Yoo Na's Street - Episode 9 (A THugCap)

Ah, what an episode. Suspicions, jealousy, arrests and hearts that flutter. And very much worry for our heroine. Extremely good acting, directing and writing. It's a feast. I also find myself unable to write anything else than "it's so good" over and over again!
Mary: *steals some Yoo-na worry and saves it for Nam-su*
becca: *is worried about EVERYONE*
Episode 9

We have a situation! A towel-clad Yoona is at Chang-man's place! And what else to do but hide a half-naked woman in the cupboard? Damn, the police are really coming! How do they know?! He goes out to have a look, despite her hurried "please don't go out".
Mary: We have THAT kind of situation??? *grabs some popcorn*
becca: Chang-man-ah! A beautiful woman is in your room, wearing only a towel, and asking you not to go! This is no time to be a gentleman!
But the police are not at all here because of Yoo-na... they're here because of Curly's wife and her fake Viagra sales!! Chang-man goes back to his room, relieved, and tells Yoo-na to come out. When she hears that she wasn't the target at all, she has a little freak-out, first thinking Chang-man played a joke on her and then getting angry that he thought police=Yoo-na. She was really afraid herself though. Just saying.
Mary: Chang-man rarely lies, so when he worries, it's like this Very Serious Thing. Except he's wrong this time and he interrupted her shower. Pwahahaha! What great timing to be "mistaken", Chang-man.
As she is totally naked under that towel of hers (*gulp* goes Chang-man), she orders him to get her some underwear from her room. He goes fetch (I've seen him happier) and oups, he runs into Curly on the corridor. He is looking for his wife, and is completely nonplussed about the Viagra thing. He also finds it strange that Chang-man is coming out of Yoo-na's room ... carrying her bra and panties. O____o Curly thinks he STOLE them, hahahaaaa.
Mary: I just laughed and laughed at Lee Hee-joon here when he was fiddling with the bra, trying to fold it and stuff it in his pockets to not look suspicious. Because yeah, that's not suspicious at all. Nope.
becca: Oh, I died laughing! Poor Chang-man!
Curly gets a phone call from his wife who is up on the roof but before he goes to see her, he suspects Chang-man also went and touched his wife's panties. Omg! He is in fact totally convinced that Chang-man is a total pervert, the poor guy! And Chang-man doesn't get to explain - would "she is naked in my room" really have helped the situation though?
Mary: It wouldn't. But it would've made us laugh more! Basically Chang-man being misunderstood = gold.
becca: Always! Whether he's taken for a gangster or a pervert, it's hilarious because it could NOT be farther from the truth!
She snaps at him when he comes back in (for taking so long) and he snaps right back, now in a very bad mood. He throws her undies at her and tells her to hurry up and get out. He goes outside to wait and witnesses how Gye-pal (for wholesale trafficking) and Curly Wife (for retail sales) are led away ... in handcuffs! Just for questioning though. Curly is extremely angry at Gye-pal for getting his wife into this.
Chang-man watches them depart from the roof and then gets a text from Yoo-na, asking where he is. He texts: On the roof. Instead of going up to him, she texts him again, telling him she's sorry for earlier. And ... another text. That she's hungry. He laughs, short and incredulous. When there's still no answer from him, she texts him to ask whether she can have some ramyun at his place. He laughs again, well, it's more a snort, actually, and writes back that he has no ramyun.
Mary: Yieee~ Yoo-na is trying to be cute.
becca: Aww, she liiiikes him! *chants* Yoo-na and Chang-man sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! *squee*
She texts back that she'll get some from her room then. Oh girl ... that's so sweet. He texts her to leave ... she writes back she doesn't want to. That does it! He goes back down to check and behold, there she is, cooking ramyun in his kitchen. The whole thing leaves him (a little frustrated and) sighing. But she has given it some thought - and thanks him for being concerned for her. He scoffs at that, saying he'll not bother in the future. That's right, he shouldn't is her reply. Loaded silence.
becca: Ah, but he totally likes having her there, doesn't he?
But then, she asks for kimchi - and he gets it out of the fridge for her. In walks Curly, all ready to have another go at Chang-man, but seeing Yoo-na there stops him short - and all kinds of scenarios start playing underneath those curls, it seems. Uh-oh. I'm sure this will get some rumours going! Yoo-na is concerned for the wife and gives him some tips (like: the wife should insist until the end she didn't know they were fake) - yup, she's a pro. But of course, she just "heard about it". Right, Curly doesn't know what she does and what she is!
Mary: If this were a normal drama, I'd start wondering if she was a law-school genius student dropout. Then I remember she's a badass pickpocket with a heart of gold. So no need for that genius lawyer part. She's awesome as is.
When he is gone again, Yoo-na continues cooking the ramyun, asking for how much seasoning she should put it in and Chang-man gives her that half-amused, half-disbelieving look... Oh dear, I ship them. Really hard.
Mary: I'm kinda projecting onto Chang-man. I bet he's the kind of guy who likes simple, quiet moments like this. Just him and his girlfriend cooking ramyun and eating without worrying about thieves and thugs and fake viagras.
becca: Oh, he totally is! (I am, too, Ajusshi - if it doesn't work out with Yoo-na, you know where to find me! *wink*)
But here is Nam-su! (WHERE? GIMME!) He is waiting for Hwa-suk his Mary, who is just coming out of the police station. (I am? Wait. Let me rethink my edits.) And there is Yoo-na, too, reading an article on Kang-sun - or rather the Kang-sun ring. So they have arrested another woman, named Yun-ji. Have we met her? (That random girl with the Pantene perfect hair who was crying when Kang-sun was caught!)
becca: *shakes head at Mary and makes a phone call* Hello? Jae-rim Oppa~! She's doing it again!

