"Song Jae Lim" Gets Official Twitter Account

Well, good morning to you too SM C&C.
What's that? An official twitter account for "Song Jae Lim"? Why thank you very kamsa! (Original announcement here.)

Thanks to the power of Google Translate, we have figured out that err... the account seems more catered for his official fanclub which is based in Japan. But still, it's an official twitter account! We'll take what we can get! In red boxers, please.

The announcement has been up for an hour and Rim had 500 followers when I first checked. But in the 5 minutes it took to write this, an additional 200 followers have shown up. Please follow him, people. I swear I'm not tracking all the competition. *downloads list of song_jae_lim followers*

Now we know where to tweet our apple butt pics pervy penguin pics kokoro caps err... We Got Married recaps. And drama posts. If "Song Jae Lim" does another one. Soon. Okay? *hint hint*

PS Shit, are we really gonna have to call him Song Jae-LIM now???