Yoo Na's Street - Episode 11 (A THugCap)

Hello! Becca, here, stepping in for a turn! And I couldn't be happier with the episode I got. There's a lot going on, as people are faced with choices and consequences. Things may be about to change, and I'm both very excited and very worried, especially as our heroine is flirting with the dark side. Somebody hold me! Preferably Chang-man.
kakashi: Hm. Chang-man. He is beginning to annoy me just a tiiiiiiny little bit, you know, a microbe-sized bit. By the way, I had to get a different version to gif from, unfortunately, with subs. This feels a bit like WTFParis days, but this time, the subs are English and not German at least.
Mary: Pfffft. She's flirting with the dark side, and I've a tiny little crush on Song Jae-rim. Also, hurrah for gifs and hurrah for becca and kahuna helping to recap YNS. *pushes Chang-man away to hug you both*

Episode 11

As the two thugs (that's Thugs, not Hugs!) advance on an unwitting Yoo-na, Chang-man sees one pull out a knife and calls out to her. She turns in time to block the knife, but is pushed down, and Chang-man rushes forward. He easily disarms them and demands to know why they're here, but they beat a hasty retreat, leaving Yoo-na and Chang-man alone.
kakashi: Hahaha, they're afraid of Chang-man. I love it when he pulls his Black Belt moves.
Mary: That is one bloody useful skill to have if your girlfriend is a pickpocket. Speaking of skills, does Taekwondo increase flexibility? Just wondering...
He makes sure she's okay, then asks who those guys were, ready to call the police. Naturally, Yoo-na opposes that idea. Reporting it will just make things more complicated. She thanks him, but that's not what's important to him. Aw, poor guy, you can read it in his eyes, how worried he is about her. But then he asks why she lives like this, which is sooo not the thing to say to Yoo-na, and she shoots back, "Then how should I be living?" He thinks she can just control herself and live well, but she replies that he can live that way, but she can't.
kakashi: Why can't she? It is interesting that Yoo-na repeats this again and again. Is it that she can't, or is it that she doesn't want to? Or that she is afraid to try? Or is it just the convenient answer?
Mary: All of the above? It's kinda complicated. Like my Song Jae-rim love. Sometimes you wake up and ask yourself why do you do this? Why not do something else? You know you can stop. But why do you have to? It's become this huge chunk of who you are that when you try to imagine a life without it, you end up drawing a blank. And that blank? It's very scary.
When Chang-man tells Bong about it the next day, he surmises that it's no small problem if things like this are happening. Like Yoo-na, though, he says reporting it won't help matters. Chang-man asks him to use his connections to find out who's behind it.
kakashi: Bong is growing on me. I wouldn't have thought that possible, cause he's not really a nice man. Not that I only like nice men. But I do need some kind of decency in them. I wasn't sure about him.
They're interrupted by Da-young, who's out walking one of Gye-pal's dogs. Bong marvels that she's so pretty, with a dad like hers. (Hee!) Chang-man and Bong shake hands with doggy, which is soooo cute, and when Bongs says he knows her dad, Da-young guesses that he knows Axe Grandpa, too, and asks if he knew them from prison. He hedges, saying Chang-man can tell her, then takes his leave.
kakashi: Da-young may be pretty, but she's not all too different from her dad. I'm a bit mad at her. (Why is kakashi mad? Did I skip something again?) And is this Rain's dog?
Mary: LOL you mean the dog with amnesia possessed by the dead ex-gf?
As they walk home, Chang-man explains that Bong wasn't in prison with Da-young's dad, so much as he's the one who put him there. She takes it in stride but says he doesn't look like a detective, to which Chang-man replies that not everyone is what they seem to be. For example: people say he looks okay, but he's been through a lot and done hard labor, too.
kakashi: Haha, she is so matter of fact about her dad. Okay, I like her a bit better now.
