Nail Shop Paris Episode 7 - A SongJaeRimJob

YOU LADIES, SONG JAE RIM HAS A DRAMA. An honest-to-goodness, real drama where he is part of the main trio and not just a random guy getting beaten up in Episode 1 (thanks, Big Man) and not a side character, bartender-time-keeper-angel (thanks, Secret Love). The working title for his drama is 잉여공주 (ingyeo gongjeu) literal translation is Surplus Princess which is a pun on 인어공주 (ineo gongjeu) or The Mermaid.
kakashi: Yes, mary. He might even be the lead?
JoAnne: So he's the mermaid? Or the princess or whatever?

Starring Song Jae Rim, Ohn Joo Wan, and Jo Boa the story is a parody/mature take on The Little Mermaid. This time, the mermaid must find a real job within 100 days to become completely human. O.o sounds WTF and fun. Surplus Princess will be on cable (expect kisses!) tvN, to be exact (expect awesomeness!) and by SNL Korea's production team (expect fun!) The drama will take over Rude Miss Young Ae Season 13 timeslot every Thursday 11 PM. (Wow... that intro sounded sane. Where did I get enough sanity to write that?)
kakashi: This might be epic WTFery. I'm expecting a lot from it.
JoAnne: Oh yes, indeed. We must apply our special SqueeCap glitter to each precious minute.
Mary: And it's about finding a PERMANENT JOB. Expect lots of Jeob puns!!!

Going back to the Jeob (yes, make sure you finish them before WTFMermaid, because you know that the world expects you to recap that, right?) we start with last episodes's cliffhanger aka THE CONFESSION(s).

Kei confronts Bunny about hiding her gender. She apologizes and offers to quit, but Kei cuts her off. He doesn't give a shit about that. He just wants to be honest about his feelings. He hugs her and says he liked her so much, he didn't care that she was a man, or that she liked Alex! It's the wrong thing to say to someone who's just been dongsaeng-zoned. Bunny pushes him away in anger (NUUUUUUUUU!) "I'm sorry I lied about being a girl, but isn't your joke a bit too much?" Kei tries to explain, "I'm not joking around because you're a girl. I also wish this was a joke too! But Beanie, I really like you" complete with pounding the chest motions.
Bunny is shocked. She apologizes and says she has to go. Then she runs away. (NUUUUUUUUUUUU! I don't fooking care if you wanna poop or something. That lovely man is confessing to you, the least you can do is LISTEN. The most you can do is... I'll let the Unnis describe the most you can do. I'm sure they can explain it better.)
kakashi: Oh. Well ... this blog is not 18+ rated, so let's not go there. But I just wanted to say I kinda understand Beanie's shock. She certainly didn't expect this.
JoAnne: You see, Squeeglets, when a man and a woman meet and they really, really like each other...

