Doctor Stranger - Episode 10 (A You-Can't-Make-Me-SqueeCap)

Stick a fork in me and call me done. This episode dashed all my hopes of seeing a smart hero any time soon, as Hoon continues to simply react, without to stopping ask why any of this is happening. I want to see you beat the bad guys at their own game, Hoon! But you're not even trying! Jae-joon, on the other hand, is throwing his everything into the game, so I'm just going to focus on him and try to hold back the waves of rage that you inspired. I. Will. Try. *growls*
JoAnne: Joon makes me so sad.
bcook: Flashbacks. I would like an episode without flashbacks please. KThanksBye
Episode 10

While Hoon and Broom-Alike kiss (it was beautiful, let's see it again!), (good lord, his mouth.)
bcook: I found that if you focused solely on his lips you don't feel dizzy. 
Creep Cha and Lollipop Ajusshi meet outside. Ajusshi says it's time to begin the second phase of the plan, and Cha promises that their side has already begun and all of South Korea will be cowering in fear by tomorrow.
JoAnne: And then throws some aegyo at Lollipop? What is that face?  Lollipop is confused, look at him.
bcook: What is this fantastical phase...that's what I want to know. 
And sure enough, the next day begins with the news that North Korea is preparing for nuclear testing, which is especially upsetting to the President as they were in the midst of organizing a North-South summit.
JoAnne:  That's sort of like inviting someone to your party and having them show up with a gun, saying 'Entertain me, or else.'  All of a sudden you begin to rethink that whole mime skit you rehearsed... 
bcook: You rehearse? And yet SK barely flinches. No mad rush for kimchi and banana uyu?

He summons JangBastard, and on the way, Lollipop Ajusshi wonders if maybe the North side is going a bit too far with this, worried that they'll get into another situation like 20 years ago. JangBastard says if North Korea is going to threaten them, they should do it properly and is sure it won't get out of hand. Ajusshi doesn't seem convinced.
JoAnne: He says the most confusing things.  Usually if someone says 'if you're going to make threats, do it properly' they mean this: 'Your actual threat is so wimpy and non-threatening that I will laugh as I piss on your shoes.'  but he just means they should put on a good show, I think. So far there has only been one character I understood in this drama.  That little girl on the playground.
bcook: heh. Even she was irrational about the 50 cent coin. 
As she drives, Broom-Alike hears the report that the stock market is plummeting, but otherwise the population doesn't seem to be panicking.
JoAnne:  Because doesn't he pretty much make the threat when the seasons change, anyway?
bcook:exactly! Threats lose power when you make them every week. 

We go back to Hoon's dream of having breakfast with Jae-hee, which suddenly changes to the memory of her falling into the river. He wakes up with a start and runs outside to find Broom-Alike, which is just when she drives up. Hoon pulls her into a hug, breaking into a relieved smile, then lifts her up into his arms and spins her around as they laugh.
JoAnne: This looks like a tampon commercial. 'Do you trust yourself to his arms, in shorts, during 'THAT time?'
bcook: 'New tampax kpearl is 3x thinner and has twice the WTF as your regular tampon' again the secret to avoid dizziness is to focus on his lips.
They go out for breakfast, and she asks when he knew she was Jae-hee. (I'm still not convinced.) He says he knew from the first moment he saw her (here in South Korea, that is). She tries sending him to work, so that her cover won't be blown because he's suddenly playing hooky, but he calls Moon to say he'll be late today. Moon is still on cloud nine because of their victory and happily agrees, promising to throw a party tonight to celebrate.
JoAnne: Oh good, a party means there will be drunkenness. Several of these people are much more entertaining when drunk.
bcook: Bugger. Hoon is totally on the eumyeong train isn't he? Does a small part of me wish she was really Jae-hee just so he'll be vindicated? *thinks* .... nope. 
That leaves Hoon and Broom-Alike free (it's her day off), and they go all over Seoul doing couple-y things. I guess they're kind of cute. *shrugs*
JoAnne: Are those her ovaries exploding?
While they're still on their date, Hoon calls someone, and when he comes back, she finally asks why he isn't asking why she's pretending to be Seung-hee. He tells her it's not important to him (WHAT??!!), as long as she's here. This right here, guys, this is the part where my lid finally flipped. He doesn't want to know where she's been or why she's here all of a sudden?? He doesn't have a million questions????? Ask ALL the questions, Hoon!!!
JoAnne: I'm wondering though if it doesn't make a sort of sense that he's just so happy and relieved that she's alive and THERE that he's enjoying this brief moment of simple togetherness, with the knowledge in the back of his mind that the rest of the story is going to change things, no matter what. I mean, he's not stupid.  But he  just wants this one moment, sort of 'out' of the passage of regular time. Of course we'll never know because the writer isn't capable of doing anything that would make sense or tie together plot points or anything.
bcook: Blissfully ignorant relief or not...he knows something's up. Though even if he were to ask she'll say something stupid like "just trust me ok.please?" and he'll stupidly nod and say "sure"
"I won't because ignorance is bliss and I like to disappoint Becca! HAHA!!"
He says there's somewhere he wants to take her but refuses to tell her where, just saying she shouldn't worry.
JoAnne: It's a love hotel! Pack condoms! Shave your legs!

