Yoo Na's Street - Episode 8 (A THugCap)

People, I was dying to get on with this. Dying! It's torture that I have to wait until I recap to see this show. I want to marathon!!
Mary: *giggling* That's what you get when you try to be efficient! XD Me, I just watch whenever I want even if it means I have to repeat the episode again for recapping. (That means I get less time to watch other shows though. Also, a lack of sleep. Ok. Maybe not being efficient is worse? Meh. Don't ask me. I'm an apple.)
becca: I love this show to pieces, but I actually don't feel much desire to marathon it. I like watching as we recap, even if it means I'm way behind everyone else. This is one drama that I like to savor.
Episode 8

Tell us!!! How much is in the wallet?! Yoo-na told Hwa-suk (awww, she's tiny) that a "small error" is fine, but ... how can anyone KNOW from just looking how much money there is in a wallet??! Ahhhh! The suspense is killing me... Yoo-na opens it and starts counting ... it's 302,000 Won. And not 320,000, as Hwa-suk suspected, cause she "misread" the 1,000s for 10,000s. Pfft.
That means she has passed the test, of course. How does she do it?! She says she gets "a feeling", but I don't believe that! (You have to! She comes from the same people as Jin's Sex Ghost Detection clan in WTFParis!) (She does?) They go have pizza together afterwards and Hwa-suk tells them a bit more about her ability and when she developed it (when her mother lied to her about only having money for bean sprouts and not cookies). She's quite messed up, it seems: at school, she was so distracted by the money in her teacher's wallet, she couldn't study. She seems unstable and a psychotic kleptomaniac. Nam-su disapproves of how she lived her life, but Yoo-na seems to bond easily with the girl - does she see a bit of herself in her?
Mary: Nam-su was just scolding her for being embarrassed about her powers. He thinks it's a pretty cool gift to have. I agree with your "he's kinda untalented" assessment last ep, Kahuna. T^T
becca: *stares at pizza longingly*
Chang-man is on a mission ... a mission to save Yoo-na! He is to find out where she works (that he already knows) and with whom. He takes up a post outside the entrance to their "office" and behold, here they come! Like a real detective, he takes all kinds of pictures of Yoo-na and Hwa-suk, as they enter the building - and he follows them. They all have jtbc lockscreens on their phones, by the way, haha. When Nam-su comes up a bit later, he is whistling the Mission Impossible theme tune (I rewatched it to check! Also an excuse to see Nam-su again.) Chang-man manages to hide and then leaves, after mumbling to himself. Is he pissed that Yoo-na is with Nam-su? Ahhh, tell me! I'm so used to KDrama characters talking to themselves aloud about their thoughts and feelings!
becca: *too busy giggling over how cute on-a-mission-Chang-man is*
Chang-man reports it all to Bong, who is pleased with his efforts. Bong also tells his wife about what's going on, since she catches him talking to Chang-man on the phone. Bong is quite worried that Yoo-na has one foot in prison again, since she has just joined hands with Hwa-suk. It takes a while to convince Yang-sun that it's a good idea to try and "save" Yoo-na but she finally agrees to help. I think the help will mainly be about "grabbing" Chang-man. Oh yes. Grab him!
Mary: How can Yang-sun resist when Bong dangled the "imagine Yoo-na living peacefully on the right side of the law with you" card? Yang-sun is good people and she loves Yoo-na very much.
kakashi: Yes, and now it's about making sure she doesn't go to prison another time. Which is much better than "just" trying to make her a law-abiding citizen
becca: The first hug of the THugCap goes to these two! They may be messed up, but they're good people under it all. And I support anyone who helps Chang-man and Yoo-na get together!
Hwa-suk and Yoo-na are drinking coffee together and Yoo-na learns how much money Hwa-suk usually gets. But Hwa-suk is ready to postpone the money matters, because what she really wants is work with Yoo-na - or so she claims. But she also asks for 25.000 Won, when prodded again by Yoo-na. The two women are interrupted by a phone call - it's the President. Who is desperately looking for his Mi-sun at the Yoo-na house. He leaves after Yoo-na hangs up on him - and after getting into a petty argument over 1.000 Won "payment" with the little kids, who went up to Mi-sun's room to check whether she was there. 
Mary: I laughed so much when Dong-min said, "I'm not a 'kiddo', my name is Dong-min!" and Pres Jeong seriously apologized. Then all that lecturing about $1 when he throws millions of won away on his mistress. Aigoo~
becca: I like those kids.
Ahahaha, Mi-sun is still with the country bumpkin from the other night! She gets him a haircut at a trendy place. What is she doing???!
Mary: Is she training him to be a Genius Gigolo???
becca: Or is he a Genius Gigolo already??? Because it seems to be working on her. (Also, does anyone else think he looks kinda like Ji Hyun-woo?)
Chang-man is hanging by the Han River, but the sight of all the happy couples seems to much for him. He goes to see Curly. We learn that Curly is a genius painter (hehe - at least he thinks so), because he learned his trade at a temple. They go and have soju together afterwards and talk about Chang-man's future . It seems Herring offered him a job as a kitchen assistant, but he's unsure whether he should take it - mainly because of Manbo.
