae-joon is standing with his back turned to him as he stares at the wall, and calls "Lee Seung-hoon." Jae-joon turns around and they stare at each other, before breaking into smiles and sharing a bro-hug. HA! I KNEW IT! Now give me my Hoon-Hoon bromance, show! NOW!!!
JoAnne:  Well now we all know, so it's good.
bcook: ... when he busts out the Chinese I had a pleasant surprise.
Also, I was bored, so I made this:
It's not that unusual for a few characters to have similar names, but I think at a certain point it just becomes funny to me. And that's the point, apparently, where I start rooting out all of the similarities I can find. Because why not? I particularly like the part where Han Seung-hee's name can be made entirely from other names in the show.
JoAnne:  Finally worked out the ships last night at the prompting of a twitterbean:  HoonJoon (the boys, could possibly shift to HoonHoon); HyunHee (the girls); HoonHee (LJS and Broom); HoonHyun (LJS and KSR); JoonHyun (PHJ and KSR).  As a bonus, there's also ChiChang, which is Kim Chi Cutie and Chang Yi..although we do not get to his pursuit of her until a few episodes from now?  Still, not a spoiler really.  I have no idea if it works out or not, but he's got the hots for her.
bcook: Considering the fact that the surname Park covers 3m people and they're not all related... I'm thinking having a different name is not top priority for korean moms.

Chang laughs that he was hiding right under his nose, and Jae-joon-hoon wonders if he met with Choi. Chang jokes that that will depend on his behavior. Turns out Jae-joon fixed Chang's father's heart, and now Chang Daddy is remarrying in Beijing. When Jae-joon uses his fancy-phone-app to book Chang a flight to Beijing that leaves tonight, Chang notes that he sure is anxious to get him out of Korea. Which, duh, dude, you could blow his cover. Guise before guys, or something like that.
JoAnne:  And this is why you send your kids to college, folks.  Very clever, Becca!
bcook: The ppl on this show is so in your face! I love it!
Chang notices that Jae-joon's model castle is almost finished and asked what he intends to do once it's done. Jae-joon (switching to Korean): "I'm going to destroy it. From the beginning, I only built this castle so I could destroy it." *ominous music*
JoAnne:  Ah yes, his lovely little Fortress of Foreshadowing
bcook: Yes. Revenge is spending hours and hours building a tiny tiny castle so that you can knock it down. He should take up knitting. More practical.
JoAnne: We could knit together.  
Hoon is watching Baby Mommy watching her babies in the NICU when Broom-Alike finds him. He has something to ask her, so he leads her away to where no one can hear them (in the middle of the hall, pfft). Once there, he doesn't say anything, though. He just smiles at her, and she smiles back, as if they're silently acknowledging that she is Jae-hee. But she might not be. I don't know.
JoAnne: I kind of hope she isn't.
bcook: You already know my views on her. She can't die early enough.

But the moment is broken when Broom-Alike looks over his shoulder and sees Creep Cha watching. Suddenly she's talking about the twins and urging him to operate soon. Hoon remembers JangBastard's words about Jae-hee and asks why she wants to do this surgery, not believing that her only motivation is saving babies.
JoAnne: And why is that, Hoon?
bcook: hmm ... lets see...
He can't question her further, though, because Soo-hyun shows up to ask what happened (with babies and Sang-jin and Oh and everything), and he tells her he's doing the surgery. She asks how much he's being paid this time. Hoon stutters like he doesn't know what she's talking about, and Broom-Alike asks what she means.

They relocate to the coffee shop, where Broom-Alike hears the whole story and is shocked that a doctor would take money from a patient. (It's called capitalism, honey.) Hoon tries to defend himself - it was only 500 Won, and it was his anyway - the little girl scammed him out of it. Broom-Alike asks if that's really all, and he says of course - until he remembers the gangsters he extorted in episode 2. Heh. Y'know, I'm a little disappointed they never showed back up.
JoAnne:  The gangsters are always one of my favorite parts of a drama.
Soo-hyun explains he needed money to bring his girlfriend over. She starts asking all sorts of questions about Jae-hee, like if he still thinks Broom-Alike is her, and how they met, and he answers in the grumpiest way possible, shooting glares at Broom-Alike with each answer, which has her fidgeting. I LOVE that he's mad at her.
JoAnne: It's adorable, isn't it?  If he were my dentist I would never brush my teeth.  If he were my lawyer I would be breaking laws every day.  If he were my priest I'd...well, I'd be going to hell.
bcook: Woah slow down Jo.

