Bad Guys - Episode 10 (A SqueeCap)

Episode 9 brought us so much heartache ... and Episode 10 just adds ten truckloads to it. This is the penultimate episode and everything starts to unravel. In the worst kind of way. Bromance? We had bromance? Let's see what that is worth in the face of ultimate grief. Just look at them :(
I swear to God, I hear Barbra Streisand right now singing The Way We Were. Am I just going to cry through this whole thing? *smiles we gave to one another for the way we weeeeeeere....*
Why you play with my emotions? Why???

Episode 10: The Knife is Dancing

After a little detour into the past in episode 9, we're back in the present now, picking up the story where we left off: Jung-moon has been kidnapped by the Evil Doctor! The kiddo wakes up from his drug haze and immediately panics. He is tied to a chair in some kind of basement and is goddamn right to panic! Cause there is Doctor Kim (played by Nam Sung-Jin) who stuffs his mouth full of those pills we saw before and forces him to swallow them. It's A LOT of them. That can't be good.
How does he not die from this, my good boy? You know he is. HE IS.
Almost immediately, the pills start having an effect, as Jung-moon's whole body relaxes and his eyes float shut. But is he asleep? There's a hazy view of a corridor, of an open door ... of Du-kwang, who greets his visitor with a "You've finally come".
I refuse to accept this as reality. And if it is reality, and my good boy is doing this because he's drugged and hypnotized, how can he possibly be responsible for this? OR crazy? It's not his fault in any way, it's not his idea in any way.
This is the wrong time with uri Jung-Moon about to be convinced to do something bad but....When I'm right, I'm hella right and that makes me hella sad.

At the church, Mi-young keeps recounting all the things she knows about Goo-tak and his evil plans: How he framed Jung-moon, how he would of course know that Jung-moon would go straight to his girlfriend after escaping his prison guards. But while Mi-young is absolutely certain that Goo-tak only got the other two guys out of prison to kill Jung-moon, Goo-tak indicates that that's not the case.
Oh would you please just shut UP, you bitch.
Was she speaking? All I could hear was the death kneel of a walrus.
But yes, Jung-moon he brought out to observe closely: since he wanted certainty about him being the killer. Why? Because the more time passed with Jung-moon in prison, the more doubtful Goo-tak became. Why had he even thought it was Jung-moon? There was no conclusive evidence. None. And the longer he thought about it, the less certain he became about everything. He even started doubting that Jung-moon had said that creepy "Your daughter is really pretty" when he met them in that hallway. Doubt. Nagging doubt. And with doubt came a sense of almost-guilt. Goo-tak started to feel sorry for the kid he had condemned to a life behind bars.
THERE you go. THANK YOU. He's a kid. And he is a good boy, I'm going to stake my drama life on it.
:( So who's the little f#$face that caused all this strife eh? Who's protecting him? If it's another rich chaebol I hope he chokes on a macadamia nut....Too soon?
And when he got to observe him in action soon after, he saw cracks of sunlight through the dark psycho clouds. More doubts for Goo-tak. But when Jung-moon tazered him outside Dr. Kim's lair, Goo-tak's doubts evaporated. But! He is NOT the one who ordered Woong-chul and Tae-soo to kill Jung-moon. I repeat: NOT. You hear this? NOT.
Except for that time he DID order Tae Soo to kill Jung Moon, you mean. Pffft, that's all water under the bridge I guess.
He didn't "order" Tae Soo per say. He just suggested that somebody kill him. He never specified Tae Soo. (splitting hairs so both my bad guys can come out looking good)