Mary: Screw Manbo! That was a good, proper offer right there. Very fair too. Why does Chang-man have to be so goldarned thoughtful??? Herring is good people despite HEHEHE's tip that his name means narrow-minded in Korean slang. (Thanks for the explanation HEHEHE! *sneaks a hug in*)
becca: I don't know. Herring may be good people, but it would probably be smarter for Chang-man to find a job outside of this circle of gangsters.
kakashi: Word!

So the Hammer-issue is solved? Manbo wants to see Axe and urges him to drink. Axe doesn't want to drink. Madame managed to substantially reduce the title charge, it seems - and managed to have it split between Manbo, Herring, and some of the other businesses. Axe is sorry for being the cause for all of this, which immediately leads to Madame asking a favor from him. Can you guess? Yes: Axe is to hold Chang-man back, so that he doesn't quit the colatec.
becca: No! Don't do it, Axe Grandpa!
Yoo-na is having dinner with ... Nam-su! Oh, he is looking good. (YES. And it's steak and wine! Not the casual ramen/soju dinner. Just sayin') They discuss the high sum that Hwa-suk asked for. Ah, but he seems to have enough money, so if Yoo-na wants to work with her, work with her it is! Nam-su is quite confident he can handle it all. But can he handle Yoo-na? He asks her to come on a country-trip with him and she turns him down like it's nothing. Bam. He adds "we'll go another time then" and I do want to hug him.
Mary: She turned him down because she has to do laundry. *facepalm* Poor Nam-su. He's lower than dirty clothes in Yoo-na's list of priorities. C'mere, Nam-su! I don't mind not having clothes to wear just to spend time with you. *covers Rim wallpaper's eyes*
becca: Hey, don't forget who she does her laundry with. *points at Chang-man and makes winky face*
Da-young is practising some lines in front of Chang-man's apartment, when Curly's wife comes out, slightly worried, because she heard some weird sounds, "like somebody having some stomach aches", buahaha. (I loved her comment. Hihi.) Da-young sends her back in and continues her line-practise, but here is the man already. Curly scoffs at Da-young's use of "oppa", but the girl is completely unfazed as she hands Chang-man a present: Kimchi.
Mary: I LOLed when she tilted her head and blinked between saying kim-- and chi. Gurl, Chang-man is taken! Taken! Y'hear?!
becca: And yet, I kind of like her these days, which is why I feel bad for her because he IS taken, and she's just gonna get hurt. *hugs the silly girl*
She gets invited in and he agrees, it's wonderful Kimchi. Only that Da-young hasn't made it herself - it's from the sister of one of her drama colleagues. She invites herself to ramyun and smiles happily as she has a good look at his place. Ah, but her happiness is cut short by Herring, who calls Chang-man and tells him to come pick up Axe - he has drunk too much and has passed out.
Chang-man is just rushing out when Nam-su's car approaches - with Yoo-na in it. Nam-su thinks Chang-man must be waiting for Yoo-na, which she laughs at. No, he isn't waiting, but I love his face - that's my face when I'm about to scold my daughter. Things are still veeeery awkward between Chang-man and Yoo-na. Anyway, Nam-su offers to take him where he needs to go and Chang-man agrees.
becca: Heheh. I love this! Nam-su trying to assert himself, Chang-man just staring at Yoo-na, and Yoo-na squirming from all the awkwardness.
Yoo-na looks after the car and lets out a frustrated sigh, but the real surprise is yet to come: when she arrives upstairs, Da-young comes out of Chang-man's room. Yoo-na immediately starts questioning the girl about what she's been doing there. Prickly, wow. Yoo-na suspects the two are dating (huh? where did that come from?), which leaves poor Da-young all flustered. It's pretty clear now that Yoo-na likes Chang-man, isn't it?
Mary: I don't like Da-young but it was also very strange for Yoo-na to go all inquisition on her ass like that. Though Yoo-na being jealous will never be not funny. kekeke
becca: Uh-oh. Should I be worried? Does Da-young do something bad later? Wait, NO! Don't tell me! *covers ears*
A different quizzing is taking place in Nam-su's car. How long has Chang-man known her? Why was Nam-su together with Yoo-na? Nam-su lies they're working at a distribution logistics firm together (pffft). Chang-man can't help it, he has to laugh at that. So what is he doing? Ahhh, a civil servant ... what kind? Oh, says Chang-man, he recently became convinced that he wants to be a ... police officer. To catch thieves. How good is this conversation?!
Mary: MY FAVORITE CONVERSATION. Hahaha! Clueless Nam-su is all polite small-talk "Oh, government job is very stable. You'll get regular nice pay." But Chang-man is all "I don't wanna do it for money. I just want to save the world from thieves. *meaningful look*"
becca: *giggles* They really should put these guys together more often.
And how lovely is Nam-su? No hard feelings at all, when they're at Herring's, he tells Chang-man to take care of Yoo-na, and introduces himself properly by name. They shake hands. Chang-man is surprised and maybe a little confused after Nam-su leaves in his white duck-car. It's totally a duck-car, right? 
