Nail Shop Paris Episode 8 - A SongJaeRimJob

We are nearing the end, which means more paaaaaain for our cast and kokoros. Prepare to be jerked around by the roller-coaster of squeeing and rage in this 8th Jeob. (And hold tight to that Kei-cat in your kokoro. You'll need it for the tough times ahead.)
JoAnne: With all this kokoro holding I have realized I need to be more flexible. You know, as a responsible KDrama watcher.
kakashi: Ladies, I have something to tell you ...

We open on a double-date. A real one where the JinJi couple congratulate Bunny and Kei for getting together. Bunny is embarrassed but Kei just has this goofy grin on his face that makes me want to squish him so much. When Bunny tries to drink, Kei stops her saying that she's the kind of drunk who's difficult to handle. Jin points out "but she has you to take care of her now". Kei bashfully nods ...
kakashi: like this! awwwwwwwww
... at that, not even denying that he's such a lovesick fool over Bunny. Bunny waves away the jokes, embarrassed at all the attention, and JinJi laugh at her blush. Kei looks at her and squees some more. (He's so happy, awwww....) Me:
kakashi: Mary is sooooo cuuuuuuute *squish*
Jin invites everyone for a second round which Kei declines. Bunny pouts at that and Kei reminds her that she has an exam soon. Then he takes her away. (I was hoping this was just an excuse to get alone time with Bunny, but no. He really does just take her home. BOO - and here I thought he wanted to look at her kokoro!) JinJi couple watch them leave and Ji Soo marvels at this change in Bunny. She never listened or cared about anyone else in the past. Working at Paris changed her roommate. Ji Soo approves. But Jin can't be 100% happy. He tells Ji Soo that Kei's secret address came from Alex. Ji Soo says she doesn't understand (yeah, don't indulge this plotline. ME NO LIKEY.) and Jin lets it go for now. Ji Soo also lets it go with another trip to the toilet. Hehe.
JoAnne: I don't remember why that even matters, so I'm ignoring it because Alex.
kakashi: Toilet humor in kdrama. Discuss! Also: 10 gruesome ways for Alex to die: discuss!

That same night, Alex is in a pojangmacha (wow, not The One Restaurant In WTFverse?) He looks sad. ExNailist sees him emoing and asks why. I yell at the screen "NOOOOOOOO" but this Show hates me, so it barges on and introduces this plotline anyway. "I feel like I'm always missing the bus" says Alex (yeah, keep on missing it then!) ExNailist guesses the situation: a girl liked him and he was going to confess his feelings, but someone beat him to it. Alex nods. YOU LYING MONKEY. YOU NEVER LIKED BUNNY BEFORE. YOU WERE NEVER GOING TO CONFESS. DO NOT MAKE THIS ABOUT YOU OR I SWEAR I WILL REWRITE THIS WHOLE JEOB IN SONG JAE RIM'S FAVOR. ExNailist quotes a famous person who said "Love can change" and urges Monkey to just do what he wants.
JoAnne: Oh yeah. That's why. And you can go to hell, ExNailist.
kakashi: Fuck this sideways. He is the kind of monkey who gets jealous if another monkey has a juicy banana. Bad monkey! Bad monkey!
(Mary: Boo Monkey. 1/16 the normal size of pics for you!)
Next morning, everyone awaits GumiBoss verdict re: Kei's return. Kei comes out of the office and pretends to be sad first to punk the team. What AmazeballsGumiBoss actually said was: "Sorry? Sorry for what? I didn't know you left Paris." (Me: *sends heartbeam over to GumiBoss*) Bunny breathes a sigh of relief and Kei looks at her, squeeing that she was worried for him. 
kakashi: Like this! Hey, he even looks good when he popelt. yes, that's German.
Jin interrupts their moment to remind Bunny to clear the trash bins. When Bunny moves to empty them, Kei stops her and orders Jin to do it instead. Jin sputters "b-b-but that's her job! And I have customers!" Kei makes "I'm your Hyung, so do it!" faces at him until he caves, but not before an annoyed look at Bunny for causing him grief. LOL
JoAnne: Kei does win all the boyfriend awards, doesn't he.
kakashi: He sure does. But I'd be afraid to break something in his body if I lay on top of him. Like: "Oups, Rimmie! I'm sorry! I knew I shouldn't have eaten this cake yesterday, look what happened to your pelvis!" EAT SOMETHING, you Klappergestell!