When Soo-hyun asks about Jae-hee's personality, he thinks back to their episode 1 cuteness but just replies that it was horrible. She wonders that he still liked her if she was so bad, and he answers, "Because she's Jae-hee." Aww - I dare you not to melt at that!
JoAnne:  I am always, ALWAYS fascinated at this one huge difference between US love stories and Korean love stories.  In ours, the lover will often list specific reasons for loving the other.  It could be something silly like 'the way the light sparkles on her hair' or something concrete like 'She always listens to me without rolling her eyes' Ok bad example but you know what I mean. There's always a specific reason.  Often a LIST of them.  But in Korea, it's enough to say 'I love her because I love her. There's no reason.  I can't explain it. I just do.'
bcook: *national stereotype in 5,4,.....* They are an inherently romantic people?
Soo-hyun asks what he's going to say when he sees Jae-hee again, will it be that he missed her? Nope. He suddenly slams his hand down and gets right in Broom-Alike's face to tell her he's going to save the babies, so she shouldn't worry, and he asks what her real motive is for doing the surgery. That surprises the girls, but he suddenly breaks out that megawatt smile of his and tells Soo-hyun that's what he wants to say.
JoAnne:  Which seems a little crazy to anyone who isn't Hoon, who knows what he knows.
He leaves, and Broom-Alike sees Creep Cha nearby. They meet up on the roof, and he asks just what Hoon did to JangBastard because he got a call telling them to leave Hoon alone. She wonders what that means for the surgery team and is told to go into Jae-joon's team.
JoAnne: To demonstrate the wrongness of THAT ship, I will use first names.  There will no JaeJae ship.  I will burn the rotting vessel to the waterline before that happens.
bcook: Who's shipping that?! The internet is weird sometimes.
We see from a short conversation between JangBastard and Ajusshi that JB is favoring Jae-joon now and considering throwing away the Hoon card.
JoAnne: Why bother even teasing us with that possibility, Show that Would Not Exist if it Did Thus?
bcook: Doesn't matter really. Since we (still) don't know why any of it matters. It's just a bit of WTF for now.

Hoon is checking on the babies with his MagicHands™ when JoonHoon comes to find him and confirms that he's free to operate tonight. He asks if Hoon is up to it - this will be the only match, after all. (Ah, so they're each taking one of the twins.) Hoon says he likes it this way, and JoonHoon says he'll look forward to it. The air is almost friendly. *chants* Bro-mance! Bro-mance! Bro-mance!
JoAnne:  So nice, we looked at it twice.
Becca: Oh. Did I not change that? Who cares - I love it!
They sit down with their teams and shoot glances at each other through the windows. Moon asks if Hoon is confident, and he shakes his head - he's a bit nervous, should he just thrown in the scalpel? But, of course, he's just messing with him.

