Nail Shop Paris - Episode 10 Final (A SongJaeRimJob)

This is it. The final Jeob. The main reason we're calling it WTFParis. Sex ghosts and nail-diagnosed depression ain't got nothing on the WTFery of this hour. Prepare to say goodbye to the Handjob Harem, Our Lovely Kei, and your sanity...
JoAnne: I didn't even recognize Thunder (Jin) without his pink hair.
kakashi: WTF, seriously. It's by far the MOST WTF show I've ever watched. Thank you mary for making me. 
(Warning: This Jeob contains a ton of gifs.)
(If you can see this warning, you have no issues with size of this post anyway)


We go back to Alex's post-stabbing confession. "If I can't control my feelings, I'll let them out. I like you, Bunny." Bunny's phone starts to ring, it's Kei. Telecockblocking his rival. Alex and Bunny look at the screen, then each other, then Bunny walks out without answering Alex's confession. She broods that night, looking at her couple ring and nailist exam permit.
JoAnne: She's wondering who will give her the best nails, long term. (Yes, Mary.)
kakashi: Hahahahaha, that must your BEST one yet, JoAnne! Awwww, I'm going to miss these Jeobs ... they made the best of JoAnne come out.
Next morning, Jin frets over Bunny's lateness while her two men sit waiting on the sides. GumiBoss gives a confident, "He'll come" to Jin's excessive worrying. (Well, I don't know if 'he' will... but someone will - JoAnne!!!) When Bunny finally arrives, Jin fusses over her, telling her not to stay up late studying too much, etc etc. Bunny smiles sadly at Jin and walks up to GumiBoss. She wants to quit Paris.
JoAnne: One does not simply 'quit Paris.'
kakashi: Yeah. We all know by now that Paris is much more than just an absurd nail shop. Paris is a mystical place. Paris is a mirror of the world and everybody in it dances to a godly music. 
Kei and Alex look up at that. GumiBoss just takes everything in stride and asks Bunny to follow her. Kei tries to stop Bunny from going after GumiBoss. But Bunny says everybody knows about her pretending to be a boy so she'd like to stop this shit now. She gently pries herself away from Kei (noooooo!). Jin asks what Bunny meant by "everyone knows", and Kei hate beams Alex, who's looking mighty guilty and quiet in the corner.
JoAnne: I like how you talk about him but don't show him. Fuzzy monkey fucker. Well that sounds like he.. he doesn't... oh, you know what I mean.
kakashi: I'm not prepared for this level of JoAnne!!!! Heeeeeelp! Buahahaha.
GumiBoss drives off with Bunny. She asks her about the sudden resignation. Bunny admits she lied about something. GumiBoss smiles and says, "What? About you being a girl?" Bunny is shocked (yeah, cause her disguise is SO GOOD). GumiBoss cryptically says that Bun-- no, Hong Yeo Joo working in Paris was not an accident. Bunny asks what she means by it? Where is she taking her? GumiBoss cryptically answers again, "You'll know when we get there."
JoAnne: Suddenly realizing I might not have commented on 9 because there's stuff that happened that I don't remember going over in comments. BRB.
JoAnne: Nope, I did it. What happened to the visit home? We didn't go over that? 
Mary: *giggling in the corner*
kakashi: Stop drinking, JoAnne.
She takes Bunny to an old village near the mountains where she got lost as a kid. It's Bunny's old home! Bunny is confused. How did GumiBoss know where she used to live? Because... "I was the gumiho who saved you." And finally, in full flashback we see GumiBoss in the mountains, lending Bunny the fox bead to heal her injuries. (And if you didn't see it coming and refuse to accept the truth and think this is some stupid, last-minute attempt to raise ratings, check GumiBoss's name in dramawiki. It's Keum Mi-ryeo. It was planned. All of it. The WTFery-- everything!)
