Birth of a Beauty - Episode 4 (A Wooki-Short-Cap)

This drama worked when it was crazyfun (even though some of us refuse to find it funny), but it really doesn't work when it turns all serious. That's exactly what happened in this episode though. It is about realizing what the truth is and that the truth hurts. May the real revenge begin now? In any case, the turn to more serious matters brings us loooots of concerned looking Joo Sang-woo, which is a major turn on. If the drama doesn't deliver, let's just be as shallow as can be.
JoAnne: I'm not refusing. I'm just not that amused. Joo Sang Wook is as handsome as handsome can be, though.
becca: Maybe I'm nuts, but I'm actually enjoying the serious(-but-not-to-be-taken-seriously) turn. Is entertaining, in it's own melodramatic way.
Lafer: Well, you all know I love my melos, and I also love my rom coms, but I'm just not sure about mixing the two in one drama.

Episode 4

Sara tells Tae-hee of her suspicion: there's a scary conspiracy behind her "death"! Of course, he doesn't believe her. Instead, he informs her that their contract is about to end and they will go their separate ways. Chae-yeon's dream has always been opening a family restaurant. And Tae-hee (leather!) will make her dream come true. That's where they currently are: in said restaurant.
On what planet does this make any sense? How does family restaurant fit in with 'tv personality/chaebol wife/husband-stealing ho' ?
He has a planet-sized blind spot where she's concerned. He seems to think she's still the little girl he grew up with. News flash: people change.
He just decided that the contract is ending? Why, because he's made so much progress with Chae-yeon? Now things are starting to not make sense in a bad way.
He packs the next day, quite convinced the wedding will be canceled soon. Ah, you fool. What about the truth! she exclaims, the truth about her death! Cue memory of a boy and a father and ominous words by this father (to not go after the truth even if something happens to him, cause this truth would hurt so much). Those memories bring intense chest pains to Tae-hee, but he turns to tell her that he buried the truth about something huge in his life - and that's the way to do it. Note: he says the exact opposite to what Kang-joon said.
Well that makes it easy. Ignore the good guy's advice, take the bad guy's advice, but use it to help the good guy.
I like it when he grabs his chest like that. We get a nice view. *staaaaaaaares*'
Our poor huffing, heart-clutching man. I was not expecting this from him. I think I have been too intent on looking at his beautiful face instead of paying attention to his character development. 
It's not working for him though. More memories of witnessing his parents' death in an explosion. Overwhelmed by the pain brought on by his trauma, Tae-hee collapses. Sara nurses him back to health. Well, it's short nursing, but all the sweeter. And she tells him that the sickness in his heart comes from burying the truth. Yes, he is convinced immediately (why not, since he has lived by the opposite maxim his whole life) and tells her they he will help her uncover the truth behind her mystery.
The rate this show is moving convinces me that they are just operating under the assumption they're going to be cancelled and want to get all their ideas out there as fast as possible.
They don't stick with anything very long. It's better than dragging it all out, though, right? I don't know.
This is where I realize I'm developing more wrinkles from the scrunched up WTF face. JoAnne, I concur with your analogy.
Chae-yeon now knows her soon-husband is about to cheat so what else to do then mark her territory, just like any gorilla would? She invites both Tae-hee and Sara to his parents' place, for pre-wedding celebrations. How good for them, because now they can investigate! Or rather: Sara can investigate. He is the Leader. He doesn't do anything. I have a first moment of "WTF am I watching"??? It's not the last one, let me assure you.
That gif is making me laugh REALLY hard. I can't wait for all the Tumblr photoshops to come.
Seriously, what's with this coat? Is the writer just hoping for random moments of laughter amidst the slowly sinking drama ship?
Kang-joon's family cannot cook and the invite is about to turn into a disaster, so Tae-hee sends his restaurant (consulting) staff to help. He is like Gordon Ramsey? That's cool. Indeed, he has a swoon-worthy entrance. All the women fall for him immediately.
Except Sara, the idiot.
I love it when he turns on the cheesy charm. So. Funny.
No one else finds this whole scenario remotely bizarre? (Oh yes. But ... it fits the sinking ship) A chaebol family who invites people to diner but realizes they can't cook, so a guest steps in with his own restaurant people at a moment's notice?.... forget it, I'm just moving on and looking at that cute gif below.
After dinner, Sara "investigates". She gets the stupid sisters to show her Geum-ran's will, which was emailed. Sure, and that's a valid will? In that will, she says her husband can do with her money what he wants. That money consists of land - very valuable land, it seems. Downstairs, Tae-hee hears that Chae-yeon owns a huge building in Seoul now. He is surprised by that information: where did she get the money from? We are putting 1 and 1 together and realize that that building is on that land that Kang-joon "inherited" from his dead wife.
JoAnne: Did Geum Ran own the land but not what was on it?  That would give Chae-Yeon incentive to move on Kang Joon and influence him against Geum Ran. Or did Geum Ran own both, and Kang Joon gave Chae Yeon the building?
My head is hurting. There is too much stupidity to contemplate in the events above. How dumb would these sisters have to be to so readily show a stranger the copy of a will that of course is so readily accessible? Just keep looking at the face below, Lafer, just keep looking at that face....
Tae-hee and Sara meet in the garden to exchange this juicy information when one of the dumb enamored sisters comes looking for him. He quickly hides Sara inside his coat!! (because ... why? They cannot be seen together? Ahahaha, wtf.) and lies that his zipper is broken. Good save ... I guess? The closeness to Sara makes his heart beat really loudly though. Awwwww.
Yeah, that's a genius all right.
OK, but I really don't think that if your zipper was broken you'd have your ams and coat spread out to the sides like that. 
They rush off to Ji-hoon next (his "brother"), who is a hypnosis expert, to find out everything about the car accident from Sara's subconscious. And they do: the car was black and the number plate was 814somethingsomethingsomething. That's all they got after 14 hours! But Tae-hee suspects it was her husband anyway. He got his hands on her land after all, didn't he? Ah, but no, she says: of course it's Chae-yeon. Oh, but here comes a car ... with both of the potential culprits in it. It was THAT car that was at the accident!
I kinda like Ji-hoon. He seems like a nice guy. I hope he doesn't turn evil to help his sister.
Wow, how awesome is that? He not only can completely transform people from head (to voice) to toe, but he's a master hypnotizer! 
Sara collapses after that shock. Time for Tae-hee to nurse her. Awwww, look how concerned he is. Awwww, look how good he looks when he's concerned. She has no eyes for his hotness though (she is stuuuuupid, then) and is just sad without him. And a bit later, sad beside him, when she sees how her mother is mistrated by the evil in-laws. Mother suspects something is wrong with the suicide explanation since Geum-ran got herself a date with a fertility doctor that very morning.
I could have saved you that money, Geum Ran. The reason you can't get pregnant is that your husband hasn't been to bed with you in seven years. Still, it's very convincing proof that someone wants to live, the idea that they were hoping for a child. UNLESS they found out they COULDN'T have a child. Dun Dun DUN...
I guess the writer couldn't decide which was the more pitiful character so she had them take turns being the bedridden one/comforting one, all in one episode.
Kang-joon sure looks guilty as hell now, doesn't he? He even kicks her mother out from where she lives, the dirtbag. Who cares though! There is him! Take him! He may need therapy for past trauma, but he is sexy, kind, and smart.
So Geum Ran owned some random land in downtown Seoul that is worth millions, but her mother didn't even own her own home?
Geum-Ran's mother and sister better watch out or the black car of doom will be coming after them. But that was just a mean, low down thing to do.
Naturally, all this knowledge is curbing her enthusiasm for her ex-husband. She shouts at him to leaver her alone and he pretends to not care. But he will, will he not? Sara remembers what happened the day Geum-ran disappeared: she met her husband and he tried to keep her from going to tell people about his affair. She drove away, he followed her. He overtook her in the dark, turned, and drove towards her. Are we sure he did it? I guess we are ... because Chae-yeon knows as well. She saw him. Sorry, honey. You may be interested in another woman, but you better behave.
At least he has chosen to commit crimes in front of a woman whose loyalty he can tru....hahahahaha I can't.
These two are a match made in heaven... actually, hell seems more likely. They're horrible human beings! I love to hate them sooooo much!
I don't like him enough to love to hate him.
They have their wedding the next day. Ahahaha, I love that she has him by the balls and many other body parts. But now what? Grandma is starting a search for her dead grandson after the Evil Duo kills Halmoni's beloved dog (out of revenge for humiliation). Evil Han will not get Winner Group. Unless he does something even more evil. Dundundun. Geum-ran's mother realizes something is wrong and starts to fight for her daughter. Dundundun.
Wait. So is Han the son a second wife, or the brother to Tae Hee?
I care not a whit about that family, to be honest. They're all horrible, and His Hotness is better off without them.
I just feel sorry for the dog. The rest I could do without.