Kei to Bunny: I did well, right? *wink*
Me: *clutches kokoro*
JoAnne: Still picturing the kokoro as being something different. Still laughing hard.
kakashi: Yes. Well. How to break this to you two?
[[maybe a gif of Kei winking?]]
Thanks kakashi! Your gifs are a work of sex art!

Alex asks for a box of hand job supplies next. Kei stops Bunny again and gets it for her. There's this awkward "U-uuuh... thanks?" from Alex before he leaves the room. (Why did he leave? Is his kokoro also singing at the cuteness of Kei's dorky boyfriend act? Believe me, he doesn't have a kokoro.) Bunny asks Kei to stop it because Alex might notice their relationship. Kei doesn't care. He tells Bunny not to tire herself with work from now on. Bunny asks incredulously if Kei plans to do all the chores for her? Kei says no, he'll order Jin to do it. Heh. Poor Jer2.0.
JoAnne: So when I first just glanced at this I read, 'Alex asks for a hand job.' (from Kei or from Bunny?) and I thought WOW, I missed that scene. Thank God.
A rich madame enters Paris with her PTA minions. This is "Pig Mom" (she plays evil moms all the time, doesn't she?). Famous for controlling the social activities of this whole neighborhood. (If you need a sign that she's from The Dark Side, her first words are "Omo, you get more dashing everyday, Alex!" Me: *HATE BEAM*) PTA Queen brags about the camping trip she's organizing for the class and invites Team Paris too. Jin runs to GumiBoss and asks to hold their team-building there. Of course, GumiBoss agrees like the awesome boss she is. Jin hugs Bunny in glee and Kei swats him away. Haha! Alex looks at this boyfriend-y behavior and frowns. (Yeah, stay there in the corner and frown all you want. I'll even give you all sorts of frowny toys to play with.)
JoAnne: He looks like a MONKEY. He's not dashing. And this is totally not weird, inviting your manicurists along on a class field trip. Totally normally. 100% believable.
kakashi: WTFParis writer meeting. A: Hey guys, I really would like to have a scene with some camper vans. I like camper vans. B: Yeah, alright ... maybe they could go camping together? C: Good idea? But why? A: You know, one of those team-building trips? B: Nah, that's too standard. Everbody does it. A: True, true. Alright, then what about Alex is in fact a totally rich kid and he invites everybody to his father's resort and ... C: booooooooooring. B: I know, I know! Why not connect it to awful nail art. A&C: Perfect! Yes! B: So there are those clients and they have kids. A&C: Yes, yes! And? B: And the kids go on a school trip. A&C: Perfect! We understand what you mean! So this mother invites all her male manicurists to join them! Yes!
They go to the camping grounds with Ji Soo in tow. Bunny warns her to watch what she says, Bunny already has her hands full with Kei. (I mean, with Kei being obvious about Bunny's gender. They don't know that Alex knows.) GumiBoss, who came in the car with Alex, tells Ji Soo to sleep with her in the trailer if she's uncomfortable with "the boys". When it's time for chores, Kei immediately volunteers to wash rice with Bunny because it's the easiest task. Smart Kei. Then he drags her away so they can play around. Alex looks at my OTP and frowns some more. (Down, Monkey, down!)
JoAnne: 1) I would like to have my hands full of Kei, too. 2) Down, Monkey, down! brings to mind very disturbing pictures of things.
kakashi: Oh hell yeah, he is just a hand full, but I do want my hand full of him too. And Bunny is sooooo stuuuuupid. She is hear with her boy! Camping! Tents! You and him! Alone! Climb the pole! Climb it! (no, not YOU, monkey)

Kei washes the rice like he's doing the laundry. Bunny nags him that the grains will crumble, so Kei switches to this weak-sauce finger swirly thing which Bunny complains about again. Kei gets fed up and snaps at her to either keep quiet or do it herself. Bunny smiles at that. This is more of the old Kei, she says. The new one felt so weird and fake, she wondered if he hurt his head or something. Kei asks how he was in the past to which Bunny answers, "Hmm... you were brash, unfriendly, rude... and a jerk."
JoAnne: I don't wash my rice. Am I supposed to?
kakashi: If it's Asian rice, you definitely need to wash it.