Joon and Hoon both explain that this surgery has to be done within 45 minutes or they'll lose the baby. Hoon continues that this is why they need a strong team because they have to be like the surgeon's hands and feet. He then turns to the window and waves madly at Joon. Pwahaha! Kakashi! Gif please!
JoAnne: Dead.  I'm dead.  He killed me.
bcook: I luffed that scene
Both teams get down to selecting their Firsts (as in assisting surgeons). It's Shopping Ajusshi for Team Hoon, and Moon happily waves around money to give them an incentive. Moon, I love you, but stop doing that already. It's not funny anymore.
JoAnne: Yeah, stop with the money, continue with the nose thing.
bcook: Moon is a bit of an ass. A sympathetic ass but an ass no the less. Speaking of which I haven't seen the nose thing in a while :(
As for Team JoonHoon, there's a little more contention over the subject. Jae-joon wants Soo-hyun, but Flirty is convinced she isn't up for the challenge this particular surgery and votes for Dorky Doc, over Soo-hyun's protests. She tells Jae-joon that he'll only win this competition if his First can do this surgery as well as the operating surgeon and says that Soo-hyun is an ordinary doctor, aside from the fact that she's Chairman Oh's daughter. Jae-joon cuts off the bickering to say that he's the one who chooses his assisting surgeon, and it's Soo-hyun.
JoAnne: I was a bit shocked at the rudeness of the entire conversation.  Weren't you?
bcook: Very. And she was very mean about it which was a surprise because she seemed like a nice person.
Becca: I'm disappointed. I really liked her before, but now she's becoming kind of bitchy. Another decent character thrown under the bus so the writers could get from point A to point B. :(

(Okay, fine, Mary. I admit that I love the Park Hae-jin close-ups.)
(Who wouldn't?)

After everyone else leaves, he tells hers not to mind Flirty's words and reassures her that she's his team's First. She promises to work hard to be prepared.

Hoon tells Moon that Broom-Alike's agreed to be the anesthesiologist, so all they need now is a scrub nurse. They can't use just anyone because of the time limit - they need the best. And right now the one they need isn't at the hospital, so they head off to find her.
Broom-Alike watches them leave and flashes back to her earlier rooftop meeting. She'd argued that Hoon won't win without an anesthesiologist. Creep Cha said Hoon has to win, otherwise he's just useless trash, and Broom-Alike, Cha, and "that bastard" (I assume he means Hoon) will all die.
JoAnne:  That was just stupid.  Of course he has to have an anesthesiologist, so why even say it? Who does surgery without one?
bcook: I'm (still) very confused about Cha's motivations and reasoning in this drama *stops to laugh at the thought of the characters having reason*
Flirty is still in a bad mood about Soo-hyun being chosen, and vents to Broom-Alike when they run into each other in the locker room, grumping that he's playing favorites with his girlfriend. Broom-Alike suggests they change his mind.
JoAnne: Is she bad?  Is she good?  Is she Jae hee? Is she not?
bcook: Tune in next week for another episode of Is She or Isn't She.

Hoon and Moon turn up at Head Nurse's apartment (she has a name now! it's MIN SOO-JI - maybe she had it before, but I just noticed it), but she immediately closes the door in their faces and when they keep ringing the bell, warns that they'll wake the baby.

As she's putting the baby down for a nap, she hears a noise in the bathroom, and when she goes to check, she finds Hoon clambering through her window! She starts scolding, but he whispers not to wake the baby. Hee.
JoAnne:  If she's just putting the baby down, does that mean she was lying earlier?
bcook: Baby fell asleep in her arms? Also anybody else freaked out by how easy it was for him to sneak into her bathroom? Why doesn't she have security bars?
He enters her apartment, and she asks if he really wants to beat Jae-joon this badly and reminds him that she left the OR a long time ago and there are plenty of other good scrub nurses at Myung Woo.

Hoon asks what the baby's name is, and she says it's Seung-min. *throws hands up because these writers!* *adds to name chart* He tells her the twins don't even have names, and they're about as old as Seung-min. They'll be in the same grade - they might even sit next to him in school. He sincerely asks her for help. It almost works, but the answer is still no.
JoAnne: Wondering if it would have worked on me. I'm pretty much a 'let's save all the babies' person..but when it comes to my kid, I know I'll protect her before anything else in the world so...
bcook: I was convinced. I'd started to pack my scrubs #saveababy
Shopping Ajusshi sees Hoon and Moon leave. He goes in to see baby Seung-min, and Nurse Min asks how he thinks the surgery will go, since he's Hoon's First. He says he probably won't be able to do it - Hoon will never beat Jae-joon. Noooo, Ajusshi!
JoAnne:  I protest this.  I doth.  Shopping Ahjussi must always be a good person.
bcook: Baby kinda looks like him.
JoAnne: I miss Baby Gook.
Back at the hospital, Hoon gets word that Broom-Alike has changed her mind. When confronted, she coolly apologizes but something has come up and she's taking tonight off. She said she wanted to save the babies, but she can't do it today. Hoon pleads with her, to no avail.
JoAnne: I laughed so hard at this, you have no idea. The writer couldn't think of a valid reason to make her unavailable, so they just threw their hands up in the air and said 'FINE.  Tell her to take a day off.'