Mary: And hahaha at Chang-man's face every time he says stuff like that. God gave him a double dose of kindness and a half-dose of humility.
Da-young asks if he's free tonight because she has a friend who wants her to set him up with her. He guesses it's Hye-young but isn't interested. She asks about one of her other friends - not his type - then promises to set him up with someone he will like. Chang-man isn't interested, and he's busy tonight, anyway: he has a work dinner to celebrate his promotion to general manager at the colatec.
kakashi: Suuuuuuuuuure. Come on, girl, so transparent.
Yoo-na visits Nam-su at the hospital, where one of his Lost Boys (I don't know their names!!) (do they even have any?) is helping him eat. She hasn't been able to reach Hwa-suk and asks if she's been by (she hasn't), so Boy #1 tries calling her instead. While he does, she takes the chopsticks from him and silently adds more food to Nam-su's spoon as he eats his soup. *sigh* In moments like this, I really sympathize with Mary. It's a sweet ship. But doomed.
kakashi: Yoo-na doesn't have a mother, so let me be that for her: Yoo-na, girl - this man is not good for you. He has no job, no future, and will only get you in trouble.
Mary: T_____T It looked purely platonic on Yoo-na's side. But c'mon, if you were Nam-su and this talented (in your standards), pretty, fierce but loyal, and caring girl were beside you, wouldn't you fall in love too?
Later, Yoo-na and Boy #1 (who, I notice, also has a wounded hand - did they have a buy-one-get-one-free deal going on?) (all their hands were targeted!) go to find Hwa-suk at her officetel, only to be met at the door by a strange ajummah. Hwa-suk doesn't live here, after all. She's been lying to them. Dun dun DUN. *resists the urge to say "I told you so"*
kakashi: The little devil.
Mary: Imp.
They keep looking, but she isn't in the directory (? what kind of directory is this? (of tenants living there I'd say)), and her phone is off, too. The wheels start turning in Yoo-na's head, and she determines to go talk to Yun-ji - Kang-sun unni's other girl, who is also at the detention center - because she was closest to Hwa-suk. Boy #1 suggest they wait a bit for Hwa-suk to call, but Yoo-na squashes that idea: Hwa-suk has already flown the coop. Aww, the poor guy looks so deflated. :(
kakashi: And slowly, things become clear ...
Mary: Nam-su's Boy#1 is too nice (and stupid). I guess that comes from being raised by Nam-su. I kinda laughed at how he insisted that Hwa-suk would call later, etc etc. Seriously, it's a wonder Nam-su's gang survived this long.
As he leaves the house, Manbo catches sight of Mi-sun kissing Gigolo goodbye as he drops her off, and Manbo's eyes nearly pop out of his head. My question: if he's so poor, why does he have such a nice car? *starts looking around for any more sugar mamas* But when he mentions it, Mi-sun brushes it off, saying he's just "a dongsaeng I know." Manbo and I are both like, "riiiiight - *wink*."
kakashi: I so heart Manbo ... look how tall Mi-sun is! And either that car is leased, or Gigolo is a real pro.
Mary: I loved Ahn Nae-sang (Bong) more than Lee Moon-shik (Manbo) but here in YNS, I can see now why you liked LMS. :))) When his auto-lock engaged again and he tried to open the door, I cracked up. I bet that was an adlib!
She says she has a bottle of liquor for him - to thank him for dealing with President Jeong that time. Manbo comments that he didn't seem so bad, and she brushes that off, too, saying he isn't bad so much as unsuitable. Again - *wink* - I know what that means.
kakashi: Well, since this is all about money, I'm kinda guessing President may be very much suitable again soon. 

