Rants and Weekly Raves #15 (RAWR)

Would you believe it! We've been nominated for a Sunshine Award!!! For "bring[ing] so much laughter to the blogosphere with their tireless squee-caps" - Awwwww, thank you very kamsa, kfangurl (from The Fangirl Verdict). This will need some coordination on our part, lovely Squeecappers. Cause I'm not going to answer these questions by myself! Let's have a conversation post then, shall we?
bcook: So...We is famous? 
kakashi: Er ... no?  
Mary: This will need coordination...? *fumbles with everything* Oups...

Da Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you (Already done that, but here we go again, thank you VERY kamsa, kfangurl! You rock!)
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you (We'll do that below, yes!)
  • Nominate a few other bloggers (Let's each nominate one other blogger, alright?) 
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated (We need eight questions, gooooooooo!) 
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog (will do)
  • Put the award button on your blog (will do)
Are we ready? Gooooooooooooo!

Our Questions

1. What’s your favorite kdrama?

Oh dear. I must chose one? Just one? I'm also having a déjà-vu right now because I'm sure I answered that question before. In a previous life? Or ... maybe for a Liebster Award?! The drama that comes to my mind immediately when I think "best drama" is TEN, but only if I don't stop and analyze this gut feeling. If I think about 30seconds more, Joseon X-Files comes to my mind and I think I'll stick with that. It's my favorite.
JoAnne: When I say this is my favorite, what I mean is that this is the one that killed me. No drama before (there were only a few) and no drama since has ever affected me so strongly. My eyes are full of tears just mentioning it, every time. *deep sigh* Sang Doo, Let's Go to School (a tough one. Yes)
Lafer: It's impossible to pick, but if held at gunpoint I'd have to go between Coffee Prince and Que Sera, Sera. My Spring Day may surpass these, though, but that remains to be seen.
bcook: Easy. Coffee Prince. Hands down. All time favorite. Go to drama. I have it in super HD on both computers AND dropbox. I'm saving up money to buy the house (ok.. that's a lie but when I win the lottery it's totally on my "to buy list")
Shuk: Secret Garden. Oska Forever! Although my favorite Asian drama isn't SK [guilty look].
becca: Queen In-hyun's Man! I've loved a lot of dramas with a passion, but this one beats them all, easily. I adore everything about it - the writing, the directing, the actors (Yoo Inna! I love you!), and... okay I do turn a blind eye to some imperfections - *cough*cellphone*cough* - but hey, you didn't ask me for the best drama.
Mary: Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang. Still waiting for a Jae-hee/Chae-young reunion.
2. Your favorite k-movie?

That's much easier. It's Memories of Murder.
JoAnne: It's a tie for me: Ahjussi and Wolf Boy. I've seen both 4 times now.
Lafer: A Werewolf Boy for me, too. Funny, sweet, Song Joong Ki. 'Nuf said
bcook: I actually haven't watched that many but currently it's a toss up between A Moment to Remember *starts sniffling just thinking about it* and The Thieves.
Shuk: A Chilling Romance / Spellbound, with Lee Minki and Son Ye-jin. Second is Detective K: Secret Of The Virtuous Woman. I love a good Clouseau flick. Plus, Anthony.
becca: .... *whispers* 3-Iron. Followed by Ahjussi and Spellbound.
Mary: Sunny? I've only seen less than 10. LOL.

3. Your favorite thing about blogging?

Many page views. Oups, did I say that out loud? No, in fact, it's the interaction with so many people, on the blog, on twitter, and especially with my lovely SqueeCapping crew. Many thanks to everybody who is spending time with me on and around this blog! It's been a crazy ride and I wouldn't want to miss a single second.
JoAnne: Making people laugh is thrilling, and since I am not the funniest one in my family (EXCUSE ME?!), balm for my soul. Sure, my brother makes all the cousins cry with laughter at Thanksgiving. How many cousins do we have, Jimmy? Is it hundreds? Thousands? No? Didn't think so. (Plus all y'all are awesome, and I love you.)
Lafer: Being able to say what I want to say, in the way I want to say it, about Korean dramas. And having an audience to share it with.
bcook: *doesn't believe Jo isn't funny.* Your cousins just don't appreciate fine humor. I'll admit it. I'm a writer in the closet. I crave validation and page views make me happy. :) It's awesome reading comments and see how things we write start conversations.
Shuk: The conversations they generate. The kudos and gratitude don't hurt, either. And I get just as much laughs out of what y'all say as our readers do.
becca: I like collaborating with the other bloggers. Recapping can get tedious sometimes, but it's all worth it when the commenters come in and sprinkle their humor-dust over the post. I also like page views. I'm only human!
Mary: When someone comments and laughs so much. :)
kakashi: Oh, and removing double spaces. How could I forget that! (hush) (I correct typos. True typos, though. Not alternate spellings.) 
Shuk: I don't even know why I mentioned double spaces so long ago...

