Nail Shop Paris Episode 9 - A SongJaeRimJob

It's the second to the last Jeob, which means second in terms of annoyances and WTFery. The writers continue to jerk us around by making Kei do BOTH the usual first and second lead clinginess and idiocy. It's very effective though, because this is the 9th episode and we still don't know who the fook Bunny ends up with. *cradles kokoro* "Ssssh... ssshhh... kwaenchanha... kwaenchanha... uri kokoro-ya"
JoAnne: Now that I know I'm not the only one who knows both the actual and slang uses for kokoro - which I really didn't know, I just thought it sounded like it SHOULD be, that's me, tied right into the pulse of raunch, yes ma'am - anyway, I find Mary a little...disturbing.


We open on the gumiho story, when Hunter Kei asks GumiBunny (she's called Salsa in the novel, by the way)... asks GumiBunny to choose: Cheeselex or Hotness Incarnate?
JoAnne: Like it's even a choice, Salsa. Go for the guacamole.
kakashi: I have doubted mary's innocence for quite a while now. I think this is proof. She does it all deliberately.
What? They call her Salsa in the novel. I didn't make that up...
kakashi: Yeah, sorry. my green comment should have gone up to the first paragraph. Whatever. I have an excuse for being a bit wacky these days.  
While GumiBunny is deciding, Cheeselex mouths "Saranghae". Hunter Kei shoots him and takes GumiBunny's hands to pull her out of Paris. Outside, she wrestles her hand from Kei's grasp, insisting that he didn't have to shoot. Hunter Kei pleads with her to stop listening to Cheeselex's lies. While they argue, the camera revolves quickly around them like in those kdrama kissing scenes. LOL. There must've been 5 complete circuits while they stood there just debating about Cheeselex-- who catches up to them in the meantime.
JoAnne: I remember this! I remember laughing uproariously when it just kept going on and on and on and ON and saying to myself that this, THIS, finally, was proof no one could deny that these people were drunk or high and having the time of their lives when they made this. And then I had to stop watching because I got dizzy.
kakashi: I remember nothing. Hey, I'm getting older, it's okay. But I feel like throwing up because I've watched this gif for 5 minutes now.
Hunter Kei tells Cheeselex not to come any closer or he'll aim for the heart for real. "Do whatever you want" says Cheeselex. "A heart that can't even earn the trust of the one he loves doesn't deserve to beat anymore." (Hah! Why can't Alex just stay in the novel's world? We like him better here!) When Hunter Kei is about to shoot, GumiBunny telekinizes(?) his gun away. Cheeselex seizes the chance to tackle him and they have at it mano-a-mano. Eventually, Kei gains the upper hand (YEY!) He pins Cheeselex down and takes out a knife.
JoAnne: Where's the FISH, Mary?
kakashi: Here we go, this is the next thing mary has done to us. Can you watch KDrama without thinking of fish? I can't anymore. QED. 
Real life Ji Soo interrupts to ask if Cheeselex really dies. Isn't he the novel's main character? "He was" sighs Bunny. She tells Ji Soo about the kiss and how Alex has been avoiding her since then. (So she's going to kill Alex in her novel just because he doesn't like her back in real life??? good idea) The girls assume that Alex was weirded out by a "boy" kissing him so Ji Soo advises Bunny to move on. At least they know now that Alex has no feelings for Bunny.
JoAnne: If he can't love me like Han Gyul loved Eun Chan, then it's no love at all! Hey... wait... there was this guy who loved me just exactly that way... hmmm.....
kakashi: Ah, right. The whole "he must think I'm a boy" is still going on. Seriously, there is not ONE KDrama in which the cross-dresser actually looked like a boy. Well, maybe in Coffee Prince's case. A little bit. A tiiiiiiny little bit.
Try Hana Kimi Taiwan! (Y'know, when you get those extra 24 hours a day you've been asking for...)

That same night, Kei tries to concentrate on work but he's bothered by the memory of the kiss. Can he get distracted some more? He's very beautiful when he broods.
JoAnne: Yes let's just kiss him lots.
kakashi: Is he still puffy these days? I'm kinda glad he is. I have little time to appreciate too many beautiful men at the moment. 