Up on the roof, Madame is cleaning around the doghouses, while Gye-pal is bathing his dogs and fawning over them. She thinks back to a conversation with Manbo, where he'd told her she spoils her brother too much, and if she goes easy on him this time, he'll stick to them for the rest of their lives. Manbo sighs that for the sake of his only sister, Gye-pal shouldn't be like this and tells her to send him away. He needs to do hard labor and pay for the fines himself, if he's ever going to learn. Madame still feels bad, though - he's even selling his precious dogs from the farm to pay the fine. Manbo scoffs at that - has she ever seen the farm? No. Because he's just a con-artist.
kakashi: Listen to Manbo, people. Listen well.
Mary: Remember the earlier episode when he was making dog patties for his pets while his sister was hanging comforters/blankets out to dry? This is why I hate Gye-pal. He's so selfish AND thick-faced. It grates on my nerves so much. Poor Madame. :( Please listen to Manbo for a little bit and teach your dongsaeng a lesson.
In the present, Madame asks how he's doing selling the dogs and warns that they all have to go: if he can't pay the fine, he'll have to go to the detention center, and no one will be here to take care of them. He tries pleading with her to save him - just this once - but she stands firm. She has no money, and no one to borrow from either. She says she can't help him and heads downstairs. He follows, still begging, but she snaps: Manbo has had enough, so he's on his own. She turns away, stopping short when he declares that he'll just ask Gye-suk to help him, then. Her whole demeanor changes, and if she wasn't mad before, ooooh boy, she is now. She makes him repeat what he just said, then launches herself at him, hitting him over the head and cursing at him.
kakashi: Oh, there's a dark spot in their past? Do tell, show! By the way, I completely understand this woman. Of course you would care about a brother. Even if he is just a wastrel loser. By the way, she really kinda beat this guy up in this scene, did you see? That must have hurt :) 
Chang-man walks in on them like this and rushes to get between them, and Gye-pal runs away, with Madame hot on his heels. (I LOL and cringed when she threw the broom. That was CLOSE to Jo Hee-bong's head. I wonder how they choreographed that or whether it was a stroke of luck it didn't hit him.) Axe comes out to see what all the commotion is and hears that Gye-pal's in trouble again. Chang-man says he came back from work because Manbo left his cell phone at home.
They watch as Madame storms back in, and Axe sighs that she goes through so much because of her good-for-nothing little brother. Chang-man heard her mention Gye-suk and asks who that is, and Axe reveals that she's Madame and Gye-pal's younger sister. He's only heard of her, though.
kakashi: Chang-man is so nosy!
Inside, Madame cries while Chang-man picks up Manbo's phone. She stops him before he leaves, though, saying she takes back what she said yesterday about speaking to Manbo on Gye-pal's behalf. Chang-man is more willing than ever to talk to Manbo about it, though, and tells her he'll take care of it. She admits that she's embarrassed, and our Teddy Bear tells her it's not so bad: there are always a few who take a little longer to straighten up. She asks him not to tell Manbo about the fight.
kakashi: Now Chang-man is her confidant, too? Busy life he's leading...
When he steps into the street, Gye-pal beckons to him from behind a parked car (awww, man. I don't want to like you, but you're so ... pitiful). Chang-man won't go to him, though, saying when others call, he'll come, but he'd rather not with Gye-pal. Gye-pal wants to know what his noona is doing, and Chang-man replies that she's crying, of course, and asks why Gye-pal always makes her sad. Gye-pal admits that he wants to do better for the sake of his noona and borther-in-law, but it never seems to work out.
kakashi: He would get a job at the Ministry of Silly Walks immediately though.
Mary: LOL at that walk!
He's heard about the work dinner at the colatec and is indignant that even Curly gets to go, sounding a little bitter about Chang-man's promotion. But Chang-man brushes it off: being general manager at a colatec isn't his dream. He has other dreams. Gye-pal wonders if he should drop by tonight, but Chang-man discourages it, saying he'd ruin the mood. He offers a short "sorry" for saying it so bluntly before heading off. Aww, I feel bad for the loser uncle. :(
kakashi: a) wanna bet Chang-man does too? and b) there was this boy where I grew up ... he was never invited to any birthday party (because he was disruptive). Exactly like Gye-pal. Awww.