4. How do you balance blogging with Real Life? Assuming that you have a Real Life ;)

Ack, very poorly. Recapping is an incredible time-suck. We've discussed this before, but a single episode takes about 2 hours to recap (and I hear I am considered fast) and if you add doing pictures and gifs to that, you spend 3-4 hours on a single episode. As I have a 100% job (well, more like 150%, actually) and a family, I have to recap either at night or on weekends. 
JoAnne: I have a full-time job but I am single (yay) and an empty-nester (only yay sometimes.) Most of my non-virtual socializing happens on the weekends, so I actually have plenty of time for hobbies. There are many of them, but KDrama has taken over just lately. You may have noticed. Also, I have terrible eyesight, which is helpful when ignoring dust.
Lafer: Not well. I'm always solving some crisis for someone in my extended family. When I'm not, I'm traveling. This has made me realize that recapping is not for me, but occasional posts, comments and contests work well.
bcook: *thinks of valid excuse* I had time before... but now I have a real job that actually requires energy. Luckily things are settling down so I'm finding a way to carve out time. Blogging makes me happy! so have to find time for that.
Shuk:  I'm lucky, in that my current employment has brackets of time that I can spend doing my recapping, Other than that, I squeeze it in around lunchtime almost every day.
becca: Balance? I don't do that, no. Sometimes real life comes first, sometimes blogging comes first, when I'm trying to avoid real life. I've found that recapping does make a good study break, though.

5. Which kdrama character (does not have to be a lead character) would you like to date in real life?

Kang Tae-Wook from Goddess of Marriage? I'm just kidding!!!!! But I must admit, I'm thinking of that character a lot. Maybe because I've just watched 50 episodes of Kim Ji-hoon in a completely different role - or maybe because it was such a traumatic experience?! So .... yes, I guess I would date Oh Kyung-Soo (Can We Love) in real life - if I weren't already married. Haha. (he's a good one and an awesome kisser!)
JoAnne: Any character played by My Beloved - no matter who it is, they have this thing that comes through - which is him, really - that I really like, that funny mix of cheeky and serious and vulnerable and strong and, ya know, ovary blasting. Funnily enough, though, I was watching him last night and thinking that his character in Lovable Girl has a philosophy pretty similar to my own, and that I would actually really like him in real life, even if he didn't look or sound like my ultimate fantasy.
Lafer: Ha Suk-Jin in Childless Comfort. He was cool, aloof and oooozed sexiness. Yep. I like a challenge. And he made my heart go pitter patter.
bcook: hmmmm. So hard! Probably Jang Jae Yeol (without the schizophrenia. Too sad and stressful) Somebody honest and upfront about his feelings, confident and tender and (looks like) a great kisser. YES PLEASE!
Shuk: Hmm. Again my favorite would not be SK. But for an answer: Kim Do-jin from A Gentleman's Dignity. We can go out for ice cream in Betty and dance the night way and have matching bathrobes and I would chose his boxers. Yes.
becca: I'm going back to one of my first hero-crushes for this one: Jung Kyeo-woon's Park Ji-heon from Dr. Champ. He was kind, funny, and a little on the adorably dim side. Among so many prickly jerks in dramaland, he was, refreshingly, a genuinely NICE guy. Also hot, but that's really just the icing on top. I would totally date Ji-heon.
Mary: I'll go with Shi-kyung of Surplus Princess because (1) Rim, (2) Cooks well, (3) Looks adorkable in love, (4) Does not object to butt-grabs.

