We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 10)

Here it is, finally! 6 Levels of Skinship and all. Let's just go talk about the meaty, juicy parts of this episode, okay? (Note: all of them are meaty.)
kakashi: It's getting hot in here. Did somebody turn up the heating?!


We're back at the restaurant of "Feed My Wife Again And You Will Die By Mo's Hands". The staff gives a mission card to So-eun. She opens it to read while Rim puts his head on her shoulder and his arms around her back. Because that's totally how you should read with someone else. Right, Rim?
JoAnne: I see no problem with his method. None at all.
kakashi: Wow, they look TRULY good with each other. And he knows how good hugs are for people. Right, becca?
becca: *nodding furiously* Hugs are very important in a relationship, yes!
When he sees that the mission is a couple photoshoot, Rim whoops like a pervert who just got a free pass to skinship (hahahaaa, when he does his weird shouts, the three guys phyiscally move away from him by leaning back ^___^). But it's So-eun's turn to laugh when she finds the pictures attached to the mission: her own photoshoot with Seo Kang-joon. Rim explodes in mock anger. His attached pic is one where he's alone in bed, while the staff purposefully chose So-eun's with Kang-joon. (But, y'know, in my copy of that picture, Oppar isn't alone in bed. Because, photoshop + crazy fangirl = NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE)
I bet you put him in bed with 15 cats, a penguin, and an apple butt with grabby hands.
kakashi: I fear mary is a "bit" less innocent than that, JoAnne ......... in any case, I felt angry myself!! Kang-joon, go away.
becca: I don't know, the jealousy seems a bit over-done. Whether it's fake or sincere, it's off-putting.

Rim threatens to burn the pictures on the grill. Hehe.
kakashi: Do eeet. Kang-joon, burn. 
During the interview, So-eun says she likes that Rim got jealous. Rim says that in that moment, he felt so petty and jealous. He kept thinking about how he even paid for the $300 lunch, minus the $140 he will get as wedding gift from 5urprise hoobaes.
JoAnne: What I absolutely loved about Kang Joon's feeding her was her immediate look of surprise and how she looked at Rim right away to see if he was ok.
kakashi: Kang-joon is an unfortunate name in the age of Birth of a Beauty.
becca: *cries and looks at Dr. Champ gifs, seeking comfort*
Back in the restaurant, So-eun says Kang-joon was awkward during that shoot. Kang-joon says his noona was so pretty, it made him nervous to be near her. Rim says that's true. So-eun is so pretty, he also froze when she leaned on him while watching TV. She jokes that she should do it again. Rim's eyes grow wide and he nods his head ten times per second.
I am losing my battle to maintain a healthy scepticism about his interest in her.
kakashi: No, he is clearly acting here. During what follows, however ... man. Either he is a really good actor or he is extremely into her. Or both.
becca: Yep, this scene at least is very staged. I wish the PDs would just leave them alone because they're more entertaining when they're NOT being told what to do.
So-eun takes it back and Rim sings some song about push-and-pull girls. Then he squeals and pinches her cheeks (the top ones), calling her a "bad girl". She tells him to behave in front of her 5urprise friends so he apologizes for being like that.
Kang Joon fed her meat! He owes no apologies!
kakashi: Ahahahaaa, such a fake apology. 

Kang-joon is kinda speechless at the weirdness that is Rim, but that guy near the window, Yoo-il, says it's nice and makes him envious. (Aww... you cutie! You variety savvy newbie! May you get projects too!) Rim blesses the guys and wishes for them to have "this kind of love", pointing to himself and So-eun.
kakashi: Blessed be. 
Wow he talks like he thinks they're actually married, huh?
See? How can I last against that?
They are not?
This show has such a WEIRD concept. I mean, I always thought that, but it really struck me again. You put two people together, pretend they're married - you even have a wedding, for them! - and it's really strange and also really easy to see how lines could get blurred. Because they're not playing characters, per se, they're "playing" themselves! And if you act like you love someone, it's very easy for those emotions to become real. This is a show that is all about the contract relationship, all the time, and it's kind of blowing my mind. I just don't know. It's nuts. My brain is overheating, just thinking about it.

Rim tells 5urprise to finish eating and leave. LOL So-eun wants to invite them to the shoot and even do a partner rotation with all the guys. Rim takes her in a headlock which is really just an excuse to hold her and whisper with his lips in her ears "you want a rotation, huh?" (OMG that sounds so wrong but I'm not taking it out, in the spirit of Jeobbing)
That is probably the dirtiest thing he's ever said to her. I love it!
kakashi: She was asking for it. And enjoying it. A bit.
becca: She's human. Of course she's enjoying it. To be held in those arms....