Mary: Yes! It's a cute, duck car! I want one! Although I thought he was being territorial with the "Please take care of woori Yoo-na" thing. Or was that just my shippy kokoro imagining things again?
becca: A bit territorial, yes, but not in an arrogant way, I think. He wants to clearly let Chang-man know he's interested, too. He's not saying "back off" so much as, "you're not the only one who sees how special she is."
Mr. President is still waiting at the café, calling Mi-sun and Yoo-na over and over. His brother-in-law finally comes to take him back home (by semi-force). Mi-sun is back at the club, because her new boytoy needs to go back in. The poor soul ... he wishes for her to hug him (she thinks it's just a usual line of his, but it doesn't seem so?). She hesitates, but finally does it - somewhat overwhelmed by feelings. Ah, these are weird pregnancy hormones, right?
Mary: I don't know either! But I feel very sorry for the reluctant gigolo puppy. :<
becca: I've been wondering about the pregnancy - no one's mentioned it in ages. Anyway, I'm not sure what to think of him. The more I see him, the more shifty he seems (or is that just the actor?). I secretly hope he scams her, so she can get a taste of her own medicine. If they want to reconcile and be happy after that, I'm okay with it.
The boy is then discussed with Yoo-na, who doesn't trust him at all. Huh - so he is just a player?! But Mi-sun asked around and learned about his tragic story (sudden death of his father, which had him cut short his studies). But when she tries to call him, his phone is off. Yoo-na laughs, Mi-sun calls her names and shoots her angry looks. I don't believe this but yes, it seems she has something like feelings for that puppy?!
Mary: I doubted the puppy at this point too although I couldn't help but think that it would've served Mi-sun right if she got played the way she does to her 100000 other men.
becca: SEE!! She needs to be knocked down pretty hard before she can learn something and straighten herself out. It is kinda sad to see her so easily fooled, though, if that's what's going on. It's like she's desperate to believe she could have a chance with a good man instead of the usual dirtbags she hangs around.
Chang-man is exercising in the park, remembering the conversation he had with the Herring last night. He offered him a chef position in his kitchen, with good pay and everything. The reason Chang-man doesn't take it? Out of consideration for others, like Axe. Ack, man! You're too nice. Manbo really wants to keep this guy though and also offers him a chef position. At the colatec. But Chang-man is not interested - he wants to work where he is treated like a human. But he is willing to think about it if Manbo stops scolding people, adheres strictly to working hours, and considerable increases his salary. Manbo blows a fuse at that and tells Chang-man to go pack his bags.
Mary: Meh. Every time Manbo says, "I'll listen to you" then gets mad at the answer, I just want Chang-man to stop putting up with this guy. He never learns his lesson!
becca: Manbo is a bratty little bully these days. He gets no hugs.
Oh. Well that's a surprise ... Gye-pal (who has "found" a new puppy who very clearly isn't a stray dog) and Misses Curly meet outside - to discuss drugs. WTF! That's not good!!! OMG, it's viagra (LOL)... for the old men at the colatec. Only problem ... it's not even real viagra. That causes quite a ruckus among the old gentlemen at the dance club.
The incident has Manbo and Madame realize that things need to change. Radically. No more meddling relatives. No more dishonesty. They need an upright, diligent, honest employee. Can we guess who it is? Of course ... it's Chang-man.
becca: Yeah, but they seem to be ignoring an important factor: if they want their employees to be upright and respectable, shouldn't they be setting a better example? It's not just about who's working for you - it's also about how you conduct yourself.
Nam-su tells Yoo-na that he gave Hwa-suk the money this morning when there's a noise down below ... it's Kang-sun!! They witness her arrest! Kang-sun is led away and locks eyes with Yoo-na as she walks by ... Yoo-na, what are you thinking? And what was that dirty-smirky look of Kang-sun?! I'm relieved that Nam-su gets Yoo-na (and one of Kang-sun's girls) out safely.
Mary: Nam-su is very capable when it comes to protecting his people, yes? *stands behind tall, shield-like Nam-su* *tries not to eye his butt*
kakashi: Even people that are not his people, yes! *hides there too*
becca: *lines up behind the three of you* Are we starting a conga line?
Bong calls Chang-man to tell him about the incident - and that he has been tryiyng to reach Yoo-na but couldn't. Chang-man runs over to check. She doesn't answer the door ... understandably, since she is in the shower!
All of a sudden, Chang-man hears sirens outside. It's the police!! Chang-man starts knocking on Yoo-na's door more urgently, telling her the police are surrounding the place (uhm, are they?) She tries to find some clothes but doesn't ... and then opens the door. In her bath towel. Hahahaaaaa, Chang-man almost faints.
Mary: HAHAHAHA I deyed laughing when Yoo-na opened the door and Chang-man stuttered and forgot what he was saying.
becca: *squeeing madly* He's so cuuuuuutttteeeee. *giggles and squees some more*
Anyway, he drags her over to his apartment, where she looks at him with big eyes and asks: "What should we do know?"
becca: Well.... *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*


This show is so addictive. I just want more.
Mary: *jumps up and down* It is! It is! These last few episodes are loads of fun! And the next couple of episodes. And the episodes after that...
becca: Onward, squeecappers!!