And Our #1 Squeelet Is

 Yes, we have a winner! My hats off to the few but mighty readers who attempted our Trivia quiz. Among the entries, it was very, very close, which is why it took me so long to announce the winner, but one person managed to get within 3 questions of 100% and even scored the bonus point!
Congratulations to Anhsanook. A set of EXO kpop socks will be sent out to you shortly, which you can proudly wear while proclaiming that you are the number one Squeelet of the Problematic of the Unproblematic. I hope you carry the title responsibly (which based on the writings of the contributors of PotUP leaves it pretty much open to anything!)

The rest of you guys were awesome! There were 4 other entries that were within one or two answers of the winner, along with some other valiant efforts. In case you're wondering where you went wrong, here are the answers:

1. What does PotUP stand for?
Problematic of the Unproblematic (although Mukoro gave a pretty interesting answer before she figured it out!)

2. What individual post held the spot of most viewed for almost 3 years?
Lee Min Ho's Hair

3. During which drama was the term squeecap first used?
When a Man Loves

4. One of kakashi's "Top 5" subjects was so popular it had 4 parts. Which one was it?
Shower Posts

5. Who is Pissy fish-face?
Soe Mi-Do/Shin Se-Kyun from When A Man Loves

6. What actor did kakashi first try stalking?
Lee Jun-ki

7. Who is bcook's first husband?
Lee Min-ho

8. Who is Cutie Soo and why is he called that?
Yoon Hyun Min/Hyun Soo from Cruel City and everyone kept giggling about how cute he was, so he was henceforth dubbed Cutie-Soo

Bonus point - whose husband is he?

9. What's lafer's first recapping/squeecapping project and what did she learn because of it?
Roommate and how to make gifs

10. Which actor was first among kakashi's top three but has fallen out of favor?
Park Shi-hoo

11. What's Shukie mainly been watching in the last few weeks?
Lakhorns/Thai dramas

12. Which part of Kim Ji-hoon does kakashi like best?
His nose (even though the abs are this close)

13. What actor first made lafer feel like a pedonoona?
Jang Geun Suk (before his ultra girliness, I might add)

14. In terms of squeecaps, who is Oppa?
Sung Seong-Heun

15. Which actor has been in the most squeecaps?
Kim Ji-hoon

16. Who is JoAnne's one true love? (though we're not quite sure she has one ... )
Rain (and he's coming back to dramaland! Squeecapping will be taken to a whole new level!)

17. Who is the maknae SqueeCapper?

18. Why is mary also called "DB's Anthony"?
Because people go "what would Mary say?" whenever Song Jae-Rim is mentioned

19. Which KDrama sequels is kakashi eagerly anticipating? Name at least 2!
TEN3, Joseon X-Files 2 and Vampire Prosecutor 3

20. What KDrama genre is lafer's favorite?
Melo/relationship dramas

21. Which drama did SqueeCappers get really creative with pictures?
Witch's Romance

22. "When A Man Loves" started to take on many #WhenAMan...... titles. Name 5.
Let's just say no one had trouble with this question!

23. According to bcook, who always plays the Kdrama grandmother?
Kim Young-ok! The Granny from Coffee Prince and almost every single drama ever made.

24. Which drama were kakashi, JoAnne and bcook squeecapping that was so bad it had to stop filming and beg for funds after 5 episodes, never to get back on the air?
Boys Before Friends

25. Which SqueeCap drama contains Shukie's first official gif?
When a Man Loves

26. What was the first non-SK drama to be SqueeCapped?
La Femme Nikita

27. Which actor was given a "sparkling abs" gif requested by JoAnne?
Sung Seong-Heun

28. Which actor did kakashi dress up like a Santa for in hopes of meeting?
Kim Ji-Hoon

29. What new collaborative weekly post has been added to The Problem of the Unproblematic?
Rants and Raves (now nicknamed RAWR)

30. According to Lafer, who is the best kisser in Kdramas?
Lee Jin-Wook (although Gong Yoo was a close second)

Thanks to all who entered, and keep reading!  You never know what contest we'll be having next.