So-eun notes her hubby isn't jealous. Yoo-il says her hubby looks mighty jealous right now. Rim asks how else to display jealousy? Then he pretends to slap Kang-joon and ask "how dare you eat beef?" "how dare you look my wife in the eyes?" "how dare you be dong-gap friends with her?"
Of course we know this was the plan from the company, of course we do. But still.
kakashi: As I said, I feel major dislike for Kang-joon.
becca: I'm focusing on Yoo-il. I like that kid.
Rim scoffs during the interview that So-eun did a couple concept photoshoot with Kang-joon, but complains when he so much as holds her hands. "YES, I GET JEALOUS EASILY", he admits to the staff. (Side note: that "heung" sound he makes is so cute. You're not scaring anyone, SONG JAE LIM-sshi.)
I hope he's not ruined for scary characters anymore. I like him that way, too.
kakashi: Of course he's ruined. Like Joo Sang-wook is ruined. Yeo Ji Hoon is one of my most favorite KDrama characters, but .... if he ever does TEN3, I'll have to really, really forget him in his last two roles.
becca: I remember being so weirded out when Shin Sung-rok did Trot Lovers and was so funny and 4D. I loved him and squeed over him, but then he did Liar Game and I'm terrified of him again.

While driving over to the shooting location, So-eun congratulates Rim for getting that couple shoot he always wanted. He says it must be because he begged the producers so much. Cue montage of all the times he talked about wanting to do it in past episodes. Heehee~
Rim says he's come to love mission cards now because they always give him gifts. "The first gift I got from the mission card... was you." *cue explosion of comments from the hosts* Misun says Rim totally went to a School of Cheese. But the other guy (someone give me his name please...) says Rim didn't study Cheese, he teaches Cheese.
CheeseMaster Rim.
I like how appreciative he is, the guy whose name we don't know.
The couple play around with aegyo and baby-talk about their age. Talk goes to Rim's current getup, which is 1000 levels above his striped shorts look at home. He says he dresses well too! Sometimes. By mistake. Hehe.
I kinda don't mind those shorts. His legs are nice.
He looks like an adult here. I can't say I don't like this.
becca: Rim can wear anything, and I don't think we'll complain.

Rim gets even more excited once they get to the studio. I think that aside from the skinship factor, modeling is something he excels at AND looks good at. So maybe he wants So-eun to see him in his element. Kind of like how I'll die of happiness if Oppar asks me to work on his website or something. Why not? I have fantasies of him saying, "Wow, your HTML is so clean and standardized, Mary!" "Mary, your CSS class names are so cute and concise, just like you!" "I love your AppleButt generator, Mary!"

ahahahahaaaaa, I love you SO MUCH, mary!
You are inspiration to fangirls everywhere. *heartbeams*

Anyway, the coordi gives them their clothes and asks them to change. So-eun wants to jump and say "ppyong!", then go back to the same spot when they're dressed, so the WGM editors can make it a fun clip. Rim agrees and counts, 1.. 2.. 3! But only So-eun jumps and says ppyong! Rim calls her pabo and walks away cackling. She tries to look for a cane in the props somewhere to hit him with. And for some reason, this segment is what makes Nam laugh so much. I... Nam, please explain yourself.
It's funny! I'm laughing sitting here and I um... haven't seen the episode yet. Just imagining it makes me laugh. I missed the link announcement, I guess.
It was really well timed. Bravo, Rim! (even though totally scripted)
becca: I think Nam likes it when she gets mad at Rim.
They sit in adjacent dressing rooms with their own team of makeup and hair stylists. Rim keeps shouting So-eun? Honey? Wife? until she shouts back in reply. Then they start teasing each other, starting with Rim asking if she's wearing long or short sleeves. She then asks if he's wearing shorts or pants. (Whatever, just make out already, you two.) But seriously, they're totally bantering/flirting here, right?
Sounds like it. It's clear that they genuinely like each other, even if it never goes beyond that I think there's a good chance they've become friends.
Yes, it's flirty and she doesn't hold back. It's also quite safe, since they're in different rooms!
becca: If nothing else lasts, I at least want them to come out of it as friends. They've gotten so comfortable with each other, I could see that happening.
He hears her talking to the stylist about eyelash extensions, so she whispers to the stylist to make it less obvious. Teehee~ I do love that you can see her wanting to look beautiful in front of him always. But y'know, as CheeseRim says, it doesn't matter if she looks thin or has long lashes, etc. Because he already likes her.
 He totally means it.
He doooeeeeessss, and it's killing me.