Back at the hospital, Jae-joon walks into his office and finds Moon sitting at his desk, all ready to consider it his own again. Jae-joon tells him to leave, and Moon complies for now but not before inviting Jae-joon to tonight's festivities, saying that he should give him a farewell party now that he's being sent to the branch office. He leaves, laughing, and Jae-joon fumes silently.
JoAnne: Oh Moon, you idiot. It's much too soon. You will eat your words.
bcook:So does Joon not like Moon (hehe) coz he's (moon) a douche? or coz he's "part of the hospital that killed his daddy"?
He sees Chairman Oh go into his office across the hall and barges in after him, despite the secretary's protests. He locks the door behind him, and ignores Chairman Oh's order to get out.
The secretary comes back with a security team, and as they try to open the door, we flashback to the day Jae-joon's father died during what should have been a simple operation.
JoAnne: What DID they do wrong that day? Did we ever learn? I mean, besides killing a guy on the operating table and then covering it up?
bcook: I think the cover up is pretty much it. Also the rain. 

Choi had offered his apologies, then stood silent while Chairman Oh insisted to Jaejoon's (still Seung-hoon at that time) sobbing mother that it was already too late for Dad when he came to them. He had hurried to take Choi away, and Seung-hoon fell on his knees and grabbed Oh's leg, begging that he save his dad. Security guards held him back as he broke down in tears, and Oh simply walked away. *sends hatebeams to Oh*
JoAnne: I feel bad for doctors in these situations, though.  It must be horrible.

In the present, Jae-joon insists that Chairman Oh take back his decision to end the competition with the one match. As Oh's anger mounts, Jae-joon threatens to leave Myung Woo completely if Oh doesn't give him another chance. He asks if he really wants to entrust Myung Woo's future with the likes of Hoon, and Oh bites back that he won't be handing it over to someone like him, either, which finally shuts Jae-joon up. Oh says there's a position waiting for him at the branch hospital. He can take it or leave it.
bcook:Is the branch hospital so bad? You'll be a big fish in a very small pond. 

The security team finally opens the door, and Jae-joon shoots one last glare at Oh before storming out. If looks could kill, Oh would be dead.
JoAnne: Hooooooooot HOT HOT HOTNESS HOT not not you Oh, go away.
Moon sees him go and cackles gleefully, but Choi isn't as pleased. He knows Jae-joon will quit before going to the branch hospital, so insists that they plead his case with Oh.
bcook: Why is Choi still here?

