Fall In Love With Both Of Me - Episode 10 (A DumbA$$Cap)

Shuk:  I had a rough time with this squeecap, mostly because I didn't understand the reasoning, motivation, or just plain logic of anything anybody did.


Shuk:  Our frustrated suitor all but lends his body heat to Chalk Girl, who is too unconscious to appreciate his care.  He presses his forehead against hers, clearly more upset than calmed, and in his mind begs Dork to stop tormenting her.
JoAnne:  meanwhile, I'm just thinking of different ways to nibble on that jawline because...well, look at it.  It was made for nibbling.  Also, midst mildly sexual reverie, I take time note that Aaron plays this scene well.  Poor Lu Tian Xing...he really, truly loves this girl and now lives in a hell of his own making.  And yet, I have absolutely no desire to rub his nose in it.  This is not often the case with me and characters.
Shuk: TaoMom is absently stirring a cup of tea.  Butler Fu tries to comfort her; if a Dork/Chalky union is destined, they will meet again. He asks about Young Master; she agrees that Lu Tian Xing genuinely cares for her daughter, but she can only support the person her daughter loves.
JoAnne: Said no Drama Parent, ever.

Shuk:  Tian Xing finishes feeding Chalk Girl porridge and tells TaoMom to allow her to rest overnight; Butler Fu will keep an eye on her and transport her back home tomorrow.
JoAnne: Why is everyone and all the things in red white and blue?
Shuk:  Dunno, something to do with The World Cup? Independence Day? Maybe there was a sale at LotteWorld?
Shuk:  He retires for a contemplative glass of wine, and thinks about all the Chalk / Dork interactions, right up to her countdown confession.  He wonders if he really lost the battle with himself.  A short time later, he checks in on her. Tao Zi is aware, but barely functioning.
JoAnne: This is basically the extent of her acting skills, so I'm not surprised.

Shuk:  He gently asks her if she is thinking of Xiao Lu. She just is ready to go home, insisting even though he asks her to stay and continue to rest.
JoAnne:  Aaron, if it were not for you, I would give up on this drama.
Shuk:  Outside, he follows her until she stops. He wants to make sure she makes it home, especially in her state.  Chalk Girl thanks him as a friend, but insists on being alone; his exasperation boils over until he snaps. Does she really have no feelings for the Lu Tian Xing in front of her? There is nothing he can do?
JoAnne:  Try taking off your clothes.  That would work on me.

Shuk:  In a deadpan voice, she says his face reminds her of “him”, which only makes it harder.  And with that, he makes a decision, to become Xiao Lu again.
JoAnne:  I hate to admit it, but yeah.  That's kind of the death knell for any hope he could have as himself.  I mean, you know, other than the option where he told the truth up front and then just waited out her anger. Poor bastard.

Shuk:  Faithful Fu, as always, helps him don his Dork gear, but wonders aloud if this is really the best course of action. (It's not!  This is madness!) Tian Xing is defeated, though. The only way he feels he can make her happy is to become Dork forever.  Butler Fu points out that Dork is him as well, but in a month (the end of his 3-month vacay) he will still have to return to being AdGuy. Tian Xing asks the butler how easy it would be to make himself disappear and stay being Dork.  Fu doesn't answer before Tian Xing leaves.
JoAnne:  This is INSANITY.  When people vow to give up their life for their loved one they're usually promising to jump in front of a bullet or sacrifice themselves to the monster in the closet...they're not talking about permanently assuming a fake identity just to make someone else happy.  COME ON.
Shuk:  Chalk Girl is still mentally moping while walking Mutt. She goes back to the scene of her abandonment but remembers when he helped her there previously.  Her phone is on Dork’s message stream, the last whine-text still unread.  She adds another “I miss you.”
JoAnne:  A little known feature is activated with this final straw.  The phone goes into self-respect mode and explodes in disgust.
Shuk:  Then suddenly they both get read and she gets a response: “I miss you, too.”  She drops the leash and our black fuzzball quickly trots away. I say quickly because it was only a moment, but seriously, how far can that fat roly-poly dog go?
JoAnne: We're talking drama-time, though.
Shuk: Chalk Girl runs through the park looking before grabbing her phone to text Kitty. For some reason, she doesn't notice the dog or the man until she nearly barrels into them.  It’s Dork!  With Mutt!
JoAnne; She must have been looking out of the sides of her eyes.  Everyone knows that there's no peripheral vision in any part of Asia.