JoAnne: But wait! There's more!
kakashi: INCREDIBLE REVEAL! And the ARTFULNESS of this writing! I bow in awe (Well, they might have run out of money for special effects at this moment, since they had to spend it all on awful nail art, but that's just a minor, minor, minor thing)
Bunny refuses to believe it. She insists GumiBoss necklace was a fake. But GumiBoss laughs that she had to cover up because Bunny was being too snoopy. She claims she was just doing what she could to protect Bunny. Because, like the Salsa in her online novel, Bunny is also half gumiho, half human. *gasp*
JoAnne: Do you see where this is going? Do you? DO YOU?
kakashi: Er .... no? Down WTFRoad? Or are you suggesting that we need to write an analytical essay on the real of the unreal, quoting Žižek and shit?! 

Bunny is standing there, speechless (ah, we have that in common). So let's check up on Jin and Ji Soo for now. She's choosing an outfit for Jin's next interview, wondering why that particular magazine wants him to go on again. Jin says the first article was a big hit, so Ji Soo becomes curious and asks for a copy. Jin successfully diverts her, remembering the "no girlfriend" part, but how long can he keep the secret? It was an online article, for chrissakes!
JoAnne: Oh right. These two. Yeah. They have a plot line. Stuff happens. I don't really care anymore because for most of this drama during the live-watch, we were all convinced she was a were-cat. She's not. Ergo, I no longer give a shit about her.
kakashi: She has the MOST horrible messed up plastic surgery nose ever.
Back in Paris, Kei gets chewed out by a customer for messing up her hand job. *giggle giggle* (I'm gonna miss the hand job jokes. I hope that Mermaid drama gives us lots of puns to play with.) (1st Guy: I had a date with my girl. 2d Guy: Yeah, I thought something smelled fishy last night.) Alex lays his hand on Kei's shoulder and tells him to take some time out to get his head on straight. Kei brushes his hand off but reluctantly leaves to avoid tension with the customer. 
JoAnne: He's thinking GET your hands off me you fuzzy monkey fucker! (see, once a rumor starts...)
kakashi: We also haven't had any gay-ness lately. 
FINALLY, the director gives us a full 10-second close-up of Kei brooding in the locker room. (Plus 14 seconds of him walking around and 12 seconds looking at Bunny's locker and whispering her name. Not that I counted, or anything...)
JoAnne: What are you going to do with all your free time, Mary?
kakashi: SqueeCap Mermaids (btw, mermaids can't have sex). 
Bunny is at home, thinking about everything GumiBoss said earlier. Like how half-gumihos seem like normal people until they're awakened. And how your body will undergo lots of changes once you "awaken" sometime in your 20s. Bunny gets up to check her butt in the mirror (LOL) probably looking for her nine tails like in the folktales. Then she catches herself and shakes her head for listening to GumiBoss's silly stories.
JoAnne: CLEARLY a metaphor for sex. I'm shocked.
kakashi: Yes ... about this "being awakened". I'm not the only one then that thinks it means ... that?
Ji Soo hurries straight from work to Jin's interview. The reporter from last time wonders if this is Jin's girlfriend. Didn't he say that he had none? Ottoke? She already wrote it that way. #SawryNotSawry Ji Soo is embarrassed. She walks out. Jin pleads with her to understand. He did it for the fans (and don't think I didn't notice you're commenting on how idols have to keep their love lives secret, Show! Oh wow, all the social commentary ... ) Ji Soo asks if fans are more important than a girlfriend. She cries that she even left the hospital for Jin! He assumes she's regretting leaving Intern there. (Oh, but Ji Soo is just trying to hide the fact that she's still not 100% recovered. Jin has been nagging her to take a rest the whole episode.) Before Ji Soo can explain, Jin flags down a taxi for her and says he doesn't feel like hanging out with her today.
JoAnne: Where's Kei? I need a hand job.
kakashi: And that woman shouldn't have gotten a nose job.
Next morning, Bunny visits a man on a farm. She asks for a hug, but the man gruffly tells her to go away. Ha! It's her dad. They are cute together. He wonders why she visited. Does she need money? Bunny asks him if he found her on the street, that's why he's like this? Her dad answers in the affirmative, and they both laugh at their jokes.
kakashi: She has a real, not messed up dad? Something can't be right. 