When a still enraged Jae-joon gets back to his office, Soo-hyun is waiting. She tries to calm him down, but Jae-joon continues to insists that he won't go to the branch hospital. He's never once backed down after making up his mind to do something. She thinks he's talking about his intentions to make Myung Woo the best hospital, and he looks at his built-to-be-destroyed castle and lies that she's right.
JoAnne: Jae Joon sweetie pleeeeeeeeeeeease step away from the edge. You don't need to go to the dark side!
bcook:Go! coz if he goes he'll take Soo-hyun with him and maybe we'll see more of the girl who smashed in her car's windscreen. Kang So-ra does revenge plotting rather well. 
He blames Hoon for appearing and messing everything up, even blaming her for helping bring him down. Jae-joon asks why now, of all times, she suddenly wanted to impersonate a doctor, and when she protests, he raises his voice. He doesn't buy that she assisted Hoon just because she wanted to save the baby but thinks she did it to show him he was wrong.
JoAnne: See, he's lashing out because he's conflicted about his own plans.  And because his feelings are hurt because he LUFFS her.  Joon,  you make me SO SAD. Come lie down with me for a nap.
bcook: *looks sceptical* I don't think he'll ever believe you mean nap Jo. 

She asks quietly if she can't do that, and after he rages a little more about losing, she says she knows now why he lost: because he was thinking only about the competition instead of the patient. He's the one pretending to be a doctor, and so he lost to the real thing. She leaves him stewing in his anger.
JoAnne: Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn (I'm channeling Kelso, yes.)
Soo-hyun goes to the break room and fights back tears as she thinks over the times Jae-joon has labeled her skills as inferior over the past few days and then his gentler behavior in the past. She gets up to go and runs into Snotty, who tries to hold her back. He starts to say that Chairman Oh wants to see her, but she just kicks him between the legs and walks out. Ha! JoAnne, you got your wish!
JoAnne: He's not vomiting. She didn't kick him hard enough! But it's a start.
bcook: Must learn that move. 
She drives to Garibong Clinic, looking for Hoon, but of course it's empty. She sits down to wait and finally gives in to her tears.

Chang-yi gets a text from Hoon saying thanks and so long. She bursts into Garibong, then heads out again as soon as she sees he isn't there, leaving Soo-hyun confused.
JoAnne: Still trying to understand why she's even in this. It's like the writer has two methods for dealing with conflict.  I need Character A to do 'X'.  Hmmm...I know! I'll invent Character Z who will appear out of nowhere from time to time and just make it happen!  OR this.  I need Character A to do 'X'. Hmmmmm...I know!  I'll have someone suddenly remember something key that completely changes the mind of Character A! Give me just a minute to invent a character...there! all set!
bcook: She's the 5th point in this love pentagon?
Hoon and Broom-Alike arrive at a dock, which confuses her. He explains that he's not interested in why she's here, but he knows it's dangerous and she can't escape if she stays here. He intends to protect her. Turns out that call earlier was about arranging to stow-away on a departing freighter. Really, Hoon? That's your plan? I mean, I can see how it looks good to you, but do you really think it's going to work? How could you know, since you haven't even stopped to figure out exactly what you're up against!
JoAnne: You can tell he doesn't know much about women, expecting her to get on that thing without a hair brush or tampons or a sweater, even.
bcook: Too skinny. Can't protect. I see a bruised ego in 5,4,3....

Broom-Alike argues that they won't be able to leave (she's annoying, but she's right - listen, Hoon!), and he promises again that he'll protect her. (Sure. Badly. Because you don't know what she's mixed up in!) His contact arrives then, but she's still doubting this plan. Hoon smiles reassuringly, then takes her hand and leads in the direction of the freighter.
JoAnne: Bad protection...I've been considering what that might be for the past few minutes. Is it where the person you're protecting stays alive but loses a limb? Where they learn part of an evil truth but not all of it?  Or is it when you hurt them yourself in the act of protecting them from someone else? I need to know this.
bcook: All of the above? How bout we just make it when your protection fails and leave it up to the protectee to determine what a fail really is. Death of course is the ultimate fail. 
Moon is trying contact Hoon, when Flirty comes in looking for Seung-hee, and he hears that she's not answering her phone either. Shopping Ajusshi looks thoughtful/suspicious. He has a bigger part in this than just being Jae-joon's spy, doesn't he? I'm watching you, Ajusshi.
JoAnne: If he would just take a break and watch HSN and buy a new rice cooker or something he would feel much better about life.
bcook: or .. you know... comb his hair.

