The Night Watchman - Episode 5 (A WTFCap)

Stuff happens.  Most of it not funny, sadly. We're still laying the groundwork for the struggle to come.  In the mean time, here.

In case anyone wanted to imagine themselves in a vaguely QIHM-like scenario

Episode 5





This episode was all over the place.  The writing is still terrible, with important information being left out, or dropped in suddenly, perhaps when it occurs to the writer that - oops - we need to fill in a gap.  Still, the core of the story is compelling to me.  Brothers pitted against each other through forces clearly larger than themselves, against which they are relatively powerless. It's clear that left to their own devices they wouldn't have a problem with each other. It's also clear that the king is a sad man who will be driven to do bad things, not a bad man at heart - much like his father before him.

I am just very ready for the Scooby Gang to form up - because you know that's coming: Prince, Do Ha, Hot Watchman, Ghosketeers...eventually even Moo Suk will be part of that crew.  I really don't want the poor king to suffer, but I'm perfectly fine consigning Sa Dam to the depths of hell right now.  The verdict is still out on Grandma; we know her role is to preserve the monarchy within her family line, but there's some truth to what Kisan accused her of, I think. Same for Soo Ryeon; she can go either way.  Will she let jealous breed mare rule her actions, or will she be a woman of integrity and do what is right when the time comes?