Next morning, he shows a pair of rings to Bunny. He puts one on her finger and asks her to put the other one on his. (STAHP IT. STAHP ACTING LIKE A SECOND LEAD PLEASE.) Bunny is so surprised by his attitude she can only stutter a "h-hyung..." so Kei puts the ring on himself and declares that no one can come between them now. He hugs Bunny and says, "I'm not going to let anybody take you from me. Ever." (KEI, STAHP IT. GOLDARNIT. STAHP IT WITH THE SECOND LEAD STUFF.)
JoAnne: I couldn't breathe. It was the dreaded Ring of Doom, coupled with the Ineffective Promise of Eternal Love. Yes. RoD WITH IPoEL. Deadly stuff.
kakashi: Here's some relationship advise (I'm an authority in such things, I've been in the same relationship for about 20 years soon): never come across as too needy. It'll make the other person take advantage of you, especially if they are dicks. And hey, Bunny is a total dick. We know that.
Jin interrupts their moment. Kei leaves, but not before hitting Jin for being a cockblocker. Heh. Although to be honest, Bunny's body language screams MY-KOKORO-DOES-NOT-BEAT-FOR-MY-BOYFRIEND. When Kei is gone, Jin comments that Kei Hyung must really be anxious about the relationship to pull that ring stunt. Bunny doesn't get it because she's a selfish, clueless idiot so Jin spells it out for her: "Kei knows you used to like Alex. He gave you that ring so you won't waver." He reminds Bunny to be good to her boyfriend because Kei really cares about her.
JoAnne: It's no use. One of her kokoros doesn't beat for him, and the other doesn't throb for him. Are we ever going to get to the point in her story where she writes that Salsa's throbbing kokoro begged for the touch of his rock-hard fish? No we are not.
kakashi: She is very pretty, but really one of the least likeable KDrama heroines I've ever come across. Both her kokoros are dead. 

GumiBoss meets the team and asks everyone to step up on their work because Alex is going on a "vacation". Alex avoids Bunny's gaze and doesn't cite his reasons for the vacation. Kei becomes mopier when he notices Bunny being sad about the announcement. She calls Ji Soo later to cry about Alex The Avoider and Ji Soo tells her she should just use this time to get over him.
JoAnne: Ji Soo is tired of the stupid and so are we.
kakashi: Yeah. I'm planning "WTFParis: The Splatter Version". It has two episodes. 
Ji Soo (remember she's a makeup artist for a broadcasting network? no) is asked to prep a guest consultant for a show. The "consultant" turns out to be a young guy. He chatters that he wasn't supposed to be there, it was someone else, but his sunbae had an emergency, etc etc. Ji Soo notices his hands shaking and calms him down by being nice to him and making him sing Nobody (by Wonder Girls). Heh.
JoAnne: Totally forgot about this. What a cutie! He probably actually is somebody.
kakashi: I remember this! Also a sign of old age, very selective memory.
The first stop on Alex's "vacation" is the lady he treated incorrectly. She tells him that her therapy is going well and she should be able to walk with crutches in a couple of months. Alex smiles at the good news. She then tells him he should stop feeling guilty and stop visiting her now. ExPatient says she was the one who asked "Kim Ji Hoon-sshi" to treat her. (LOL KAKASHI ALEX'S NON-PARIS NAME IS KIM JI HOON- WHAT FUCKED UP SHIT IS THIS???? Leave my Kim Ji-hoon alone, you vicious writers!!!) She also feels responsible for Alex's loss of spirit and passion in life due to that incident. "Life is like fishing. If you don't cast your line, you will miss precious things." she says. She tells Alex to stop living life like a robot, and Alex seems to consider her words when he looks at his phone. Where Bunny is the wallpaper.
JoAnne: I will die laughing. Mary, please photo shop Alex's head on that picture of the real Kim Ji Hoon doing those sort of reverse push ups on a beach. And add a fish to his shorts. Just, like the head of a fish. Peeking out of the top.
kakashi: *crying* (alright, if you do, I'll include the pic into my next Jangbori recap, which will get retweeted by Kim Ji-hoon not-quite-oppa)
Kei and Bunny are out having lunch without Jin. Heh. Bunny runs around shops being cute and Kei wonders how he ever believed she was a boy. He kisses her right there on the street. HNNNNNNNGGHHH. When Bunny complains, he kisses her again and runs away. Heh. Bunny chases after him and bumps into a timid girl. Bunny apologizes profusely and acts very nice to her. She gives her a WTFParis card and tells her to look for Bunny if she has any problems.
JoAnne: How does one manage being both The Hotness and The Cuteness? How is all of that contained within one too-thin, badly-dyed, ridiculously facial-haired person?
kakashi: I think he totally went out with Park Gyuri in real life. Or at least had some fun with her BTS. 
TimidGirl goes to work. We see that she's treated badly by everyone. Her boss scolds her for every little thing and even tells her to ask someone else to serve tea because he doesn't like drinking with her ugly face in sight(!!!!) TimidGirl asks the Pretty Officemates to do it and they tell her it must be nice to be ugly. No one asks her to do extra things and tries to flirt with her. (Wow. Just... wow.)
JoAnne: Another story I completely forgot, because at this point I really only cared about whether Kei was gonna get some. Affection, people. Get your minds out of the gutter.
kakashi: Oh. I remember now. Because... yeah, this show is REALLY obsessed with the gay stuff. I briefly wonder why. Very briefly.