Next thing you know, Lollipop Ajusshi and JB get the news that Hoon and Broom-Alike are missing (coincidence? I think not) and guess that they're trying to escape.
Hoon and Broom-Alike follow their contact as they all run across the open area toward the ship. (There has GOT to be sneakier way to do this, guys.) Suddenly a dark van pulls up, and the smuggler guy yells back at them to run away, as he's tackled to the ground by a couple thugs.
JoAnne: I am sooooooooooooo uninterested in this, unless you tell me someone dies soon.

They turn and run back the way they came, running between the shipping containers. But from above Creep Cha yells out, "Hey, Park Hoon!" and Hoon freezes. He turns slowly, and after eight episodes, they finally lock eyes again. Cha smiles, and soon Hoon and Broom-Alike are surrounded by Cha's men. Wow, that's a lot. Also, I was laughing my head off at this part. I kind of liked seeing Hoon's "plan" fail.
JoAnne: Today on Jeopardy, under the category of Things Hoon Never Says:  I love it when a plan comes together

Hoon pushes Broom-Alike behind him, and Cha offers to help them leave. It looks like Hoon's going to put up a fight, but one swing of a bat, and he goes down.

And now FOUR pictures because I felt obliged (but didn't want) to include a close-up of Hoon, but couldn't bear to leave out any pics of Creep Cha, who is looking mighty fine in all black.
JoAnne: No.
bcook: heck no.
Becca: No? *shrugs* Eh, I guess you're right. Please remember two things, though: 1) when I wrote this I was really mad at Hoon and just happy to see him failing, and 2)... what was 2? Oh, right. I'm light years away from JoAnne's Aka madness.

Moon instructs Dorky Doc and KimChi to come to tonight's party, reminding them that they'll be under a new chief soon. Suddenly Chang-yi rushes in, looking for Hoon, but won't stay long enough to explain what's going on.
JoAnne: Continuing her streak of incredibly useful usefulness, I see.

She goes running to Omma and cries, worried that he'll be dragged back to North Korea. Aww, sweetie, I'll give you the some sound advice: don't waste your time. Just go back to Moon's office and start that loveline with KimChi, m'kay?
JoAnne: So Mom's not in a coma anymore?
Hoon wakes up tied to a chair in what looks to be a North Korean torture room, judging by the pictures of Northern leaders and the propaganda slogans on the walls. Cha enters, all dressed up in his uniform and asks how it feels to be in his homeland again, and Hoon demands to know where Jae-hee is.
JoAnne: Hoon, Hoon, Hoon. Never answer a question with a question.

Broom-Alike is brought in, blindfolded, and Hoon is forced to watch as Cha punches her. Once. Twice. (Cookie's probably enjoying this.) Then Cha rips her shirt open and starts leering and touching her shoulders, while Hoon panics and starts to cry. (I'll say this one more time: STOP CRYING HOON!! I'm taking away your crying rights because you've been abusing them, and I'm not giving them back until you MAN UP and DO SOMETHING.)
JoAnne: For a minute I misread Cookie somehow and I was wondering what made you think Broom was into being manhandled by Cha but then I realized...although you know, what if Broom and Cha are secretly a couple? W hat if they ALWAYS WERE? What if everything Hoon thinks he remembers is a drug-induced fantasy, ala Shwarzenegger in that movie about Mars?
bcook: I was both mesmerised by Jong-suk's ability to act hysterical and skeptical about her apparent mistreatment. Basically, I couldn't enjoy the threat of her eminent death because Hoon was so sad about it. 
Becca: You are a very nice person, Cookie. I was unmoved, except for the squirming caused by Creep Cha's creepiness.
Cha sends Broom-Alike out again, then grabs Hoon by his scruffy, annoying hair and tells him to listen up. (You're treading on thin ice, girl.) He tells Hoon he'll have to do JB's surgery, that no one can know Broom-Alike is Jae-hee (if she really is, hmpf!), and warns that he's always watching. Hoon is forced to agree. And he's still crying. *starts grumbling* The little lily-livered wimp. He acts all cocky and brave, but he's all hat and no cowboy. This is why you should've asked questions, Hoon! So that you could have a real plan instead of just running off half-cocked. *grumble grumble grumble*
JoAnne: Well this is true. Ok, this is true.  Plus. All hat and no cowboy man does that take me back.
bcook: He's crippled by his one true love. This is why it's not healthy to love somebody that much. It makes him irrational, stupid and whiny.