Meanwhile, Yoo-na visits Yun-ji at the detention center. She assures her that she won't receive a sentence, then has her identify the thug who attacked her last night - looks like she managed to snap a pic. He's Hwa-suk's boyfriend - a total hoodlum, unlike them. She says Kkang-sun unni probably wouldn't know him well.
kakashi: The plot thickens ... by the way, I didn't like how Yun-ji was acted. Much too girly-aegyo-etc. for a pickpocket.
Mary: She was too pretty I kept wondering if she was an idol.
Back at the hospital, Yoo-na reminds Nam-su of what he'd said the day they tested Hwa-suk: that the ajummah they targeted seemed familiar. He thinks about it, and realizes he HAS seen her before - giving change for game money at an arcade. (So... she's kinda like the bank at a casino?) Yoo-na asks where the arcade is - she needs to confirm something.
kakashi: Damn. That explains things, of course ...

Things are going well at the colatec work dinner, where Chang-man invites Manbo to say a few words. He formally introduces Chang-man as General Manager and the dancing ajummah as chef.
She finds that title a little burdensome, though, and invites them to call her "Jjang-gu Omma" (which is the name of the mother of a character - Jjang-gu, natch - in a South Korean cartoon). Last of all, Manbo, invites Axe Hyung-nim to say a few short words, heh.
kakashi: Hehehe.
Mary: Heehee.
The not-even-thinly-veiled hint is not lost on Grandpa, but does that stop him? Nope! He starts by telling them that in all his years, he's never been envious of anything until he looked around the colatec today and realized that even more regretful than not learning to read is not learning to dance. As Manbo starts to freak out and everyone else suppresses laughter, he goes on - shushing Manbo when he tries to tell him to be briefer. Axe Grandpa ends by telling all of them to dance while they can, before their bodies give out. He especially encourages Chang-man to come dance and hold hands with the lonely halmeonis. LOL.
kakashi: I get the feeling that Chang-man's the kind of guy to hold everybody's hand, lol. 
Now that his speech is over, he announces that he's going to sing! (Despite Manbo's objection, hee.) While he sings and Curly dances (which is AWESOME) (I'm sure he learned that at the temple!), Chang-man slips outside to meet Gye-pal, reminding him that it will cause trouble if he goes in, but Gye-pal isn't here for that: he's brought Chang-man a plant to congratulate him on his promotion (d'awwwwwwwwwwz). He says he doesn't blame Chang-man for the loss of his job: he knows it's his fault. He knows Chang-man will do a better job anyway - he's got the brains for it.
kakashi: Axe can't sing, but man, nobody cares, haha. Let's all do the Cha Cha Cha!
Mary: My brain automatically answered "Cha cha cha!" back. :)
And then - aw, he tells Chang-man to care for the flower, and when it blooms, he'll be back. He's decided to do hard labor at the detention center, since he can't pay the fine. He says an abrupt goodbye, obviously wanting to get away before his emotions get the better of him.
Major props to Jo Hee-bong for this scene, by the way. He plays it with the perfect amount of emotion and restraint (I have always loved him! And even more so for being in my all-time favorite drama Joseon X-Files!). Gye-pal still has a long way to go before he's a decent human being, but I care now, where I didn't before. Now brace yourselves because the day we thought would never come is here: *hugs Gye-pal*
kakashi: haha, nope. You can hug him. I won't. I simply don't trust him.
Mary: Me too. Nope. Do not trust him and his Lee Min-ho pants.
