Yoo Na's Street - Episode 4 (A HugCap)

Hello everybody! It's my (=kakashi's aka The Big Kahuna's) turn for episode 4 and I'll freely admit it, I'm excited! I have come to know most of the characters well by now (as well as one can after 3 episodes of this complex show), so this should work alright. I'll also admit to feeling a bit bad towards Kim Ji-hoon, because ... he really had to move over and now it's getting a bit crowded in my heart.
Mary: *whispers* you can move Lee Junki aside for a little bit. I promise not to tell. And hey, where's my gangster nickname? Can I be The Mermaid? Or Fish Tail?
becca: Apple Unni? *giggles* I don't know, I'm just glad that we're finally acknowledging this as a HugCap. I've only been campaigning since episode one!
[update: we talked about it on Twitter and settled upon AppleButt. Everybody wave to AppleButt!]

Episode 4

We're back to the "I'll cut yours if you cut mine" scene, with Chang-man worrying outside the room. And he is right to worry, because here come the two gangster-underlings! Haraboji isn't phased at all though when he puts his head into the room and tells him and just says they should come in. I'm glad to notice the scissors in his hands aren't bloody. Not that I care for this evil guy's balls, but I don't think anybody's balls deserve cutting with a pair of scissors!! (yes, I would be a wallet-mailer).
Mary: Wait-- I thought he was gonna cut off the... uhm... hotdog, not the balls? [[NOT SO SPOILER ALERT: Don't worry, the hotdog vs ball question isn't relevant, as far as I know.]]
kakashi: Definitely the balls if it's Italian Mafia related. I know cause somebody once threatened to cut my husband's off
Axe un-gags Hammer and tells him shush. Poor Hammer ... he is terrified and starts his stammering apologies. He will NEVER do anything bad again. Just spare his precious coin purse! Axe scoffs at that: a true gang boss would have said "cut it the hell off"! What kind of weakling gangster is he?
Mary: One who places his balls above everything else?
becca: *gasp* Even above honor??
Outside, the two underlings dance around in front of Chang-man, fists raised. He keeps politely telling them to please just go in, he doesn't want to fight, but they don't want to go in (or think he's just pulling their leg). One goes to "get a tool from the car" (is he running away?), while the other continues his little dance, visibly scared. Haraboji comes out and tells the guy to go in - they're leaving. He quickly does, always keeping an eye on them. Hammer meekly calls for a doctor when the door opens again: Chang-man and Axe are back! Hammer turns away, all desperate to protect his nether regions. But Axe only wants to take a video. Hahahahaaaa.
Mary: I laughed when the two gangsters were trying to pass off Chang-man to each other. "You take care of this guy, I'll go inside to help the boss" and "No, hyungnim, you take care of this guy, I will go inside".
becca: Word spreads quickly! It's especially funny because Chang-man is such a teddybear in reality.
Cut to the recording: the two underlings are on their knees, holding up sticks. Chang-man starts recording with his phone - with meticulous earnestness, of course. Hammer admits that he was wrong - and adds he is so very sorry he didn't respect his seniors. So he won't do it anymore? Of course not. At the end, Chang-man bends down and tells Hammer to say some "final words to the elders", while he carefully closes the broken man's pyjama top. Pfft, haha, this show! Is this the end of Hammer?
Mary: *sits quietly in the corner*
becca: *casts suspicious glances at Mary*
The siege at the dance-place is still on though - there's four gangsters there, playing cards, treating Gye Pal like a servant. Only he ... haha, he is totally on their side and wants to make sure they get lunch. He even takes tips from them! And he's into Buddhist ringtones. Muahaha. It's Hammer who calls, to tell his men to pull out. Quickly.
Mary: I don't like Gye Pal here. Such a weasel. Hurrah for ajumma, though. I think she compared Gye Pal to those who sided with the Japanese in that Gaksital period of Korea. But it sounded weird when translated so the subbers changed it a little bit. Hehe. Anyway, strong ovaries in this show. I approve!
becca: Yes, I remember that comparison! It's disturbingly apt. And I may dislike this ajumma in general, but I kind of admire her as a gangster-wife. She's uncompromising.
Yoona is leaving the prison after seeing her father, sighing. Of course, her father was lying - it's not a hardened liver. It's liver cancer. Final stages.
becca: Nooooo! *whimpers*