"You brat! Apologize!" says Kei. Bunny just flicks some water at him before running away. Kei chases her around and hug/wrestles her. ACK! MEIN GOTT. HALP ME. THE SQUEE! THE CUTE! I'M DYING! Between this and Surplus Princess... I fear for my kokoro. Can I survive this? (Tune in to find out.)
JoAnne: Mary, you know Mermaids are solid from the waist down, right? Kei will not be a happy man, if he's her boyfriend.
kakashi: We'll put a lock on your kokoro. Don't you fear ... 
While playing around, they spot the PTA moms and their kids being bitchy people to one kid (Si Woo) and his mom. Team Paris, Protectors of The Weak, asks the outcast mommy-son pair to hang out with them instead. Outcast Mom shares that the PTA Queen was excited to have a smart transferee in her daughter's class. She invited Outcast Mom's son, Si Woo, to join an extra-curricular review class she's organizing with a famous Gangnam teacher. The price? 3 million won per month. (Around $3,000) Outcast mom declined because she doesn't want to force her kid to study so hard at such a young age (booooooooo!). She's content that Si Woo enjoys learning by himself. PTA Queen found her response rude and started ignoring Outcast Mom after that. At first she didn't mind their behavior, but as time went by, she realized she needed to participate in school activities too. By then it was too late, and her kid became aloof and withdrawn in class.

 IMPORTANT: Kei scoffs at the immaturity of the PTA moms. IMPORTANT because: Kei.
JoAnne: Kill the bitches dead, Kei.
kakashi: Monkey! Stick'em! Er, I meant sick'em! 

Ji Soo gets an emergency at work and has to leave (uhm ... what does she work as again?), GumiBoss is tired so she turns in early too. Alex concernedly goes after her. Bunny concernedly looks at them leave. Kei concernedly looks at Bunny. Then he tentatively takes her hand... (this moment is very sad and pathetic). *tries to plug the tiny, tell-tale holes in her ship* That gets Bunny's attention, at least. Kei stares at her and you can feel him beaming //Don't leave me Bunnyyyyyyyyyyyyy// thoughts at her. Luckily, Jin invites the team to light some fireworks to lighten the mood. Another excuse to give us a scene of Kei being cute with Bunny.
JoAnne: What's their couple name? Bunnei? KeiBu? Keinny? (Kokoro Couple? Kokouple?)
kakashi: SO NO, MARY. No. Believe me when I say: NO.

That night, Kei sits outside the trailer. Bunny asks him what he's doing out there. Kei pats the spot next to him and says, "If you want to know, come here". (Me: *starts checking Seoul flight schedules*) Kei asks Bunny to hang out here until the other boys fall asleep because it'd be awkward for her to sleep with the guys (Kei, maybe you don't know this: but you don't get pregnant from just sleeping near a guy). Bunny looks up and admires the stars and Kei pulls her around to rest in his lap. Then he stares at her like she makes him the happiest man in the world (which is probably true). HNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHH.
JoAnne: Yeah, I'm squeeing with you. HNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHH.
kakashi: There was another pic, JoAnne. One that mary didn't want to see you because it showed ... an incredibly large bulge under Kei's jacket! (Mary: *giggling to herself again*)

Bunny asks "what would be a good idea?" (Me: WEEEEEE!!! FUN SEKSHI TIMES AHEAAAAAD!!!!) Kei seems to think the same thing. Until Bunny continues "I mean, Si Woo's mom's situation. How do we help her?" Kei lets out this frustrated sigh. OMG SO MUCH PENT-UP ENERGY HERE. IT NEEDS RELEASE!!! MY KOKORO CAN'T TAKE IT TOO! (so wrong, mary. SO WRONG!) Kei flicks Bunny on the forehead. He can't believe she'd think about Si Woo and his mom at that moment. "Why not?" said the Stupid Bunny With No Kokoro (dried up kokoro more like). Kei just pouts and looks away. Bunny says he's acting like a kid right now, so Kei (squee) Kei looks up with this naughty smile and says, "Do you see a kid doing this?" *KISSSSSSSSSSSS*
Me: *takes kokoro to the nearest hospital*
JoAnne: STAHP I can't with the kokoro hahahahahaha omg it's killing me I will never get over this association.
kakashi: It is quite remarkable that JoAnne just KNOWS things. In any case, I was wondering about the state of her kokoro after this kiss.