Moon scrambles to find another anesthesiologist who can do it tonight but comes up empty, while Hoon thinks over Broom-Alike's sudden change of heart. Suddenly, Flirty pops in and offers her services.
JoAnne: I bet she does.
Jae-joon hears that Flirty's switched teams and knows it's because he didn't make Dorky Doc his First. (That sounded wrong, didn't it?) (Yes, very.) He goes to Broom-Alike for help, but even as she remembers her orders to join his team, she declines.
JoAnne:  Sorry, I'm getting a pedicure. I'll save babies with you another day.

Hoon interrupts and urges her to postpone whatever plans she has and assist Jae-joon. She still says no, though, and leaves. Jae-joon stops him from following and asks if he's joking now after stealing Flirty from his team. Hoon's serious, of course, knowing that he'll have a hard time without an anesthesiologist, but Jae-joon says the result will ultimately come from the operating surgeon.
JoAnne: Not really.  If you do heart surgery without putting a person under wouldn't you just basically be cutting them open and ripping out their heart?  Like a murderer?  Little known fact: They actually DO (or did until very recently) perform heart surgeries on infants without anesthesia.  It's too hard to calculate a safe dose, first of all, and medical thought held to the belief that they'd forget the pain, being infants.
bcook: ouch. I can understand the reasoning but still. I wonder if they'd do studies on those babies 20 years from now and find out that some of the memory did remain.
Becca: I... no. I do not like that, Jo. >_<
Jae-joon goes to his office and finds Chairman Oh looking at his castle. He guesses that it's Myung Woo and asks who Jae-joon thinks is the castle's owner. Oh tells him that the castle belongs only to itself, and Oh's just a person the castle is tolerating for now and can be kicked out anytime if he can't protect it. If Jae-joon wants to be its owner, he'll have to prove himself to Myung Woo. Oh orders him to get rid of the stranger who's entered the castle and reminds him that Myung Woo is watching.
JoAnne:  Is his next step making sacrifices on an alter in the basement of the building?  If so, will he set up a tiny scene in the Castle of Creepiness?
bcook: WTF just happened?
Becca: #WTFMetaphors
After Oh leaves, Jae-joon thinks back to Flirty's argument that Dorky Doc was the better pick and his own promises to Soo-hyun. He looks at the little princess in the castle and seems to make up his mind. Uh-oh. Tell me you're not gonna do what I think you're gonna do, JoonHoon.
JoAnne: yeah don't make up your mind to be a complete ass yet because we need more tortured soul pics of you.
Hoon goes into his mind palace to simulate the baby's surgery, but he's no sooner started than he's interrupted by Soo-hyun and brought back to the real world. He's hilariously put out and tries to shoo her away, but she's come for help because she's nervous about the surgery.