At Red-Eyed Herrings place (or was it three-eyed? big-eyed? cross-eyed?) [Big-eye! Because he had huge, bulging eyes! Oh is that why? I hadn't thought about it.], the good guys are laughing their lungs out when they see Chang-man's cell phone video. Haraboji forbids them to watch it again, though. Yeah, he's not of the iPhone generation. (I thought that was his honor coming into play: not wanting to further ridicule the guy after he was brought low. That's not Haroboji's style.) Haraboji praises Chang-man again in front of everyone. Chang-man is very humble about his deeds though, since he only stood there and talked to the guys, but that pleases everyone even more. Everyone minus Manbo, it seems. I'm still not entirely sure what that look means though.
Mary: When Big-eye praised Chang-man for having strong principles/growing up well (because he stood by Grandpa), it's like an indirect insult to Manbo who does the exact opposite of Chang-man. Ergo, he has weak principles and he grew up bad. Hehe. Well, it's true. Just look at him. All he does is bully and threaten people. I don't think Big-eye was aware of the insult though.
When the three of them are in the car, heading back to the house, he asks Chang-man why he is meeting the Herring again tomorrow. For lunch, is what Chang-man thinks, but Manbo knows better: it's to recruit him - it's not quite sure as what ... gangster underling? waiter? both? Anyway, Manbo forbids it. Because Chang-man has to come with him - to the school. Oh dear.
Mary: Herring said he'll recruit him as a cook. Y'know, Herring reminds me of that other herring. The one who just disappeared in Heartless City. Or was it Mackerel? Dangnabbit, looks like fishy gangster names aren't memorable. Maybe I should change mine...
becca: Ahem. See my first comment.
Yoona is now at the café, where Mi-seon is disappointed the watch she got from the President is not worth as much as she thought. The unni realizes immediately that something is off with the younger woman, urging Yoona to tell her. She does - and Mi-seon is somewhat taken aback by the sudden news ... only to then suggest the old man might put on a show to get out of prison early. Well ... how insensitive! A bit later, she asks Yoona to bring the watch back to the President for her. Yoona agrees to do the errand, even though she's tired. Can't say "no" either, woman? You and Chang-man might be a perfect fit!
Mary: Right about now is when I start hating Mi Seon to the seven hells.
becca: I started early because I could see the potential in her. Come and join me, Apple[Butt] Unni.
President is saddened by this ... saying how Mi-seon is only interested in money. You don't say ... Haha, she actually sent him a text to tell him WHICH watch she wants! That woman! It's a super expensive one and when Yoona asks, President says he'll not buy it. Does she want the watch Mi-seon has turned down? No way (bravo, Yoona!): she'll not take leftovers. Well, he smiles at that - he really likes this side of her, this being human, with pride. Mi-seon kakaotalks her in that moment, asking whether the President will buy the watch? She orders Yoona to come back when she hears he isn't going to.
Mary: Did we miss the part where Yoona signed a slavery contract under her? Bish.
becca: *sigh* It's hard being a dongsaeng.... Then again, I never had much trouble saying "No" to my unni, so I guess I can't relate that much.
President, who looked over Yoona's shoulder, asks whether she will join him for another drink somewhere else. No - but he can buy her noodles, says Yoona. Caaaareful now, girl. At a pojangmacha, President says he's done with Mi-seon. Who is pregnant, by the way. Woot! She claims it's his, only that he has had a vasectomy 20 years ago.
becca: Yoona is walking a thin line here, I think. And I'm not quite sure why, when she clearly knows what he wants and isn't interested.
Mary: I think she was feeling a bit rebellious today, especially when Mi Seon orders her to come home and the President asks, "So when she tells you to go home, you just follow her?"
Chang-man is giving Axe Haraboji a massage. *Hugattack*! (I just realized that I haven't hugged anyone yet this episode. It's disconcerting. *hugs Big Kahuna and the world returns to normal*) He finds some bruises on Axe's elbow, but before he can decide how to treat them, he is called outside by Chil-bok (aka Byeon Chil) He warns him about how ungrateful the people at this place are and also tells him that he has work for him tomorrow. Only that Chang-man promised Manbo to go with him, as we know, so that's an issue. Poor Chang-man. Chil-bok clearly thinks it's a lost case already.
becca: Aww, don't worry, Ahjusshi. I think he'll be okay. And I know that hugging Chil-bok/Byeon Chil would be more appropriate, but I'm hugging Chang-man instead. 'Cause I do what I want.
Mi-seon keeps on calling and checking where Yoona is. When she hears Yoona is still with the President, she gets really agitated - and goes outside, to spy on them when they return in his car. Once the President has left, she calls out to Yoona and vents her anger in words ... and then SLAPS her. WTF, woman! That's not all though, because she continues to beat Yoona, going for where it hurts. She is jealous or crazy or both, this woman.
becca: I just remembered that I'd initially wondered if Mi-seon was trying to pimp Yoona out by always sending her to meet Prez. Glad she wasn't, but it turns out she's still pretty terrible.
Well, I'm glad that Yoona stops being passive next, starts some hair pulling as well and wants to end it all with a beautiful head-butt, hook, and kick. Only that Mi-seon doesn't stay down - when Yoona yells that she's not like Mi-seon; she'd never get involved with a married man, the fight continues. But here comes Chang-man! (Yay!) He pulls Yoona off Mi-seon. Oh no ... Miss Cool is crying. Because Mi-seon said mean things about her dad. Yeah ... I was wondering when she would confront her about that!
Mary: Only Chang-man's face when Yoona accidentally punched him away could calm down the intense hate I had for Mi Seon here. And I can't help but think that Yoona was still holding back. Hello? She served in prison! And her lifestyle isn't "sheltered" like Mi Seon who deals in flirting and sex. I bet Yoona can beat her up to a pulp if she really wanted to.
becca: My intense distaste for Mi-seon aside, I was worried about the baby during the fight. She took some hard kicks to the gut, as I recall. And I'm glad Chang-man came when he did, for Yoona's sake.
Chang-man takes Yoona to his room and starts treating the cuts on her face, while Mi-seon demands to be let in outside. Lunatic! Chil-bok and his wife try to calm her down and finally drag her into her own apartment, where the Wife (does she have a name?) (Hye Sook!) tries to find out what's wrong with her. Well, we know, but Mi-seon just says she hates everyone in the world and cries.
becca: I kind of pity her, y'know? I mean, I still don't like her, but her life seems so empty.
Mary: I still laughed at this part. When Mi Seon was going crazy outside and Yoo Na was like, "I don't care, let her in!" and Chang Man was "No way! My room will turn into a sea of blood." Also when Byeon Chil-bok shoved his wife inside Mi Seon's room to calm her and ran away from the wimmin-conflict. Teehee.
At Chang-man's, he is done patching her up. His attempts to find out why they fought are stone-walled, but when Yoona wants to leave, he tells her to stay in his room. Not with him, of course - he will go down to sleep with Haraboji. (Aww, he's such a gentleman. *hugs*) Oh dear ... that's one uncomfortable night next to a snoring and sleep-talking old man. An old man full of remorse about his family that he didn't see for so long, especially a child who doesn't even know where his father lives. Oh dear ... and then, after Chang-man has woken the old man up from his discomfort, Axe throws Chang-man OUT, claiming not to know who he is.
becca: Poor Grandpa.
Chang-man sits himself into the chair that Axe got fom himself in the first episode and stares up at the moon ... thinking about Yoona, reliving how he touched her lips - kissing the finger that did it. Awwwwww.
Mary: Everytime Chang-man is so awesome I just cry and look for Nam Su. It's like Chang-man has finished twenty laps already while Nam Su is still tying his shoes or something.
becca: Slow but steady wins the race? Or not. Poor Nam Su.
OUT comes Axe, wondering what Chang-man is doing outside, not sleeping. I'll be damned. These people would drive me nuts in an instance. Anyway, Axe says the child he's been calling in his sleep is his daughter, Sung-nam. We don't learn more about her, because Axe doesn't want to talk about it.
becca: But I love that Chang-man doesn't make a big deal out of Axe Grandpa not recognizing him earlier. He's confused, sure, but he doesn't press the matter because that would probably just embarrass Grandpa. *warm huggy feelings*