Yoo-na takes Bong with her to track down the Gaming Ajummah. (Looks like it's not a traditional arcade so much as a low-scale casino, after all.) They pretend to be cops (Bong even flashes his old police ID - hehe; I love how close to the dark side he always was and still is) and confirm that she knows Hwa-suk and her boyfriend, Dong-sik. Yoo-na wants to know if Hwa-suk asked a favor of her last month, which makes Ajummah clam up suddenly. Yup. Definitely suspicious. Bong advises that it'll be easier on her if she answers their questions here instead of at the station, so she spill the beans. Hwa-suk had paid her to carry the wallet in her purse, telling her that someone would come, open the bag, and take the wallet, and that she was to act like she didn't notice. Ha! They were totally conned! *still trying not to say "I told you so"*
kakashi: I'm so glad there are no supernatural abilities in real life, cause if there were, I would really, really want them too!
As they leave, Bong guesses that being the daughter of a shaman was a lie, too, and Yoo-na spits out that of course it was! Everything she did was a lie, except for breathing. She conned them and good.
kakashi: Amen to that. So ... was it her that ratted on Kang-sun as well?
Mary: That poophead.

He offers to take her come, but she says she's headed to the hospital. He's heard that Nam-su won't be able to use his right hand anymore - he's had nerve reattachment surgery, but it's no use - and wonders what he'll do if he can't pickpocket anymore. He can't settle down and go straight, so will he become a robber? Yoo-na asks how he could wield a knife with his hand all messed up. Besides, she says, Nam-su is too soft. He's not cut out for robbery. What about thieving? He has a nervous cough, so he can't hold his breath while hiding. Haha. I'm beginning to think he's as untalented as the unnies say. Poor guy. *laughs anyway*
kakashi: yes *joins guiltily* - hooray for great dialogue!
During the drive to the hospital, Bong mulls over Hwa-suk's plan, and Yoo-na vents that they scouted her for her antenna, but once they started working, she always picked wrong, then made up excuses. Bong figures Kkang-sun caught on, too, which is why she was so ready to let Yoo-na take her. So Hwa-suk was able to con both of them, then turn them against each other, while she slipped away with their money. He's not sure where to go from here, but Yoo-na's already on it. She told the Gaming Ajummah to call her if Dong-sik shows up.
kakashi: Oh no ... this sounds like revenge mode. Revenge mode isn't good... doesn't she watch gangster movies?!
Mary: Hmm... if this were a gangster revenge movie, I bet Bong will be the actual villain and Chang-man is his son and Yoo-na will be torn between love and loyalty. Oh, and someone will die early on to set the revenge thing in motion. Maybe Nam-su.

Chang-man and the Curlies come back to the house with Axe Grandpa, who's rather tipsy, and are met at the door by Da-young and Dong-min. Grandpa says he started thinking about the old days, and that's why he drank so much, and Chang-man agrees that he has some resentment about the past, too. But he doesn't elaborate! Isn't it a little weird that we're 11 episodes in and we don't really know much more about the hero than we did in episode 1??? I'm dying of curiosity!!
kakashi: That's the beauty of a 50 episodes show (well, one that is done right that is *gives Jangbori the side-eye*)
Aaaaanyway, Chang-man takes Grandpa to his room, where Axe notices the bag Chang-man brought home. It's leftovers for Gye-pal. While they're on the subject, Chang-man marvels that Madame is so good to Gye-pal. Even though they're siblings, it's amazing how she looks after him. Grandpa says that's exactly her problem. Chang-man asks what Madame did before she married Manbo, and Grandpa says he can't tell anyone, and in fact he's only tell Chang-man because he's drunk - she uses to be a bargirl. That's how she met Manbo. It was his second marriage, but her first.
kakashi: Ah, Chang-man being extremely nosy again. Next!
Mary: Dunno why that bit of info made me feel... hmm... nicer about their marriage? A bumbling gangster and a bargirl's happy ever after. I can't help but wonder if Paksa and Soo-min would be this "domestic" after a couple of years of marriage. (And by domestic, I mean talking about money, eating rice cakes with their neighbors, etc.)