Next morning, Bunny finds Alex outside. He invites her for a walk. Bunny limps a little because she played hard with Kei last night (with the fireworks, people! WITH THE FIREWORKS. Geez...) Alex asks how is it with Kei? (Yes, how is it with Kei? Hmm? Hmmmmmmmmm - her kokoro first needs to awaken.) Did they stop fighting now? Before Bunny can answer, she trips and twists her ankle. (I'm going to let this pass because [1] she was already cramping from last night, and [2] that was actually pretty uneven ground/steps they were walking on.)
JoAnne: I forgot, is Alex the Boring Hairy Monkey still pretending not to know that Bunny is a girl? (Yes! Ugh.)
kakashi: But since she now KNOWS she is a girl, he suddenly thinks he loves her? Booooooooo!
Kei waits outside the trailer worried that Bunny and Alex are missing. Jin sees him being anxious and tells him to calm down, "Alex won't kidnap Bunny and eat her". (Because that would imply that Alex has desires, WHICH HE DOES NOT.) Then Alex comes into view, piggybacking Bunny back to camp. Kei rushes towards them. He gets angry at Bunny "You brat, why did you go out alone???" and stomps off.
JoAnne: Thereby effectively dismissing Alex's entire existence. Very neatly done. Bravo!

When they get back to Seoul, the mood is dark. Jin invites everyone to drink but Kei just goes straight to the locker room. Bunny excuses herself to go after Kei, and Alex leaves too. Jin muses that this is why a girl can complicate the team dynamic...
JoAnne: People get their totoros all twisted up with the kokoros and then the next thing you know it's all pororo up in here.
kakashi: She really doesn't know WHOM she wants in her kokoro, right?

Bunny talks to Kei. "Kei Hyung, nothing happened this morning. We just talked about random stuff, that's all." (Seriously, woman. If you put it that way, everybody would think you absolutely did SOMETHING) Kei says he isn't mad at her. He feels very uncomfortable seeing them together. He doesn't know what to do and feels very frustrated about it. Bunny leans on his back and says, "Sorry" again. Kei turns around to face her. Sorry isn't what he wants to hear. Bunny stays silent. Kei sighs and calls her mean for never saying she likes him. Then he just looks up in defeat, tries to smile, and says he should bear it, since he's the one who loves more. (B-b-but... that's totally a second lead line. "I don't care if you don't like me, my love is enough to sustain us both." THOU SHALT NOT SAY IT, OPPA!!!)
JoAnne: Oh but thou shall. Thou shall. This is WTF Paris, after all.
kakashi: What is this drama about, anyway?


GumiBunny visits Cheeselex again. He asks if she ran away because he was rushing the marriage, but GumiBunny says she ran away to hide her secret. Now she's back to reveal everything. When gumihos started living with and having families with humans (you mean SEX, Show?) it resulted in babies which were neither human nor Gumiho. (GumiBunny transforms into long-nailed, red-eye Gumiform in front of Cheeselex.) These half gumihos were destined to meet 2 types of people: hunters who are out to kill them, and humans who can turn them into humans too. GumiBunny caresses Alex with her long nails and asks, "which one are you?" Cheeselex responds with, "I... don't know what I am. But no matter what you are, I want to love you and make you happy!"
JoAnne: Cheeselex, know theyself!
kakashi: I think we established this before, but Alex in this role kind of saves this actor from going right to the absolute bottom of my shit-lists. 

GumiBunny seems to accept that. They go all huggy huggy until Bunny notices Cheeselex's missing stickah. Cheeselex bullshits about it falling off somewhere *suspicious look* but he says they don't need it anymore because he bought a real ring! He puts it on GumiBunny's finger and promises "Even if our fate isn't strong enough to stop you from being gumiho forever, *quick-kisses her hands* I'll never leave you!"

GumiBunny jumps up at that. She never told him that if a gumiho falls in love with a hunter, she'll lose her chance of becoming human FOREVAH. Cheeselex tries to chase after her but (TA-DA!) Kei pops up and shields GumiBunny. (Maaaan, Hunter Kei is HAWT.) Hunter Kei levels a gun at Cheeselex and tells him that GumiBunny knows the whole truth now. It's up for her to decide: Cheeselex or Hotness Incarnate? GumiBunny stutters. "I... I choose..." then she looks up at the camera.
JoAnne: I choose YOU, Pokemon!
kakashi: Hahahahaha, as if this were a hard choice! Do you want a monkey with a banana or sex on legs? Hmmmm .... let me think ....