When Chang-man gets back to his room the next morning, Yoona has already left - she is wandering the streets, wearing shades, looking more timid than usual. She left him a grateful note though, and promises to take him out for a drink when she has some money to spare. He smiles, clutching the little notebook close, as he goes to sleep on the floor. I realize at this moment that I really want to see him happy ..... awwwwww. *hugs him close*
Mary: He was so cute when he clutched the notebook to his chest and curled up on the floor for another nap.
becca: He's ALWAYS cute.
Mary: Ha! Tell that to episode [SPOILER REMOVED HEHE].
Yoona is on her way to her other unni, ex-thief Yang-sun, who is currently passing out leaflets for her karaoke bar. People are not interested at all. The two women have some vending machine coffee together, talking about Mi-seon, her pride and her non-existent moral. These two are close in a very comfortable kind of way, I like it. Yoona asks Yang-sun for money, as much as she can give her and goes to visit her dad again.
Mary: I like it when she offered to beat up Mi Seon again. And when she took out all the money in her wallet and saved just $10 for herself and gave the rest to Yoo Na without asking. I like Yang Sun unni. Like her very much! She is awesome.
becca: I know, right? I like her more every time I see her.
Drama-student Da-young is nervous about her father's upcoming visit to her professor. Professor isn't very pleased either about the talk, but it seems Manbo pestered him non-stop. Oh boy ... Da-young is there to tell her teacher that her father is a mob-boss! Oooohhhhhh. Bullying is likely, the girl tells the Prof, if he doesn't give her the drama role. The sly fox! Is she trying to get the role this way?! Yes, it seems so! But the professor will not budge! Not even a supporting role!
becca: He's totally onto her. I kinda like him. Not enough for hugs, of course, but he's cool.
And here he comes, Manbo, Chang-man in tow. Chang-man has gotten a job offer from Herring - Manbo immediately starts talking badly about Herring and his way of treating his subordinates. It's Manbo he needs to come work for! Before they go in to meet the professor, Manbo gives Chang-man a lesson about "softening up" people and how he used to blindly follow his superiors when he was young. Chang-man is very uncomfortable. Seriously, man! Just say you won't do such a thing! But no, Manbo just wants Chang-man to stand there and look threatening. Haha. He is the nicest person in the world, so how can he be threatening?!
becca: Sheer size? I will never get tired of the big teddybear being used as muscle.
Mary: I'm having JoAnne-y thoughts about what you just said...
Hahaha, he really tries - but first, he gets sent away to another table by Manbo. Professor is quite frank and tells Manbo the issue with his daughter's role has been resolved: she isn't getting one at all. Manbo gets a bit more threatening, mildly so, but the Professor is not budging. Now, Manbo gets much more threatening and says the production won't happen at all if his daughter doesn't get a role! Professor leans over the table and says: you better don't make vain threats. So Manbo, getting angrier by the minute, waves his hand to Chang-man, to call him over. But ... no Chang-man comes. Chang-man is preoccupied with the pepper mill.
Mary: I cringed for Manbo in this scene. Hahaha. He was so arrogant and smirky when he called his "lackey", and the lackey wasn't even paying attention. How can you make a thug out of Chang-man? It's just not possible!
becca: I died laughing! I so love this gag.
When Manbo snips his fingers, Chang-man runs ... and Manbo tells him to take the Professor "out for a little walk". OMG, I'm laughing already. Professor follows Chang-man out, saying how disappointed he is in him - he is of his brother's age. He then presents his cheek to Chang-man, telling him to just hit him. He has no time. Of course, Chang-man does not want to hit this man! So the Professor ... hits him. Buahahahaaaaaa. The end.
becca: HAHA! Poor Chang-man! He was probably actually going to take him for a real walk, too, he's so gentle and sincere.
Back home, Chang-man runs into Mi-seon, all dressed up. She is going to work. He wants to know where Yoona is. He also asks about Yoona's father - is he in prison? The woman blows him off, of course: she's a super rude one.