Goo-tak gets up to "catch that bastard, Lee Jung-moon, and strangle him". But Mi-young has made sure that's not going to happen: She calls in two guys in suits (what? Gangsters? Haha). Plus, she has recorded their conversation. It's a confession, right? I see that Bad Guys 2 will have Goo-tak in prison and all the other guys out, hahaaaaa. Of course, Goo-tak is not going to go down quietly, so Mi-young has to pull a gun on him. You little bitch. But Goo-tak is so not afraid of her (haha), telling her while stepping closer that she shouldn't bark if she's not willing to bite. And anyway, he is willing to turn himself in ... after taking down Jung-moon. Oh WOW. She lets him WALK AWAY.
So I guess she has doubts, too?
Just once. Just once I would like this woman to not look scared or surprised in this show. Just once. Never thought I would dislike big eyes so much.
Before leaving, Goo-tak remarks how heartbroken her mentor Commissioner Nam must be over her betrayal. And she remarks in turn that she is pretty sure he wanted Jung-moon to be that killer because he needed to relieve his guilty conscience over betraying the law and becoming a dirty cop. Solving such a huge case would probably ease that burden. In the end, the one to blame for the whole mess is Oh Goo-tak himself. And nobody else. Well ... it's the truth.
Yeah, you won't get any argument from me over that. For now.
Well paint my nails and call me Bom did she just drop some insight on him? be fair the one to blame is the actual killer.  This is why some kids need to play video games. (the logic is sound...just think about it)
Cut to Woong-chul being released. I cheer a little, but only a tiny little bit, because the reason is ... Du-kwang is dead. Murdered. By Jung-moon. Whose DNA and fingerprints are all over this case. There's CCTV evidence as well this time. And a murder weapon. Says Snake Prosecutor Oh! Hmmmmmm .... Woong-chul! Be wary!
So it's the genius psychopath serial killer Lee Jung Moon at work, and we know this because he didn't do anything like the genius psychopath serial killer Lee Jung Moon ever did before? And no one thinks this is odd? I did find Woong Chul's grief quite touching, though.
Wow somebody reaaaallllly wants Jung-moon dead don't they? and I'm getting quite tired of not knowing why.
Fucking Oh Snake. What's that "We don't need an explanation"?!!? He claims it's enough for them to know that Jung-moon killed Du-kwang. No interpretation, cause interpretations equal emotions. And he made that mistake once before (I guess he means when he let Jung-moon walk free?). I hate him!
Mi Young you stupid bitch, how can you just keep going with this? You already know he's all kinds of wrong even if you don't know why - just cut your losses already! 