Her dad serves some tea and scolds her about her hair. Hehe. Her dad really is just too adorable. Bunny looks closely at his face and wonders if he's getting older? He whacks her on the head for saying such things, and Bunny saves it with a "because you always looked so young". Then she gives him some dried octopus. (Ha! This again?) Dad happily eats it while Bunny watches closely. Dad is weirded out by her. Bunny asks if he doesn't feel different anywhere. Dad just grabs more of the dried octopus and eats it all to taunt Bunny. Hehe Bunny scoffs at herself for being fooled again.
JoAnne: Oh, Bunny. You idiot. Everyone knows the only male Gumiho ever was Gumihot.
kakashi: And she says he is a vegetarian? Do vegetarias eat Octopus? This show really made me wonder about so many things ... 
Bunny gently broaches the topic of her mom. Grandma told her once that Mom died in a car accident, but Bunny doesn't remember anything about it. What was mom really like? Dad sighs and says since Bunny is old enough, he'll tell her the truth. "That woman... she ran away shortly after giving birth to you." DUNDUNDUNDUN (Meh. Whatever, I already guessed this. WHERE THE FOOK IS KEI?) Bunny is curious about her mom, so Dad promises to send her a copy of the wedding picture if he finds one.
JoAnne: I remember about half way through I made a throw away joke about this drama that right about here I realized with a sickening thud was probably going to come true.
kakashi: Yeah, by now, the headlights of what I see coming are right in front of me. And ... so your dad tells you after 20 years, 'yeah, sorry, you always thought your mom is dead, but hey, she totally isn't' - and you go, 'oh, interesting, would you maybe happen to have a photo of her, because you know, I never asked before, since it's just my mother and who ever wants to see a photo of her mother'?! Suuuuuuuuure.

Back in Seoul, a customer asks Alex why Bunny isn't in. Did he quit? Alex lies that Bunny is on a vacation, and Kei laser beams more hate at Alex. (*sigh* not enough Kei, Show, not enough!)
JoAnne: Look at his long nervous fingers :(
Mary: Yeah, just tip-tip-tapping my heart... Kei! *sigh*
kakashi: Oh. These fingers. Imagine ...
Bunny's Dad wonders why she's still hanging out at the farm. Isn't she supposed to go back to Seoul? Bunny jokes that she wants to stay there and help Dad. He tells her that whatever it is she's avoiding, she should go back and fix it first. He tells her that if she's confused, just close her eyes and block her ears and do whatever her kokoro wants to do (I meant the PG-13 kokoro). Bunny breaks the too serious moment with, "So is that why you're here in the countryside? Shoveling sheep poop?" hehe. Dad answers back "You go do it, then. If you want to stay here so much" and leaves Bunny to the sheep.
JoAnne: Looks like a horse fence.
kakashi: You are a Tüpflischiisser, JoAnne. Have fun finding out what that is!
Jin goes to a flower shop and asks for an arrangement that says, "I'm sorry. Forgive me!" He psyches himself to let go of his manly pride and apologize. Do it for Ji Soo! Oh, but someone else is waiting for Ji Soo at her doorstep tonight. It's Intern! (never was there an Intern looking less like a doctor, I swear! He should join Paris!) He says he didn't want to like someone who already has a BF, but Ji Soo also showed interest in him. Was he wrong? Did he interpret incorrectly? He scolds her for running away after starting "something" with him (true, all true, Intern!) Then he takes her hand and asks, sincerely, if she wants him to give up?
JoAnne: Ji Soo! He's cuter than Jin. He's got a better job! He's not afraid of commitment! SAY YES.
kakashi: MUCH cuter, thank you. 
Before Ji Soo can answer, Jin walks up to them and tells him to let go of her hand. Intern says he doesn't want to so Jin punches him. Ji Soo scolds Jin and worries over Intern, making Jin angrier. He throws away the flowers and leaves. He doesn't see Ji Soo chasing after him and collapsing again from the pain.