Kei is disappointed like us. All the fun sexy times he was planning... gone. kakashi giffed his scream of frustration. Just looking at it makes me sad again and reminds me that there's more suffering to come. *sigh*
kakashi: Yeah. Boy is suffering so much. I LOVE that.
JoAnne: That look screams 'I'm going to die a virgin!'
Then WTFParis goes the conventional drama route this episode by having Alex lurk outside to see and hear everything. Now the whole Hand Job Harem knows that Bunny's a girl! Hurrah for short dramas!
kakashi: Ah. I thought he already knew. But no, he didn't. He dongsaenged her when he didn't know, and now, he'll be all thoughtful and mopey and stuff because that's so Alex. He might also look at his nails, diagnosing confusion.
JoAnne: Or latent homophobia.
Next morning, Bunny is sad at work. Like yesterday's sad but with an extra dollop of emo on top. Jin is trying to cheer her up when Kei comes in, trying to gauge Bunny's mood. Well, no need to guess, because Bunny excuses herself right then and there. Jin accuses Kei of bullying Bunny again. Kei denies it and starts to leave but changes his mind. He turns back to Jin and asks in that soft Rim voice, "Jin... how do you apologize to a girl?"
kakashi: awwwwwwww with sugar on top.
JoAnne: Right but didn't we establish last jeob that Jinnie is absolute wrong person to talk to about apologies? (No, we just established that he's really good at getting what he wants from women, but Jisoo isn't stupid enough to let him dictate the rules of their relationship.)
Bunny is called to GumiBoss's office. Alex is there. GumiBoss gives Bunny the application requirements for the nail artist exam while Alex just beams rueful stares at Bunny. When she leaves, he chases after her but can't bring himself to say anything other than "good luck on your exam". LOL First she was dongsaeng-zoned, now good-luck-on-exam-zoned?
kakashi: Why would he treat her different now that she is outed as a girl? (*suspicious side eye-daggers*)
JoAnne: Latent homophobia.
Our plot point comes early this episode in the form of a cute granny! She enters the shop and excitedly picks out a bright pink polish for herself. When Bunny serves her some tea, she compliments Bunny on being a sexy girl. Alex and Bunny look at each other awkwardly. HAHAHA. Bunny insists she's a boy but Granny just repeats her compliment, "you're so sexy and beautiful!" They notice she's wearing a phone around her neck with a person's contact info taped to it. While Bunny is contacting the person on the note, Alex takes Granny's hand and makes another Magic Nail Diagnosis Powers face about something.
kakashi: That part was so cute right until Alex stepped in.
JoAnne: Here at SqueeCap Central, we do not support homophobia, latent or otherwise. And somehow, we always suspected this about Alex. Plus he was boring and looked like a monkey.

Meanwhile, the maknaes gossip about Granny. Jin says Granny is weird. Bunny claims Granny is sharp as a tack because she could tell that Bunny's a girl. A grandpa rushes in to interrupt their chat. It's the person on Granny's phone, grandpa Eun Tae!
kakashi: I'm beginning to cry. Old people in love do that to me.
JoAnne: Don't cry. They can still do it. It just takes a long time and you need a time-lapse video to see it. Not that you would want to. Trust me on that.
Mary: *takes out an extra large fish picture, just in case*
Grandpa hurries upstairs and dotes over his wife, Soon Young. Everyone (sans Kei, where the fook is Kei?) watches the adorable lovebirds until Alex asks to talk to Gramps. When Granny sees Jin, she says, "you're such a sexy woman too. Very beautiful sexy woman." LOL Is she possessed by a Jeob Ghost with just one terrible pick-up line???
kakashi: Oh, waitasecond .... is this a twist within a twist? Is Jin really a woman?! Or would he maybe WANT to be one? Is he secretly wearing women's underwear? Make-up? High-heels?
JoAnne: The hair wasn't a dead give away?

Bunny laughs at Jin. She's in a good mood when she comes across hot, meek Kei. A very hot, repentant Kei. A hot, repentant Kei who tries to talk to Bunny. But does Bunny care? No. She just runs away again, leaving hot, repentant Kei sadder and guiltier (and hotter, if that's possible).
kakashi: Sorry, this gif is a bit fast. But that's how fast she wanted to get away from him! 
JoAnne: Why should he be repentent? Why? WHYWHYWHY KISS HER NOW REPENT LATER
Topic for discussion: What's going to happen when Mary sees her Oppa kiss someone in a drama?
Mary: I shall squee and appreciate it, because it is art. I accept that Oppa must do weird things for the sake of art. Like this:
Alex and Gramps gossip about Granny. She was ok a few days ago, but her Alzheimer's seemed to be getting worse. Gramps put in his number as her speed dial 1-9, just in case. (Awww... I'd speed dial 1-9 Song Jae Rim's number too, but I don't know it. Yet.)
kakashi: Keep at it, mary. You're already known as SJR's girl across the whole DB-universe. There's no escaping you and him. Even the internetz knows. Ergo: He will hear about you soon.
JoAnne: Mary, the drama he chose is a SIGN. It's about a mermaid. Mermaids live with fish. You do stuff with fish. He's sending you a message, Mary. Your obsession is ok with him. He wants you to meet him at Kamong Expresso, Seoul, a week from this Tuesday.
Mary: Only Rim Oppa can make me go to a cafe associated with That EXO Kid I Refuse To Mention Here.