He gives in and starts to pull her toward him, but she resists. He teases her a bit, but she's not amused, and is about to leave. He pulls her over anyway. He stands behind her with his hands guiding hers (don't make it dirty, Jo!) and tells her to close her eyes and imagine the baby's heart, and when she opens her eyes, they're in the mind palace together. He guides her hands as she operates on the little holographic heart, and I am not squeeing. I'm not. Okay, maybe I am.
JoAnne:  Squeeing, thinking about that scene from Ghost, remembering that Patrick Swayze is dead now, feeling sad for a minute, wondering what Whoopie Goldberg is up to these days...thinking it would be funny if she appeared in a KDrama...remembering the terrible remake of Ghost with SSH, reminding myself I have to watch that Better Tomorrow movie...thinking about how I never did watch that Coffee movie with Joo Jin Mo...oh wait, right.  HoonHyun.  I ship them during these moments, although I don't want Joon hurt.
bcook: And all I could think of was how come her mind place is the same as his mind place.
JoAnne:  Plot twist, he actually has TWO soulmates.  He shares a heartbeat with Jae Hee and a mind place with Soo Hyun.
Becca: Maybe it's like in BoF? Jae-hee is his lover, but Soo-hyun is his soulmate. Pfft. *cracks up at her own joke* I could never be do stand-up....
Of course, Broom-Alike comes by at this moment and sees them like that, and then Jae-joon arrives, too. Well, that's awkward.
JoAnne: Do you notice how she just looks SAD when she sees them together?  What does she know that we don't know yet? WHICH ONE OF THEM IS DYING OF A TERMINAL ILLNESS?
bcook: I have been wondering about those sad looks too! My current theory is that she's mourning the ghost of mind place past.

Jae-joon interrupts them, and Soo-hyun hurriedly disengages herself from Hoon. Jae-joon asks to talk to her, and she thanks Hoon before following after him.
bcook: So guilty.
Broom-Alike comes in next and glares at Hoon. She reminds him angrily that he's supposed to be competing with Jae-joon's team, but that's not all she's mad about, is it?
JoAnne: Oh no, it certainly is NOT.

Hoon tries to ignore her, and she asks if he thinks this competition is funny. He thinks she's the one who is treating it like a joke, though, since she keeps changing her mind about whether or not she'll help and whose team she'll join.
JoAnne:  Hoon-ah!  Do the thing!  Call her on her bullshit!  Yes!
bcook: It never lasts coz she does that rehearsed Hoon-ah thing and he turns into stark raving obsessed Hoon.
JoAnne:  Ah, I love his face so much.  Look at him.
She warns that there's a lot at stake with this competition, and he asks what that is - will he die if he loses? He says that he'd briefly thought she could be Jae-hee, but now he doesn't. If she were Jae-hee, she would say it doesn't matter if he wins or loses. She tries to keep arguing, but he shouts at her, asking just what is more important right now than those kids. How can winning or losing be so important when their lives are at stake?
JoAnne:  Oh right.  Ok's TOO HARD to remember what is a secret when.  So you'll just have to excuse me if I assume things not currently in evidence.

He promises to do well in the stupid competition and orders her to go ahead and leave. She tells him not to worry about the anesthesiologist (as in, she'll do it), but he tells her again to go. She does, with tears in her eyes.
JoAnne:  Oh for pete's sake WHY.
bcook: I'm going with tears of frustration because I'm pretty sure she's not Jae-hee (yes even after watching to episode 14)
Meanwhile, Soo-hyun is told that Jae-joon intends to appease Flirty by letting Dorky Doc be assisting surgeon. She's upset because she's studied hard for this, and he lets a little of his jealousy about her scene with Hoon show. He snaps back into business mode, though, and no matter how much she argues, he refuses to change his mind, even yelling at her that this is why people say she's relying on daddy's power. Every surgeon may want to do this operation (it's called a Norwood surgery), like she says, but he needs someone who can actually do it. The implication being that she can't.
JoAnne: You are so not ever getting laid again, Joon.

That sends her reeling and she agrees to step down as First. She hurries out, and he heaves a sigh. I'm very disappointed in my JoonHoon, but I see his side, so I can't hate him.
JoAnne: Yep. No matter how I try...I can't help but feel for the guy.
bcook: eh.
Soo-hyun rushes into the off-duty room, and KimChi and his latest girl break apart. She sends them out and gets out a huge medical book, ready to tear some pages out in despair, but she stops when she sees her reflection in the window. She flips through page after page of notes and highlighted passages about the Norwood surgery, wiping at her tears. Finally she just gives up and cries.
JoAnne: Alone among most female actors, when Kang So Ra cries I want to hug her. Even when she cries a lot, which she does in this show.  Most of the others I just want to slap.
bcook: She cries well. This performance is almost making me forget the disaster that was Dream High 2 (don't watch it...just take my word for it)
JoAnne:  Toooooooooooo late.  I fell in love with Chicken Beak there and then they did nothing with him and I'm still mad at JYP over the whole thing because damn...Dream High was so good.  How could they screw it up like that?  It was an easy home run!