Shuk:  They stare at each other (the humans, not the canine) before Dork cautiously steps closer and apologizes. She doesn't move, and he takes the opportunity to move in for a hug. She wonders if it’s really him, and he presses her hand against his cheek.  This time she joins in the hug, but from Dork’s expression I think he realizes this is a bad decision, or at least one that is going to take a lot more effort than, yunno, being himself.
JoAnne:  He's thinking 'She better be REALLY good in bed. Shit better be lined with unicorn fur and trimmed with phoenix feathers, or I'ma have something to say about things.'
Shuk: They walk to TaoHouse, and Chalk Girl dismisses him. He takes matters into his own hands, and walks with her into the lioness’ den.
JoAnne:  His hands make me think things.

Shuk:  TaoMom wastes no time in pulling out a sword to sharpen it while waiting for an explanation. Dork apologizes for causing worry over the last several days; he gets a scolding from both TaoMom and Kitty. TaoMom continues: she hates ambiguity, and at least his rival Lu Tian Xing openly admitted he liked her daughter. She can’t guarantee that Tao Zi won’t be swayed by that sincere confession.  Dork takes a deep breath and tells her that he won’t lose to Lu Tian Xing.
JoAnne:  Easy for him to say!  Well...actually...
Shuk:  Finally outside again, he gets in another hug, apologizing for all the tears she shed. He promises to come back to OZ after the weekend, but she has to promise to go on an overnight trip with him.
JoAnne:  Are we already getting to the unicorn fur and phoenix feather part?  Wow!

Shuk: Kitty is all squealy about the trip, and reminds her to take pretty pajamas and seduction tools.
JoAnne: I have noticed that they wear pajamas to bed in this drama, not street clothes. This makes me very happy.
"You want phoenix feathers this big.  Oh, and the unicorn fur? Here's what you do with it [whisper]"
Shuk:  They take the Mystery Machine (Scooby Doooooooooooo) out to the mountains to a place that has a lot of meaning for Tian Xing…oops I mean Dork. He plans to place their memories in his pocket and place her in his heart.
JoAnne:  As long as someone gets placed horizontally and shirtless pretty quickly, I could care less what else happens.
Shuk:  Chalk Girl cups his face and wonders if this is real. Dork reaches into his pocket and pulls out a couples bracelet, which he snaps on her wrist.  Once the clasp is engaged, it can’t be removed.  He shows her a matching on his arm, and reiterates that it’s forever.
JoAnne: We first met these bracelets in WAML.  With the wrong girl.

Shuk:  At Tian Xi Advertising, Lance is given a list of companies returning to TX but requesting OZ to handle their advertising needs. Toady admits it was part of his reasoning to collaborate with the smaller agency and tap their creativity.
Shuk:  Butler Fu meets up with Toady at his house with some paperwork.  We see that there is history between Butler Fu and Lance’s family as well. Maybe he was butler for them before become Tian Xing’s exclusive assistant?
JoAnne: Yes.  For some reason, they thought it would be acceptable to have the newly orphaned boy raised in his own home by a butler, rather than living with the family that was left in charge of him.

Shuk:  The paperwork is the collaboration proposal, amended by Tian Xing. Lance scoffs that the two companies can be considered equals. OZ is not bringing in any additional clients, but it is TX that will be supporting the smaller company. Fu admits that Young Master changed the list of TX to OZ clients from Lance’s original list. Fu also comments on the fundamental difference between the two young men. Tian Xing wants to harness that passion to create a better product, whereas Lance wants to use OZ to strengthen the financial and business hold over the advertising market. Dreamer versus Businessman. Lance just laughs, looking forward to which future will ultimately be realized.
JoAnne: And why can't you have both?

Shuk:  Our two lovebirds are still walking around, although it’s nighttime now. Dork indulges in a bit of daydream watching a family eat together. He tells her the reason this location is important to him; his (LU TIAN XING’S!) family had their last vacation together here, the summer before both of them were killed in a train accident.
JoAnne: Will this be a clue for the idiot zombie girl, who witnessed a Lu Tian Xing panic attack at a railroad crossing?
Shuk: We get a flashback. Butler Fu preps a very young Lu Tian Xing for his 49 day mourning period, and promises to always be his new family.
JoAnne:  49 days!  Scheduler!  *sob*

Shuk:  Back in the present, Dork talks about the mentor who took him under his wing and taught him to be strong and face the world. Chalk Girl promises to hold his hand so he will never feel lonely again.   And he finally gets what he’s been angling for: a kiss. Or more accurately, a willing kiss.
JoAnne: Dude, seriously.  We've been standing here waiting.
Shuk:  Annd, we get the standard “There’s only one room with one bed” trope.  Dork offers to sleep on the floor, and Chalky decides on a shower. For some reason, Dork decides to take off his shirt. Fanservice!
JoAnne:  Not a lot of real estate there...but I love what he's done with the place.