For now he stands nervously outside her door, waiting for her to come out. She asks him to sing first. Which he does. Err... in a monotone. The hosts laugh that he sings exactly like Nam Goong-min, while So-eun says she's glad that singing isn't Oppa's day job. (But what is his night job??? -- is what I want to know!)
I was trying to make a joke about fondue and fondling but it's not working out.
It's not very nice to fondle fondue.
Or to be fondled by fondue, I imagine.
So-eun finally comes out and Rim... laughs. The idiot. So-eun laughs too, but kinda late. Like she was maybe expecting Rim to be cheesy or impressed or something, not amused. She just jokes that her concept is Halloween (her makeup was pale). Rim agrees that the pumpkin is right there, gesturing to her face. Her smile turns dangerous as she asks if he's ever been hit by a pumpkin.
You don't laugh at a woman in this situation, Rim!
He is quite obviously doing that boyish thing again where you hit the girl instead of kissing her. Awww.
*banging head against wall* Stop messing up at the crucial moment, Rim! You are THIS close to making her melt like butter, but you Keep. Stumbling.
In the interview, he says she was so beautiful he didn't know what to say. (So you insult her instead? Aigoo~ grow up, Rim! And spell your name collectly! kekeke Just kidding! I rove you, Oppa.) He sings some song again which makes me both cringe and cackle at the upcoming wedding performance.
If you don't know what to say, Rimmie, then just stand there and look dumbfounded. Girls like to be so pretty you can't talk~
That is true, but you know what I liked about it? It was a spontaneous reaction, which just shows how awkward he is around her. If he had done another of his Cheese Lines, it wouldn't have been half as touching.
Oh, I do like looking at it that way. But couldn't he have just said, "You're pretty"? Is it sooooo hard? *considers her own experience* Okay, yes. Yes, it is. *dying of embarrassment all over again*

Back in the dressing room, he pinches her cheeks to apologize and they end up fake-fighting like a bunch of kids. But it's totally a chummy atmosphere, as the hosts note too. Now that I've seen a clip of the AwkwardCouple, I'm 10000x more impressed by how quick these two got along. So-eun gets accidentally hit by Rim's ring, so he takes her hand and kisses it. Then they walk to the shooting setup.
Smoooothly done, that one.
If I were her, I'd always be using minor injuries as an excuse for kisses from now on.
The staff shows them pictures and explains that today's concept is SKINSHIP. So-eun warns them that Rim is a skinship-monster, but the staff just agrees and says that they're relying on Jae-rim-sshi for today's shoot. PWAHAHAHA
Oh this is so perfect - they must look at these two as a gift from the gods.
Totally orchestrated, but smartly so.
I bet Lady PD spends a lot of time cackling to herself as she reviews footage and plans activities.
She further explains that the concept is actually to progress from awkward couple and slowly up the intensity from there. Rim asks what level they are in now (with the photos she's showing). Apparently those are just level 1, and they will have to go up to level 6 before the shoot ends. HAHAHAHA
O____o So-eun looks worried. Rim stands there looking smug but blank. Maybe in his mind, he's thanking the Patron Saint of Models or something? The hosts worry if they can broadcast level 6 on WGM, HAHAHAHA.
It will be a special episode, one of those 'pay for access' shows.
So smart, TV station, so smart!! How do you get a couple really close without ruinning their image? Put them in a photoshoot with the concept skinship.

So-eun recovers and jokes that Rim will stay downstairs and she will take photos at the rooftop for level 6, then. No! No joking, time to start the skinship!!!

They start out just sitting beside each other on a couch. Rim tries to lean on So-eun, asking to "borrow her back". The staff tells them to relax and act comfortably around each other, so So-eun leans into Rim instead. He ups the skinship by taking her hand, and she laughs that he always does that anyway. (PERMISSION TO HOLD HANDS: GIVEN!)
Does she ever even look shocked at the things he does, anymore? It just sort of went away.
Yes, and she is a professional. They are being filmed for a show, of course, but they're both doing a photoshoot now - and that changes things.
Now they have permission to get up close and personal. In this situation it's expected and required as part of the job, so it probably feels much safer than when he just grabs her in "their" apartment.
Ah, but Rim can't help but grin, the doofus. It gets caught on cam and he gets told off by the staff for smiling too much. Peeheehee~ let the guy smile more! At least the smile straightener will be worth it! (Rim admits during the interview that working together makes him very happy. :) 
Guys like to show girls they like the things they are good at... he must be in heaven today.
And WOW, is he GOOD at it!
Incredibly good at it! This is Rim in his element, I think. Of course, she's not too shabby either. They work well together.