Next, Chang-man goes up to the rooftop room to deliver the food for Gye-pal. Madame is inside, folding (packing?) Gye-pal's clothes. She asks why Chang-man thought of him and brought the food, and he admits that he didn't want to, but he finds Gye-pal pitiful. And if he's going to the detention center, it will be a while before he can eat good food like this. He adds that he felt bad toward Gye-pal today, too, and tells her about him bring him the plant. He says it was wrong of him not invite Gye-pal in for drink. Madame says he did nothing wrong, but he corrects her: he knows himself well, and he was wrong. Aww, our Chang-man is such a good guy. While Madame thanks him, I sneak in a hug. (^___^)
kakashi: Chang-man is too good. People will take advantage of him ... But I don't care anymore. He is an adult and if he doesn't learn? Well, that's his problem.
When he steps outside, his phone rings and answers, "It's me, Byung-hun Oppa." HAHAHA!! (LOLOLOLOL. So is someone calling to blackmail him for talking dirty with young girls?) Of course, it's Yoo-na on the other end. She says she's at the main entrance and asks him to come down for a minute. She's with Boy #1, who observes that Chang-man seems to listen to her well, if he comes down when she asks. Yoo-na's like, "Of course." Pfft. I love her. Just then, Boy #2 drives up, and she directs him to a parking spot across the street. Chang-man comes outside, next, and Yoo-na introduces him to Boy #1, saying that Nam-su's boys will be keep watch for awhile until they catch the guys that attacked her last night. So he shouldn't be surprised. Aw, she didn't want him to worry? *squee squee*
kakashi: She totally wanted him to be informed ... and I think she wanted to take care he wouldn't beat up her Boys, haha.
Mary: I'm with kakashi on the second. Haha.
After Yoo-na goes inside and Boy #1 goes to keep watch with Boy #2, Chang-man hears someone talking and starts looking around for the source. It's a drunk Gye-pal, urinating in an alley, as he recites the soliloquy from the beginning of Cho Yong-pil's song "Leopard of Kilimanjaro." Heheh. Way to keep it classy, Gye-pal.
kakashi: See, this is my problem with him: Everything he does just seems so deliberate. I think he's a big fat fake. 
When he notices Chang-man, his recitation becomes more passionate, as he talks about being abandoned in the large city. Chang-man tries to talk to him, but he recoils and keeps reciting, until he gets to a part he can't remember. But Chang-man knows it, too, and they recite together until neither can remember what comes next.
kakashi: Just perfect again, show.
Gye-pal fights back tears, and Chang-man says he feels responsible for driving him out. But Gye-pal refuses to let him think that, admitting that it's his own fault. Then he adds that he's lonely. "I'm sorry, but... could you hug me just once?" Ha. Chang-man envelopes him in a big bear hug, patting his back and aigoo-ing over hyungnim. Awww. I should probably mention that Gye-pal finished his "business" a while ago, shouldn't I?
kakashi: Chang-man has caught on, hasn't he? Hugs and all? *hugs him as well*
The next morning, Curly meets Grandpa as he comes back from another unsuccessful trip to the labor market. Grandpa's headed to the bathhouse, saying his body isn't feeling well today. Curly: "Is today the day the volunteer ajumma comes?" Pfft. Does Grandpa have a crush? Seems so, as he rushes to deny it - she comes tomorrow. And why does he need to look good to the volunteer ajumma, at his age, anyway? Curly smiles, not believing him, so Grandpa changes the subject. Did he talk to Gye-pal about the fine? Nope. He'd just make an excuse, anyway. Grandpa tells him about Gye-pal applying for payment by labor, and Curly mutters that the bastard deserves it, then quickly apologizes to Grandpa for talking like that in front of him. Yeah, not cool, Curly.
kakashi: Big fat grudge there. But also big fat doing nothing to help his wife there, so yeah, not cool, Curly.  