That night, Bunny is reviewing for her practical exam while Le Boyfriend sits beside her, giving her tips. (He's only got one tip I care abo.... never mind.) Bunny gets this moment of awareness when she turns to find Kei's face close to hers, and Kei does this blinking-aegyo thing! LMBO. I don't know who made him do that. It's a toss-up between the crazy writer, crazy director, and crazy actor. Kei demands a hug as a reward for helping Bunny study. She tells him to stop since people might see them. Kei pouts and asks if she doesn't like hugging him? Bunny hedges... it's not that she doesn't like hugs, but--- Kei doesn't let her finish. He just picks her up and carries her around AND HE NUZZLES HER. OMG HE NUZZLES HER (FROM THIS ANGLE). I can't do this. I don't think I can do this. My kokoro is scared for the sekshi times tvN has in store for us in that Mermaid drama. O________O
JoAnne: I heard he was doing a real quick cameo, sort of like Byung Hee in Shut Up, Flower Boy Band or whatever the hell it was called. Eye Candy. Let's Go. Too Much Hotness for One Band. Oh Yeah There's A Plot, Too, But We Know You Don't Care.
Mary: What? It's just another fooking cameo??? *tiny hulk smash* *tiny table flip* *tiny fury*
kakashi: Which kokoro is mary talking about, though?
Kei puts Bunny down and puckers up for a kiss. Bunny says no (booooooooooo). She needs to study. Kei agrees to leave and Bunny shouts after him not to get lost on the way home. He smiles back at her. It was such a simple moment between a couple. Dare my kokoro hope that Alex is out of the running now?
JoAnne: Sure, if you want to leave your kokoro hanging out high and dry. (Scrubs image desperately.)
kakashi: Better than hanging out and it gets all wet! (from the rain, of course)
The JinJi couple are out on a date. Jin keeps feeding Ji Soo some fried chicken wraps. He wants to get couple rings like Kei and Bunny's. Ji Soo's less than enthusiastic answer makes him mad. That is, until Ji Soo collapses from the pain. He rushes her to the ER. The doctor says it's Crohn's Disease (an infection of the GI tract) and she needs to stay in the hospital for treatment. He hands over her medical chart to a younger doctor. Ji Soo recognizes him as the Nobody guy she helped at work and they smile at each other.
JoAnne: Oooooooooooooh I remember now!
kakashi: Me too. This drama shows us what liberated females are entitled to! Not just one guy is entitled to their kokoro!
The next day, Jin follows Bunny around, complaining about "that evil intern" who holds Ji Soo's hands strangely when he has to take a pulse, etc. Bunny tells Jin to stop imagining things and he counters that he only became paranoid because Bunny said last episode "I'm not like Ji Soo who likes every guy that comes along". Bunny tells Jin to stop being paranoid then. He fires back that all guys are like that! Even Hyun Bin, Rain, and Kang Dong Won are like that! Bunny says if you love someone, you should trust them. To which Jin answers back that trusting your love is a nice idea, but you can't stop yourself from feeling angry when your GF is close with another guy. Case in point: Kei.