Shuk: Annd, she walks out of the shower to get some missing items, and catches him in all his topless glory, which leads to a back step and a tumble on the bed. They stare at each other for a moment, and then she knees him in the groin trying to slip out from under him.
JoAnne: Can we skip ahead to the part where she lovingly applies ice packs to his nether regions?
Shuk: Once our two virgins are safely under their own virginal white covers, she asks if he is “okay”. He says yes, and they both turn over to sleep. Later, though, she flips back to look at him, and sneaks down to the floor to snuggle under his covers. And not a phoenix feather in sight. You know, if a guy did that…
JoAnne:  Netizens would be having a cow.  I, on the other hand, simply wait for the kissing to start.

Shuk:  She grabs one of his hands between hers and happily falls asleep. Once her eyes are closed, he opens his own to look at her. In his mind, he apologizes for lying to her, but will stay as Dork forever if it makes her happy.
JoAnne:  Son of a bitch.
Shuk: It’s morning time, and they arrive back at TaoHouse. She gives him a spontaneous liplock and he goes “aw shucks” on her. His smiley time is broken by an urgent text from Fu; Little Brat is having a meltdown because she can’t reach Tian Xing to buy her favorite snack.
JoAnne: I hope he buys her snacks and then force feeds her til she chokes.

Shuk:  He brings Huan Huan some sweet dumplings, but she doesn't want them. She pretended to like them because she thought it would make him happy. He tells her that, as a brother, he doesn't like to see her like this. She bursts into hysterical crying that he isn't her real brother and how much she loves him. She latches onto his neck, begging him to treat her like a woman. He tells her that he loves another, and she pulls away and guesses correctly that it’s Tao Zi.
JoAnne:  He IS treating you like a woman.  Did he not just break your heart?
Shuk: He tells her she can only be his little sister, the same way he has treated her their entire lives. She just sobs harder and runs. He tries to catch up, but she locks herself into her room before he can reach her. Through her tears she snaps at him: his beloved loves someone else; he states he will still love her even if she likes Xiao Lu. Little Brat just cries.
JoAnne:  It's ok.  I keep telling myself eventually these two idiot girls have to die from dehydration.  I can wait.

Shuk:  Tian Xing and Lance talk. Lance knew his sister never liked sweet dumplings and played it up just for Tian Xing.
JoAnne: I got nuthin'
Shuk:  Tian Xing is in the mood for drinks, so they head for a bar. After a little alcohol mellowing, Tian Xing apologizes for causing him trouble all these years. Lance wonders if he will grow up enough to be his battle brother in the business, but Tian Xing firmly believes they have very different visions for the company.Toady is interested in making the company bigger and better and internationally famous. AdGuy wants to do meaningful projects that impact people.
JoAnne: Again I ask, why can't they have both?

Shuk:  Toady believes AdGuy is losing his focus and reminds him there is only one month left of his three-month hiatus before he comes back and picks up the reins again. Tian Xing tells Lance he’s going to leave Taiwan and travel abroad. They toast on it, and the little twisty wheels in Toady’s head start spinning into overdrive.
JoAnne: It would be nice to have someone thinking rationally for a change.
Shuk:  At DorkHouse, Tian Xing and Butler Fu share a yummy pizza, and I’m waiting for a piece of pepperoni to land on all that white cloth. Fu asks that, since Dork and Chalky are dating, has there been any development in the Skinship Olympics? Tian Xing chokes a bit while Fu explains he wants to make sure his ex-girlfriend doesn't come charging at them with something sharp.
JoAnne: Every now and then I remember that we are not watching a KDrama.  This would be one of those moments.
Shuk:  Now to the heart of it – when is Tian Xing going to tell Chalk Girl he is both AdGuy and Dork? He promises to find the perfect time. The two wonder if the amended collaboration agreement and Tian Xing’s plan to leave Taiwan ping together in Lance’s mind. Tian Xing goes Scarlett O’Hara on the question and decides to just focus on the pizza for now.
JoAnne:  Do I get to push Chalky down the stairs?  Please?
Shuk:  Food is farthest from Toady’s mind. He asks Toady Jr if he has sent the proposal to OZ yet; Lance wants to amend the amendments to include two problem children accounts.
JoAnne: Can't blame a guy for trying.