JoAnne: Unless she's turning into a were-cat I really don't give a shit. This could have been a scene of Kei staring at the phone. What a waste.
kakashi: What she said. 
Bunny is back in Seoul! She gets off the bus and looks at her phone, chanting "I'll do it. I'll close my eyes and do what I want!" but we don't get to see her decision, because someone calls her using Ji Soo's phone and asks her to come to the hospital. When she gets there, Intern explains that Ji Soo's infection got worse. Jin arrives a minute later and Intern calls him out to talk.
JoAnne: Unless by 'talk' you mean fight to death...
kakashi: Or boy on boy action ...

He starts "the talk" by punching Jin back. (LOL) Then he tells him everything. From how Ji Soo checked out too early, to how even as she was being rushed to the E.R. today, all she could worry about was Jin. He tells Jin to at least have the decency to let his GF explain. He also apologizes for his role in the matter, and leaves with the warning-ish that Ji Soo is too good for Jin. He should do well to remember that.
JoAnne: You DID mean that! Yes! I forgot!
kakashi: This is romance for 12 year olds.
Meanwhile, Alex follows Kei to the locker room and tells him the customers are complaining about him lately. He reminds him to separate work and private matters. (Fuck you and fuck the monkey you rode in on, Alex.) Kei asks the opposite of Alex, "how can you be so calm about this?" (Well, he's Alexithymia Alex! Duh!) Kei accuses him of being the cause of Bunny's "vacation", but Alex reminds him that it was Kei who ordered Alex not to hide his feelings. (Man, I hate that Alex is making so much sense these past few eps.) (He still needs to go fuck himself. Making sense is not an excuse!) Alex asks Kei for a promise: no matter who Bunny chooses, they mustn't hate each other. Kei doesn't agree to that, of course. (Go ahead, Kei. Give me more Domyouji vibes. Let Alex stew in Rui-land.)
kakashi: Kei doesn't hit him, but I wrote a little secret fanfic just now in which Alex is beaten to a bloodly pulp and then monkies come in and start taking revenge for ...
Next morning, Bunny finds Jin outside Ji Soo's room, too guilty to go in. She encourages him to talk to her. Ji Soo's been looking for him all night. Jin remembers Alex's words: "Ji Soo might have wavered, but she chose you in the end." Jin goes in spurred by Alex's words of wisdom *snort*. There's a nice, serious beat where they talk about their problems and promise to try better. Then they make up and go back to being cutesy. Bunny watches from the doorway, shaking her head at those two lovesick fools. When she turns around, she finds Intern also standing there, watching. He bows awkwardly and leaves, now assured that Jin isn't taking Ji Soo for granted.
JoAnne: See? This is me not caring at all.
kakashi: Yawn. So tired these days. 
Bunny gets a call from Alex hyung. He asks her to come to Paris that night. When they meet, he gently chides her for running away. She admits feeling guilty about making such a mess of things. Alex asks about the nailist certification. Isn't she going to take the exam tomorrow? He tells Bunny not to waste all her efforts because of what happened here at Paris. She can still be a nailist somewhere, if not at Paris. Bunny pinky-promises to try her best, then.
JoAnne: Yes, because the previously successful author (I know, but that was her character description, a successful author) would logically decide that painting finger nails is a step up.
Mary: Never underestimate the lure of being paid to give hand-jobs, JoAnne. 
kakashi: Steady income, JoAnne. It counts for something. 
Meanwhile, Kei is on his way to Paris after receiving Alex's text too. Alex keeps watching the window while bullshitting some more with Bunny about career, nail art, hand jobs, etc etc. When he sees Kei going in, Alex tells Bunny that "running away sometimes makes the end come faster". Then he hugs Bunny, saying he doesn't want to part with Paris AND her. Kei comes in just in time to see the hug. Bunny is surprised at being caught like that. Alex studies her face, waiting for a reaction. (I'll give you this Jun Ji Hoo, you really looked secretly hopeful and torn about Bunny picking you.)
JoAnne: NO. #&A$^#A_A#A^$^
kakashi: He is secretly dreaming of being with a monkey, I think.