Clocking off from work, Bunny is in a non-emo mood again, just chatting with Jin about how cute Gramps and Granny's love story is. Jin claims he wants to grow old with Jisoo. Bunny teases him about being hapkido-ed to death. Heh. They bicker like that on their way out when Alex and Hot Kei pop up, both having waited for Bunny. She avoids the Hot Namja's gaze so Jin signals Alex Hyung to do something about the weird vibes. (PEOPLE, THAT'S CALLED SEXUAL TENSION. JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE TO HAVE ANGRY SEX.) Alex invites the team for some drinks, but Bunny begs off with the excuse of studying for her exam. Ha! Gone were the days when she'd get herself drunk just to smell your fridge, Monkey!
kakashi: I want to hate on her a bit. Why is she avoiding him like that? That's what you do in middle-school. Or kindergarten. Certainly not once you're sexually mature. Live up to the vajayjay!
JoAnne: Seriously. I'm sure Kei's fridge is worth smelling, too.Plus look what he can do with his jaw. That boy is useful. Think about it.
Mary: Well, NOW I'm thinking about it.
Kei looks very hurt. T^T Who wouldn't??? She's treating him like he's a Polar Bear or something! He's not even doing anything mean. He's just standing there being cute and hopeful and just wanting to hang out with Bunny! Bad Bunny. VERY BAD. Why do you crush our Hot Namja's feelings???
kakashi: He is like a lost sad puppy *cries*. Puppy, wanna chase my cat?
JoAnne: Kei just wants to play pat the bunny, Kakashi.
At home, Jisoo tries to get Bunny to talk. "Something happened between you and Kei, right?" Bunny marvels at Jisoo's perceptiveness until she prompts, did Kei bully you again? Call you ugly Beanie or something? Heh. So wrong. Bunny goes back to pissy mode and shoos her away so she can work on the novel. Jisoo calls Jin right then and there and reports that it wasn't Kei's bullying that got Bunny depressed. HAHAHA! So that's where Jisoo's "insight" came from? Say what you want about this couple, but they're good friends and they won't give up on Bunny and let her retreat into her shell of emo-ness.
kakashi: Now that you say it, Bunny is extremely annoying. I might have said something different at some point in time, but I tend to change my mind a lot.
JoAnne: Because we never ever change our minds about people here.


Hunter Kei is tied up. Hmmmm... very kinky of you, GumiBunny. Together with GumiExNailist, they interrogate him about "that man". Hunter Kei claims that Cheeselex is THE Captain of the gumihunters. GumiBunny refuses to listen, but Hunter Kei asks about the couple nail sticker she found near the site of GumiRoomie's death. (I wish you can hear the way Song Jae Rim said "stic-kah!" in this scene. Very WTF and unexpected. Ergo, FUNNY.) He asks them to trust him instead of Cheeselex because killing gumihos is in a gumihunter's blood. It's something Cheeselex was born to do, whereas Hunter Kei is just a human hired to do their bidding. They ask him why he switched over to their side and Hunter Kei says, "Because... after following you for days, I've come to want to protect you myself. You're in danger!"
kakashi: Confession. Whenever I read your recaps really fast, I expect the word Bear after Gummi, not Bunny. It's very confusing. Do you know this clip? It used to be on a non-stop loop when my kid was smaller. (Warning: do not click on kakashi's link if you're offended by cute dancing gummy bears who shake their ass at the screen.)
JoAnne: Oh I have seen that, last year I think. Late, anyway. And there was a hippo one too that seems kind of related.