Shuk:  Toady Jr is at OZ when Kitty shows up with Mutt. She teases him with the dog, leading to a game of dodge around the table. Bangs poses in Elton John Platform shoes with a rose in Stalker Red for Helen. Kitty, Mutt, and Toady Jr get tangled up, and the two humans end up exchanging saliva. Helen trips and gets caught by Bangs. Useless fluff scene, but I still like the fat dog.
JoAnne: The fat dog returns the sentiment.
Shuk:  PD Leo is surprised to see Dork at OZ, especially arm in arm with Chalk Girl, and we get another thoughtful look from him. He welcomes him back, though.
JoAnne: If we have a Mystery Van, then Leo is Shaggy.
Shuk:  Both sides start going over the proposal, and Dork notices right away the last-minute changes in the client list. He wonders what Toady’s reasoning is to add them. He mentions out loud the negative reputations of the two blacklisted companies, but Toady Jr says they should trust TX’s COO.  PDLeo just watches as Dork gets up for a glass of water and a secret phone call to Butler Fu.
JoAnne: Has Leo ever actually, you know, DONE anything?  in his life?  Anything at all?  Because he just sits there all the time. Watching.
Shuk:  The signatures are done, and the TX team prepares to leave. So does Dork, to [making quotation marks in the air] “get some bean waffles”. And, yep, another PDLeo look.
JoAnne: I'm going to use that. A lot. *laughing*
Shuk:  The black car pulls up and Dork dives for it. This time, though, it appears that it’s being followed by a suspicious van. Uh-oh, who hired them?
JoAnne:  The California Bean Waffle Association. *whoa, I heard it through the waffle iron, how much longer would you be lyin' *  Ok it doesn't rhyme that well.
Shuk: A quick change and some speeding, and AdGuy cuts off the XT team. He grabs the signed proposal and rips them up, telling them that he has the final say on the client list. With that, he jumps back into the car and into Dork mode. As they pull up in front of OZ again, he tells his faithful assistant this is the last day that Lu Tian Xing will exist in Taiwan. Fu had fun, and wishes him luck. And the van is now recording Dork getting out of Tian Xing’s Mercedes.
JoAnne: Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, that was like spy chase stuff.  I think we should all have a bean waffle and catch our breath.
Shuk:  Toady smiles an evil toady smile when he finds out about the ripped-up agreements. “So he really did suddenly appear.” BUSTED. But, wait, how did he know that Xiao Lu would be back?
JoAnne: The bean waffles told him.


Shuk:  Ugh, it is getting harder to recap this train wreck. Tao Zi and Huan Huan have devolved into little one-dimensional demon dolls, our lead guy isn't firing on all cylinders, and the situation is about to fall apart, all for want of a single sentence: “They are both me, idiot girl.”
JoAnne: Wasn't it JB who said that if telling the truth could fix all the problems in a story, that was a sign that a plot wasn't worth the paper it was written on?
Shuk:  And Lance. Lance. It’s no secret he and Tian Xing are vastly different people, but didn’t they grow up together and call each other siblings? He’s also turned into this cardboard figure marked “Bad Guy”. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t imagine throwing a decades-long brotherhood under the bus for want of extra money and prestige. But there really doesn't seem to be any other reason for it.
JoAnne: My read on Lance is completely different from you. And from Cass, our faithful-est reader of all things Yan. Put yourself in his shoes. He is raised with another boy like a brother. Together in the business they own apparently equally, things have been going swimmingly. They are adept at using situations to their advantage, but one boy deals with business/finance and the other, with creative issues. Little sister is in love with the foster boy, and it's generally assumed by the family that raised him that they'll end up married. Suddenly, the foster child starts acting out of character. He's lying about things and acting oddly, he keeps disappearing, and he's got this sudden interest in a little nothing business, to the point where he's taking profitable jobs from his own people to give to this company. He's always been very solicitous and kind to your little sister, but suddenly he's not only ignoring her but he's actively being rude and thoughtless toward her. She's confused and hurt. Of course you want to know what's going on. Of course you have concerns. Of course, in the business environment you're accustomed to, when someone starts acting shady the most logical explanation IS that they're actually being shady. And he may be your foster brother, but he's not acting just a little shady. He's acting a LOT shady. Now how do you think of Lance?
Shuk: I don't like Lance's evil grin at the end. And what kind of growing up together is it when the foster kid is isolated in a house with a single servant? And at some time, everyone would get tired of his sister's crap and cut her loose. And here's the foster kid trying to be perfect and fit in just to make sure he's not abandoned, whether or not he hates it. Just sayin'.
Shuk:  The show has been reduced to simple makjang tropes and silly little scenes that do nothing to further the plot and just rehash the same stuff. I almost want to make a montage of PDLeo’s enigmatic thoughtful looks, because that seems to be the only reason he is blocked into any scene out there. Come on, Show, could you please climb out of this rut and restart the story? Sincerely, Shuk
JoAnne: Barring that, just keep making Aaron take off his shirt. Sincerely, Jo