The Three Musketeers Eps 3 - A Gifcap

It's time for another adventure with the Three Musketeers, and this episode does not disappoint. But slowly we will see that SoHyeon's smile can have many different meanings behind it!
We start off with Dal Hyang being bombarded by tons of flying arrows from Yong Gol Dae's entourage.  Of course we all know he'll escape, but I have to admit his method of using his horse as camouflage is pretty ingenious. Unfortunately, you can't underestimate the enemy,who catches on quickly and goes off in hot pursuit.

Next Dal Hyang demonstrates impressive strength and quick mindedness by cutting a tree branch on the run, knocking out those close behind him. Wow. It usually takes me an hour to hack through a branch that size. He manages to allude his followers, but his horse, unfortunately, does not make it.
Back at the palace, Yoon Seo runs into Seung Po, and noticing blood on his hands, demands to know what happened. She will not have the servants disregard her!
Meanwhile, SoHyeon asks his servant how it's possible that Mi Ryeong is still alive. Didn't she hang herself? Didn't he verify that it was her body? Ugh, well, about was buried before he got to see it, apparently.
So Hyeon needs a doctor, even though he tells Yoon Seo it's fake blood (she is NOT falling for that lie, buster) but they must go outside of the palace to keep his wound a secret. Nothing like a little sword at the neck to make one take on a case in the middle of the night!
Yong Gol Dae is an unhappy camper, trying to figure out who tricked him and who's working with whom. If the Crown Prince is killed, or things get complicated, heads--specifically Mi Ryeong's, will role. But Eye Patch is mad he didn't take out SoHyeon when he had the chance, because really, what did the country ever do for them?
A horseless Dal Hyung makes it back to his room at the inn, only to be disturbed by one of Seung Po's servants. He brings a letter from Seung Po, requesting his presence at Minister Choi Myung Gil's house. Oh, the irony. No problem letting Dal Hyang in this time, huh Mr. Servant Man?
Turns out Minister Choi is the teacher to the Three Musketeers, and Dal Hyang arrives just in time to hear Seung Po and Min Seo being chewed out for their reckless behavior. Even SoHyeon gets a chastising.
Dal Hyang is just happy to finally give the letter from his father to the minister. As if there's a chance Minister Choi will even have a clue who his father is. Poor Dal Hyang!  Seems the Minister's description is a little off, but he'll remember....someday. Look how hopeful Dal Hyang is!
Minister Choi tells Dal Hyang that things are not good, and that a war will be the end of Joseon. On top of that, Kim Ja Jum has likely left the country. As a military officer, how will Dal Hyang protect the country? Good to see we're getting the hard questions out of the way first.
Meanwhile, SoHyeun's servant makes a visit to Mi Ryeong's father to get some answers, but it turns out her father didn't see his daughter's body either. It was buried by a servant who later hung himself. More troubling is SoHyeon's memory of Mi Ryeong crying "you said you loved me!" Hmmm, what's this all about?
Morning of what had to have been one of the longest nights in history finds Yoon Seo getting ready to have the daily greeting to the King by herself. When SoHyeon shows up at her side right in the nick of time, she's emotional to find he's alright.  Alas, he's just smirky as usual.
When the King mentions he wants a grandchild, Yoon Seo loses it and starts crying uncontrollably. The King is perplexed, and this time I want to slap that smirk right off SoHyeon's face! My heart is breaking a little for Yoon Seo. Unless it means she ends up getting some action with Dal Hyang.
It's the day of the Bang Bang Eui, (formal ceremony for those passing the civil service exam) and while Dal Hyang patiently waits in his spot in last place, the 4 traitors are discussing their fate. Nothing has been said - could the King not know? SoHyeon shows up to taunt them a little, telling them how he dreamt of traitors,but that could never be, right? Ok, smirk appropriate here!
At the palace, Yoon Seo is partaking in one of the few acceptable pastimes for a princess, walking the property with her ladies in waiting, when she hears the music of the Bang Bang Eui. Yoon Seo remembers back to five years ago when Dal Hyang was telling her she must be there for the ceremony when he passes his exam.
Back at the ceremony, Dal Hyang is proud and excited as he walks to his spot (although actually he looks a little ill.) SoHyeon, Min Seo and Seung Po all smile at him--can't you just feel the love? I must say, that is some crazy headgear they make the guys wear. Actually everyone is sporting crazy headwear. It's like Bang Bang Eui is synonymous with crazy hat day.
Unbeknownst to Dal Hyang, Yoon Seo watches as Dal Hyang takes his spot, with a proud and satisfied smile on her face.
As SoHyeon overlooks the ceremony, his servant tells him to look over at the family section. It's Mi Ryeong, who boldly returns his gaze before turning to quickly leave.
She alludes the servant's attempt to catch up with her but practically collides with Yoon Seo, who is also leaving. A little stare-down ensues, and Mi Ryeong passes off her rudeness as shock at actually seeing the Princess in person. I think you're just checking out your replacement, Mi Ryeong!
After the ceremony, Dal Hyang is settling back in his room when Seung Po's servant Pan Se reappears. He doesn't know that he is Seung Po's congratulatory gift to Dal Hyang. Pan Se needs to verify the situation for himself! He is NOT happy, but I am!  He'll be a great sidekick.
Next, SoHyeong shows up. Since he was born and raised outside of the palace, he likes wandering around outside. He says that the teacher and other Musketeers wanted Dal Hyang to come work with them, but he said no. How could he put him in such close proximity to his wife? What if they would elope? Poor Dal Hyang, being joked with again.
The real reason for his visit is because he has another job for Dal Hyang. He will be a guard of the Manchu envoy, with the task of finding Mi Ryeong and bringing her to SoHyeon by any means possible. But it must be kept top secret, even from the other Musketeers.
Dal Hyang keeps asking questions: What are you going to do after I find her? What happened the last time you saw her, 5 years ago?  We watch as a young Mi Ryeong cries "I thought you loved me" followed by a young SoHyeon telling her to kill herself.  Holy cannoli, Batman! What's up with that?
SoHyeon continues with she's still alive, so now he doesn't know what to do.  Maybe he'll kill her, or maybe he'll fall in love with her again. Either way, Dal Hyang is to carry out his order. And we end our episode. Now this is one time my Mr. Jin Wook's smile is downright creepy!