Later, as the Curlies eat together, Mr. Curly has a suspicious look in his eye. He starts talking about the lack of work, then tells Mrs. Curly about a friend who's brother paid off his fine by working in the detention center. Oooh, you are not doing what I think you're doing, Curly! *cringing* (he is totally doing what you think he's doing) But sure enough, he keeps dropping hints about how good the wages are, until she flat out asks if he wants her to go in. He mumbles that it can be done, which naturally upsets her. Curly feels bad and apologizes.
kakashi: You lost MAJOR points just now, Curly. 
Yoo-na's at the hospital because Nam-su is being discharged today, and is surprised to run into Mi-sun and Gigolo (all smiley and giggly, I might add). Mi-sun sends Gigolo ahead so the girls can chat. Apparently Gigolo's mom is in the hospital, so she came by. As a friend. *snort* Yoo-na thinks she's going a little overboard this time, saying she doesn't like her getting involved with that host bar guy. Mi-sun tells her to worry about herself and heads off, deflated.
kakashi: You ain't seen nothing yet, Yoo-na. Mi-sun has a few screws lose, that much is clear. 

Yoo-na and Nam-su meet the boys outside, and they're adorably happy to see Nam-su. The gang goes out for a real meal, since he's only had hospital food lately, and the boys start talking about Hwa-suk. Apparently Dong-sik had a lot of gambling debt, and Hwa-suk got caught up in it. According to Yun-ji it had already been paid off, though. I guess there was more.
kakashi: I want to be Mother to the Lost Boys! They're soooooo cuuuuuuute!
Mary: *nodding* so cute. Useless. But cute. They totally need watching over. When Nam-su acts like this, I remember the actor is only 25 years old. :)))))
Nam-su never thought a kid like Hwa-suk would get him into a mess like this (pfft, I said she was suspicious the first moment I saw her, didn't I? nobody listens to me!). Boy #1 sighs that loyalty doesn't exist when money's involved. Ah, they all look so blue. (ㅠ.ㅠ) Group hug!!
kakashi: That's what you get for believing in that supernatural crap. Spirit medium, my ass. (Don't tempt the Gui Jeobs kakashi!!!)
Nam-su asks what they should do once they catch them, and Yoo-na's face hardens as she says they'll get revenge, of course: what he's going through right now, they'll pay them back with the same. Nooo, Yoo-na! Don't go to the dark side!
kakashi: I'm sorry, but that potato soup looks SO YUMMY!
Mary: Wasn't it awkward though, when Boys 1-2 watched how Yoo-na was feeding Nam-su again? Heehee~ no wonder everyone assumes she's dating Nam-su.

She gets a call from Chang-man, identifying himself as "Kim Byung-hun" again (no, that joke doesn't get old! It simply doesn't!!). He says he heard about the lotion from Mi-sun that she was supposed to give him, hilariously asking, "How could you do this to me?" Is he flirting?? So cute!! She says she forgot, and he asks how someone's precious gift could just "slip her mind," saying he's reeeeaaally upset. Hahaha. Ah, these two are adorable. As she steps away from the table, he asks if she didn't give it to someone else. In fact, he's pretty sure she gave it to a certain someone in the hospital. *giggling madly* She keeps denying it all, and he says it's actually okay if she did. BUT - she has to buy the exact same one for him. *rolls around squeeing*
kakashi: She is kinda flirting back, in her grumpy way. She is so warming up to him...
Mary: I'm just glad Nam-su's face is out-of-focus in that shot on the left or my kokoro would bleed for his hopeless suit.
She thinks he's being weird, which he shoots right back at her. She wonders why Mi-sun's being petty about a little thing like this, and he says it's not so bad. "Being clear with each other is a good thing." So she should be sure and give it to him today! When she's quiet, he asks why she isn't answering, and she gets annoyed and calls him a bastard (there's no bite in it, though) and hangs up on him. Kekekeke. *grinning like an idiot*

When Yoo-na gets back to the table, the boys ask who she was talking to for so long. Hearing that it was Chang-man, Nam-su asks if he calls her often. She says no, but he looks away and asks if maybe Chang-man is interested in her. She just replies that it isn't his concern. Awww, poor puppy. I feel bad for you but... *still on squeeing high*
kakashi: awwwwwww, jealousy. Awwwwwwwwwww.