Shopping Ajusshi looks at a text from Jae-joon, saying he needs help from the knight. With a heavy heart, Ajusshi opens the door to a stairwell, checks that no one is around... and slams the door on his own hand. Twice. SON OF A - NOOOO!!!!!
JoAnne:  Holy Fuck Balls, Batman.  My stomach flipped watching that.
bcook: Crazy WTF
Nurse Min arrives at the hospital and sees his hand being wrapped up by one of the nurses. Once they're alone, she confronts him about his earlier words - that  he wouldn't be Hoon's First. He admits that he's following Jae-joon's orders, hoping to be an assistant professor by next year, instead of an unpaid fellow like he is now.
JoAnne:  He's a doctor.  He isn't getting paid to be a doctor?  he's doing it for free?  How LONG has he been a doctor?  Is he prematurely aged?  Is Kim Chi working for free?  Are the others?  Why him?
bcook: I totally missed the part about him not being paid. He's probably on a stipend which explains why Moon was asking him if he'd been paid yet.

He reasons that he's doing for them and Seung-min, but she's thinking about the twins. When she chastises that he's a parent, too, he says he's doing this to be a better father. She blinks back tears and asks about being a better doctor. She'd come to talk to him about something, but she says there's no need now and walks away.
JoAnne:  Someone else who's not getting laid any time soon...
He tells Moon and Hoon that he can't do the surgery because of his hand, leaving them without an assisting surgeon. (Moon can't do it because his license is still suspended.)

Hoon goes to find Quack, and she tries to send him away, still feeling down and saying she doesn't have time to play with him - much as he'd tried to turn her away when she came to him about Mom. He says he heard she's not Jae-joon's First anymore, which just upsets her more and she yells at him to get out. He sighs and holds out his hand, asking for her help because his assisting surgeon is hurt. He doesn't care about sides: saving the babies is what's important. Yes. Saving babies. As I've been saying. Love this kid.
JoAnne:  Agreed.  Even without babies.
Jae-joon's words seem to have hit her hard, though, and she wonders how he can save a baby with an unskilled quack, but he thinks it's possible if it's "our Quack" who tries. She's still uncertain, so he points out that they don't have much time. Will she help or not?

She puts her hand in his, and he compliments that she has a surgeon's hands, and she pulls away again quickly. She says there's something he needs to know.
JoAnne:  Yeah and I have no memory of what it is.
bcook: hmm I too have no idea.
Becca: It's about Flirty switching sides again. See below.
Next we see, Hoon is stalking toward Flirty and demanding to know what she's doing. He confronts her about switching sides again. She promises to get him another anesthesiologist. She calls Broom-Alike and orders her to come back for Hoon's surgery.
JoAnne: Oh that was their plan.  Still.  The writer should have come up with a better excuse.
bcook: I still don't understand the plan. Broom-Alike refuses both of them, then Flirty "orders" her to work for Hoon so that she has an excuse for Cha? Riiight.

Flirty hands the phone over to Hoon, and he says gently, "I'm sorry." Broom-Alike says it's okay and promises to help him.
After she hangs up, the camera pans over, and we see that she's in the car with Creep Cha. He points out that she's going against JangBastard's orders if she joins Hoon's team, but she reasons that she's been ordered by her superior - if she went to Jae-joon's team now it would be more suspicious. She doesn't know about JB's plan, but she and Cha have their own plan to follow.
JoAnne:  So they're pretending to go along with Jang?  Who has a plan we don't understand?  And they have a plan beyond that plan?
bcook: Everybody has a plan. Everybody's plan is messed up.