LMBO! I cannot with this cheap romance thing. I almost wish Song Jae Rim would break character just so I can rest from laughing so much.
kakashi: For a moment, I thought about doing a deep analysis of those novel parts. But then .... nope. Maybe somebody else wants to write about the ideological undercurrents of these acts of violence, which valorize constructed spaces of colonial hegemony across boundaries appropriated by didactic official discourse? No? This is not what this is about?
JoAnne: He admires her independence but still operates within a mental construct of male superiority, and is enabled in this by her own unconscious reliance on archetypal gender valuations. 
GumiBunny gets mad at the accusations and prepares to slit my Kei's throat (!!!!) but Hunter Kei reminds GumiBunny that her GumiRoommie was killed from the last attack. Does she still refuse to listen? The war won't end until either GumiBunny or Cheeselex dies. "Use me." begs Kei. (LOL. SO WRONG. OR SO RIGHT?) GumiBunny drops the blade and seems to think about it. Also, WTF is up with that toy sword? Are they trying to avoid censoring a real knife?
kakashi: Hey, toy swords are real dangerous! Lee Seungi almost got skewered by one! And HOW HOT IS HE IN THIS PIC?!
JoAnne: I was expecting a fish, though.
"Is Alex really the hunter?" interrupts Jisoo. She's been reading over Bunny's shoulder all this while. Heh. Bunny says she doesn't know yet either. (It's because she's just using her real-life experiences to write the novel, and we don't know Monkey's feelings yet!)
kakashi: See, there we go. Mary is doing that analysis. You're doing well.
JoAnne: This is good. The new meds appear to be working. She's calm, but not dazed.

Next morning, Kei waits for Bunny outside the shop. He greets her with an "Are you making me crazy? Why are you avoiding me?" (Oh no. Oppa, DO NOT GO THERE. That is second lead territory!) Bunny plays innocent "When did I avoid you?" (You lying liar!) Hurt Kei is butthurt. "You're always avoiding me, not even looking at me. You're always with someone (Jin!) so I can't talk to you. You treat me like I'm an evil jerk you need to stay away from." Bunny is saved from making stupid lies again by Jin arriving. NOW Kei runs away. But not without a "let's talk later" warning to Bunny first.
kakashi: Hey, I totally liked this bit. I LOVE IT when KDrama people actually TALK about their issues. Whenever it happens, I break into a happy song.
JoAnne: But...they didn't...actually talk about them?
IMPORTANT: Kei scolds Bunny for some task she forgot to do because she was too emo at work. IMPORTANT because: Kei. (Although he feels mighty guilty about having to scold her. Still, she did WRONG. It's part of her job. This is why I refused to crush on that hoobae in college who looked like Yoo Seung Ho. It'll break your heart when you have to scold them, the puppies... Hmm. I wonder if I could resist if he looked like Rim Oppa? Better not go there, Brain. Bad Brain.)
kakashi: True. Working with people you love is difficult at best. But it can also be very exciting. Imagine all the places in which you can ... yeah.
JoAnne: I used to have this job way back in my earliest Army days when I'd have to be alone overnight in a building and my boyfriend would bring me dinner and...yeah.
LoverGramps enters Paris in a panic, looking for Granny. She's missing again! Jin and Bunny help Gramps walk around Seoul(?) searching for her. When night comes and they still have no results, they go back to Paris. Alex asks Bunny to call 911 to inquire if Granny has been admitted to a hospital nearby. And it's only now that Alex admits that Granny didn't have sudden onset of Alzheimer's. She has a cerebral infarction. This knowledge brought to us by his Magic Nail Diagnosis Powers.