Now we advance to level 2! Looking each other in the eye. Rim sits on the floor and leans a bit on So-eun's legs, while she sits on the couch and looks down on him. He bites his lips while posing. They bleed a little and So-eun tells him to stop, dabbing at his lips and showing him the drop of blood. Oh, but that pose turns out weird/gorgeous. With So-eun touching his lips and him exposing his Adam's apple.
It's kind of hard to bite yourself so hard you draw blood, Rim. What the hell are you thinking? (I'm not convinced he did. It take a lot of work to get blood, and his lips look way too good to be at that point.)
It's already damn sexy. I'm not sure I can take level 6 and stay sane.
We should try, though. For, uh... science. To see how much we can take.
The staff talks to the photographer that the jawline was too high, etc etc. But Rim requests for them to keep those pics, because his wife loves his Adam's apple. HAHAHAHAHA
"Keep the one So-eun likes!" Cuuuuuute.
"Am I like a cat"?
They check the pics for now, and the staff asks Rim again to stop smiling so much. "What can I do, I can't hide my happiness?" asks Cheese-nim. Then he launches into a lecture about the three things a person cannot hide: cough, poverty... and love. HAHAHA
He does have that sort of giddy, constantly smiling so that your face starts to hurt feeling about him. They both get that way sometimes, but he's almost always that way. It's the thing that makes me think he does like her.
He definitely IS very happy in this moment, yes. 

He turns to So-eun and asks her to enumerate the three. She forgets the third one and guesses "sarang?" and Rim answers "HAE!" like the nine-year-old kid we know he is.
I love him. He's adorable.
The stylist unbuttons his shirt for this set and he looks over at wifey and asks, "Are you just gonna stand there while someone undresses your husband?" LOL She tells him to behave, it's a professional type of undressing. (Where can I get a license for that?)
I'll print you a license. You go find a stepstool :)
Forget the undressing, I want to be the person who oils up the models. *thinking about a certain Lee Soo-hyuk shoot*
Level 3: Resting on each other. The staff ask So-eun to rest on Rim's tummy, but initial pictures make it look awkward, so Rim offers his chest instead. He plays with her hair and leans in, making silly puns about her perfume name (Armani? Armanani?) and they both laugh. And get promptly scolded by the staff. HUEHUE.
It must be hard to make those over-the-top sexy poses on cue when you are friends with the person. Like it would be awkward even if you liked them BECAUSE it's so posed and fakely intent. I think it would be easier with someone you didn't know, or at least weren't close with.
That is true. But you get to a level of professionalism where it doesn't matter. Same with sex scenes in films.
It would be weird if you were an average person, but yes, this a job for them.
Rim says in the interview that in other photoshoots, he just poses with others, takes photos, and leaves. But with So-eun, there's a good dynamic. So-eun says the same in her interview, that she feels they're doing well because Rim is a comfortable partner who matches her.
Maybe not.

Rim waits outside her dressing room for level 4. She laughs when she sees him. They're making some joke about his clothes this time. A zombie? A scarecrow? Anyway, So-eun's makeup is getting sexier/smokier and Rim says she looks really pretty. "But you said you don't like heavy makeup", she answers. Rim says, "I like you". Instead of laughing again, So-eun says she also likes Rim as he is. Aww.....
Awwwww is right.
He really meant it when he said he likes her non-make-up face the best. And that totally means he likes her.
I'm squeeing again!
Level 4 is Rim sitting on the couch's back and straddling So-eun. (Errr... is that the right term?) He warns So-eun that he might have to hug her for this level. PERMISSION TO HUG: GRANTED!!! After a couple of pics like that, So-eun also volunteers to hug and lean on Rim's legs. And I just really really want her job right now. Or is it jeob? (Heeheehee~ sorry, soompi friends. It's an old joke.)
It's not exactly straddling because he's not sitting on her... but I don't have a better suggestion either.
What ever it is, it is really, REALLY sexy.
She's surrounded by his legs. What a spot to be in. *fans self*
They take a small break and the staff tells them to please be comfortable even with photographers around(?) Rim is shocked! Both of them protest that they're VERY COMFORTABLE WITH EACH OTHER, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. (So cute!) He complains that it's because they keep asking them to do weird poses, is why they look awkward. Even the studio hosts cheer for the couple to, "Go show them how close you are!" CHALLENGE: ACCEPTED.
Do these photographers not watch the show?
Come on, they were SO TOLD to say this!  