What they don't seem to realize (which surprises me because they're SPIES) is that Chang-yi is following them in her truck, under Hoon's orders.
JoAnne:  No, no, it's a little known fact that water bottles are the perfect camouflage.
bcook: This was when I begun to think Hoon had a clue! He did! But it was the wrong clue. Or was it the right one? I'm still not sure.
JB's Bodyguard makes a call to report JB's movements and gets caught. Lollipop Ajusshi brings out a bag of money and JB invites Bodyguard into his quarters. I admit, this is where my mind started going to weird(er) places. Like Inspiring Youths. Is that JangBastard's big plan?
JoAnne: I forgot this part or didn't see it.  It explains a question I had this week in real time viewing, though.

The CreepBroom Couple arrives at their destination, and Cha makes sure his gun is loaded. They go inside, while Chang-yi watches from a distance. She has to duck, though, because a group of guards (JB's??) pass by.
Hoon tells Soo-hyun about Broom-Alike and Nurse Min (yay!) joining their team, and she asks when Broom-Alike will get back to the hospital. He doesn't answer, thinking back to Jae-hee's "what-would-you-do-if-I-disappeared" question.

Chang-yi sneaks into the building, following Broom-Alike and Creep Cha. And can I just say that I love her sneaky duck-walk? It reminds me of Barney Fife. Can I get a gif, Kakashi?
JoAnne: She's cute and I like her.  She better not be a spy.
bcook: She's just asking to get caught. Why does the building look like a pyramid?
Jae-joon and Soo-hyun scrub up for surgery, and he asks if she really has to do this, to which she replies that he needn't worry - she's not as good as Dorky Doc, after all. He asks if she has to go to Hoon, then, and right on cue - enter Hoon. Jae-joon is combative as usual, but Hoon is unruffled. He promises to give Soo-hyun back later, so they should just focus on the surgeries. He lightly taunts that it'll be super embarrassing if Jae-joon loses but then turns serious as he orders him to do whatever it takes to save the baby.
JoAnne:  Oh NICE bookends.  NICE.  Very ni.....yeah, I was daydreaming.  You caught me.
Looks like everyone has gathered on the observation deck to watch the two surgeries - Choi, Moon, Chairman Oh, Shopping Ajusshi. Even Snotty Piss-Face is here. Also a whole bunch of extras in lab coats.
JoAnne; Man, we hate Sang Min. I still can't believe he's the Kitten's Secretary.
bcook: Which one is snotty piss-face?
JoAnne:  Sang Jin (Snotty Piss-Face) is her half-brother.
As he's still washing up, Hoon gets a call from Chang-yi. He drops his phone in the water, and you just know it's going to blitz out at the first crucial moment that comes by. It works when he picks up, though, and we switch to Chang-yi peering through a window at BroomCha being led by a bunch of goons into a dark room where Lollipop Ajusshi is waiting. Okay, I can NOT be the only person who thought he looked like a gangster here. Big, dimly lit room, surrounded by goons, while he sits on a make-shift throne... it looks like a scene from Heartless City.
JoAnne: So is he...MORE than just a bodyguard?  Is HE a spy?
bcook: He's the right hand man. The head minion. The snappy sitter (crossed legs). Sitting without unbuttoning your shit jacket is a pet peeve.
Ajusshi's goons frisk BroomCha and find the Creep's gun.
JoAnne:  Is that your gun?  NO, dude.  Oh, sorry.  Is THAT your gun?  Dude.  Seriously. Ooops, about...  DUDE. HERE. HERE IS MY GUN.  Now get your hands out of my pants. (giggles)

Chang-yi doesn't actually seem to be telling Hoon what's going so much as commenting on it, which I find kind of annoying. He asks if Broom-Alike is okay, flashing back to Jae-hee being shot and Broom-Alike's first appearance (to him).
bcook: The significance is lost on me except as a harbinger of  the stupid move he's about to make

Creep Cha asks why Lollipop Ajusshi called them here, and Ajusshi informs him that they're changing the plan. They've decided to use Jae-joon. As Cha and Broom-Alike process that new information, he grabs Cha's gun from the goon and points it at Broom-Alike.
Chang-yi gasps "Hyung! That woman who looks Unni...." she pauses, as Hoon goes crazy waiting, like every fiber of his being is tensed for what she'll say next. She takes forever before, finally: "I think they're going to kill her."
JoAnne: Which we of course know isn't going to happen, so...anticlimax much?  although...what exactly IS Lollipop Ahjussi's role in all this?