JoAnne: Cue blank look from clueless Bunny. Does she have a cousin named Leo?
kakashi: I think she has some trauma. Just one this drama didn't even mention.
Their argument is interrupted by TimidGirl. She wants a manicure from Bunny. Bunny admits she can't do it yet. She's just a trainee. TimidGirl's face falls at that so Bunny volunteers to do a hand massage instead. Bunny compliments Timid's hands for being pretty, saying that her hands show that she's a soft and honest person. (WTF) She lays it on thick, and I shudder at how much she sounds like Alex. Then Bunny says that someone she knows told her that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands. (WTF. She really is The Monkey's Apprentice.) You can practically see the hearts coming out of Timid's eyes. And if you look a bit further, you can see Trouble coming not far behind.
JoAnne: My kokoro is all a flutter. And boy, does THAT ever feel weird...
kakashi: If you haven't understood what's going on before, now you certainly will. This is pure hand-sex it is. 
For now, Bunny visits Ji Soo and catches her laughing and holding hands with Intern. (LOL Bunny's dafuq-are-you-guys-doing face is priceless) After Intern leaves, Ji Soo excitedly tells Bunny about how they met, but Bunny isn't interested. She asks her why she's not looking for Jin. Now Ji Soo guiltily asks why Jin didn't visit her. Bunny says Jin is sorry. He was worried about Ji Soo the whole day but had to go to a sudden interview for a Flower Boy Nailist magazine to promote Paris.
JoAnne: Magazines and newspapers are folding left and right, but Seoul has enough pretty male manicurists to fill an entire magazine, month after month, year after year.
kakashi: I'm curiously uninterested in this stuff. It's shortly after lunch, too, and I'm extremely tired.  
*cut to the interview* The interviewer asks what's special about male nailists. Jin demonstrates by grabbing her hands. The reporter says she feels nervous but warm inside. Jin explains that this added feeling of having a guy care for you makes their customers happier. The interviewer is smitten. Under guise of the interview, she asks if he has a GF. Jin hesitates. "If I say I do, will the fans like me less?" The interviewer nods so Jin tells her to write what she thinks is best.
JoAnne: Jin, the nincompoop.
kakashi: What I forgot to say above is that I'm extremely uninterested in this whole Jin-story. My kokoros are now asleep. 
After the interview is published, Jin brags to the team about how cool he looks. Kei whacks him on the head for being such a famewhore. Bunny sees the "Doesn't have a girlfriend" part and shakes her head at Jin. "Tsk tsk. This is why your Ji Soo and that doctor---" then stops herself. Jin guesses what she meant so he vows to stick to Ji Soo from now on.
JoAnne: I don't think it will help you, Jin.
kakashi; The doctor is about 10000x cuter. And a doctor. I'm on his side. 