When they're inside Nam-su's duck car (pffft!), Hwa-suk starts blubbering like a baby. Nerves? They briefly consider that Kang-sun betrayed that other woman, but they dismiss that quickly. Not the Kang-sun they know. Hwa-suk cries even harder: she went and visited her old "boss" - and she said she'd take all the responsibility. Going in for years, it seems?
Mi-sun is on the prowl again - currently looking for Gye-pal. Who, as we know, is at the police station. It seems he promised to do something for her. No Gye-pal, but there's another man nearby ... yes, of course, it's Chang-man. She knocks, he comes out, she asks him whether he has time - she is to meet someone but must take a man with her. It's urgent, of course. And Chang-man can't say no, the poor sod. What is that vixen doing with our Chang-man?!
Mary: What if she turns him into another gigolo???
becca: Oh, Yoo-na is gonna be pissed. *grabs popcorn*
Yoo-na is going to meet her unni Yang-sun, and Nam-su, the good soul, offers to wait for her. She can call him anytime and he will pick her up. Awwwwwww. Somebody is in love!! (Later, we see him looking at pictures of Yoo-na on his phone.) (He is! He is! He is looking at pictures of her and smiling like a lovesick fool. My heart, it is breaking...) (Aw, poor boy! *comforting hug*) The place is packed tonight, yay! I'm glad it's working out for them. But ... oups. Yang-sun has become the favorite Lounge Girl of them all. Especially for the colatec "oppas". Well, at least, that seems kinda "safe". Especially since there is no Viagra.
Mary: Yang-sun unni sings great! :) And she knows how to entertain the halmeonis and harabeojis. I'm also glad that they're starting to earn from their karaoke place.
becca: Oh, I love it when she sings!
Yoo-na and Yang-sun meet in an empty room and discuss the Kang-sun incident (Yoo-na doesn't say a word about her doing this kind of "entertainment" - so I guess she thinks it's alright). They both don't understand how this could have happened to someone like her. Yoo-na is quite sure that she was in fact betrayed. But not by her Bong! Yang-sun interjects. She also warns Yoo-na to stay low. For chrissake, girl, yes! Stay low!!! In the meantime, Nam-su keeps on waiting. And then, Yoo-na texts him - she's going home alone. Nooooooo, he is so disappointed.
Mary: I'm just so sad that she didn't even remember Nam-su was waiting. Like, she walked out of the noraebang and was already a block(?) away before she remembered to text him that she was already on the way home. T^T
becca: *hugs sad penguin*
Mi-sun is meeting the President's wife ... and signs a contract. The bitch. She pretends to be crying, but so isn't. How much money is she actually getting? The sole reason Chang-man had to come is that she was afraid of the violent relatives. Such a goddamn user, this one.
Mary: Yeah! And the way she told him, "I'm sorry but we need to leave now" like she isn't really sorry and she expects people to jump when she says so. *strangles air* *foaming at the mouth* This woman, chincha! Where is your voodoo doll, kakashi? I'm gonna borrow it for err... therapy.
becca: I sooooo hope she's getting scammed by that night club guy.
It's day, and Chang-man jogs to "the office". Nobody is there - and hasn't been for a while, judging from the newspapers lying on the floor. He tries the door, it's locked. There's a sign, saying it's temporarily locked. Chang-man goes to report this to Bong, who is exercising on a rather ... weird machine. But it's kinda cool to have that stuff all over the city! He asks Bong about Nam-su, who, as we already knew, was arrested back in the day by Bong.
becca: That thing look like so much fun! Forget exercising, I'd do it just for fun! (Note: I am from a small town and easily amused.)