(I was nice for Jo's sake and didn't use the really ugly shot of Hoon crying. See? I'm not completely overtaken by my anger!! *goes back to grumbling*)
Thank you. But there aren't ugly pictures of Hoon. There are less attractive pictures of him, certainly. But none are ever ugly.

Cha knocks him out with a drug, and soon he's being dragged out of the room to where Broom-Alike waits. Cha unties her blindfold and straightens her shirt a bit, saying she did well. She shoots him a glare and takes Hoon away.
JoAnne: They've had sex.  He was not a considerate lover, and she's pissed.

You're right, Jo, he totally wants her. Again, buddy, don't bother. Just let Hoon and Blow Up Doll go cry together forever. You'll be much happier bromancing with Lollipop Ajusshi.
JoAnne: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
bcook: I dunno. Lollipop Ajusshi seems to have a soft chewy caramel center. 
Speaking of, Lollipop Ajusshi enters through another door. (I KNEW we were still in South Korea. You may fool Hoon, Show, but not me!) He thinks Cha kept them too long, and there will be trouble if people find out they both disappeared. Cha says it's worth it because now they can use Broom-Alike to control Hoon.
JoAnne: And what exactly were they doing before, then?
bcook: knitting?
JangBastard meets with the President, and is this the same meeting he was called to at the beginning of this episode? We've only seen him in the car since then, but WAAAY too much has happened, right?
JoAnne: Please stop trying to apply your bourgeois limits of linear time to this allegorical masterpiece. If you cannot see that this is a lyrical, haunting reenactment of...well, if you can't see it there's just no point in my telling you.
bcook: kdrama law 1 hour = however long the writer decides it is. 
Becca: Maybe all the time-travelling in recent dramas has created a tear in the space-time continuum and now time moves at a different rate depending on where you are. This might be why Hoon doesn't question the to-North-Korea-and-back-in-a-day thing.

Apparently North Korea is still pushing for the summit, and JB figures they'll drop the nuclear testing idea if the President agrees to the summit. Mr. President won't, though, because they're asking for a huge sum of money in exchange for the summit. JB suggests that it's worth it to keep peace and approval ratings, but Mr. President reasons if they give in to this demand, they'll be setting a precedent.
JoAnne: So NK wants an allowance for doing chores, basically. And SK is saying no, you are part of this peninsula, young country, and you do your chores because we all pitch in to keep this family going! Now go get ready for the summit! And don't forget to deactivate your missiles!
bcook: But I don't wanna!!! The new iphone 5 is coming out and I need to upgrade!!
Back in the car, JangBastard gripes about the President, and Lollipop Ajusshi comments that peace bought with money won't last long. (Yes, Ajusshi! Come over to our side, pleeeeaaaase!) JB replies that money can buy anything, and a leader should understand that.
JoAnne: A friend told me once that a problem that can be solved with money is not actually a problem at all.  It is if you don't have money, I replied.
bcook: nice one Jo. I may have said it before but it bears repeating JangBastard is a few icecubes short of a smoothie.

In his office now, JB asks about Hoon, and Ajusshi says he's gone back to Myung Woo. JB tells him to watch carefully - if these incidents keep happening, the deal might be broken. Lollipop Ajusshi takes a phone call and seems surprised, and then we move out into the hall to see why: Jae-joon is here. He waits and waits, even after the sun goes down.
JoAnne: So in SK, any random cardiothoracic surgeon can just get into the highest government offices and demand an audience with the PM?
bcook: erm... yeah. small country. Also kdramaland...the laws are different. 
Chang-yi finds Hoon in Broom-Alike's car outside the clinic, and when he wakes up, the first thing he does is look for Broom-Alike. He pushes Chang-yi aside (PUSHES her - watch it, Hoon!!) and rushes inside, but still no Broom-Alike.
JoAnne: but whyyyyyyyyyyy is she in this drama at all? She has nothing to do!

