Fall In Love With (Both Of) Me - Episode 14 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Our ugly conglomerate family shows its true colors, reducing our guy to the equivalent of Cinderella. But in this case, there are no balls on the horizon.
JoAnne:  I, for one, would prefer Aaron with balls.


Shuk:  The OZGang decide on a slogan for the Wishing Tree ad campaign.  Bangs squeals when Helen finally texts him. Nobody cares. Wang Chung and Kitty head out together, but they claim they aren't a couple. Sexy walks in and exchanges pleasantries with the departing employees, who all then leave Chalky and Sexy alone.
JoAnne: So I'm just putting this out there now that if Bangs and Helen suddenly become a couple because of a courtship that happens via text OFF SCREEN...well actually I won't get upset because they are pointless characters. Why take up time that could be better spent watching Leo think thoughtful thoughts?
Shuk:  She shows him the thank-you card from the Littlest Cancer Patient. After reading it, he sincerely thanks her. The conversation grows awkward over the other third wheels: yes he still sees Whiny every day, and PDull Leo just happens to be at the editing company that day.
JoAnne: Maybe they'll end up a couple. I think it requires careful thought to safely squire a wheelchair.
Shuk:  Tian Xing sits down and explains further. With the exception of spending time with Huan Huan, the only other place he wants to go is OZ, since he really doesn't have any other friends. And even there, it’s not really friendship.  We find out that the company was named for Oz, the mythical land of Lollipop Guilds and Flying Monkeys.  Also, because her name has a “Z” in it [shrug].
JoAnne: Wow...I blog, and my maiden name begins with a 'B'. It was destiny.

