The Night Watchman - Episode 3 (A WTFCap)

In which we meet the adult protagonists, reacquaint ourselves with Sadam's hair, and are fully apprised of Hotness McWatchman's hotness. Oh and ghosts. There are some ghosts.

Episode Three


Twelve years go by in the blink of an eye...

The conflict is setting up nicely - wastral prince, crazy king, evil Shaman with his plus one, the good hearted mountain lass, the  prince-loving ghosts...but who is that woman helping Sa Dam? Who is the little girl ghost, for that matter?  Moo Suk and his friend wandered into a scene but we have no actual idea who they are, we just know that they know Soo Ryeon, the minister's daughter.

I'm good though, because Hotness lived after all, and Sa Dam is shaping up to be one campy MoFo of a character.  Actually, ALL of the overacting in this is just the right kind of over - acting.  I'm really pretty happy so far.  How about you?