TimidGirl comes back and requests a hand massage from Bunny. Bunny notices her new haircut and compliments it, making TimidGirl squee a little bit. Kei and Jin watch this exchange. Jin ribs his hyung about how hard it must be to date Bunny. He has to worry about Alex and now, even Jeong Ah. Kei elbows Jin in revenge.
I think Song Jae Rim is closer to Thunder, judging from the precious few BTS pics I've seen of this show...
JoAnne: I wonder if he knows Joonie. Also, totally forgot that to that girl, Bunny is a boy.
kakashi: I wonder why.
Here's a BTS pic. Plus, in that scene last episode where they play around with fireworks, Jin and Kei were goofing off too much.
TimidGirl goes to work from Paris in a good mood. The Pretty Bitches see her manicure and bitch about how pretty nails don't match her ugly face. Bitch2 tells Bitch1 to leave TimidGirl be. She probably paid a lot for that.(Implying that TimidGirl needs lots of money to be pretty.) This makes TimidGirl sad again.

Bunny goes to Ji Soo's ward but no one is there. She finds Ji Soo outside, hanging out with Intern. Bunny is surprised but she tells them to go on, she'll be waiting upstairs. When Ji Soo comes back, Bunny acts like she didn't see anything. She goes on folding the clothes she brought, fixing her food, etc. She asks where Jin is because he was supposed to be here with the patient. Ji Soo answers he went out to buy something that tastes better than hospital food. Cue guilty staring. (Yeah, way to be a bad GF there while your BF is off being your errand boy.) Bunny tells Ji Soo that they've known each other for years, and she can tell that Ji Soo is interested in Intern. Bunny knows it's difficult to control one's feelings, but she's asking Ji Soo to stop entertaining Intern when she knows it hurts Jin who's trying to be understanding. After Bunny leaves, Ji Soo feels even guiltier that her roommate didn't even shout at her like in the past.
JoAnne: Picture all of me caring not one little bit about any part of this.
kakashi: See? My head also wants to go to sleep now.
Bunny bumps into Jeong Ah (TimidGirl) in the hospital. There's a bandage on her wrist and she explains she got burned. Bunny offers to walk her home since it's late, also as a thank you for being her regular customer even if she hasn't completely passed the nailist exam yet. Once they get there, Jeong Ah insists that Bunny stay for dinner, bragging about her spaghetti-cooking skills. Bunny declines, but when Jeong Ah admits it's sad eating alone, Bunny agrees to stay. While Jeong Ah is busy cooking, Bunny sees a bloody cutter and guesses that Jeong Ah cuts herself, making Bunny pity her more.
kakashi: Bunny, the emotional cripple, is so clueless. Seriously, somebody save her from herself. 
Meanwhile, Ji Soo feels guilty that Jin can't rest or go out with his other friends because he's visiting her all the time. She pretends to feel better and asks to check out of the hospital, citing the huge bill as her excuse. But we know she's just trying to avoid liking Intern too much.
kakashi: Who can blame her. 

Back at Spaghetti House, Bunny gets a call from Kei. He's been strolling around, waiting for her call. They were supposed to go on a date after her visit with Ji Soo but as we know, Bunny bumped into Jeong Ah and got roped into dinner. Jeong Ah only hears Bunny's side of the conversation: "Sorry, something came up," "I told you to wait for my call," "Yeah, I'm near Paris. Let's meet up there." It sounded like things a boyfriend would say. (Does that mean Bunny wears the pants in this relationship? *giggling* What does Kei wear then? Nothing?)
JoAnne: As long as it's not a thong.
kakashi: Or just socks. Just socks is worse than a thong.
Aaaah... so that's why Lee Min Ho doesn't wear socks.
Bunny apologizes to Jeong Ah. She has to leave now. "Is that your girlfriend?" she asks. Bunny gives a noncommital "kinda". She's trying to be vague because of her gender, but her dodgy actions only make her look like a player. Jeong Ah becomes desperate. She begs Bunny to stay and grabs her in a hug. Surprised, Bunny pries her off and tries to explain (probably that she's a girl too) but Jeong Ah doesn't let her finish. She attacks Bunny with a kiss! Bunny pushes her away, "What are you doing?" she shouts. Jeong Ah cries that Bunny probably hates fat and ugly girls (of course she does). Bunny is freaking out and can only say a quick "No. It's not that. But this isn't right. I have to go" before running out.
JoAnne: In a surprise twist, Bunny realizes that it's Ji Soo she has always loved, and runs to find her beloved 'room-mate'.
kakashi: Poor Bunny! She barely escapes a date-rape! 
She bumps into Kei outside the building. They're surprised to see each other there. Turns out when Kei called, he was kinda lost. (LOLLOL) Bunny shakes her head at his sense of direction and starts walking first. "Wait!" calls Kei. He holds out his arm and does this wiggle pout for Bunny to hook arms with him while walking. HAHAHAHA When Bunny goes back to do so, Kei beams like a kid.
JoAnne: Or this.