Yoona is wandering the streets ... thinking about the visit to her dying father, holding his hand, talking about the future. She then goes to a pojangmacha and gets drunk, and that is where her unni Yang-sun finds her. They drink together, being sad.
Mary: She was depressed because Dad was acting strong even if he looked like he had one foot in the grave. He kept saying how he'd finish his sentence and do charity and good deeds and go on a vacation to Jeju with her. "But it's too late" says Yoona in the present.
becca: This father-daughter pair kills me.
At the café, Mi-seon is doing her manicure. Nam-su alert! Why is he always only appearing at the very end of an episode? I want more! (Me too! *sadface*) He is looking for Yoona and he no longer carries his arm in a sling. Mi-seon informs him that Yoona will no longer work at the café.
Mary: He's looking for Yoona because he heard from one of his contacts that her dad is very sick! See, he cares too! He's just really really handicapped versus Chang-man in the Caring and Thoughtful Department. *sigh* my poor lunkhead.
A few days later (I guess), Yoona goes to the prison again, this time with Dirt rag Ex-Cop Dal-ho (aka Bong). Her father is not in good shape. And he has cut three fingers off his own hand -  to show his daughter "clearly", the prison guard informs her. To show her what? That one shouldn't steal, I guess! Content to have delivered his message, his head rolls to the side and ... "Aboji!" Yoona says, over and over, as tears start streaming down her face.
Mary: Don't cry, Yoona. T^T *cries with sad penguin*


Ouf. That was hard. Be careful what you wish for, too, because seeing Yoona this emotional was quite heart-wrenching. Poor woman. I hope she will find comfort in the company of others, be it her friend and unni Yang-sun, be it Nam-su, or be it, preferably, Chang-man. Chang-man is the untainted one (or so it seems) and he is the one that could help her out of a life that seems far too tough for a young woman. If they don't manage to taint him in the process!
I am much intrigued by this drama (like so many others, I know!) and the main reason is its wonderful slowness. It is not in a rush to get anywhere. Things might happen, they might not. There is no big conflict, there are no major tensions. This is a glimpse of life we are getting, a glimpse of a bunch of people who are struggling with the difficulties of life, laughing, loving, crying, fearing. I want more.
Mary: *nodding at everything kakashi said* Oh, except for that "preferably Chang-man" part.
becca: *also nodding at everything - including the "preferably Chang-man" part*