Fall In Love With Both Of Me - Episode 12 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  I want sexy times!  The cat is out of the bag and it's high time our couple cleared the air between them and try a little angry sex to get over the negative emotions. Just saying.
JoAnne:  Fair warning.  I'm not feeling well and I'm cranky.  Enter at your own risk.


Shuk:  It’s a sunny afternoon and the whole OZ gang takes Mutt for walkies. He breaks loose, and lumbers towards a particularly yummy Professor Plum with a bandaged wrist.
JoAnne:  Someone needs to jump on this boy. Right now I don't even care if it's Leo, but he needs some. And I need him to get some.
Shuk:  Tian Xing wonders why the office is closed when it’s barely 1700 hours. We get gripes and childish antics, and Chalk Girl decides they all go to TaoHouse.  Sexy comes along.
JoAnne:  Does anyone else think his whole timeliness thing is stupid?  I mean, sure, if you want to argue that he's doing this because they're a sinking ship and he's trying to turn them into a real business, ok.  That even goes along with his earlier intentions, which were only to help them.  But IN THE MEANTIME, he only got those extra shares because they insisted, and he DIDN'T want to take over the company and wasn't even thinking about it.  So why is he being all Mr. Boss all of a sudden?  Especially when it hurts his case with Tao Zi? Why isn't he telling them that wasn't his intention?  He doesn't even say it to her parents, who of all people were inclined to at least LISTEN to his story.  Frigging writers can't keep their motivations straight.
Shuk:  Sexy  honestly and calmly answers every hostile question thrown at him, explaining along the evolution of Dork from a way to escape a stifling work environment through his newly found creative passion to falling in love. Man, I could watch those eyebrows all day long. [sigh]
JoAnne:  *nods* He really makes it all sound so reasonable.

Shuk:  He even explains while Dork made a brief reappearance. PDLeo looks thoughtful. When the question comes around to the shares situation, he tells them that he sincerely wanted to help OZ Advertising. TaoDad is apoplectic but PDLeo smooths everything down; after all, he was willing to stand there and take the verbal abuse, so he must be genuine.
JoAnne: BUT HE STOPS EXPLAINING AT THIS POINT.  Why does he not remind them that they INSISTED on something he NEVER asked for?
Shuk:  Chalk Girl asks about Whiny, and Sexy truthfully says she’s is okay for now but has an uncertain future. Once he leaves Tao House, he receives a phone call from Foster Mom. It seems Whiny can’t wipe her butt without Sexy in the hospital room.
JoAnne: I care so little that I broke the grasshopper's tiny violin and threw it away. I won't even let him play the world's tiniest violin for her! No!
Shuk:  He arrives at the hospital, and FosterMom admits Whiney has been checking the clock constantly waiting for him.  I guess paraplegia makes stalking a bit more difficult.
JoAnne: Slower, at the very least.

Shuk: Sexy makes small talk with the two women. Whiney promises to work hard with her physical therapist, as long as Tian Xing is there every day. Blah blah clingy vine blah blah.
JoAnne: Stop talking with that fucking baby voice.
Shuk:  Sexy follows FosterMom and Toady to the office.  FosterMom freely admits that, without him, the company would be in trouble.  Between the two of him, he wilts and agrees to stay on as CEO of TX.
JoAnne: Might as well.  It's not like anyone is 'leaving Taiwan.'

Shuk:  Before he can escape, Toady asks about the completion bond money.  In a roundabout way, he gets Sexy to agree that Toady can review OZ’s operation and assignments.  What does he have up his sleeve?
JoAnne: So he did use company funds?  The fucking idiot. Lance has exactly what you'd expect up his sleeve, and Xian Ting has now seriously diminished whatever affection I still held for him in this freaking nightmare.
Shuk:  Sexy grabs Toady Jr and Helen to pull them off exclusively for OZ, telling them to not stay puppets to TX.  FosterMom is surprised by this; Lance fires back and tells Sexy to make sure to stop by the hospital to keep Huan Huan from being upset.
JoAnne:  Is that the plan now?  Any time Xian Ting does something, Lance will just fire back with 'yeah...well....MY SISTER!'  People need to die.