He gets a call, and as soon as he realizes it's Soo-hyun and not Broom-Alike, he's ready to hang up. But then she says everyone is waiting for him at the party, and he asks if Broom-Alike is there, too.
JoAnne: In fairness, he must feel like he's in a funhouse maze.  He was at the shipyard in SK, woke up in NK (he thinks) to see his OTL get manhandled by a man so creepy it's part of his NAME...and then the next time he wakes up he's back in SK and she's at a party? That's some serious WTF right there.
bcook: Yup...and he doesn't even question how she got back to SK (if they were in NK) and had time to change and go out to the party before he  showed. 
Becca: I still say space-time continuum issues. See above.

She is, so off he goes in Chang-yi's truck with her asking questions the whole way. They argue loudly about whether or not Jae-hee is a spy, and she points out all the logical reasons why she is a spy. Of course that just makes him angrier, and he pulls over to the side of the road. *growls* Hoon. Don't do it. Don't. You. Dare.

(Okay, so I'm not THAT nice.)

He does it. He drags her out of the truck, pushes her away and coldly tells her to never show her face again because he can't stand the sight of her. #&!!^@@!@$!*#@&#$&*&*$#*&%#%$#!#$@%%@#$$#!@^#$!!!!
bcook: Well technically it's half his. 
Becca: That's the clinic! To my knowledge, the truck is 100% hers!

She's fighting back tears, but she says she can't stand him either, so get lost. She's obviously hoping he won't leave like this, but he strands her there. AND HE TAKES HER TRUCK!!!! &*^#&#?$$!!
JoAnne:  Like everything else that involves Chang Yi in this story, entirely pointless and unnecessary. There were much better ways for a writer to show the frustration and desperation and single-mindedness of Hoon at this point.  Unfortunately, we don't have that writer.
bcook: does such a writer exist in kdramaland? Maybe over at TVN? 
Jae-joon finally gets to see JangBastard and requests another chance. JangBastard tells him it's an internal matter for the hospital, so he shouldn't get involved. He's ready to leave, but Jae-joon points out that he got Hoon back in even after he was kicked out. He doesn't buy JB's denials, knowing that Chairman Oh wouldn't have changed his mind on his own. Jae-joon asks that he be given a second chance, as well.
JoAnne: Well, we never said the guy was stupid.  And on the one hand, good catch, Jae Joon. On the sure you wanna go there? Of course, he has no clue about all the OTHER ish happening, so I guess it's not fair to expect him to realize that JB is the devil incarnate. But I mean really, wouldn't you smell the sulfer? Notice the hooves? Come on!
bcook: Dude looks crazy. I wouldn't even ask him for directions to the nearest subway. 
JB doesn't take well to the veiled threat, but after Jae-joon leaves, Lollipop Ajusshi arrives with information about his real identity.

Hoon arrives at the party, and an adorably drunk Soo-hyun gets up to wave at him. He ignores her, of course, because he has an annoyingly one-track mind and drags Broom-Alike out, as everyone watches.
bcook: poor Soo-hyun. Your crush is showing.
Out in the hall, she asks if he still doesn't understand (HE DOESN'T) and tries to convince him to go back inside with her. He pleads with her to run away with him, or turn themselves in, thinking at least they won't die if they're in prison, and she yells that Prime Minister is in on the plot, too - they'll never be safe.
JoAnne: Well, gee. I guess when you don't tell a person anything and they're left to operate on the tiny bits of what they do know, they're bound to make less than ideal decisions.

