Song Jae-rim To Be On "We Got Married" with Kim So-eun!

That's MARRIED. Not Mary-ed.

Song Jae-rim will be on the show with Kim So-eun to replace the Wooyoung and Park Se-young couple.

I will always remember Kim So-eun as Jandi's awesome bestie and Kim Bum's love interest in Boys Over Flowers. Until now. Now I will remember her as Song Jae-rim's fake wife. (Guess who his real wife is in my mind?)
News sources on allkpop, soompi, mwave, and me signal-blasting it on twitter. Also on my heart. Etched in my kokoro... so yeah. Everywhere (to me). I hope the "real Rim" we see here is the dork one. I don't think my kokoro can take it if SM keeps on marketing him as the chic Diva. I just can't.
Kim So-eun tweeted this pic today, September 11
I hope sassy, and cute Kim So-eun kicks your balls into beta-territory. If you start acting all Princessy Rim. Behave, Oppa! Arraseo?

Must we jeob this? Of course. Will I survive?

As usual, tune in to find out.