The real world Bunny doesn't know the answer either! So we leave the novel for now.
kakashi: Yeah. That's a dilemma 13 year old kids have, usually. Should I like the boy that gave me a chewing gum? Or the one who gave me a frog?

Next day, Alex is late for work. He met Si Woo's mom on the way and she gave them homemade cookies as thanks for playing with Si Woo on that camping trip. They eat while watching Jin upload Team Paris pics on their website. This gives Bunny an idea. Si Woo's mom is a webdesigner, so they tell her to make a site for Si Woo's class. This way, she can still contribute and be informed of the PTA activities even if she can't attend every time. Si Woo's mom agrees but she needs pictures of the kids and the school. Bunny volunteers to take them for her.
JoAnne: Because sure, having the questionably male nail tech take pictures of all the kids won't alarm any of the moms who have no clue who 'he' is, at all.
kakashi: Yes. Most brilliant idea EVER.
Bunny goes to Si Woo's school and takes pictures of the kids being cute, playing sports, etc. She tries to get a good angle by raising the camera when a hand takes her camera and raises it higher. YIEEEEEEEEE~ Kei! Kei has come!!! They're so cute! He piggybacks her to add more height and they take pictures that way. This is bliss. *pouts* I want a boyfriend. Well, just THIS boyfriend.
JoAnne: One of these days you will walk into the grocery store market thingie and there he will be, a dead ringer for SJR, paying for his cake at the counter.
kakashi: Who knows, SJR might be a dick in real life. Just saying.
Mary: That sounds like a good thing... oh wait. You meant something else. Never mind.
SiWooMom finishes the website and when she drops by Paris next, she's ecstatic. She can now keep up with her son's activities. Plus, the PTA gang are nice to her now. She thanks Bunny for the idea and offers to treat her to something nice, but Alex suggests that she become Bunny's first customer (Eh? I thought Alexithymia girl was Bunny's first customer...?) Anyway, SiWooMom agrees to be Bunny's labrat before her nail artist exam. Oh, but Bunny isn't confident with her skills yet. She looks tentatively at Alex and Jin before looking at Kei who does this "nod/do eeeeet, babe" thing. Which has Bunny saying yes. (YES. YES. ME TOO. I'D SAY YES TO THIS MAN.)
JoAnne: He wants you to follow EXO, Mary.
kakashi: One of these days, I will have to check out who this EXO is that everybody always talks about ...

Bunny designs this atrocious Black And White Skeleton nail art because SiWooMom wanted to project a strong image, and you ladies, IT EVEN HAS POINTED ENDS!!!!!!!! *shudders in horror* The hand job harem stand there watching Bunny work and I just look to Kei as my anchor to get me through this horrible scene. When Bunny is done, Kei pats her on the back, Jin fist-bumps her, and Alex just looks at her. This is to represent the different relationships between Bunny and her harem. Namely: Lover, Friend, and Nobody. Go away.
JoAnne: I hate those pointed nails.
kakashi: I've hated every single nail in this show. 

Alex sees Bunny reviewing near the pantry (I'm tired. I read panty and then had to think about what you could probably mean for a while). He takes out an extra drink and moves toward her but Kei beats him to it. YAAAAAAAAAAS~ Alex leaves the drink on the counter and mopily mopes away. Kei watches Bunny study. He tells her to do her best on the exam tomorrow, or else... "Or else what?" asks Bunny. Or else he'll put her in his pocket, squees Kei. HAHAHAHA! (I remember in Baby-Faced Beauty when Daniel Choi squees over Jang Nara too and how cute she is and how he wants to put her in his pocket for a daily dose of cuteness.) Bunny takes out Little Bunny and says she won't fail because she has a good luck charm. Kei is all "well, hmmm... that IS a good charm"
JoAnne: Flopping around on the floor laughing at mental images of Little Bunny and the two of them examining it very seriously because my Little Bunny is not the same as your Little Bunny.
kakashi: Just wait until Little Bunny and Little Kei meet Little Kokoro! 