Shuk:  Sexy muses that, when he became Dork, it was to help regain his dreams and passion. They share a pause until he breaks the mood. With a half-smile he quips that OZ should give them both what they wish. Chalky asks to go with him to Whiny’s PT tomorrow. And with that, he snaps a selfie of the two of them, ostensibly to send it to his love rival.
JoAnne: I actually had to think about who that might be. For a few glorious seconds, I completely forgot about P.Dull.
Shuk:  Whiny puts on an award-winning effort on the parallel bars. Once done, she all but dismisses Chalky before Toady and Sexy show up. They are already outside, talking shop, when Chalky overhears them and stops to listen further.
JoAnne: Don't mind me standing here two feet from you clearly listening to your conversation. I know you can't see me, so I feel perfectly comfortable about eavesdropping. If I were across the hospital lobby half hiding behind a column it would be a different story, but here, out in the open like this, no one would notice.
Shuk:  It appears Toady doesn't appreciate the fact that Sexy is the only one making a decision on what projects OZ takes on for TX. Tian Xing tells Lance that OZ means a lot to him; Lance wonders why it sounds like a family to his foster brother instead of a little company.  Crap, you aren't going to take Butler Fu’s advice to keep your mouth shut about your feelings for the company.  Probably too late anyway, especially when Ursula and Toady meet, and their plans will come to fruition in a day or two. Whiny shows up, and mom talks about the present she’s about to give to her daughter. I throw up a little in my mouth.
JoAnne:  Your present has a penis! I'm so excited for you!  (And now we all pause to think about Aaron...)
Shuk:  The OZGang is giddy at their newest complete advertising poster, and they glue it up on the wall next to DeadBro’s last project, and the photograph of the most recent realty shoot. Wang Chung is happy to be at a place like this. They bask in the accomplishment for a moment longer, until a suit with a briefcase and a serious mien shows up.
JoAnne: Breaking out the fancy words, Shuk is.
Shuk:  In spite of being a member of the Loquacious Society, this episode left me almost speechless.
Shuk:  Here comes the hammer. The 60% of OZ shares has been sold by Tian Jing to an Investment Firm, who will destroy the building in three days.  Chalky receives a check for her 40 percent.  Are they allowed to do that? I’m not a business major.
JoAnne: Theoretically you'd have to put it to a vote, but with a 60% share, whatever Tian Jing Co. wants, Tian Jing Co. gets. Once sold, the buyer can do whatever they like with the property, unless they agreed to certain conditions on that activity. Although Tian Xing didn't 'agree' to the transfer of his shares to the parent company, Auntie had the legal right to do it on his behalf and he didn't countermand the order, so there's nothing wrong there, either.
Shuk:  As soon as the suit leaves, Bangs goes off on Wang Chung as a substitute for their traitor GM. Chalky sits down in shock as chaos erupts between everyone else.  And our hateful little slimeball family gets the word that the letter has been delivered and the clock is now ticking. Ursula gloats and plans to take her daughter out to celebrate.
JoAnne: I am almost more irritated by the idiotic behavior of the OzGang than I am by the Li Family maneuverings.
Shuk:   Sexy shows up in the middle of the pandemonium and gets a chance to read the paperwork. He tells them he didn't do it, but no one believes him except Wang Chung.  Tian Xing gets punched by Bangs, which finally galvanizes Tao Zi into yelling everyone into silence. She yells that it’s completely her fault and runs for the Mystery Machine, Sexy chasing after her. PDull Leo shows up, a day late and a dollar short. The rest of them tell him what’s happened. He runs out as well.
JoAnne: 'I can think more thoughtfully outside!' he yells.
Shuk:  She driving, hands clenched on the wheel, as we do a three-vehicle traffic convoy, zigzagging through the other vehicles. Chalky ignores Dull’s phone call. Sexy doesn't try to contact her, just focuses on keeping her in sight.
JoAnne: I suddenly want a car accident that results in another wheelchair-bound character. I can't decide if it should be Tian Xing (is he still useful as Huan Huan's pet husband that way?) or if it should be Tao Zi (dilemma! Which wheelchair will Tian Xing choose to pilot sexily through life?)
His and hers offroad wheelchairs (in case she wants to go cliff diving again)
Shuk:  Dull gets caught behind a red light and a biker gang. The Mystery Machine makes down a side road and past some railroad tracks before the engine mysteriously dies. Sexy is trapped on the other side of the tracks as the gate arms come down. He manages to call her name several times before the sound of the klaxons triggers his panic attack.
JoAnne: Even near fainting he is the sexiest thing to come along in a very long time. My God, Taiwan, you really hit the jackpot with this one. Can he come to Korea and do some dramas there too? Or Connecticut?

Shuk:  She sees him collapse on the other side, and remembers the previous time this happened with Sexy, and Dork’s story of his parent’s train tragedy. She calls to him, but the train is already screaming by.
Shuk:  Once the train passes, he arrows in on her face, and shakily pulls himself together, weaving drunkenly across the tracks, accelerating until it’s almost a panic-stricken run into her arms. She’s worried about him, but he just whispers to her back not to be scared. He will continue his promise to protect her. She gently chastises him; she wasn't scared, she just wanted some alone time before facing everything. He pulls back and tells her she is an amazing woman, but she claims it’s because of his encouragement. She believes in him.
JoAnne: Ah, my freaking goodness - he SO earned that moment. I had no idea he was going to get it, either. What a lovely surprise FINALLY.
Shuk:  While they continue their hug, Sexy realizes what nefarious shit his supposed loving foster family did. That night, he is pounding on the LiHouse door, but no one answers, and everyone’s phones are turning off. Bastards. In a restaurant, Mom is smiling her triumphant smile when she tells Gimpy that Foster Bro’s visit tomorrow will be a little different.
JoAnne: FFFFing bitch

Shuk:  Sexy is still waiting outside the Li Fortress when Dull calls him to OZ. As soon as he arrives, they talk. Tian Xing admits that his fake-foster family is probably behind it. Leo tells him that both the company and the girl went to hell since he arrived.Tian Xing doesn’t deny it, and Leo asks him what he plans to do. The only thing our SexyAdMan can do is his best efforts.
JoAnne: Sadly, that hasn't been enough so far. Although 'best' is subjective, of course, I would still like to recommend a gun to you, Tian Xing.
Shuk:  OZGang is looking into the investment firm, determining it is a paper company for the sole purpose of destroying OZ. From Wang Chung we find out that Toady has gone to ground.