They walk around the mall, looking at clothes, but it's Kei who gets a makeover sequence. (LOL) Then they get couple shirts and pose adorably together. So cuuuuuuuuuuuute.
JoAnne:  It's too bad he's so damn skinny he couldn't take off his shirt.
kakashi: Maybe he's better skinny than puffy though? I haven't quite made up my mind yet.
This is puffy Rim kakashi is talking about, btw. (From the presscon when he was announced as the new International Ambassador for Children's Welfare... or something like that.)
After shopping, Bunny and Kei go to ThatOneRestaurant for drinks. She marvels that Kei is letting her drink.
Kei: Actually, it's better if you get drunk a little *pervy smile*
Bunny to Kei: *shuddering* you pervert!
Me to Kei: *giggling* you pervert! (Although for the record, NO TO DATE RAPE.)
JoAnne: Never use restraints unless you're with a trusted partner and always agree to a safe word beforehand.
kakashi: Don't do drugs, kids. 
RANDOM AGE OF FEELING ATTACK!!! (It's a Puffy Rim too...)
ExNailist interrupts Kei and Bunny, looking for the others nailists. They tell him about Jin's sick GF and Alex's vacation. ExNailist asks if Alex was able to resolve his girl issues then? Judging from their blank faces, no one knows that Alex liked someone. ExNailist asks them to keep this a secret, and shares how Alex like a girl but some guy got to her first. "Is it our boss?" asks Kei. "No! You brat! She's mine! Nobody can take her from me!" says ExNailist. He even asked GumiBoss himself if she's in a relationship with Alex. GumiBoss says no. Alex only stays with her a lot because she has severe anemia, but he likes someone else. Bunny drops her beer at that. Kei sees her shocked face and wrist grabs her out.
JoAnne: For the record, I don't think Alex would have been much help to me at all.
kakashi: Maybe he would have fed you liver? And he would have diagnosed you waaaaaaay back in the day from looking at your nails, so ... something else I wanted to say is this, though: The ExNailist was the lead in Temptation of Wife, I think. He has fallen deeeeeeeep.
OMFG. YOU'RE RIGHT. Maybe he's trying to distance himself from the hateful husband role in Temptation. Didn't Kim So Yeon have that kind of problem after All About Eve ended? She put in a great performance but no one wanted to cast her in a different project. Chae Rim got lots of projects while she got none. I'm glad Iris put KSY back in the limelight! <3
Kei confronts Bunny outside the restaurant. Why does she keep wavering? He asks her to focus on him. He's the one in front of her now. Bunny shakes her head... she cannot. (BOO!) Kei takes off his ring and throws it away, bitterly asking what those things are for. (Well, Kei dear, rings don't really make people magically like you. Just sayin')
JoAnne: Well, CLEARLY, that one is for throwing dramatically into the street.
kakashi: Yeah, it was ugly anyway. 
He barges into Alex's apartment next, demanding to know who was the girl who "got taken away" before Alex could confess. Alex asks to talk later. He's tired and not in the mood for this, but Kei just lays it all out. "It's Bunny right? You knew she was a girl right? You couldn't possibly not know. You probably figured it out immediately." Alex asks so what if he knew? What's Kei going to do about it?
JoAnne: Big talk from a monkey.
kakashi: So... I may have asked this before, but... when did Alex start liking Bunny??!
When he found out she was a girl? I didn't want to defend Alex but yeah. People have standards. And his must be, "I don't find fellow men attractive". So when he found out Bunny was a girl, that was probably it for him. It's not as noble or all-consuming as Kei's "I've accepted being gay for you" kind of love. But it's still love or like for Alex.

Kei grabs his hyung by the collar and demands to know why he's trying to steal Bunny. Bunny was the most important person to Kei, etc etc. Oh, but Alex has 8 episodes worth of pent-up, "Fook this shit, I'm tired of being a robot" energy. He shouts back, asking what he did wrong. It was hard for him too. He begs Kei not to make things more difficult. He's already trying to move on quietly.
JoAnne: Which... point goes to Alex. Sorry.
kakashi: If this show wants to teach us something (not sure it does), then it's this: don't be insecure, people. Be sure in your love and things will turn out alright. Also, this: you may shoot a banana-grabbing monkey on sight!
That makes Kei angrier. That he'll only get Bunny if Alex backs down, and not because Bunny likes him for himself. He drops the "hyung" and tells Alex to bring it. Kei refuses to be a pathetic guy who's always wondering if his girl is still in love with someone else. Alex is Officially Pissed. He scoffs at Kei. "Don't you think you're being overconfident?" (Yeah, I'm scared of this plan too Kei. We all know Bunny is all over the monkey.) Kei says whatever. They'll let Bunny choose who she wants.
JoAnne: Yeah, Kei, tread lightly here. Bunny wants that banana.
kakashi: Yeah, then let her have the boring banana. That'll teach her. 
The next morning, Alex shows up at work all smiles again. He greets Bunny with his boring Alex smile. Bunny is stunned. (Yeah, yeah. We all know her kokoro sings for the monkey.) So, it looks like Alex has embraced his dark side?
JoAnne: Jin comes in a bit later, but not so late that Bunny's kokoro has stopped singing, and he looks at her with puzzlement in his eyes: Is she carrying a radio in her pants pocket, by any chance?