They seem to be dating, says Chang-man ... but that doesn't bother him at all, he claims. He will fight for her. Hehe. (^_____^) When Manbo calls, he doesn't pick up. Man, I love how Manbo is always posed and ready to explode! (And he's so tiny! And he doesn't even deliver on his threats! He's just a wittle mad thing who's always throwing tantrums. Haha.) (Sometimes it makes me mad, sometimes it's hilarious. Today, I love it.) Curly, who is sitting in Manbo's living room, tries next - and of course, Chang-man answers immediately. Hahahaaa. When he hears that Manbo wants to discuss something really urgent with him, he says it'll take a while until he's back.
Curly's wife is in tears ... she only made 38$ from the Viagra sales, sorry, the FAKE Viagra sales, but she'll get a huge fine  of about 1,100$. And the worst? That Gye-pal completely ripped her off, selling her the pills for far too high a price. And .... ahahahaaaaaaa, Axe also bought one!!! For "emergency use". He doesn't want to give it back - even a fake one is better than none. Have a reaction gif. Priceless.
becca: Yeah, I think the gif speaks for itself.
When Yoo-na hears from Mi-sun that she took Chang-man with her to the President's wife meet-up, she gets quite railed up. (^_____^) Yup, that's quite telling and Mi-sun catches on immediately. But Yoo-na claims not to like him. Of course she would say that.
Mary: I liked Mi-sun here when she kept teasing Yoo-na about her "we shouldn't involve innocent people" bullshit when really, Yoo-na is just kinda jealous that Mi-sun is using Chang-man willy-nilly. And her face on that left gif, totally an unni pestering an in-denial dongsaeng. Wahaha~
Chang-man is back! Boss Han takes him outside and tells him he'll agree to all his conditions (see episode 8): come back to the colatec.

Ack, it's slimy President again! (Blegh.) He first tries Mi-sun's phone (she doesn't pick up) and then Yoo-na's phone. She doesn't pick up either. He tries to get Da-young to help him, but she has heard all about the 1,000Won incident - and won't help. (Good girl! *applause*) Yoo-na observes him from the 2nd floor, and when she wants to go back into her apartment, Chang-man appears. He greets her, she says: "I heard you had a date with Mi-sun unni last night". Haha, she is so transparent, this woman ... he needs to ask her first next time before he goes anywhere with her. Excuse me? He blinks in confusion - hahahaaaa.
Mary: Wait up! I love Da-young as Dong-min's noona! I love that she remembered her dongsaeng's story about the evil guy who took back the 1,000 Won. And I love that she rudely refused to let her brother do errands for the guy again.
becca: Yes, she's a good noona! Also, I love Yoo-na's hair like this. I want bangs again! ㅠㅠ
Mary: About Yoo-na's dating style... PWAHAHA. What kind of style is that? She's like a thug! "I like you, but I won't tell you outright. Don't meddle in my business. But you stay away from other women and you have to tell me what you're doing at all times! So there!"
becca: Yes! And she's being protective, too, which is sweet. Keep him away from the bad unni!!