6. Which kdrama character (again, does not have to be a lead character) would you like to be BFFs with in real life?

Kim Seul-Gi's webtoon manager character in Flower Boy Next Door.
JoAnne: Lee Bo Young in I Can Hear Your Voice. We wouldn't be friends for long though, because I would totally sleep with the Puppy. Or Mi Young in Fated to Love You.
Lafer: I want to be BFF's with the lead and her roommate from Protect the Boss.They had each others' backs through and through and were pretty hilarious, too.
bcook: Second kakashi with webtoon manager. Would also like to hang out with Choi Han-Sung from Coffee Prince coz of that awesome voice and the fluffy dog. 
Shuk: I agree with Choi Han-sung because of the house and the car too. But if I have to pick someone else, Dr Yoon Pil-joo from Greatest Love. Great dry sense of humor and absolutely loyal and supportive. And we can share ramyun.
becca: Hm... I'm torn. Can I pick two? I don't hear any objections, so I'll assume that's a yes. I also want Kim Seul-gi - but I want her Hye-young from Surplus Princess. We'd probably bicker, but we'd be tight. My other choice would be Choi Hee-jin from QIHM. She's ditzy and cute and probably a blast to hang out with.
Mary: Hmmm... maybe Yang-sun unni from Yoo-na's Street? Seems like a solid friend.

7. If you could re-cast any kdrama, which roles would you re-cast, and with whom?

Oh, anything Kim Ok-Ryeon aka The Broom has been in and destroyed. Yikes. Like Age of Feeling. With whom? Kang Sora maybe? This is a tough question.
JoAnne: I'm going with Kakashi on that one, for lack of a better idea.
Lafer: Yoochun in SKKS. I don't like him in anything, really. But in SKKS, I'd replace him with a younger version of Lee Jin Wook or Jo Jung Suk (can I do that?)
bcook: Oh yes! Anything The Broom aka WhyHaven'tYouDiedAlready participated in must go. 
Shuk:  I would just like to destroy Big. For the sake of every actor and idol that was in that piece of crap. And for the sanity for those who tried to watch it. Just recast it with gerbils or something,
becca: I want to replace So Yi-hyun in Who Are You. But with who? *thinking... thinking* Maybe Kim So-yeon? Eh, it's not quite right. Seo Ji-hye, then. I miss seeing her in dramas in dramas that aren't a bazillion episodes long.
Mary: I would recast Surplus Princess Hani with myself. I'm a good swimmer and I think I can do the butt-grabbing really well.

8. If you could say one thing to any actor or actress in k-ent, who would you pick, and what would you say to him/her?

Of course I'd pick Kim Ji-hoon and I'd tell him off for making me dress up like Santa last year just for him, who then never even set foot in this country. He would immediately go on the defensive, of course, because it wasn't even remotely his fault that the show was cancelled so quickly - but he would still feel bad, because I would maybe even have tears in my eyes, and he would therefore invite me to dinner. Yes. Where I would then tell him to please not pick another crazy weekend drama with over 24 episodes but maybe go for a nice gladiator drama with half-naked sword fights or something. No, I'll not stop saying this. The more I say it, the more I'm convinced this would be perfect.
JoAnne: All the girls. KISS HIM BACK
Lafer: Song Joong K. I'd say "Please let me by your American Oma and call me with weekly updates!" On second thought, maybe I'd ask Lee Jin Wook to demonstrate some of his kissing techniques on me. These questions are too hard!
bcook: I will pull Park Shin Hye into a dark corner and show her every successful kiss in kdrama history ever. Then I will tell her to stop making her kisses look like her appendix was about to rupture. (Lafer:  I don't understand why you and JoAnne are wasting your picks on women)
Shuk: Cha Seung-won: You are a wonderful actor and an even better father and husband and role model. Please come back to the screen soon, and hold your head high.  
becca: This one is actually easier than I thought: I would march up to Yun Jung-hoon and demand that he do Vampire Prosecutor 3. Then I'd probably fall to my knees and plead through ugly tears.
kakashi: Vampy Oppa is going to Hollywood with Jackie Chan! Definitely no Vampire Prosecutor 3. 
Mary: "Song Jae-rim. Will you marry me?"