Shuk:  Sexy goes to the lion’s den to find out the worst. Foster Mom and Toady both play smooth. Mom claims it was for his own good, and after all, it’s just a little ridiculous company. She all but pats his arm like a  petulant little boy. It’s a royal gang-up on the poor guy while Huan Huan just dumbly watches.
JoAnne: Which is again evidence of why I say they aren't evil, just clueless, narcissistic, and single-minded in pursuit of goals. They truly don't understand why the company matters to him, figure it is a passing infatuation, and believe that they know best for everyone - and best will always align with what THEY want, because of course, they're rich - isn't this proof that they are better than others? But they would be truly shocked if you pointed out that they are being cruel to anyone, and  would sincerely point to the years of support as proof of love and generosity.
Shuk: Bullshit is still bullshit, even with a heart balloon on the top.
Shuk:  Sexy cuts it to brass tacks. They expect him to be grateful enough for their kind regards down through the years to allow himself to tied down and turned into a cog at the company. Whiny calls him a meanie, right about the time, Ursula gives him the devil’s choice of marriage to her daughter in returning for leaving OZ unharmed. If I was that pathetic wheel chaired creature, I’d wonder out loud how Mommy would think so little of me as to plan my future for me. I doubt her synapses  are that sophisticated, though.
JoAnne: No, Whiny is a lot of things, but she genuinely does love Tian Xing and she's slowly grinding her thought gears into position to do the right thing. She's never felt right about any of this, but as a coddled daughter she's used to trusting the instructions of her big brother and her mother, so she's at war with herself. And of course, because she WANTS the boy, and knows that if she does what her gut is telling her to do she'll lose him.
Shuk: They basically give him one day to make the decision. He leaves the house to have a screaming ragefit outside.  He ends up at DorkHouse,where PDull Leo is waiting, wanting to know if he has any type of strategy to save the company. When Sexy doesn't say anything, Dull spits out a curse and leaves.
JoAnne: I usually check twitter when Leo has the focus of a scene. I don't remember this.
Shuk:  Without even the comfort of his OZBall, Sexy sits and thinks, but he is well and truly caught.  His head is awhirl with the events of the past few days, but there’s little he can do. With tears in his eyes, he looks at the selfie he took at the props warehouse months ago. Morning comes, but there’s no further revelations.
JoAnne: There's always telling the truth - and that includes the truth that Oz could go away and it wouldn't really hurt anything, because they could make ANOTHER company that would have no clients and no work that wasn't handed to them pretty easily, right? And if Oz goes away...Tian Xing is free.
Shuk:  The OZGang are quietly at their desks when The Suit shows up with the construction crew. We get the usual pushing and shoving until Sexy shows up with Foster Mom on the phone. Ursula talks to The Suit and the construction equipment is pulled. The business is still shut down, though, and the gang is given a few minutes to remove their personal belongings before the doors are locked.
JoAnne: Decision made, then.  Apparently, in everything BUT advertising, Tian Xing is a complete idiot. OH well...at least he's pretty.
Shuk:  Chalk Girl wonders why the sudden change of heart, and we see a flashback where Sexy agrees to be their homegrown stud. Ursula agrees to give him all shares of OZ on his wedding night, then plays the sympathetic mom. She hates to see him blinded by love. And WTF did you just do, biatch??? She's convinced he will forget this little unpleasant interlude and find happiness with her daughter.  And I notice that "shi-fu", the Mandarin word for happiness, sounds a lot like the word "shit".
 JoAnne: I say that whole family has shi fu brains.
Shuk:  Back in the present, he brushes off the questions, just cryptically stating that things should return to normal soon. They plan a strategy meeting after packing up their stuff.
JoAnne: And because no one at Oz is exactly known for being particularly good at thought (except Leo) they all just blindly accept what he says.