Inside, Mi-sun is packing - she's going to Jeju. With whom? Yoo-na says she knows, but I don't!! Is it the Gigolo who might or might not be one? (I'm betting on "yes.") Anyway, because the President is still outside, Mi-sun suggests she go get Chang-man's help. Of course she can't have him! The one that DOES go out is Manbo ... carrying a thick bamboo stick behind his back. Uh-oh. No longer behind the back. Ahahahaaa, the President is so scared - and rightfully so!! I know I shouldn't, but I REALLY like Manbo. I mean ... not in that way. But ... yeah.
Mary: I know you love that actor Lee Moon-shik? (LOVE HIM!) I think alexe does too. She was sorry that she couldn't watch this long drama for him. I will enjoy watching your reaction to ep20+ :)
becca: Hahahahaha!! This was awesome! I suddenly love Manbo for looking out for the girls. He really is a dad, isn't he? A gangster dad, but a dad. *gives him a hug*
After he has left, Mi-sun STILL gets Chang-man to do her bidding - he carries her suitcase down to the courtyard. Yoo-na doesn't like it. Not at all. Indeed: seeing her jealous never gets old it seems!
Mary: And she's so obvious! Like, in what universe does it make sense for a guy "you don't like" to have to ask your permission to carry his neighbor's suitcase??? And Yoo-na said it in front of everyone. Including Grandpa and Manbo! LOL
becca: All I have to say is: shiiiiiiiiiiiiip.

Outside, they have to realize that somebody flattened all four of Mi-sun's car's tires. Yoo-na: smirk. (I approve that Yoo-na approves of President Jeong's sabotaging schemes.) (He's a total stalker, though.)
Yoo-na meets Yang-sun next - she has been to see Kang-sun, who seems quite happy in prison. But who gave her away? Not Hwa-suk, thinks Kang-sun ... but Nam-su. WHAT? Nooooooo! (No!!) Yoo-na doesn't want to believe it either. Hmmm ... this is not good. Not good at all. Yang-sun warns Yoo-na to quit ways with Nam-su - if Kang-sun really believes it was him, things will turn nasty. And please, Yoo-na: Stop doing the picketypock.
becca: I am worried. And I'm even more worried because Mary isn't saying anything about the accusation against Nam-su. *hugs knees and rocks back and forth*
Chang-man is back in his suit and with Boss Han (who also wears a suit quite well) - he is to be general manager at the colatec! OMG. Chang-man tells Manbo at least 100 times that this is not going to work out, since they're completely different in everything they think and believe, but Manbo doesn't believe him. This cracks me up! The dialogue is priceless ... Chang-man tells Manbo he should invite the old geezers that told the police about the fake Viagra and give them free drinks, not make sure they can never come to the club again? Manbo's WTF face ......
Mary: And how he proudly tells Chang-man that he will contact the other colatec owners in Seoul and ban the police-reporting harabeojis from ever entering a colatec! LOL
becca: *shakes head* Poor gangster ajusshi. It just doesn't compute for him.
This is "Responsibility in 30seconds for Extreme Dummies". But Manbo just ... doesn't get it. Chang-man bows politely and walks out on him. It seems to get Manbo thinking, but the next crisis is already in his office - a drunk Madame, massively distressed about her brother; and about not being a good enough mother to her step-child.  
Oi. President is going berserk at the café. Didn't know he had it in him! (Uh... he hit Mi-sun, remember?) They're all crazy in this show.
Mary: And Yoo-na leaves the part-timer girl to deal with it alone! Ach. I remember being disappointed in her a little bit. :<
becca: It might have gotten worse if she'd gone there, though. At least she told her to call the police! Also - I TOLD you the guy was bad news. I bet he'll get worse, too.