Mary: I shouldn't have rejoiced earlier. Aigoo~ poor lunkhead. :<
Back at the colatec, Chang-man is in Manbo's office. Manbo is worried about restaurant sales and that not enough people are coming in for them to come out even. Chang-man assures him that it will get better. People are already saying the food is really good, and they've advertised that they'll have a live band again starting tomorrow. Chang-man wants to ask for a special favor, regarding hiring. Manbo says of course he can do as he likes, so Chang-man says he wants to hire Gye-pal. He's sure he can get him to straighten up and fly right, but Manbo says absolutely not. He's headed for the detention center in two days - he's applied and everything. Chang-man is surprised that it got settled so fast, but Manbo says it's for the best. Gye-pal needs to learn his lesson.
kakashi: That kinda ... backfired, pff. He can do as he likes unless it's about Gye-pal. And to be honest, I think Manbo has a point here.
Mary: Yep. Gye-pal needs a lesson. And honestly, sometimes, the liberties which Chang-man takes as colatec's GM is too much. Like with that cooking ajumma with no work ethics.
As he's leaving the office, Chang-man gets a call from Bong, saying he's on his way to pick him up, so don't leave after he gets off work. He'll explain when he gets there. Chang-man meets him outside as promised, and as he drives, Bong says they managed to identify one of the guys who came after Yoo-na the other night. They're not going to catch him, though - they're after his girlfriend. Yang-sun saw her at the jjimjilbang and called Yoo-na, so things are about to blow up. Chang-man asks if they'll be able to get those guys after catching the girl, and Bong says, of course.
kakashi: Dun dun dun. 
They arrive outside the jjimjilbang, where Yang-sun is hanging onto Hwa-suk. Chang-man walks up in time to see Dong-sik arrive and jumps in before he can attack Yang-sun. Chang-man easily knocks him down, but in the confusion, Hwa-suk manages to get away. He goes running after her, while Bong makes sure Yang-sun is okay. When Dong-sik tries to follow Chang-man, Bong gives him a swift knee to the groin. Ouch. Also, ha. Is that this couple's signature move?
kakashi: well, it's a very effective one, that's for sure! 
Chang-man chases after Hwa-suk and nearly gets hit by Nam-su's car before taking off again. Yoo-na gets out to join the pursuit. Hwa-suk is fast, but so is Chang-man - and his legs are longer. He catches up to her and trips her, sending to the ground. When she asks who he is, he introduces himself as the manager of Cha Cha Cha Colatec. Pfft.
kakashi: Yes. Haha, that was .... not helpful :)
Mary: LOL but it's true. Still laughing at that intro.
Just then, Yoo-na arrives, spitting mad, and Hwa-suk desperately apologizes, pleading for mercy - she did it because of Dong-sik's gambling debts! Yoo-na laughs, though, and says sorry, but she can't be forgiven. She kneels down and holds a knife up to Hwa-suk's face. Yoo-na: "For the rest of your life, you'll regret it whenever you look in the mirror."


Shit shit shit shit shit. It just got real. Stop her, Chang-man!! He's gonna stop her, right? Of course, he will. It may be cable, but even an antiheroine can only go so far, right? RIGHT?? *biting nails*
kakashi: Thank goodness he is there. At the very least, he will be able to stop her from doing something really bad. If pickpocketing isn't bad enough. Or has she hurt people before? Like ... badly? I hope not, for her sake. I want to believe that there is hope for her - hope for a better life.
Mary: Is that why you are now actively against the Nam-su ship? *sigh* This is gonna be painful...