kakashi: Sigh ... do I have to google that?
Shuk: It's a form of stroke.
JoAnne: Now that I get a good look at the old guy I suddenly remember this story. Awwww it was so sad and so sweet!
Look at Song Jae Rim here and how he plays Kei very contrite and meek. EVEN IF HE'S JUST STANDING THERE WITH NO FOOKING LINES. He's barely keeping his head up and staring at Bunny out of the corner of his eyes. T____T Song Jae Rim, when will they give your hot, talented, sekshi self a lead role? WHEN??? The drama gods have decided, and they have deemed Rim worthy. See casting news at the top of this Jeob.
kakashi: Yeah, but about that lead thing ... will he be the fooking LEAD?
JoAnne: Who's the other guy in it? Looking at her and the other guy...I'm guessing not.
Alex is proven right about the cerebral infarction (goldarnit! WTF IS IT?! -kakashi IT''S A STROKE!! -Shuk) when Bunny finds a hospital where an Oh Soon Young has been admitted. Alex is proven right again (goldarnit again!) when they visit Granny and a doctor asks for her guardian. They need to operate on her soon because her blood vessels are blocked. Everyone looks to Gramps to sign the forms, but Gramps can't sign, because he's not family! *enter three evil-looking adults* Granny's children are here and they don't approve of her boyfriend at all. They tell him to scram and not show his face anymore (err something like that, I was too busy Googling Song Jae Rim pics to read the subtitle...)
kakashi: It's weird how absolutely NOT I remember this part. This old man is just her BoyToy?! Wow!
JoAnne: As soon as I saw his face this was exactly what I remembered! So sad!
Back at Paris, Gramps tells their love story: He met her at the health center. The nurse called his dead wife's name, Oh Soon Young. At first he was surprised to see a different person but he got to know this Soon Young 2.0, they spent time together, and fell in love. He regretted not being able to make his dearly departed wife happy, so he promised that this time around, he'll do everything for Soon Young. Problem is, her children refused to let them marry. They think he's after her money. He offered to write a contract stating he won't claim the money, but the kids still refused. (Is this WTFParis way of subverting the chaebol-parent-opposition trope? This time the chaebol-children are the ones who complain?)
kakashi: This is so sad ... I think I totally ffwarded through it though. Or I have Alzheimer myself. Or that other thing I refuse to google.
JoAnne: Kakashi Mary is doing more analyzing. Let's up her meds.
The only important thing in this scene is when Kei is staring at Bunny, when the camera is staring at Kei, and when Kei is righteously angry that "Those brats won't even let Grandpa visit Granny". Next!
kakashi: SO SEXY when he is righteous.
Gramps is ohkei with being sent away. He thinks that dating Granny might embarrass her children, which a parent doesn't want to do. But he regrets not being able to fulfill his promise to take her to a certain park on her birthday. *takes out picture of pretty park* GumiBoss takes one look at the picture and volunteers her team for the job! (Jeob?)
kakashi: Did she do something to her hair? She looks kinda good.
JoAnne: She had a nice piece of liver with some fava beans and a good Chianti.
"We can't promise it will be on her actual birthday, but we'll get the two of you there" says Alex. After that, Grandpa asks Alex for a favor. He wants to know how to do nail art because Granny likes those sparkly stuff. Alex PPLs their nail extensions which they can pre-design for you. All Gramps has to do is glue it to Granny's nails. (COOL!)
kakashi: Yeah, Alex, stick them ... stop, kakashi. Foul language. Not okay.
JoAnne: *looks around innocently*