She begs him to go back inside and play along, for his own safety, and starts to cry. He still wants to run, insisting he can protect her (HE CAN'T), and she slaps him. She cries that she waited so long and now she's just finally met him again, and she doesn't want to be separated again or see him in danger. He caves and holds her close, as she sobs.
bcook: That slap though! The first of many.
(becca always tells me to gif slaps! I wonder why? truly, yours, kakashi)
(I don't think she likes Hoon.)
(I like who he was in the beginning and who he could have been. I LOVE that Hoon. *cries* Also, I keep hoping all the slapping will knock some sense into him. I mean, if I were getting slapped all the time, I'd start rethinking a few things.)

Jae-hee or not, I don't buy it. She's Miss I-Point-Guns-At-My-Head-For-Kicks. Even if she's telling the truth, she's crying because she knows it will get her what she wants. BAH.
JoAnne: To borrow a line from my new bestest drama ever (Marriage Not Dating) she's practicing people management.
bcook: hehe. I need to watch that show. You can't believe any of her tears especially after seeing her getting slapped around by CreepCha and then coldly telling him to back off.

Back to a better storyline: Jae-joon arrives at the Chairman Oh's house as a storm begins and elsewhere, JangBastard realizes that he's the kid from the malpractice suit twenty years ago.
JoAnne: Because of course.  He knows who Hoon is too, right? Seems like a lost opportunity to fuck with folks, there, Jang Bastard. You never did anything with this knowledge and the connection the boys share, did you?
bcook: Didn't he send over something to chairman oh? but then the dude with the medical information cd showed up first? and then the writer forgot about it?

Soaking wet, Jae-joon gets down on his knees before Chairman Oh and begs. Oh calls him a disappointment and says at least when he threatened to quit, he still had a strong spirit. He orders him to go back, and those words trigger a memory of when he had said the same thing to young Seung-hoon, on a night just like this.
JoAnne: And yet, nothing.
bcook: I think we were supposed to feel sorry for him but all I could think about was that a heart surgeon should really stay out of the rain so he doesn't give his patients a cold.

Seung-hoon accused Oh of killing his father, which Oh denied, saying even if Seung-hoon does this, his dad still won't come back.
JoAnne: Wait, so, if telling the truth doesn't change anything then it's OKAY to lie? I'm used to villains CONFESSING to those they've wronged, because the truth can't change anything anyway. This is backwards.
Present-day Chairman goes inside and watches Jae-joon from the window, as he continues to kneel. Snotty remarks that this is all because Soo-hyun sided with Hoon. Yeah, not exactly.
JoAnne: Not even a little bit. I refuse to believe that Shitty McFussy Face actually graduated from medical school.
bcook: Nope. He's just management. No med degree needed.

JangBastard calls and tells him about Jae-joon's visit, suggesting he give him another chance, after all. Oh says he can't go back on his promise, and JB replies that promises can be broken, to which Oh replies, "I'm not a politician." PWAHAHA! Okay, that was funny.
JoAnne: Yes, and he's such a principled man, too.

JB says he has a way for Oh to change his mind without losing face, and he'll be able to "raise a faithful dog" in the process. He promises to "send him a reason" soon.
bcook: See! That reason never arrives!
Next, Record Guy (remember him?) comes to the house and spills the beans about Moon and Hoon looking at Broom-Alike's medical files, and Oh is especially displeased to hear that Choi helped cover it up.
JoAnne: And why now?

Snotty asks if he should bring Jae-joon inside, now that they have a way to get rid of the MoonHoon duo, but Oh says to leave him. He needs to be trained: earlier today he looked ready to bite his owner, and his bad habits need to be fixed now so he won't bare his teeth again. *sends many more hatebeams at Oh*
JoAnne: As in every drama ever, where the evil elder believes that he's gaining control when in fact he's sealing his own death warrant...
bcook: So cold Oh. So cold.
He turns away, and Snotty wonders how JangBastard knew about Hoon looking at the records. Oh, so he sent Record Guy? Just as I'm wondering how he knew, we cut to Shopping Ajusshi, telling someone over the phone that he did as he was told. Bad ajusshi!!
JoAnne: Ah, so that's the gift.

