Rants and Raves #2

Hello, everybody! 

kakashi: How is everybody? My life consists of book writing, book writing, book writing, with football all around me. Let's just say I'm looking forward to a normal life again, it's exhausting (and I promoise to bitch about it soon. I do). I'm still not watching a lot of KDrama, which makes me appreciate Jangbori all the more. I'm so glad Kim Ji-hoon delivers, I'm so glad the drama is much better than I expected, I'm so happy about the sweet love story! I'm so glad it will continue until the end of September! So much KimJiLove!
JoAnne: Yes, I like this part, the growing awareness of attraction to each other - it's very sweet. And Bi Dan, you can put her on my screen any time.
kakashi: And now, I will watch Joseon Gunman raw... 1 second in and I already like it. Oh yes. 5 minutes in I have tears of joy in my eyes. It is good. It is really, really good! And now stay that way, will you? Thanks!
Shuk: Did you watch it subbed?  Is it going to have a high amount of WTFkery?
kakashi: Absolutely not. It's just like Princess' Man ... i.e. it's not really SqueeCapable. Too serious and too good. I see absolutely no WTFkery ahead. I leave this one to the 3234098098 other recappers out there. 
JoAnne: If you were not a Lee Jun Ki junky, it would be squeecappable... I have dubbed him The Sassy Swordsman for this first bit. But a break is nice.
kakashi: It's too serious for me and too solid, with or without Joongi. Can't snark. Squeeing is also difficult, because oh man ... the tension in episode 2? Killing. I'll just love it from the sidelines.
Becca: Aahh, I haven't had time to watch episode 2, yet! I'm so excited. This show is so good, and it's bringing back memories of Princess' Man and Time Between Dog and Wolf, which makes me even happier. I agree, there isn't really anything to snark about and squeeing is too low for squeecaps. It's just good all around.

bcook: My list of things to immerse myself in this weekend. 1. The High school thing. 2. The trot thing 3. The gun thing 4. The superman thing 5. The roommate thing 6. The creepy murderer (who isn't really) thing. 7. Real life. How much will be accomplished?? *shrug* who knows.
kakashi: Yeah ... sounds a bit tiring, bcook. 
JoAnne: I'm guessing she checks out Trot and High School and calls it a day, gives the rest of the weekend to real life.
Becca: From her Twitter posts, it sounds like Haven is taking over for now.
JoAnne: I'm a couple seasons behind on that. It's good, though.
Becca: *shrug* I loved Nathan, but I lost interest in everything else, so I dropped it a while back.
Shuk: I apparently have been sucked into LakhornLand, since I can't seem to stay away from them. Plus, I found a new guy to follow and search out his works - Chakrit Yamnan.  He speaks perfect English and spikes his hair.  Plus, he's less than ten years younger than me. lol. 
kakashi: I like that your Lakhorning. It's different. I like different. 2 of Shuk's Full House Thai recaps are now ranking among the most read posts on this blog! Congrats!
Shuk: [blushes]
JoAnne: If he's asking me what I think he's asking me, the answer is yes. Although I have to tell you, at work I am having some back and forth with several Thai people over some translations I need, and their names pretty much fill up an entire line. So I am suspicious of his name.
Shuk:  Hands off, unni. I call dibs.
Shuk: My laptop is almost completely restored back to its useful self, although I have been rearranging my music library. I now have 93 separate complete OST's, not including my Asian band, my heavy metal, and my Dean Martin collections. But at least I'm trying to make sense of it.  
JoAnne: There's no making sense of Dean Martin, Shuk.
kakashi: Who?
kakashi: Seriously. How old are you people? :D
Becca: I love Dean Martin! I must have old taste.
JoAnne: I'm sitting right here. So is Shuk. We can both still read.
Shuk: [hands on hips]
Becca: *points at kakashi* Please direct all ire at her. I'm on your side.
kakashi: Hey! I like the old! 
Shuk: Watching: FILWM, Pleasantly Surprised (LMoY), The Night Shift, Roommate, and Emotions Market. Waiting in the wings: King of High School, Trot Lovers.  Shows that stalled because of my laptop issues: You Are Surrounded, Dr Stranger. I'm almost afraid to restart either, given all the e-noise regarding the plot lines, especially Hoon,  Recaps: Winter Sonata Episode 10, FILWM 12. Plus, sleep.
kakashi: I am just not into High School stuff. Like ... not at all. In fact, I shy away from dramas that have High School in the title. So not my world ... I also don't feel like starting any of the others, like Trot Lovers (not interested in the story). Dr. Stranger intrigues me a little bit because people talk about the WTFkery all the time ... but it's enough to read becca's WTFCaps. 
JoAnne: In addition to everything else I was watching, I am now SOLD, 100% head over heels, on Trot Lovers. I'm going to end up liking Screamo even though I will always hate his hair, Byul is an adorable tot, Eun Ji always gets my heart, and Shin Sung Roooooooooooooook Puppy Killer come to NOONA you hilariously funny, sly, sexy thing. And the second lead girl isn't a total bitch. I don't think. Plus, Mary made me this when I joked about Trout Lovers.

eHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I think I need help. What am I doing wrong Mary? (Twitter just hates large gifs. I uploaded the original. :D)
Becca: Tro(u)t Lovers!!! I love this show so much!! Jo already said it all, though, so I don't have much to add, except that this is the funniest show I've seen in a long time. Over-the-top and crazy. Right up my alley. :)

kakashi: Oh, hi mary! Whazzup with you? Getting in the mood for mermaids?
Mary: Work. Lots. :( I've been lurking and reading recaps for the new shows but can't watch any of them. *sigh* But I'm doing some subbing on the side. Yoo Na's Street is such a gem of a show! It deserves more recognition so I'm helping out at DSS though I know bupkis about Hangul. They have translators and editors. The translators need to know Chinese/Korean, but editors only need OC-ness and good grasp of English. (Hey, kakashi, you'd be perfect as a DSS editor too. I promise we don't have double spaces there.) It's fun and very fulfilling and surprisingly easy. I now wonder why not all fans do it at least once. Maybe I'll try to share how it's done later.
kakashi: Sounds intriguing. Can you give me 48 hours in one day? I'd edit EVERYTHING then. And I'd also watch Yoo Na's Street then. Heard lots of good stuff about it. *puts it on her long list of have-to-watch shows*
Shuk: I did some QC work at DSS, until blogging sucked away my life like The Doomsday Machine. Fun!
kakashi: On another note, I'm going to be in Washington at the end of August. I'm excited. Less about the academic conference I'm going to and more about meeting some of my KDrama chingus there! Meetup ftw!
Shuk:  I'm soo excited for this opportunity to meet with our lovely Swiss sponsor! (I shall bring chocolate!) Plans are continuing, and, yay for me, I got the time off to go to DC! Which, for a public safety worker over a major holiday, is nothing short of a miracle. Or maybe I'm more dispensable than I thought?...

kakashi: What non-Asian shows are people watching? I'm just waiting for Sleepy Hollow ... September. Oh, and I am watching Salem. Why? I have no clue. It often scares me a LOT. But it's not a good show. Shane West is such a pretty but incredibly dull actor
Shuk: I just started watching The Night Shift, a hospital drama with a broody hot lead and at least one severed body part per episode. Also fun!
Becca: Eh, medical dramas are so not my thing. (Said the girl who's recapping Doctor Stranger.) I'm not watching many non-Asian shows lately. I'm even behind on Orphan Black (which I love). Mostly just watching Covert Affairs and Boston Legal reruns with my dad. James Spader and the Shat are so much fun! And you know I have to say it just once... Denny Crane. 
kakashi: Ahhhh, Boston Legal! Those were the days.

JoAnne: This weekend I would like to check out Penny Dreadful. (*shudder* The trailer was more than enough for me.) And of course I'm waiting with you for Sleepy Hollow. And with Cookie (I think...no, it's Mari, on Twitter) for The Walking Dead.  So you can see my tastes run in two main directions on tv:  I like puppies, and I like scary things.