Meanwhile, Kei seeks out Bunny in the locker room. "Can we talk? I'll wait at the bar." He catches Jin looking on worriedly and adds a "come alone". (Me: *giggling immaturely*)
kakashi: SOSEXY.
JoAnne: Laughing at his Dad Sweater.
Ohkei. Serious mode. Kei is at the bar now, talking to Bunny:
"I'm sorry I yelled at you today and I'm sorry about that night. When I found out you were a girl, I was upset and confused about my sexuality, so I said a lot of things. But I'm not sorry about liking you. Because those are my true feelings."
Mary: T^T
Bunny doesn't run away this time. She just goes for a gut-wrenching smackdown. "You know that I like Alex, right? I'm sorry. If you're uncomfortable, I'll quit Paris." Kei stops her. Saying if anyone had to quit, it was him for causing all the trouble. (Errr... I'm pretty sure Bunny caused the trouble when she cross-dressed to apply as a hand job trainee?)
kakashi: It's because he is a GENTLEMAN, Mary. Not many exist anymore, so I'm not surprised you didn't recognize him as one.
JoAnne: I never really felt like his heart was in nail decoration anyway.
The next morning, they find a letter on the staff room: "I am resigning for personal reasons. Please accept this letter of resignation. -Kei" His locker is also empty. Jin and Alex rush out to talk to the boss, but Bunny checks her locker and finds a note from Kei. "Beanie, good luck on your exam. -Kei" Awwww... he even left a cute bunny phone charm! BUNNY, MARRY THIS MAN OR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL MARRY HIM MYSELF. (PS Don't marry this man so I can marry him. Tnx.)
kakashi: Uhm, mary ......... he is a fictional character. I don't think you can mary those. Oups, marRy those.
JoAnne: She'll find a way, Kakashi. This is Mary and Song Jae Rim.
Bunny cries a little bit. She sends Kei a text "where are you, Hyung" (that's funny that she still calls him hyung), but he's already in the bus station. He doesn't reply. Jin guesses that Kei figured out Bunny's a girl. He asks if Kei got so mad and asked her to quit, but was so offended that he quit instead. Bunny can't tell Jin that the opposite happened!!! She lets Jin assume that they're at odds so Jin makes her feel worse by saying, "If you don't want to talk about it, that's okay. But Kei Hyung cared about you a lot. Even if I understand you right now, you should try to care a bit more about how others feel." THAT'S FOOKING RIGHT, JIN!!! I mean, what was up with that treating-Kei-like-a-Polar-Bear thing??? Bunny thinks while holding Little Bunny (which reminds me of "Little Kei").
kakashi: But here is hoping Little Kei isn't that little. For your sake, as a future wife of his.
JoAnne: Although the ears would be an interesting twist...I'd worry about losing buttons, though.
That night, Alex is teaching Gramps how to glue on nail extensions. He wonders why Gramps didn't give up in the face of opposition. "If I end it just because it's hard, it's not love! People say love is giving, but that's a selfish thought. Real love is receiving. When you meet someone who loves you so much, you feel so happy, you do your best to love her back as much as you can. Isn't that what true love is?" (HUH? I'm pretty sure that still meant "love is giving". Meh. Whatever, Show. Where is my skinship? And that accidental kiss in Episode 3 doesn't count.)
kakashi: Why is there a picture of Alex hugging Bunny down there?!
Mary: When you said Alex hugged Bunny "down there" I was shocked too.
After Gramps leaves, Alex finds Bunny drunk outside Paris. She cries and keeps repeating "I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it". (ME: DIDN'T MEAN WHAT, BISH???) Alex apologizes. He was busy about his own feelings that he didn't notice Bunny was hurting. (Omo. I totally forgot that his feelings for GumiBoss were real and not just from Bunny's jealous imagination - huh?! Wut?! Is that so?!.) But when Alex checks on Bunny, she's already asleep. Drunk-talking "Don't go... Kei Hyung." YAAAAAAASSSS!!!!!!!!! Finally.
Next morning, Team Paris (sans Kei God) discuss Operation: Abduct Granny For A Date. Jin asks GumiBoss for news on Kei, but she admits she doesn't know his wherabouts. She's confident that he'll come back after he's sorted whatever's bothering him and she promises to give him back his job. GumiBoss is the BOSS. She's awesome. I dun care if she has weird nails. She's an awesome boss and I luff her.
kakashi: Hm, I think she would annoy the hell out of me. Let's stage a palace revolution after about 9 weeks.
JoAnne: I keep thinking she looks familiar and wondering what I saw her in and then I remember oh yeah, it was this.
That night, Team Paris sneaks into the hospital with help from Alex's med school sunbaes. They dress up as doctors and wait for Granny's nurse to leave the room. Then they wheel Granny out. Bunny is very nervous. This is her first time stealing a patient as opposed to Alex, who's probably been doing this for Paris for some years now... Alex sees Bunny's discomfort and almost skinships her in encouragement but he stops himself in time. Good! Go away!
kakashi: Awkward Monkey, go back to your tree!
JoAnne: Bunny does not have a banana! Stay away!
Ack! Bunny is panicking! She forgot the glue (oh, are we gonna poison Alex again?) but Granny says she has a reserve. A man came into her room and gave it to her, saying Bunny*** might forget it. "The man with the angry face". Everyone knows it's Kei. Although "The hot namja with the lovely face" would've been a more accurate description. (***I think my subs were inaccurate. I think Granny's exact quote was, "He said the sekshi lady might forget it.")
kakashi: Is he stalking them?! Kei, you're weird!
JoAnne: For years, everywhere Bunny goes, random people will come up and hand her things and tell her 'The man with the angry face left this for you.'