Shuk:  Whiney smiles when Mom confirms that her obsession has agreed to marry her. All her tiny little head has to do is plan her wedding.
JoAnne: I still have faith in her fake ass self.
Shuk:  At TaoHouse, the parents are shocked at what happened. Chalk Girl defends Sexy, saying he is doing his best. They decide to shoestring a few projects on the side. Can they do that if they don’t own the company anymore? Chalk Girl walks back to OZ to find the desist notice and a new lock on the door. She sadly touches the OZSign before walking home.
JoAnne:  Not as Oz, they can't.
Shuk:  Outside the park, Tian Xing is waiting for her.  She asks him again how he stopped the demolition. Rather than answer, he asks her again to trust him, no matter what she hears or what happens. He wonders why she is still wearing the bracelet, and she hems and haws that it can’t be removed. Sexy pulls out that hideous pill bottle necklace he offered her at the gala fiasco. That is the key that will unlock the bracelet off her wrist. He presses it into her hand and continues. When Dork placed the bracelet on her wrist, everything he said is still true. If she wants to take it off, he has given her the tool to do so. And soon, hopefully, all the disasters will disappear and everything will reset. He apologizes for all the tears she shed because of AdGuy and Dork.
JoAnne: Sigh. He's so gorgeous.
Shuk:  Chalky calls those disasters more like presents, understanding his efforts for her and her company. She calls him a guardian angel. He wonders why seven was her lucky number; it’s the six original OZGang members and him. She has no plans to remove the bangle, and we get a heart-racing interlude when he places the necklace on her.
JoAnne: Good Lord, did you breathe? I didn't breathe. He looked like he wanted to eat her face. I wanted him to eat her face. I want him to eat MY face. I don't care if he's actually the size of a 12 year old boy with an interesting forehead and hair that takes up its own zipcode. That man is SEX.
Shuk: Sexy gets summoned to the Princess’ side, and Prince Bastard welcomes him back to the fold. Tian Xing asks his ersatz brother whether Huan Huan will really be happy with a shell of a husband. She overhears the convo from the hallway. Sexy admits there will never be anyone in his heart but Tao Zi. Lance doesn't care; half a loaf for his sister is better than none. Whiny doesn't look thoughtful, she looks puzzled.
JoAnne: But I think she meant it to look thoughtful. It's just that the effort is a little beyond her abilities.
Shuk:  Sexy is in LuLexus staring at TaoHouse when he receives a text from Chalky asking to go together with him to see Huan Huan. He types up a response that he loves her but has to marry Whiny and to ask for her forgiveness. Of course he erases it before sending it, sending instead a bland affirmative.
JoAnne: Shaky sigh from me.
Shuk:  When Chalky receives it, she hugs her phone and mentally begs Tian Xing to stay by her side. He’s prepared to bury her feelings, though.
JoAnne: When you think about it, her about-face was pretty quick. It is Aaron Yan, though, so that's pretty much a given.

Shuk:  At LiHouse, Whiny looks pouty over a cup of tea and an uneaten portion of porridge, but brightens at the sound of the doorbell. Her face falls when Tao Zi comes in behind her obsession.
JoAnne: If I were him I'd make it clear to everyone that he has no intentions of giving up a relationship with Tao Zi and that his marriage to Huan Huan will be in name only, but of course that would result in further persecution of Taos by Lis who wants Lus for themselves. Where is Butler Fu and why isn't he fixing this shit?
Shuk:  Ursula shows up during their chatting and wastes no time announcing the engagement with a satisfied little bitchy smile.
JoAnne: Pot-bellied toad of a woman with her stupid fat face and her fake sweet voice.


Shuk:  Damn, damn damn damn damn
JoAnne: Just picture Aaron naked. It helps.
Shuk: How about naked near a shower? You're right,  feel better.