He offers to give her a ride to the exam location, bragging that he has a smartphone with GPS LOL but thankfully Bunny turns him down. Why? Because this is why:
He calls Bunny, asking for more directions, but Jin takes the phone away. He says the exam is about to start, so Kei should find his way back himself. Jin and Ji Soo will just send Bunny off themselves. Heh. Kei's confused look at the dead-end road is priceless...
JoAnne: I hope he doesn't ALWAYS have trouble matter. I can guide him.
kakashi: Question is, does Little Kei find the right spots? 
That night, Harem + ExNailist celebrate Bunny passing her exam at That One Restaurant. (Kei isn't back yet.) ExNailist takes Alex aside to gossip about his wimmin problems which Bunny and Jin overhear. Jin tells Bunny to just ask Alex confidently about his relationship with GumiBoss, it shouldn't be a big deal since she's already with Kei anyway. When Alex returns, Jin leaves for his date with Ji Soo. Bunny and Bore make small talk until someone calls Alex and asks him to meet up. Alex looks uncomfortable but says goodbye to Bunny anyway. Bunny gets the courage to ask, "that's the boss, wasn't it?" Alex just smiles, congratulates her for passing, and leaves.
JoAnne: Everyone watching immediately forgets he ever existed.
kakashi: Who?
Bunny walks out of the bar later, feeling gloomy. Kei runs up, surprised that the party is over. Bunny tattles to her BF that everyone left early, and Kei does this cute, "aigoo... those people have no manners!" Then he takes Bunny's hands and does this "tun-tu-ru-ruuuun~" sound before showing her a necklace. It's a good luck charm for her practical exam. Bunny protests that she already has Little Bunny, but Kei is just so happy and proud of his GF, making Bunny feel more sorry. She hugs him for comfort and I DO NOT LIKE THIS. Kei is clueless and happy. But we all know Bunny is hugging him because she's confused!!!
JoAnne: Show her Little Bunny, Kei. The real one.
kakashi: Oh, he surely would if she just let him! She has an evil kokoro.
Next day, we see SiWooMom waiting outside the school to fetch him. She greets random moms but they ignore her. Then the PTA Gang come out with their brood. PTA Queen greets her with a slap (!!!!) SiWooMom asks what happened but they just leave her with, "how dare you show your face; it's all your fault" and leave it at that. Wow. How informative. I bet the writer of this section went on to become main writer for Doctor Stranger...
JoAnne: Which now makes perfect sense, by the way.
kakashi: I think there's a WTF Secret Writers Society in Korea. Their whole goal: to confuse the whole world to a degree that will lead to brain death.
Bunny and Jin go out for an errand. She tells him that Alex is still meeting up with GumiBoss. Bunny tells Jin to stop goading her about Alex because she doesn't want to like Alex. She feels sorry for Kei Hyung. Jin asks the right question (though I hate what this means for Kei) "but are you okay with this?" Bunny insists she DOES like Kei Hyung and that's all that matters. She isn't like Ji Soo who likes every guy who shows interest. Jin fixates on her comment about Ji Soo, but before Bunny can talk, they see Si Woo strolling outside during class hours. Si Woo says he hates school and wants to go home. They take him home and find his doorstep vandalized. The next-door ahjumma tells them that this has been going on for the past couple of days now. They can't contact SiWooMom at work. She's been acting weird ever since that night Si Woo came home late because some bullies locked him in the storage room. The ahjumma thinks SiWooMom cracked from the stress.
JoAnne: Pig Mom's bullying game is strong.
kakashi: Can she bully Alex?
Team Paris report this to GumiBoss and Jin does a search for why the class website was taken down. Turns out someone took the photo of Ye Ji (PTA Queen's daughter), Photoshopped it into a skimpy outfit, and uploaded it to an adult website (OUPS). Now the team knows why PTA was upset. Kei continues to be the sekshi voice of righteousness "Those bastards. This is too much!" GumiBoss says they need to find SiWooMom. Meanwhile, they'll talk to PTA Queen to calm her down.
JoAnne: What do you say? 'It's not so bad. She's not naked.'
kakashi: WTF, writers. WTF.
PTA Queen is understandably pissed. She refuses to stop the harrassment that Si Woo and his Mom get from the school kids. She claims her daughter was traumatized too. Bunny reasons that it was the prankster's fault, not SiWooMom's. PTA Queen claims it was SiWooMom's job to know about websites. She should've informed them of the risks before doing something like it, etc etc. Everything PTA Queen says seems to make Bunny guiltier and guiltier so Kei changes the subject by asking if the pranksters were caught? PTA claims they were caught immediately but released again because they're just school kids too.
JoAnne: Kids. They're so curious about the kokoros and the totoros and the pororos and all that.
kakashi: Yes, I'll show you mine if you show me yours! 
Next morning, we see those pranksters being stalked by SiWooMom. She grabs the perpetrator and demands an explanation. Random laugh: the kid being collared says to his friend "Hey dude! What're you doin? Help me out!" And the other kid goes, "Whatever, bro! *runs away*" SiWooMom pushes the perpetrator down and tries to take something out of her pocket (POISON???) but GumiBoss arrives to hold her back. The kid gets away. SiWooMom collapses from exhaustion/FEELINGS. Apparently she's been searching for these kids for days.
JoAnne: Too bad there wasn't a school website she could check...
kakashi: What do you think her nails looks like?! Quickly, say something if you want to pass the ultimate nail test!
They take her to the hospital. Si Woo's dad arrives. He works in a different province(?) and heard that Si Woo was having trouble adjusting at school. But recently, SiWooMom told him not to worry and they're finally fitting in. That was the last thing he heard before this happened. GumiBoss asks him for the family's next plan and SiWooDad says he doesn't want his family to live in this kind of neighborhood, so they'll just move closer to his work.
kakashi: Wow. That's not anticlimatic at all. 
Bunny visits SiWooMom by herself. She sees her cracked nails and holds her hand, crying over everything that happened. Alex finds her crying in the pantry again that night. He assures her that it wasn't her fault or SiWooMom's fault. Bunny says that wasn't why she's crying. "The nails... her nails were cracked. She must've been in such pain and suffering that her nails cracked." WHAT. THE. FOOK. DOES. THAT. HAVE. TO. DO. WITH. A-NY-THING. Alex assures her that not everyone they help will get a happy ending and they'll have to accept that fact. (Yeah, some of them might end up being paralyzed from the waist down. Remember your Med Intern mishap, Monkey?)
JoAnne: I've heard of cracking from the pressure but this...
kakashi; I must admit, I prefer the philosophy of life and death through hanbok to the philosophy of life and death through nails. 
Bunny admits she wants to stop crying but she can't stop thinking about SiWooMom. Alex sighs and holds her hand, "Bunny, what should I do?" (Fuck off! This isn't about YOU, stupid monkey!) Then he fooking kisses her on the fooking forehead just as Kei walks in unnoticed!!!! "Did you stop thinking about SiWooMom now?" asks The Fooking Monkey. And you know what Bunny fooking does???? SHE FOOKING SITS UP AND FOOKING KISSES ALEX BACK ON HIS FOOKING LIPS!!!! ALL WITHIN KEI'S VIEW!!!!
kakashi: Just be glad he didn't touch her kokoro...