Shopping Ajusshi goes back into the party, and Nurse Min says she's going home because it's uncomfortable here: everyone but Moon looks depressed. Sure enough, everyone else is pretty subdued. Except for Hoon and Soo-hyun, of course, who are drunkenly singing "Tell Me," which might be a little cute. See?? I TOLD you their drunken antics would make a better drama than this!!
JoAnne: It should be a rule in Korea that ship everyone wants but can't have gets to have their OWN drama next where they DO get each other.
bcook: Or you know...a web show oh youtube. I'd be all over that.
Of course it's not so cute as soon we start in on the serious music and meaningful looks between Hoon and Broom-Alike. BAH.

JangBastard seems convinced that Oh will change his mind about Jae-joon now, and sure enough, Chairman Oh finally comes out of his house to stand before Jae-joon. He threatens to call the police if he doesn't leave and turns to go, but Jae-joon is beyond desperate now and says he was wrong, begging for one more chance.
JoAnne: I know why he feels he has to go this far but still, it's so painful to watch him humble himself this way.  But I also giggle to realize that he's begging Oh for another destroy him. And Oh's so self-satisfied that he's got this guy trained when the reality is that this dog was born to turn on his master.
Oh asks why he's going this far, and Jae-joon looks up, flashing back to twenty years ago once again, and the two scenes play out at once.
Seung-hoon: Why did you kill my father?
Jae-joon: Because there are still things I have left to do at Myung Woo.
Present-day Oh: Things?
Seung-hoon: Save my father!
Jae-joon: Yes. I want to raise Myung Woo to be the best hospital.
Seung-hoon: Ajusshi, I won't leave you alone!
Jae-joon: I don't want to lose Soo-hyun, Chairman.
Seung-hoon: Look here. No matter what, I will get my revenge.
Jae-joon: Please give me a chance. If you do, I will serve you with my whole life.
Seung-hoon: I will take revenge on you!
Jae-joon: So please, give me one more chance. I'm begging you.
Seung-hoon: Don't forget me!
Jae-joon: This Han Jae-joon!
Seung-hoon: My father is Lee Jo-seon, and I am Lee Seung-hoon! Be sure to remember!
Jae-joon crawls toward Chairman Oh, on his hands and knees (I hate to say it) like a dog.
JoAnne: Really difficult scene to watch.  Park Hae Jin did a fantastic job.
Jae-joon: At Myung Woo...
Seung-hoon: Remember the person who is going to take revenge on you!
Jae-joon: ... so I can do the thing I need to do, please give me one more chance, Chairman! Please.
And as Jae-joon continues to beg, Chairman Oh smiles.
JoAnne: Oh! The delicious.
bcook: This drama just teaches you that extremes of emotion aren't healthy. Feeling a love so deep it makes you irrational? BAD. Feel a need for revenge so deep it makes you beg the guy you want to revenge on (yes..that is a term) in the rain? BAD.


There have been times in the past (even in this episode) when I've been glad to see Jae-joon taken down a peg or two because he is pretty messed up, and he's no knight in shining armour. But I've never once disliked him, no matter what he did, and seeing him brought this low absolutely broke my heart. In an episode of stupidity, Jae-joon's storyline stood out, not only for making sense but also for managing to keep me emotionally engaged in a good way, while every other scene seemed to only send my temper soaring to new heights. I give props to the writers/PD/whoever it was that chose to end the episode on Jae-joon because I'm not sure what would have happened if they'd left us with Hoon and Broom-Alike staring at each other.
JoAnne: Yeah. This was definitely Park Hae Jin's moment to shine, and for a brief moment, he lifted this drama out of the pit of insanity it seems to want very much to call home.

Speaking of Hoon... I can't even. So I'll just say one last thing to him, and knowing that I'm from the South, please interpret it accordingly: Bless your heart.
JoAnne: Nearly peed myself laughing when I read this. You may have to explain this to people. It's a fairly subtle Southernism.
bcook: *raises hand* as a resident of the South and non-southerner I shall explain. *cough* Double speak...the art of saying one thing while meaning something completely different. e.g. "What a precious baby" = "gosh that baby is ugly!". In this instance "Bless your heart" = "Your stupidity knows no bounds and you are so far beyond redemption that the only thing I can say to you is you mean well...I guess"