Oh, but now I SQUUUEEEE, cause Tae-soo is here. I missed you, warrior! TT_____TT. Time for a trip to the rooftop and time to bring the Bad Guys up to speed. Needless to say, the news that they've all been Goo-tak's puppets doesn't go down well. The most important question to Tae-soo is this though: Has he lost everyone he cared for because of Oh Goo-tak? Is he the one that gave the order to kill Psycho? And the order to kill him and Woong-chul if they failed to kill him? Tae-soo wants to pay back the suffering he had to endure because of that person. Every single bit of it. So ... was it Goo-tak?
Oh you glorious man you, Tae Soo. We missed you. Where have you been? Are you off hanging around your lady love all the time? No one is mentioning her these days. Even the betraying bitch of a girlfriend Jung Moon had gets more notice.
Why focus on Tae Soo's source of pain? Pretty sure the kfandom has insisted that Tae Soo's heart cannot be broken by the ultimate rejection and the only solution is to just forget about her. Because you cannot reject what is not there. *mic drop* #knowledge
Noooooooo! I scream. And Mi-young hesitates, because she doesn't know for sure, but SNAKE Oh says yes, it was Oh Goo-tak. He may only have circumstantial evidence right now, but his gut is telling him it's so. Fuck your gut, you devil! He also makes it sound plausible that Goo-tak would want to eliminate the "three stains" in his once clean life. Pulling the three guys out of prison was done to eliminate them and to become clean again. My ASS.
It does sound plausible, except for the part where he says 'keep emotion out of it' and then immediately follows that with 'I know it's right because it feels right.' No, dickweed, I don't think I will, thank you very much.
And then, he SETS THEM against Jung-moon and Goo-tak, telling them they can do whatever they want, since nobody knows about the details of this case anyway. Fooooooook this! What kind of prosecutor are you, you horrible guy?! Come on, guys! Think! Look real pretty and think!!!
Even a kid knows you aren't ever REALLY going to be set free in a candy store. Come on, guys. THINK. 
THINK!!!! I'm not really worried though. There's two guys and 1 could still end kinda sorta happily....right? RIGHT? Prosecutor Oh is one chip (French fry for American readers) short of a happy meal. Who interprets "I want to take this team down" as "Let's get everybody killed"?
When they're alone, Mi-young complains about Prosecutor Oh's tactics. But he tells her this is necessary to clean up after her mistake (letting Oh Goo-tak walk free). They need to interrogate him to determine all the facts. Oh, and that's why you want Tae-soo to fucking kill him?! Dead or alive, Snake Prosecutor doesn't care. If they kill their team mates, it just means Commissioner Nam will fall, which seems to please him a lot. When Mi-young questions his ethics and asks whether he's always been like this, he says: "after a person has experienced terrible suffering, they no longer think about what kind of person they are ... they only think about the kind of person they must become". Oh. What. Hmmmmm...
I smell a tragic backstory that will 'explain' his descent into evil madman. Nope. I'm giving that backstory to Goo Tak and Jung Moon, you shit. You don't get to have it.
See Mi-young, this is why you don't make important life decisions while you're upset. and never trust a prosecutor in glasses with a sexy smirk. Speaking of...has prosecutor Oh lost weight?
Tae-soo goes to Mr. Baduk Player and asks him to help him track down Oh Goo-tak with his advanced COMINT devices. Revenge Tae-soo scares me :((
You go hide in the closet then. Me and Tae Soo Honey have some business to attend to...
Now now Jo, the dongsaeng must goe first to erm, test for traps.
After Du-kwang's burial, Woong-chul sets ALL his gangsters against Jung-moon. Psycho's face is distributed a thousand times all over Seoul. This manhunt scares me too :(( Can somebody please assure me that this ends well??!
It ends well. But just in case it doesn't, I already have that ticket to Seoul I bought before the ending of some other show we watched.
Will the mystery of that headshot ever be revealed? I didn't know you could print pictures that size.
Jung-moon has no clue that his life is in great danger, or maybe he has, because he wakes up in an unknown (untidy, weird) basement. His hands are full of blood. Oh SHIT. Dr. Kim walks in, talking to someone on the phone that there were "no mistakes". I like that this SHITHEAD is at least terribly afraid of Jung-moon. He tazers him though. Should probably have tied him up in the first place? (by the way ... this reminds me somehow of Vampire Prosecutor 2 and the human experiments. Maybe Jung-moon is a vampire?)
I look forward to the day when KDrama realizes that blood dries.
Not when it touches the beautiful people. It melts in the face of their beauty.
Goo-tak buys a prepaid phone and gives his Ex-partner one as well, instructing him to only contact him with that one since it's untraceable. Goo-tak realizes that Jung-moon was kidnapped by the doctor instead of kidnapping the doctor, and then asks the Lazy Guy to investigate Dr. Kim. Yeah, about time. Goo-tak is a pro, because Tae-soo is already on his partner. He calls him, pretending it's a wrong connection, but they now have the guy's phone - or rather his voice - locked. They can find him and his location any time now.
Look at the symmetry of his features. That high, noble forehead. The piercing gaze. That straight nose. The strong jaw, and those lovely lips. I want to run my finger over his philtrum and bite that lower lip. Just a little. And run my hands over that short hair.
*stands to the side awkwardly* guys. *cough* Jo I hate to interrupt but there are kinda you know...lives at stake?
In the creepy basement, Dr. Kim has got company. They're here to pick up Jung-moon. Their boss seems familiar to Jung-moon, but he isn't to me. Thanks, drama, for giving us NOTHING again.
Seasoned Drama Viewer Hint: He's not a gangster, since there is no black suit. He could be a cop, I guess. Off-duty, or maybe undercover. Or maybe he's just some random criminal asshole.

They put Jung-moon in a car (and his tazer in the front, how smart) and drive him somewhere else. We don't get to see where because Woong-chul's chubby Lockpick friend spots him driving by pure coincidence and in the following Jung-moon chase, Jung-moon manages to tazer everybody in the car and to escape. Chubby gangsters in hot pursuit, he hears for the first time that he is under suspicion of having killed Du-kwang. Poor Psycho is not only worried, he is also physically hurt ... :( but because he's clever (he does an awesome electrocution trick which you should never try at home) he can shake his pursuers.
He shook 'em, alright. Today's safety advice was brought to you by mothers everywhere. Mothers everywhere: when you need advice, they've got the goods.
I'm surprised that didn't get censored
Oh Snake and Yoo Snake go and see Nam Not Snake who is fishing again (does he work sometimes too?) He is informed about the major fuck-up with the Special Investigation Team and asked to pin the blame on Oh Goo-tak. But while he philosophizes about apples with bruises who taste exactly like apples without them (which is not true, by the way, unless you turn both of them to mush), he refuses to betray his friend. Prosecutor Oh laughs at that. The smirking BASTARD. To that, Nam says that Oh is a "whiny kid who hasn't learned to take off his pants when he takes a shit". Uhm ... I get a feeling it's not a good idea to insult this guy? Anyway, Nam says he refuses to speak politely with him, since he doesn't know how to be humane.
Yeah, that whole bruise thing... it's kind of a translation issue I bet. Because it's not true but I could see what he meant. Like - organic apples aren't as pretty, but they sure taste as good as or better.
I don't think he meant the bruise part so much as everything else but the bruised part tastes just like an apple right? So would you throw away the whole apple or just eat around the bruise. (I have been eating a lot of apples lately).
Oh walks off, smirking even more broadly and Nam asks Mi-young whether she doesn't regret betraying him. He feels very empty after losing both a son and now someone who was like a daughter to him. She can come back anytime she feels ready, he offers. But she thinks she's already gone too far. TT_____TT
So basically, the only solution you can come up with when you realize you've made a mistake is to stick with it and make it worse? How are you the rising star of police-dom, you idiot?
kdrama police, kdrama logic, kdrama genius.