Shuk:  At OZ, everyone is studiously ignoring work and ignoring Sexy until he’s forced to play hardass.  At the conference table, he tells everyone to continue working on their current project. When the TX guys show up, Bangs and Kitty seem happy.  Sexy continues around the table.  Chalk Girl takes the place of Dork and is now the creative head; PDLeo is in charge of all filming and everyone else stays the same.
JoAnne:  And THESE idiots: Jesus take the wheel. PLEASE. 1) Your company is this little rinky dink operation that got what it got because of Xian Ting in the first place. 2) Ain't nobody got time to be all take-overish about such a nothing place. And even if they DID...3)who takes over a company that has nothing, really, but these 5 employees...and then fires the employees?  If I were Tian  Xing I'd be so irritated by your childish behavior that I might just shut you down for being ASSHOLES.
Shuk:  The TX team passes around snacks from the contracted company. Sexy challenges them to come up with an ad campaign that surpasses what her brother previously did for the same company. And since everyone thinks he’s a bad guy, Tian Xing will recuse himself from anything regarding the project. That way, the company lives or dies on their own merit, just like before he got involved. Sexy exits, stage left.
JoAnne:  Not exactly completely out of it. Because you know if they failed, they'd still keep plugging along, pretending to be an actual business. But he'll shut them down if they fail, probably. Unless you think that was an empty threat, when he said he'd decide after?
Shuk:  Bangs loses no time hitting on Helen. Toady Jr wonders about the dog, and we see poor Mutt with a body shave and a backpack.  Kitty and Toady Jr make up the poor poodle-cut Chow. Chalk Girl heads to the patio, pursued by PDLeo, who still doesn’t say anything.
JoAnne: And I say nothing either, because I couldn't give a rat's ass about any of them.*
JoAnne's favorite shirt to wear while watching this episode.
Shuk:  Later, Sexy is back to look at their ideas, which are all stupid.  He assigns Toady Jr to be PDLeo’s assistant, and Helen goes to Kitty, to Bang’s unhappiness and Helen’s relief.
JoAnne: *
Shuk: Sexy chases Chalk Girl out to the Mystery Machine, and chastises her for leaving during office house and ignoring the new GM.  She bites back that she plans to visit Whiney, and drives off over his offer for them to go together.
JoAnne:  This boss thing is certainly irritating. Although I admit at this point that I hate everyone at Oz so much that it's a little fun to see Xian Ting be so frustrated that he just acts like a dick all the time. They don't really deserve different.
Shuk: Defying the laws of physics, Sexy gets to the hospital first, where Whiny is sobbing pitifully because her physical therapy session didn't go well.  There is a possibility she will never regain function in her legs. Her voice is really starting to grate on my nerves.
JoAnne:  You have been very patient because her voice was plucking my LAST nerve the first time we ever met her.
Shuk:  Sexy has to bolster the spirits of the entire family: FosterMom, Toady, and Whiny.  Chalk Girl finally makes it with flowers. Ah, so that was the delay. Mom realizes this is “the girl” but Whiny calls Tao Zi her friend and Mom backs down. She finally hears the diagnosis and her face registers nothing, but I’m pretty sure she is supposed to feel guilt for the cliffhanger.
JoAnne:  That blankness mirrors the gaping hole of the future she imagines for Whiney. It's really powerful stuff.  I totally felt nothing. See? See how powerful that is? She has me FEELING like the blankness of Whiney's body. AMAZING.
Shuk: OZTX folks are playing video games together when Sexy and Chalky arrive back at the office with box lunches. They start a brainstorming session.  At the end of the day, PDLeo walks her home, commenting that she seems more at ease over the last couple of days, and she admits she is making a concerted effort to be positive.
JoAnne:  They only put that part in there so we'd understand what was happening because otherwise, we'd get no clues from her behavior.
Shuk:  PDLeo offers to play rock-paper-scissors where the loser gets flicked.  When he wins, he gently touches her forehead, but she has no compunctions about giving him the full measure when he is the loser.
JoAnne:  Par for the course.  She's actually kind of a bitch, when you get down to it.

Shuk:  It’s just Lance and Huan Huan at the hospital. Whiny wonders how things are between Sexy and Chalky.  Lance believes that, since she is injured, she is Xian Ting's top priority. Lance comes up with a brilliant evil scheme: if his sister stays injured, then Tian Xing won’t ever leave her side.  WTF???
JoAnne:  I cannot repeat what I said at this point, mostly because I can't remember it.  But it was complicated and long and really, really, really insulting.
Shuk: Whiny is playing wheelchair ball in the hospital park when Sexy shows up. He starts to massage her legs, which twitch when he touches them.  He’s excited – is the feeling coming back?  She lies and says no. Lance nails the final link in Sexy’s chains by showing him a forged letter from the doctor stating Huan Huan will never walk again.
JoAnne:  Oh, can we please send someone to jail?  Please?  But does this mean they're lying to her mother, too?  Is she just supposed to do this forever?  It can't last long, it's too stupid of a plan.  Won't the doctors just flat out know she's faking?