Kei walks out. Bunny gets a "eureka!" face. She apologizes to Alex and runs after Kei. FINALLY. GAWD. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO RESOLVE THIS, SHOW? YOU ONLY HAVE 10 EPISODES! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, DOCTOR STRANGER???
JoAnne: Yes. Ok. She hugged his fuzzy monkey nothingness and realized he's Ashley and she needs RHETT. YES. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no this isn't going to be Gone with the Wind all over again is it? *curls up in a ball*
Mary: If we're talking about sex appeal, I approve of this analogy.
kakashi: Oh, the Koreans should do a KDrama based on Gone with the Wind. Totally should. Since they're into remakes recently.
Bunny catches up to Kei outside. She insists that it was a misunderstanding. Kei is upset and wants no more of this shit. He thinks he's just holding Bunny back. He thinks Bunny is staying with him from a sense of obligation. He tells her to go ahead and stay with Alex, because he ain't gonna be some pitiful bastard who gets the girl due to sympathy. Bunny verbally slaps some sense into Kei with the following speech: "You're right. I liked Alex hyung. I still like Alex hyung. [...] If he leaves, my heart will hurt a lot. But if you leave me now-- I will die." You'll take away the biggest part of me. Oooo-oo-ooo-oo-oh, Kei hyung, please don't go! (I might have invented that last part.)
JoAnne: Yes, folks, Mary's dad might have listened to a little bit of Chicago from time to time.
kakashi: I'm a bit confused. So ... this woman is saying she loves two men, one a little bit more than the second, but still both? That's kinda ... emancipated. 
Anyway, Bunny finally says it. Those three words: "Let's have sex." No? Ohkei. Fine. (Do me, baby? No?) (She is going to be awakened, yes) She says, "I like you". Which is something she NEVER said in the past, even when they were dating. That finally gets Kei's attention. Moreso when Bunny tentatively clings to his sleeve like she's so lost and cries, "Don't leave, Kei hyung. Don't leave." Well, fook if that wasn't some messed up confession. Kei seems to think so too. He does a repeat performance of that look-up-and-take-a-deep-breathe "Lawd help me, I love this Beanie so much" then he grabs Bunny in a tight hug. He still hugs weirdly, by the way. Desperately. Like one tiny push and they'd go tumbling down Paris' fake grassy lawn. (On second thought, that might have been Song Jae Rim's intent. The tumbling on the grass. Bravo, Oppa. Bravo.)
JoAnne: In real life, Park Gyuri doesn't like Song Jae Rim, and she would fight every time he tried to hug her. She doesn't like him because he actually DID like her and it made her uncomfortable to feel his WTFBoner. So he always had to fight to pull her close.
Mary: *sigh* I'm going to miss reading your NSFW comments about Opparrr. 
kakashi: No. She hated to be hugged because his whole body is so frigging HARD.
Feel my bonerrrrrrrrrrrrr feel it! feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel it!

They relocate near the Han River (?) And you know that only means two things for lovers: [1] break-up, or [2] sex. Kei isn't helping my dirty mind when the first thing he does is ask Bunny, "So when are you going to give it to me?"
JoAnne: Ok that movie down there? HILARIOUS. Excellent choice of GIF, young Mary. Excellent.
kakashi: *Dies laughing*
Mary: I'm glad you like it! I wanted a gif of someone excitedly taking their clothes off, but Googling "stripping gif" gave me... uhm... unexpected results. So I had to settle for "excited gif" instead. 
kakashi: *googles *stripping gif"* ... *finds this* .... *Finds it appropriate* ... *Puts it here*
He meant the ring, of course. But considering this writer's genius, we will take it as a metaphor. Bunny takes out the ring and puts it on Kei's finger. (She's been wearing it like a pendant on that necklace Kei gave.) He asks where her ring is, but she left it at home. LOL Some things never change. Kei calls her a heartless jerk for not wearing it at all times and asks her not to look at other guys again. He really sounds like the demanding girlfriend in this relationship, huh?
JoAnne: It's a little bit cute.
kakashi: It's a little bit very cute.