Goo-tak's ex-partner calls him about Dr. Kim. On the wrong phone, the idiot! Goo-tak is a bit worried about how quiet it all is: He knows it can only mean one of two things: the prosecutors are quietly tracking him down or else he's become deaf. Well, Goo-tak ... much worse. You've got Korea's last Top Assassin on your trail.
Where was this man the first four years I was watching dramas?
Goo-tak tells Ex-Partner to meet him in a crowded place: Hongdae. Crowded means many voices and much difficulty to pick out Ex-partner through the wiretap device. Also, tracking a pre-paid phone is not possible, so this is their only chance: hit when the two meet. Tae-soo gets ready. Goo-tak is super careful though and watches from a roof-top to see whether his partner is being tailed. Baduk Man can warn Tae-soo at the last minute.
So the genius assassin who found the perfect sniper spot in 30 seconds can't think to look up toward the roofline?
kdrama law: The intensity of your search is inversely proportional to you looking in the most obvious place
Since it seems there's no tail, Goo-tak comes down and we learn that Dr. Kim has no previous criminal record, but that his wife was murdered by a serial killer. Hmmmmm.... I take note of that.
How clever of you :) Watch her turn out to be Oh Snake's sister or something.
I just.

Lazy Partner is now at the park Goo-tak wanted to meet him at, but Goo-tak is too cautious. No physical meeting! He tells him to drop the info into a bin. Tae-soo starts to frantically look around - where is his target? Goo-tak steps forward now, about to pick up the letter from the bin, when his Partner remembers to tell him that Jung-moon was spotted somewhere not long ago. Goo-tak stops, taking in this new info. He walks forward again. But suddenly, other peoples' voices seep into his phone - and Goo-tak knows immediately what this means. He drops the phone and walks away. Tae-soo doesn't see him.
So... he doesn't take the info they were meeting for? Guess it wasn't all that important.
Live to fight another day
Ah. Goo-tak ... he seeks out Jung-moon's ex-girlfriend once again, who is now living in Seoul. I don't believe this, but this bitch is going to betray Jung-moon a second time?! Psycho is currently fixing his broken tazer in a basement somewhere (let's assume that's important later) and then listens to a voice message from his ex-girlfriend. She tells him where she lives. On his way there, one of Woong-chul's men sees him and calls Mr. Gangster (who is wearing Du-kwang's ring by the way) over. Shit.
Geeze, he really is a genius - he can tell where some random basement that contains exactly the right stuff might be. Yet he's not wondering at all why his betraying bitch of a girlfriend is calling him? An thinking it might be a trap?
He's a man in love.

Already waiting there, of course, Goo-tak. He calls Commissioner Nam, his friend, and asks whether he "believes in him". Nam, the good soul, does. In fact, Goo-tak is the person he trust most in the whole wide world. Goo-tak is glad to hear this - and warns his friend to be careful. Or else, he could end up dead all of a sudden.With that, he hangs up. What was that?! Oh double shit: because he used his real phone, Mr. Baduk has his location now. Tae-soo is also coming.
Well clearly it was just so Tae Soo would know how to find him. Because otherwise that phone call was just a ridiculous waste of time.
Is he going to try and use his and use his words?
When Jung-moon gets to his girlfriend's address, Goo-tak is waiting for him. We've come to the end of the road, haven't we? Goo-tak forces Jung-moon to kneel. Why? Why? Jung-moon doesn't understand why Goo-tak has framed him as a criminal. Why did he kill his daughter then?! "I ... don't remember", says Jung-moon again. Fine, says Goo-tak: Don't remember. But he, he does. Distinctly. And he starts pulling the trigger. He means it this time.
It's NOT COOL WITH ME that Jung Moon is the sacrifice, Show.
Before he can execute poor, poor Psycho, Woong-chul arrives and takes Jung-moon away. Not that this is a good thing for Jung-moon TT______TT. Behind them, Goo-tak gets up and grabs his revolver again and wants to go after the pair. But Tae-soo is here too! Oh no, the rage ... 
I cannot take this.
Nobody is thinking!!!