We Nominate

Lafer: Cherkell (http://jichangwookkitchen.com/), because she is so dedicated to that kitchen guy, lol 
kakashi: Oh yes! She is one of the most dedicated I know. She wins! 
JoAnne: Good one! Am I terrible? I don't read a lot of blogs about dramas, because time is not infinite and I might have a problem called 'must watch all the shows.' Let's go with Amanda/ Outside Seoul http://outsideseoul.blogspot.ch/. She's not ALWAYS being funny, but when she is, she's really, really funny.
kakashi: Yes, this is one of my first KDrama blogs I noticed! I nominate Nelly from http://mymyooz.wordpress.com/! Because she's so lovely and cheerful and likes cows, just like me. Oh, and of course, dewaanifordrama from http://www.samsoondowntherabbithole.com/ who is living the dream in South Korea. And Ori from http://www.orionsramblings.net/, who has gone pro! And shouldn't we also think of the men? I nominate A Korean in America who is no longer in America! http://www.akiatalking.com/ but is now tweeting and blogging about his life in Korea. And The Crazy Ahjummas! http://www.thecrazyahjummas.blogspot.ch/.
bcook: hmm this might be bad... but I don't really read any other blogs apart from us and DB. But I do read Nelly sometimes. So second kakashi's vote!
Lafer: Can we nominate Jomo and the ladies of Koala's Playground? Or have they already been nominated?
kakashi: I have no idea! You know what? What don't we nominate them all! ALL the bloggers out there! Yes! Hey, if you read this and blog about kdrama, you're nominated!!

Trust me, it would be a hit! ~ Shuk

Our Questions

1) Which scene in a drama would you like to re-enact?
2) What is your favorite KDrama hair?
3) Which drama gave you your first case of Second Lead Syndrome?
4) Now, for a really objective question: Why, in your honest opinion, is Song Jae-rim the most adorkable husband ever in We Got Married? (Feel free to invent reasons.) Hmm... that doesn't sound right. How about: Song Jae-rim is such a cute dork. Yes or not no? Nope. Not that either. If Song Jae-rim is the answer, what is the question? Then, just a silly one: If you are the answer, what is the question?
5) Of the many, many, MANY bad endings you have lived through, what is the ONE drama ending that you would re-write, and how?
6) Chose someone from k-ent that you would like to have a meal with. Then choose what the main course would be, and what you wish they would wear to the dinner table.
7) What is your favorite OST? And your favorite individual OST song?
8) If you could hot tub with 3 k-ent people, who would you pick?

And now ... On Dramas! 

Just watched Bad Guys raw and ..... AGAGGAGAGAGAGAGGAGAG, somebody sub this! It's great, like a good OCN drama is great (until it's less great, but we're not there, it's still very much GREAT).
becca: I want to watch this so baaaaad! But I want to watch it with subs so I know what's going on! *falls to knees and pleads with any subber who will listen* Please please pleeeeeaaaase sub Bad Guys!
Mary: *sneaks some incense from Rim shrine to pray for BadGuys subs*
Lafer: No, no, no, no, no. Not my type of drama, even though I love Park Hae Jin and may check it out just to see him as an ex-serial killer. (I think you need to delete the "ex") But can we just talk about My Spring Day here? The absolute, most nostalgia inducing heartwarming I swear I feel everything they are both feeling and it makes my toes curl and more drama? I love it so much. OK, I'm finished now.
kakashi: You can talk about it but since I'm not watching, I'm not much help :)
JoAnne: I am watching it. Surprise!  It's very sweet. I'm a little behind, like a week. The original couple just broke up, for all the right reasons. I'm very curious to see how the next couple gets its start. BAD GUYS OMG. And yes, folks, you're gonna love them all.  Even - perhaps especially - the serial killer. Can we get a GoFundMe started for someone to sub the damn thing, already?
bcook: Yesss... sub it! I hear it's being subbed at myasiatv? (Nope, they don't do their own subs I don't think) So happy. I'm going to have breakfast in bed and watch ep 1 and 2 on saturday. *hugging self with glee*
Shuk: [sneaking back to my lakorns]

Bad Guys is being Subbed by the Dark Smurfs!