Heart. Breaaa--- No. Fook that shit. No heartbreak. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!
JoAnne: I think Mary is mad, folks.


I said this while I was watching WTFParis before, but I'll say it again: fook people who get into relationships when they're not ready.
JoAnne: Sometimes you don't know, Mary.
kakashi: Hm, I think you always do. Deep down.

Also, fook the writers for playing with our hearts. This answers kakashi's question last Jeob re: when did Bunny fall in love with Kei enough to start a relationship? Well, kakashi, the answer is NEVER. She just fooking started a relationship. Of course, she might've just been after some sekshi times last episode. Maybe she was planning to tell him, "I didn't like it" later. But later never came because she was immediately dragged around town as The Girlfriend by an overeager Kei. Either way, I have no pity for her. She could've said no. She chose to be in a relationship, so she better fooking make sure that she does her part to make it work. Because right now she's just making stupid decisions that hurts the other person.
JoAnne: Although this is also true.
kakashi: It was her kokoro speaking, so to say. The OTHER kokoro. 
And you know what's the worst part? She's cheating on her boyfriend with a Monkey!!! I mean, what the fook is up with that?
JoAnne: Little Monkey. Little Monkey is up with that. At least Kei named Little Bunny after her.
kakashi: If Little Kei has not had the honor of meeting her kokoro yet, maybe Little Monkey will? Stay tuned.
Let's not end this Jeob in a bad mood...