Bunny runs after Kei hyung. She returns the ring he threw away last night. She apologizes for wavering and promises not to do it again. (Pfffft. This sounds just like my twitter promises not to "squee crazily" about Rim Oppa again.) (LIES ALL LIES) (I HATE HER: BE HAPPY WITH MONKEY) Kei looks touched at the gesture but restrains himself. He tells her to keep it for now and only return the ring if she's ready to give her whole heart to him. The fact that Bunny doesn't return it on the spot says A LOT about how she feels. Although I'll give her points for honesty.
As Paris starts to open shop, a couple of policemen drop by and ask for a "Bunny". Everyone: O___O. We cut to Bunny. Confused in the police station. "Sexual harrasment?" she insists there must be a mistake. The police call out the plaintiff and in comes Jeong Ah. "Is this the person you're talking about?" ask the police. Jeong Ah confirms it. Jeong Ah claims that after Bunny had dinner at her house, Bunny grabbed her clothes and tried to take advantage of her. Then Bunny ran away after Jeong Ah managed to get her hands on a knife. Jeong Ah points to her self-inflicted wounds and lies that she got it from Bunny's attack.
JoAnne: So Korea is just CHOCK FULL of people who make up terrible plans on the spot that can be easily disproved by the immediately available evidence without any effort at all, even by the admittedly subpar local police force?
kakashi: Uhm, I'm also pretty sure that woman can sexually harass women, so ... 

Bunny: What is this, Jeong Ah-sshi? Why are you lying?
Police: Let's see who's lying here. Were you or were you not at Miss Jeong Ah's house at that time?
Bunny: Yes. I was there... but...
Police: Take him!
JoAnne: They must get paid by the arrest.
kakashi: I think they're just really, really lazy.
Bunny keeps saying it can't be true, but she doesn't explain why. Alex steps up and says there's something they don't know. He asks Jeong Ah how Bunny tried to take advantage of her. Jeong Ah says Bunny touched her. Alex asks if Jeong Ah saw Bunny's body. Jeong Ah answers in the affirmative. "Then why do you still think that Bunny is a guy? Bunny is a girl." says Alex. He tells the officers to check Bunny's ID. (South Korea has a national ID system with a unique number for each citizen, one of the digits indicate your gender.)
JoAnne: Like a girl never has a penis.
kakashi: Like a girl can't be vicious, duh. Throw her in prison already! She deserves it! (Oh, and this was the big reveal, wasn't it ... Monkey knows this is a Monkey Woman. This will change EVERYTHING)
Everyone sees Bunny's real name and ID number. Jeong Ah is shocked. She sinks into her seat and mutters "this can't be right... this can't be true..." while the police apologize to Bunny and allow her to leave. Jeong Ah keeps muttering about lying and fooling people. She grabs a pen. She goes after Bunny. Monkey blocks! Jeong Ah stabs! SCOOOOOOOORE!!!
JoAnne: OMG! It's the dreaded upper shoulder shallow but fatal stab of death!
kakashi: Not for the first time, I wonder whether you could really stab a person with a blunt pen.
Next we see, it's Jeong Ah being detained by the police. Bunny asks to talk to her. She assures Jeong Ah that Alex is okay. Jeong Ah apologizes and says Bunny was the first person to look her in the eye and treat her well, etc etc (So you force a kiss on her and then accuse her of rape? Niiiiiice...) Anyway, Bunny forgives her and says she can't be her boyfriend but she'll try to be her BFF. (LOL NO. Have you seen how she treats her roommate? Bunny is an evil friend. Don't accept her friendship!)
JoAnne: It's not like she's any great shakes as a lover, either. Go with friend.
kakashi: They're all psychopaths. Let's do "WTFParis: The Ripper Years" next.  
Now that that's wrapped up, Bunny checks on Alex. She asks him when he found out about her. "When Kei found out. That's also the time I realized you're more than a dongsaeng to me" says Alex. But he kept it to himself because Kei was also an important dongsaeng to him. Alex apologizes for being cranky. He was just trying to push Bunny away because he can't control his feelings. "Then, are your feelings settled now?" says Bunny. Alex says no. He can't hold back. So he'll express them freely. "I like you, Bunny." 
JoAnne:  Someone stab me with a pen, please.
kakashi: I feel sick. Is it the massive amount of garlic I ate?


Amazing fact: If you go the Nail Shop Paris page on Asian Wiki, there are people who ship Alex with Bunny. There are people who insist that we didn't land on the moon, too. Never listen to Fangirls. They're all insane.

Has kakashi seen the final ep?