So Broom-Alike and Cha obviously aren't going to die. She won't because it's part of her Broomy power that she can only die sacrificing herself for the hero. Probably in finale week. And Cha, well, he just can't die this soon. I won't stand for it. Because... reasons.
JoAnne:  I wish I understood his role better.  Because it's not exactly what it looks like, we know that much.
bcook: Do we really? He clearly has a plan that's different from Broom-Alike's plan which is different from the plan that he thinks she has. Their plan aligns with JangBastards plan only up to a certain point where it's only their plan. But that plan appears to be in flux so I'm not quite sure what his plan is.

I didn't feel like this episode really progressed the plot as much as it could have - unless these babies turn out to be illegitimate children of someone - but I did like the way that the medical case of the day affected our characters and tested relationships. I actually loved the interactions between Hoon and Broom-Alike this episode. At this point, I'm inclined to think she's Jae-hee, but I'm still not discounting the idea that she's not. Because it's WTFDoc, and anything could happen.
JoAnne:  I think she is, and I think I want the show for us to believe that she is, and then at the very end I wouldn't be unhappy to learn that she isn't, actually.
bcook: Don't care. She needs to die (again) so he can get over her.

If she is Jae-hee, I like that Hoon challenged her to remember who she was and what she once believed. If she isn't Jae-hee, then it's still pretty great because he's just told her outright that he's not falling for her tricks. And that, of course, leads us to the question of who Hoon actually thinks she is, which is still very unclear to me. Does he believe she's Jae-hee, while playing along with the ruse that she isn't? Or does he think that she isn't Jae-hee, and he's playing along with the idea that she is? So confusing, but I kind of love it.
JoAnne: I think it's the first one.
bcook: Sadly I agree with Jo.
Becca: Do not kill my hope! I want a SMART hero!!! *cries8
Speaking of couples who will need therapy, I LOVE where we're going with Jae-joon and Soo-hyun. I mean, I don't because I want them to be happy and in love, but I do because I know that these are necessary steps if they're ever going to get there. Jae-joon needs to get to a point where he can acknowledge just how much he cares for her and actually do something about it, and she needs to know who he really is and also get a little more power in this relationship.
JoAnne: They're doomed, I know it.  And I'm sad about it.
bcook: Well, she's crushing on Hoon, Jae-joon just chose his castle over her (which makes no sense because according to every "marry the boss's daughter" story ever the best way to the castle is the princess)

I cannot wait until the day that she finds out about his revenge mission because I foresee awesome things happening if we can just get these two on the same page. Or at least in the same chapter. Oh, sure, she'll be conflicted about loving her father's enemy, but I think Soo-hyun is the kind of woman who won't be able to ignore her father's sins just because he's Dad. However, she also won't be able to just cast him aside for Jae-joon, which opens the door for some great character conflict.
JoAnne: No matter what there's no way I see her helping Jae Joon destroy the hospital.  It won't go that way.  Either she works against him as an enemy, or she is able to dissuade him from his course.
bcook: maybe he'll switch from destroying the hospital to destroying the man? She does love her daddy tho.

What I want to know is, just how much does Jae-joon know about what happened twenty years ago? And when will he learn about the connection to Hoon and Dad? Surely he knows that Dad was helping his family before he disappeared, but it's safe to assume that he knows nothing about what happened to Dad or that Hoon is his son. I'm hoping that when he does learn the whole story, we'll get some real bromance up in here and the boys can team up to take down the bad guys. That's the real OTP in this drama, right? The HoonHoon bromance? Oh please, make that happen, Show.
JoAnne: It's pretty much the only reason we're watching, Show, so keep that in mind.
bcook: I've been watching for the riveting OR scenes.