When the nurse finds out that her patient is missing, she tries to call the relatives. But a sekshi hand sekshily takes her phone, sekshily cancels the call, and sekshily shushes her. Like this:
kakashi: Oh yes. That little smile at the end ......
JoAnne: The FINGER shush. *dies* *plots to mess around with Mary's man* *takes extra swimming lessons for the inevitable trip to the Han River*
HNGGGGGGH. The only reason I'm coherent while recapping this scene is because I've been staring at that gif for 5 days now. Where d'you think I got the energy to Jeob two episodes in a week? Heh.
kakashi: I was wondering, yes. I thought you might secretly have eaten 5 cakes though.
JoAnne: Mary do you have that thing at bakeries where you can have a photo printed into the frosting on a cake? Because I was thinking...

Team Paris escapes safely with a Granny in tow! Alex is very much aware of Bunny's feelings now and sees her staring at her bunny phone charm on the way to the park. After they drop off the lovebirds near the entrance, he leaves the maknaes to buy some drinks. Jin uses the opportunity to tell Bunny where Kei Hyung is. But he says he's not 100% sure he'll be there. Bunny says FOOK PERCENTAGES, I WANT A CLUE WHERE KEI IS. (Don't we all?) Alex exits the store in time to see Bunny running off to Kei! To Kei! HURRAH!!!
kakashi: Just a question. When did Bunny actually fall for Kei??!!?!??!
JoAnne: Off camera, when the writer realized how popular Kei was and decided to switch the leads. So...2 episodes ago?
While Bunny is chasing her kokoro's desire, we watch our cute couple first: Gramps wheels Granny around the park. He tells her to get well soon so they can see more nice places like this. But she looks really weak now... Gramps turns around to get the nail extensions and when he looks at Granny again, she has fainted. They rush her to the hospital where she regains consciousness in time to see her children blaming Gramps for everything. She begs them not to be harsh, and for once her children back off. They leave the two of them alone. Grandpa chats with Granny while putting the extensions on her. She's slowly losing consciousness but happily listens to Grandpa's voice. When he looks up after finishing one hand, Granny has already passed away in her sleep. T____T Grandpa finishes the other hand though, which, double T_______T
kakashi: go away, sad drama. Booooo.
JoAnne: So the irresponsible, overly romantic nailshoppist kidnapped a patient from the hospital and took her outside to an uncontrolled environment then overstressed her already weakened system by introducing emotional strain, which resulted in her death. Nice.
Mary: Eheh. I forgot to say, it was mentioned twice in this episode that the doctors said she didn't have much time to live... which prompted the kidnap plan before her birthday.
The next day, everyone is already wearing black. Grandpa drops by Paris to thank them for helping make Granny happy in her final moments. He takes comfort in the fact that she passed away in her sleep and didn't suffer.
kakashi ... while somebody did her nails.
JoAnne: 'already wearing black' well when they got up in the morning they had to put clothes on, and they did kill someone yesterday. I dunno, it really doesn't feel like it's too soon, for me.
Mary: I assumed everyone already came from the funeral. Is it really this quick? I thought there should be a day at least to embalm, verify medical records, rent funeral parlor, pick a coffin, etc...