Next day, Kei waits for Bunny in the nailist exam venue. Bunny excitedly shows him the ring which she didn't forget this time. Kei gives Bunny an old nail file. It's his "lucky file". He's never lost a competition or failed an exam when he uses it. Bunny complains that his file is too old, so Kei tries to take it back. Then Bunny keeps it and teases Kei about being so touchy. She wonders what would've happened if she didn't catch up to Kei last night. Would things have ended well? In a way, Bunny was glad Alex called Kei out, because then she had the chance to finally tell Kei about her feelings.
JoAnne: Ach mein GOTT they are so cute. Shut up.
Mary: They are. T^T Kei is like a lost kid who's so happy to be with his Bunny.
That gets Kei thinking. Later that day, he confronts Alex. He asks why Alex asked him to meet at that particular time and place, and why he had to call out his name. He could've just pretended he didn't see Kei since Bunny had her back turned. Alex acts like it was an accident, and Kei, in a throwback to that 1st episode with the fake 100th customer promo, reminds Alex that he sucks at acting. (Oooooh~ burn Jun Ji Hoo!)
JoAnne: I don't care. I don't care. I'm not ready to like him.
kakashi: I still don't get it. So ... MonkeyEffer didn't want Kei to see him hugging Bunny so that Kei would walk away forever and give up, but he hugged Bunny in front of Kei so that Kei would walk away and Bunny could run after him? Huh? 
Alex smiles at that. (Bromance repaired?) He admits kinda knowing that Bunny loved Kei more. (Really, how? Because no one else ever did. Was it in her nails?) (maybe in the Kokoro?) So he just sped things up a little bit. Ah, but Kei gets angry again, asking how long Alex will try to act cool like this? (WTF is wrong with you, Kei? Seriously! Just fooking take the girl with you and have sex or something. Geez. The more you fight with Alex, the more I have to see HIM on MY screen. GODDEMMIT!)
Alex tells Kei not to get mad anymore because he's leaving to study in the US (LOL) in a week. He already informed their boss about it. This should be enough distance for Bunny to completely get over him. Kei is at a loss for words. The door opens. It's Bunny and she heard everything! Turns out this was Kei's plan. He provoked Alex into admitting everything within Bunny's earshot, and now he leaves the two of them to talk.
kakashi: What for? I still don't get it. Fuck.
JoAnne: Okay whatever but...are we that good at nails that you have to come here? We don't want you either.
Alex admits that he wanted Bunny to choose him, but he's okay with Bunny's decision too, because what's important for him is Bunny is happy. He gives Bunny a farewell hand job-- err nail art. And it's as scary as every nail art on this show. But we shall screencap it. Since this is the last episode *sniff*
JoAnne: OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Someone has CLEARLY been sniffing the nail glue.
Mary: *shifty red eyes* 
kakashi: In WTFPAris, the Horror Version, the killer uses these nails for his horrifying slashings.
Jin is outside Ji Soo's room. He calls up Reporter Kim and asks her to mention in the next article that he has "the hottest girlfriend in the world". Intern hears this. He approves. Jin stops him on the hallway to declare that he'll never give up on Ji Soo, so Intern should look for a girlfriend elsewhere. It would've been a very cool scene if they weren't interrupted by an emergency. Ji Soo's condition just got worse. The culprit? That ice cream she asked Jin to buy earlier that day. Intern scolds Jin for not checking with the doctors before changing the patient's diet.
kakashi: Oh, death by ice cream? That's pretty cool.
Bunny finds Jin waiting outside Ji Soo's room. Too guilty and helpless to do anything. She barges in and demands that the doctors perform surgery. (The complication was a hole in her intestine.) But they can't proceed because her BP was too low. Bunny holds Ji Soo's hands and cries a little bit and we get another Willkinn F/Ecks moment to show that Bunny's gumiho powers just kicked in. (Oh shit. There's only 10 minutes left! This means less Kei time!) The monitors indicate Ji Soo's BP miraculously going up to normal so the doctors prep her for surgery.