Yoo-na meets Hwa-suk by chance - and asks her a few questions. Did she get the money from Nam-su? She did. Did she give 4/5 of it to Kang-sun? She wanted to, but then, she was taken in. She will take care of the money until unni Kang-sun gets out. Hwa-suk tells Yoo-na to be extra careful these days, and Yoo-na seems moved by the girl's sincerity. Hmmmmmmm...
becca: This girl still freaks me out. Part of it is the way she acts. And forgive me for being shallow, but part of it is her head: it's huge! At least, compared to her tiny little body and hands.
Chang-man is studying when somebody knocks on his door. It's Da-young ... and her mother. Madame wants a word with him - she tells him Manbo will do as he suggested with the old people (i.e. invite them, not ban them) and it seems Chang-man is wavering. Madame be crafty.
becca: *narrows eyes*
Oh SHIT. Yoo-na goes to meet Nam-su and the guys at a pojangmacha and passes a suspicious person ... yes. they're police! But what is Yoo-na doing?! She grabs a bottle and screams at them to bring it on.
Mary: She did mention that she knows that ajusshi. Maybe this is how thugs and police greet each other?


Oh shit, oh shit!! Didn't we (and everybody else that cares for her) tell her to be careful?! Damn!

So ... who did it?! Is this drama giving us wrong clues or is there something fishy about Hwa-suk? It can't be Nam-su (so sorry for you, dude. It's a lost cause with you and Yoo-na - we clearly see that, even if you don't *sniff*), can it?! Is it a plot by Yang-sun, maybe, to get Yoo-na away from Nam-sun? Totally could be, even if it were mean as hell. Ahhhh, I want to know!
becca: Even if I don't know who it IS, I'm fairly certain it's NOT Yang-sun Unni. Remember last episode when she told Bong that he could do whatever he needed to do to stop Yoo-na, but he absolutely couldn't call rat her out to the cops?

Lovely, tension filled episode, so much good stuff! Every single character delivered. Manbo is his usual rage-filled self, until he finally listens to the Good Man (why do I start with Manbo? Yes, his character intrigues me - also him in tandem with his wife, who is both pitiful and awful at the same time). But does he really? I believe it when I see it! It's kinda awesome and notawesome that Chang-man seems drawn back to the colatec. Awesome because it will cause all kinds of interactions between him and that world, notawesome because ... Chang-man. He deserves so much better ....
becca: Preach it, Big Kahuna!

Gye-pal and the President ... so low, and yet so necessary to show us that there is low (i.e. Manbo) and there is very low (i.e Gye-pal and President). So curious to see what the show will be doing with both characters.
Mary: I keep typing and deleting a comment about Manbo because I don't want to spoil you. But daaaaamn, Lee Moon-shik. You are awesome.

And then Yoo-na ... oh. Of course she is moved by The Awesome Force named Chang-man, cause who wouldn't be? (^____^) But at this moment, she simply sees no alternatives for herself (as confirmed by the conversation she has with her good unni). She is convinced that she is "bad" for anybody, especially this "innocent" man. (ㅠ_ㅠ) Clearly, she feels an urge to protect him and his innocence. We all know what that means. (What?! Protecting his innocence? *immature giggling*) Everybody else knows too, but she doesn't. I bet it's awesome once Yoo-na starts blooming. Let it happen, show. Soon.
Mary: But let her and her newly-formed gang of pickpocketing noobs please survive this fight first. :(
becca: Oh yes, please!

That said, I see that Chang-man could get on everybody's nerves big time. He is extremely stubborn - and doesn't listen to other people at all. I mean ... he knows what is right, and that is just right. End of story. 
Mary: I think this too! Like, it was "sweet" of him to want to change Yoo-na, but who is he, to force her like that? To dictate her life all of a sudden? In some ways I think Nam-su is better, because he doesn't look down on Yoo-na's skills/profession. (Hello, he's Yoo-na's pickpocketing fan! Haha. Remember episode 2? When he was this huge gangster hyung who was begging Yoo-na to teach his boys?)

Finally, I want to say that this is an extremely hard show to recap, really, because every single detail is precious, all the eye movements, the smirks, the humor ... so hard to stay true to that! I want to gif each and every scene. So many things go unspoken. So good. So good.