Shuk: Tian Xing goes for some alone time in the stairwell, ultimately screaming out his pain and sadness, before regaining his composure, if not his equilibrium.

Shuk:  Butler Fu meets up with Tao Zi to plug his young master’s virtues and plead for them. He also describes Dork as the kindest and best part of Tian Xing, as well has his wish to make OZ stronger, not to destroy it.  She interrupts him; all that may be true, but she still can no longer trust him.
JoAnne:  Why? Why? WHY? If you know that these things are true and you know why it was done and how it happened and that the intent was never malicious, what is there not to trust? That he might high-handedly make decisions without involving you in them? Well THAT'S certainly reason enough to despise someone, yes, of course. NO, you idiot. No it's not. And I kinda think he has learned his lesson, anyway. But then again, he is playing Boss Mr. Jerk right now for some reason.
Shuk:  Tian Xing is pensively staring at DorkDeer when Butler Fu shows up.  He apologizes for being unable to help the situation, but Tian Xing tells the butler that he appreciated all his support during this situation.  Fu wonders if they should sell DorkHouse, but Sexy is gonna keep it. Our faithful sidekick delivers another message: Tian Xing is expected to be at the hospital when Whiny gets discharged tomorrow.
JoAnne: I expect to wake up tomorrow wearing a size 10. Is that all it takes?
Shuk:  It’s late late at OZ, and Chalk Girl has a stretch at her desk.  She touches the bracelet still on her wrist and remembers its installation and the kiss afterward.  At the same time, Sexy is still at DorkHouse, looking at the warehouse selfie he took of the two of them, and flashes back to several of their hugs.

Shuk:  Time for the new ad campaign! Sexy shows up outside OZ and spots Chalky reading her ideas out loud. Clearly she’s having a hard time being creative. (Because she has no talent or training for this job. Why won't people just admit it?)  He catches up with her by the park bench, and begins to tell her something, but after several tries, he falls back to asking about the advertisement contract.
Shuk:  He stops her from walking away, and appeals to her heart; after all, she loves Xiao Lu, so at least part of him is in her heart. She coldly says since Xiao Lu is fake, the love was never real either. He entreats her to remember that he does exist, but she is unmoved.
JoAnne:  I'm sure she's comforted by her logic, but she's wrong. And not logical at all.
Shuk:  She hurries away, leaving Sexy standing there frustrated. A bicyclist rides by and knocks her down. Tian Xing immediately rushes over and bandages her knee. She stares at his face while he focuses on covering the bleed.
JoAnne:  I am seriously concerned for Korea and Taiwan.  It seems every time you turn around, people are walking into each other or riding into each other, always resulting in at least one person hitting the ground hard enough to draw blood.  Do they not look where they are going?  Is it an issue of depth perception?  Do they have any?  Is it the prevalence of eye surgeries that is affecting their ability to see properly? Are they warned about this when they agree to the operation?  
Shuk: Once he’s done tying it, he offers to carry her back to the office.  When she says no, he simply manhandles her onto his back and, over her protests, carries her anyway. Since he promised not to interfere with OZ, he decides to make coffee rather than listen in on the decision meeting.  Actually, though, he can still hear them from the break room, eavesdropping while he pours. Wow, a man who can multitask. Bangs mumbles that he wishes Xiao Lu was there. Awkward!
Shuk: Sexy brings in the mugs as they take a short break. He gets a postie pad off Chalky’s desk and starts to write something.  When a discouraged Tao Zi returns to her desk she finds the postie under her coffee mug with two sonograms: “Fulfilling Dreams.”  She smiles as an idea materializes, but it fades when she realizes where it came from.  He’s reading a magazine while he sips his beverage, completely ignoring her.
JoAnne:  I thought here that he was really just better at verbalizing clearly what she had been stumbling around, rather than planting an idea in her head - did you see it that way?

Shuk:  She restarts the meeting, and this time he sits in on it. We find out that, after her brother’s work, Lu Tian Xing came up with the next successful advertising campaign for the company.  The concept literally gels into existence with everyone’s input.  The idea includes a documentary-style operation involving kids at a local children’s hospital. Sexy stands up and compliments them for their creativity before leaving. Guess what?? PDLeo looks thoughtful.
JoAnne: I'm shocked.
Shuk:  He is at the hospital with Whiny when the OZTX gang shows up to check out the children’s ward. He stops and watches the activity with a longing expression before Whiny brings him back. Chalk Girl watches the two of them wheel away.
JoAnne: She's already feeling him.  Maybe not so dumb after all.