JoAnne: Done. So done with you, Show. So very done.
kakashi: See, I have this theory ... it wasn't the GumiPower. It was Alex's nails!
Bunny waits outside, quite shaken by what happened. In flashback, GumiBoss narrates the signs that your gumipowers are activated: you'll have healing powers, you'll be able to tell the future, and your biorhythm will change. Bunny's thoughts are interrupted by a text from her dad. It's a picture of her mom BUT it's also a picture of GumiBoss! OH. MY. FOOKING. GO--- No. I already knew this, Show. Like, back in episode 4 or something. Come on, WHERE THE FOOK IS KEI'S SEKSHI TIMES???
kakashi: Mary, they had SEX! That's why she's AWAKENED!!!
JoAnne: Do we tell them now? Do we tell them why this show is called WTF Paris? Do I reveal that Kei is really a Ken doll come to life? You know what that means, right?
Mary: I don't. Does that mean he's doomed to be the beta-accessory to a hyper-sexualized plastic girl? Or does that mean I can go out right now and buy my very own Kei to play with from the children's section of the mall?
JoAnne: Someone tell Mary the secret about the Ken doll. I'm laughing too hard at the image of her realizing this key bit of information about her oppar.
kakashi: Oh dear. That's just horrible. Ken dolls and mermaids. They have the same problem...
Bunny confronts GumiBoss with the picture. Now GumiMom tells the whole truth. That day Bunny got lost was the day GumiMom went back to take one last look at how her daughter was doing. When GumiMom tried to leave, Bunny ran after her. She fell and hurt herself in the mountains, so GumiMom took her to the GumiCave and cured her. In the present, GumiMom takes Bunny's hand and asks for forgiveness. Bunny doesn't give it yet. She still couldn't believe everything.
JoAnne: Out of allll the nail shops in Seoul... she had to walk into mine...
kakashi: Yes, and even though she was about 7 back then, she doesn't remember a thing about her mother. Suuuuure. 
(Random: I was laughing at the obviously fake rain in the background of this scene, until Jo said something on twitter about gumihos crying = rain. Fox Rain. Like Shin Min Ah in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho rain. Which, shit. I forgot about that fact. And now I'm like: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I'M SORRY FOR NOT BELIEVING YOUR GENIUS AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL TO THE LAST, WTFPARIS. YOU ARE AN AMAZING SHOW. I AM NOT WORTHY.)
JoAnne: My work here is done.
kakashi: Girls, we need to rewatch this. Because I am certain there are clues upon clues upon clues hidden in this genius masterwork. 
GumiMom says she ran away when she realized that loving Bunny's dad didn't turn her human. She was scared that everyone around her will grow up while she remained herself. So she ran away to avoid people judging their family. *cue sad GumiMom* Bunny hugs her, saying she doesn't understand everything, but she'll believe that just like 16 years ago, GumiMom does what she can to protect Bunny.
The gumifamily have a heart-to-heart talk. (I guess kokoro-to-kokoro talk just sounds weird now?) GumiMom says she will hibernate soon, so she has a few reminders for Bunny. [1] Just like in the novel, there are helpers and hunters...
kakashi: What she said. 


Hunter Kei prepares to stab Cheeselex, but it's him who doubles over instead. Stabbed by GumiBunny! In the back! Using her long guminails!!! (That witch!) GumiBunny looks at her bloody nails, wondering if she chose the right thing. Cheeselex comforts her and tells her it's over now. It's all over now.
kakashi: WTF??! She killed Kei?!
He takes her to Paris where he promises to show her "who he really is". They open the doors at the same time. They're bathed in light but we don't get to see what's inside...


Two young namjas dressed in Paris uniform fight about the open-ended novel. Their boss comes in. It's Bunny, 6 years from when we last saw her. She's now the owner of Paris (and has looooong hair). They ask her what was inside the novel Paris. Bunny doesn't answer them because her own daughter runs in, complaining about some boy who bullies her. Bunny fusses over her daughter and promises to "tell your dad about that boy who bullies you". In comes Alex and Kei. The girl shouts "Daaaaaaddy!" and runs to............ Kei! (Whew~ thank god; although, the sekshi times were done offscreen, so maybe not thankgodverymuch?)