So-eun kneels between Rim's legs and looks down on him. He leans dangerously close to her chest and looks up at her. She puts her arm around his neck, and he puts one of his on the small of her back, while holding her hand in the other. (Shit, that sounded like a fanfic. As long as you don't ... go further, we're fine) The Other Guy Host looks away from the screen and says he'll just watch Level 5 at home, alone. HAHAHAHAHA
Those pictures were hot, though... I can imagine what it was like watching them be made.
*plunges head into ice bucket*
Ah, but level 5 seems like a fakeout. HMPH. It's just the two of them wearing "casual" clothes and being cute and close and aegyo-ey on the couch. They get to smile and play around at this level, which is maybe to give our kokoros a rest for level 6?
I think it's to show the "you're my best friend"-phase you get to when you've been a couple for a long time. I like it.
It was a adorable, I agree. And I'm perfectly happy to watch these two doing the most mundane things.
In level 6, So-eun comes out wearing a sweater over some sort of nightie. Rim exclaims it's too sexy, so she teases him to take off his shirt and they can match. (Listen to your wife, Rim. She speaks the God-given truth.)
Oh please please do. Bare chested Rim is a very good thing.

They tell So-eun to sit on his lap, and Rim laughs that she's treating him like a toilet seat. But once they get into position HAHAHA oh dear. Let me just lock koko up for a bit.
Use two locks.

Anyway, So-eun ends up with the sweater off her shoulders, and once she sweeps her hair all to one side and looks down on Rim with those smokey eyes, Rim is dead. LOL. They both have to stop posing seriously to kinda smile and look away and laugh that the other is being too serious/provocative.
She's seriously beautiful, isn't she?
I'm dead too. Not only Rim. This was .... Wow.
She really upped the intensity that time. It was beyond squee. It was just perfect.
There's a part when So-eun opens her mouth a bit and Rim kinda reciprocates the pose. Then they both giggle and look away, while Rim complains that she did it first. Huhuhahahaha~ All you can hear from the studio hosts are "oooooh" "aaaaaawwwwwoooo". Hahahaha. Rim explains that since he's the taller one, he's usually looking down at So-eun. But having the height/positions reversed gave him a weird feeling. "I can sleep well tonight." HAHAHAHA OMG AT RIM JEOBBING HIS OWN SHOW.
I am dying. This guy is too much!
My subs said the opposite (that he will NOT sleep tonight).
After some time, the staff asks if they should make them kiss? Rim (who must have been abducted by aliens during this time) says "No! No! We will do it later!" hahahaha~ I can't believe Skinship King refused a skinship excuse. Or is he saving it for when they're both overwhelmed by Feelings?
I prefer to think that Rim wants their first kiss to be real, not a camera shoot.
No, it's because he is, in fact, SHY and likes to talk more than do real stuff.
He really is, isn't he? I like that shy, sweet side of him.

When they're preparing to go home, So-eun asks her hubby if he's happy now? "YES! *NOD NOD*", says Rim. He notices that So-eun got a bruise/scratch on her arm. Then he tells her one of those cheesy kdrama lines, "Don't get hurt without my permission". The studio hosts all cringe again and our Nam-cam shows him slapping himself. LOL
Nam, we love you. Lots.
More Nam Cam, please.
Sometimes I think Nam Cam should be a constant thing.
Rim says that from now on, he's going to be a "bad boy", since he's been an adorkable pushover so far. He thinks he's an easy target and needs to push back. But So-eun says "but the internet loves how you are right now". So-eun keeps asking if he'll really act cool later and Rim keeps saying yes, he will! But then she turns serious and says, "I'm asking one last time. Are you gonna be like that?" Rim stutters out a no. Hehehe
He is putty in her hands. Putty!


Well, goodbye world. I can rest now. This is an episode where nothing happens but lots of things happen. IYKWIM. Previews show the wedding will be next episode. Hurrah hurrah! Honeymoon should come soon, right?
It's going to be a glorious wedding, you just know it will.
WGM is a show in which nothing happens all the time but lots of things happen. Very good description.
Especially for these two, where the highlights really are the tiny details.
Highly necessary picture
Can Rim really be a "bad boy"? Wouldn't it be funny if he keeps trying to be cool, only to be shot down when So-eun starts pouting or threatening him?
It would be awesome. Make it so.
So-eun said he was completely different during the shoot and she was amazed to see this person instead of her dorky husband. I must say, I enjoyed seeing him work, because as much as I love the dork he is, I also love his professional side. The Mo-side, if you want. It's a facet of his personality and we need to see that too to get all of Rim.