Woong-chul beats up a weakened Jung-moon. It's sad ... Woong-chul mourns their almost friendship, but the death of his hyung weighs so much heavier. Jung-moon wishes he would remember ... because that would make it so much easier for him to understand. And as he lifts his face and says he wishes it all to end, it's clear he has given up on hope. He is done with life. Woong-chul pulls out a knife. And promises to make it quick, for old times sake.
This scene. *sobbing*
Think Man! Think!
At the very same time, Tae-soo beats up Goo-tak, regretting nothing at all. But Goo-tak tells him (again) that it wasn't him! Fucking believe him, Tae-soo!!!!
But it WAS him. He DID hire Tae Soo to kill Jung moon. Oh but that one time, that doesn't count, I guess. Because it was the second hiring attempt that sent everything wrong, whoever did that.
And Tae-soo starts doubting. YES! Convince me, he asks of Goo-tak, convince me you didn't set this all in motion. But Goo-tak is done. He has absolutely not strength left to do that. So he does what he has done before: tell Tae-soo that he did what he thinks - wants to think. Because that's the answer he wants to hear, right?
I never understand this. Let's struggle to the very end to find the truth of something and then RIGHT at the end, let's just give up and say whatever they want us to say.
Woong-chul seems to pull back to strike but! He can't do it yet. No use pleading with Jung-moon though ... he can't remember. He can't.
My good boy is so tired of this cruel world.
Tae-soo is getting angrier and angrier - and more and more frustrated. He even begs Goo-tak to convince him - he doesn't WANT to kill him! But Goo-tak, stubborn Goo-tak ... doesn't say anything.
Let's take it to the very end, let's put everything we have on the line! And then right at the important moment, let's just give up.
I think for Goo-tak it's just. He's there on the floor, defeated, beat up. He starts thinking "I can really die here" and then probably realizes that he has nothing to live for so why not get dead and go hang out with his daughter?
"I understand how you feel", says Woong-chul and gets up. And Jung-moon starts crying. Woong-chul pulls back his arm to strike. Not far, Tae-soo says he's sorry as he puts the muzzle of the gun on Goo-tak's forehead.
Woong-chul strikes.
Tae-soo gets ready to pull the trigger.
*Cringe* Don't do it!!
Red blood drips on stone. It's Commissioner Nam's ... he has a huge gut wound. And closes his eyes as his hands drop to his side...
JoAnne starts breathing a little, again.
Wait what? Who killed Nam?


Don't worry, people. Drama Rule Number 1: people are only dead when you see them dead. So I'd say: Nam is dead, the rest? No. 

Still .... SHIT.
That is one big shit.  Ok I'm under control.
*blinks rapidly*

Honestly, around episode 5 I started to suspect that Oh Goo-tak was behind the hits on Jung-moon. But now it seems quite sure he isn't. It must be Prosecutor Oh, whose past we know nothing about, but who has vowed to break up our Band of Brothers. Where does all that hate come from? It can't just be his messing up with Jung-moon. So it's somehow connected to Commissioner Nam and through him to Oh Goo-tak. Please, OCN. PLEASE. Don't pull another Vampire Prosecutor on us. Or another TEN. Please, we need answers. Please!!
And I never thought it was Oh Goo Tak, because I assumed he'd found something out that CLEARED Jung Moon and this was his big plan to capture the guy he knew DID do it. And when Oh Prosecutor appeared, I thought ok, it's either him or Nam... and it just didn't feel like Nam. But I am not ashamed at all to admit that I am terribly afraid we are going to lose someone else, someone that we love. We liked Nam... but love is reserved for the boys. I really don't think we get to keep all of them, and I'm heartbroken.
Let's stay positive here ok!! I never thought it was Goo Tak either (same thoughts as Jo) I'm pretty sure there's another party. Somebody who probably fed prosecutor oh's obsession and is a  whiskey drinking, Tae Soo mainupulating, Jung Moon drugging Gae Saekia!! The least writer-nim could have done was leave us (for once) with less questions than answers.