Ack, no. No, drama. So boring. Lost grandson entitled to the presidency: boring. Poor woman being victim of some plot to kill her: boring. Sad-pensive-hurt Joo Sang-wook: YES. Crazy stuff: YES. Get back on track!
There was never really a track, Kakashi.
Did she actually leave her coat of a thousand spy objects behind? I may be intrigued to watch the next episode for that reason only.

What I liked:
Joo Sang-wook and Han Ye-seul.
Yep. I do like them. Very much. Can they be in something else together? Something good?
Joo Sang-wook in a three-piece suit. Helloooooo, there, gorgeous!
I really liked the scene outside Geum-ran's mom's house. JSW and HYS did a good job, I thought.
Wang Ji-hye's hair. So pretty.
Listening to BTS while commenting on this. Highlight of the episode! (^__^)b
His face. Her acting. The fact that this episode brought my sarcasm up to a whole new level.

What I didn't like:
The rest. 
I didn't actually watch this episode, and you only giffed the two people I like, so I don't really have anything to complain about.
Jung Kyeo-woon's suits.
A writer who seems like she's bipolar and writing while experimenting with various drug therapies.

"Among fish, you're the tilefish, short ribs of beef, belly of tuna ... the best of the best"
"I was blind and deaf and mute. My love was so stupid".
"Ten out of ten anesthesiologists recommend an episode of this drama over...whatever it is you call what they give people."
"I'm not that impressed by the quotes in this show, to be honest."
"I promise I'll try to find a quote in episode 5. It will give me incentive to make it to the end of the episode."