Later, Jin wonders where the rest of Team Paris are. He asks Alex why he didn't just tell Bunny where Kei's hideout is. Why did he have to course it through Jin? We see in flashback that it WAS Alex who told Jin about Kei's ONLY hiding place. Why only one? Because Kei sucks at directions so he only ever vacations in that one house. HAHAHA
kakashi: OMG Alex is such a loser.
JoAnne: I can't remember why it couldn't be him that told her. By the way: Kei is a terrible artist. Bunny looks like Picasso and Matisse somehow mated and produced a child, but it was such an abomination that it sucked all the color out of the world.
Early morning, in The Secret Faraway House Which Mary Plans To Visit On Her PilgRimage Someday, Kei is sketching Bunny when a voice pipes up, "Is that supposed to be me?"
JoAnne: See? It's unrecognizable.
Kei is speechless to see Bunny there. I WOULD BE, TOO! Imagine this: you're in a remote place thinking about your Kim Ji Hoon (How did you know??! O___o) or Aaron Yum or Dozen Puppies (or Song Jae Rim, in my case) and just sitting there all sad and hopeless. Then suddenly, HE SHOWS UP and catches you thinking about him!!! :O
kakashi: Oh my gawd, I'd probably freak out and run away.
JoAnne: Is someone getting a little shady about my puppies? Feeling brave? Thinking after my recent adventures that I might be inclined to let something slide? Au contraire! I'm STRONGER now, Mary. Beware.
Mary: WHUT? I gave each of you Unnis one example to work with. For imagination purposes. Kimji = kakashi. Yum = Shuk. Rim = me. You, JoAnne, get a DOZEN men. Because you always have a dozen puppies in reserve and I can never tell which you want most at a given moment. LOL
I think Rain is the black one, though. Because he stands out for JoAnne.
Bunny teases Kei about running away. "Are you sure you like me? How can you leave like that, then?"
Kei is embarrassed. Bunny steps closer to look at the sketch and Kei stands up and moves away a little bit. Look at Song Jae Rim's acting in this scene. Remember that one time in high school or college or whenever, when someone you REALLY liked approached you and made small talk? That feeling of confusion "What is he doing here? Why did he come all the way here from the other building to talk to me? Is he...? Does he like me?" That trying-to-hide-my-squee, trying-to-stay-a-meter-away because if-you-come-any-nearer-I-swear-to-god-I-will-spontaneously-combust feeling? THAT. THAT is Song Jae Rim's body language in this scene. He deserves a Best In Kyaaa, Male Category Award for it!
kakashi: I readily admit, SJR doesn't disappoint in the acting-department.
JoAnne: He certainly does not.

And it only gets better.

"I missed you" murmurs Bunny.
Kei pulls Bunny around to face him. "What? What did you say, Beanie?"
Bunny repeats it, "I missed you... so don't run away anymore." Kei hugs her in adorably fluffy happiness
(Song Jae Rim hugs weirdly, BTW. Seriously. See the ending of Eps 6 and 7. I think he should get in more hugging practice before the new drama.)
They sit down in the pretty garden to talk some more. Kei teases her about taking the train overnight just to see him. Bunny admits she was worried about Kei. He is sooooo adorably happy and flattered to hear that. He clears his throat... "T...That thing... can I do it?"
"What thing?" says Bunny.
NOW it's Bunny that's all flustered. She says "you can't do this thing... suddenly" So Kei holds her again and gently tells her this time, "Tell me if you don't like it... but later" and they kiss again!
kakashi: *Butterflies*
JoAnne: I reallllllllly liked that line. I must admit.
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Has kakashi finished this yet? I think she stopped at Episode 8, right? This was such a happy+dreadful episode for me. I knew that kiss was coming in Episode 7, and I felt horrible for squeeing because they put it right after Cute Granny Soon Young's death.
kakashi: Oh, I think I've seen 8? 9? But certainly not 10.
JoAnne: Looking at the above, I must clarify. The squee is purely because Kei got what he wanted, his bunny. (That's what I call my daughter, by the way. Bunny.) The squee is not for the heart palpitation-inducing kiss because that, up there, my friends? Was the most awkward and terrible kiss not involving PSH or JSY in existence. (Me too. Sadly, me too. I squeed more for the thought of "...but later" than the actual kiss.)

This was my "fake ending" episode. I almost stopped watching because I don't want to know why it's called WTFParis. But the twitterbeans, they are very sly and tricksy! When asked if you should stop on Episode 7, here's what they'll say:

"HAHAHAHAHA" -Anonymous

"You have to suffer and finish to know why it's WTFParis." -Anonymous

"Has Kei been jerked around and turned into an insecure mess yet? If not, continue watching." -Anonymous

Friends. Gotta love them.
kakashi: Hey, you gals - should I continue watching or stop here?
JoAnne: A winner never quits, Kakashi.
Mary Anonymous: HAHAHAHAHAHA