Shuk:  He was taking her to physical therapy.  When Whiny sees him not paying attention to her, she fakes a fall.  So she jeopardizes her recovery for someone who will never love her the way she wants.  Wow.
JoAnne:  But wait, it's the recovery that she's denying anyway, so if it goes away for real, isn't that a plus for her?  I will smother her with a pillow.
Shuk:  While wandering around the grounds, Tao Zi sees a little girl sitting with a poster. She tries to see what the girl wrote, but only succeeds in making the girl run away.
JoAnne:  Because I have nothing to say about this, I will mention that I think I learned that Puff and Tia are in the same girl group? Dream Girls? This I did not know, and am now consumed by uncomfortable thoughts of them comparing Aaron backstage before concerts.

Shuk:  For the second time, Tian Xing and Huan Huan bump into Tao Zi and Leo, but this time they stop. Lance and FosterMom show up at the same time. Mom is gracious over Chalk Girl’s apology, and finds out the faked-out paraplegia diagnosis. (See, bullshit. Why would she just be finding out what's going on with her own child? Stupid writer.) Whiny looks upset, but Chalk Girl can’t see her for locking eyes on the hot stare of our SexyAdGuyDork. Lance says it out loud; Huan Huan may spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.
JoAnne:  Finish the sentence, Lance:  ..because she threw herself down a hill. Now everyone, look at Huan Huan and say this: What did you THINK would happen, idiot? You made your bed, now lie in it. Alone.'

Shuk: Chalk Girl bolts; when she stops, she remembers that Little Brat pried herself loose from Sexy’s grip. PDLeo catches up to her as she has a guilt meltdown; he shoulders some of the blame, since he didn't out Dork before she fell in love with him, and since he never confessed his own love to her.
JoAnne:  Fine, everyone, blame Leo for Huan Huan's injury. Let HIM take care of her forever, while the other two go off and have a happy life.

Shuk:  She falls back to Blank Expression # 63 as Leo continues:  He was willing to stand back and be the big brother for her happiness, but now he plans to protect her, make her smile, and love her as a man.  Not much reaction on her part.
JoAnne:  She's shocked at the thought of Leo having man parts. As are we.
Shuk:  PDLeo and Sexy head to a quiet area.  They stare for a moment before Leo roundhouse-punches Tian Xing.  Sexy touches his bruised lip and wonders out loud if the punch was for Tao Zi or OZ.  From Leo’s point of view, it doesn't matter since he hurt both.  But he has every intention of keeping Sexy away from Chalk Girl no matter what.
JoAnne:  Leo, go try to make love to the office.  Then tell me it doesn't matter which.

Shuk:  Lu Tian Xing responds: whether the company or the girl, he plans on acting with sincerity to renew everyone’s trust.  And now the competition really begins.
JoAnne:  So all the beforehand was just preliminaries?  Kill me.  Kill me now.

Shuk:  Things are moving along in predictable patterns.  You can already see that Whiny is feeling the pressure of keeping secrets.  Tian Xing is much more relaxed and confident, but then again, he’s shed his secrets and can be open about anything.   Leo’s posturing doesn't sway me, since he plans to chase his love in “his own way” which means thoughtful stares of inaction.
JoAnne: Don't forget the gentle forehead flicking.  That's key, there.
Shuk:  The Li family worries me a bit.  FosterMom clearly has affection for Tian Xing, but it should never come with chains, no matter how comfortable you want them to be. Lance is turning out to be a credible two-dimensional bad guy. Between the sly intervention with OZ and the contract to the manufacturing of a fake doctor’s deferral, he’s resourceful. I’m wondering how the OZ takeover is going to go.
JoAnne: Quite frankly, Oz is not a going concern and never will be with Tao Zi at the helm. Shut it down or absorb it into the larger company.
Shuk:  Even more important than the family dysfunctional dynamics and bad timing, our couple needs to spend time together to mend the rifts in their relationship. I wonder if they will heal before banding together against the Big Bad, or wait until the destruction of their company before acting. Either way, I believe we are at the half-way point in the drama.
JoAnne:  And I'm guessing that unless they manufacture some OTHER big issue to deal with before the big issue we all know is coming, we're actually more like 2/3 or 3/4 done. Isn't it fun how they don't announce how long a show will be, though?
Run, Tian /Xing!  Don't let Clingy get you!!!