JoAnne: So they wasted no time getting down to business but didn't SHARE any of it? NO.
kakashi: That's so KDrama for you. Rimmie looks very SMART here though, in this suit. Wow.
During all this, GumiBoss's advice to Bunny continues in voiceover... [2] You can never tell who the helpers vs hunters are, [3] but even if Kei doesn't help you become human, as long as you're with Alex, you won't be lonely, [4] because just like you, Alex is half-human, half-gumiho. (VOT. ZE. FOOK.)
JoAnne: THEEEEEEEEEEEERE you go. THERE YOU GO. There's the WTF cherry on top of the WTF sundae.
kakashi: WTF??! I told you! She is with TWO MEN! She has sheksi time with BOTH OF THEM!
Mary: HAAAAA! Haaa! Even in the last few seconds, Show keeps pulling random stuff out of its ass. It's like the Show is just lying there, daring us to Jeob it to the last...
Bunny and her two men talk about Jin's postcard from Japan (where he and Ji Soo set up a branch of Paris, I think) while her daughter runs up to the window to play with the cat. Little Bunny's eyes glow red, implying... what? That the kid is part-gumiho because Bunny is still part gumiho? That Kei will stay human and age and die while Bunny gets to have fun, sekshi centuries with Alex?
JoAnne: Damn you. I never thought of any of that. Damn you straight to hell.
kakashi: Come on, we all know that Alex prefers monkies.
Unfortunately, we don't have answers for you. Because that? Right there?


No cute, fun, onscreen sekshi times with Kei. No glimpses into their domestic life. Just a daughter to imply sex happened (for Kei fans), and a voiceover to imply that all is not lost (for Alex fans). It's the cruelest version of "Choose Your Fooking Ending, Suckers!" ever.
JoAnne: I just. I can't. Yes, Kei. That face. That's my face. Right there.
kakashi: Huh? I liked the ending. The woman loves two men, got two men, and everybody is happy until they're not. It's a good ending! 

Aah, WTFParis. I don't know where to start. Thank you for giving us Song Jae Rim, I guess. And for entertaining us. Because despite the "WHERE THE FOOK IS KEI, I DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS SHIT" comments I made, watching this show doesn't feel dragging at all. You might feel stunned into silence at the WTFery unfolding every 10 minutes or so, but you'll never ever be bored. Which is more than we can say for most of the kdramas nowadays.
JoAnne: It was fun to watch while it aired, and it was fun to relieve the insanity with ... um... your even more fully-developed insanity. Thanks for having me!
kakashi: I love you! I love you! 
Mary: Thanks for Jeobbing me-- err... this Show! It was nice making lots of guttery memories with you. And everyone's comments about Song Jae Rim is just lovely. :')
I feel sad that WTFParis is over now and scared that Surplus Princess won't be able to match it in terms of entertaining WTFery. Can you imagine how horrible it would be if SP turns out to be a boring show that only has 3 minutes of Rim per episode? Maybe that will be a blessing. Just you and a plain old show. No clutching of over-excited kokoros and stifling of laughter at 3AM. No?
JoAnne: Mary. You just floated the idea that a story about a mermaid wouldn't have any WTF in it. Take a deep breath.
kakashi: Hahahaha, this will SO NOT happen. And between you and me, mary? JoAnne would actually turn a holy book into something else. I am certain.
Mary: *thinks about it* You are right. I feel much better now.
Then again, if Ye Drama Gotts are listening: I'd really much rather prefer my kokoro twisted up in squeed out, kitty-scratched bits than have it sit dusty and lifeless due to lack of Rim. So go ahead, Surplus Princess, give us your best (Rim) shot.
And to our lovely squeeglets, annyeoooooong~ Thanks for Rimming with us! Hope to see you next Jeob!
JoAnne: I need a beer.
kakashi: I'm going for something stronger.
Mary: I need a Rim.