Birth of a Beauty - Episode 10 (A WookiCap)

We're hitting the halftime mark in this WTF drama, which has a story for ... 8? 10? episodes max., and therefore simply fills its extremely overlong 65minute episodes with pointless but incredibly cute OTP moments. And we all know what the halftime mark means in any romcom, right? Kisseu! Kisseu!!! (This is a RomCom, yes?)
JoAnne: Maybe they'll hear our command! Kisseu-hae! Kisseu-hae!

Episode 10

This episode makes me laugh in the first 60 seconds, because Evil Han Mother exclaims: "We found Dong-geul's hair and school bag there!" meaning: he absolutely MUST be dead, cause hair? Proof that somebody died in an explosion. Chae-yeon on the other hand confirms for herself and with herself and talking to herself that she first met Tae-hee in the year that big Winner Group explosion took place. Ergo: her oppa Tae-hee is the Big Successor. She has a way to accept things immediately. She'll get far.
Trying to remember what was going on in my life in 1977. Maybe I'm Dong Geul. You never know. (I was in high school, so there's a reason *cough* I can't remember.)
Lafer: I had to laugh at the hair and bag. Wouldn't you think those would be some of the first things that would burn in a fire? "We can't find a body, but we found some hair!" said no fire chief ever.
Tae-hee has started a petition against Evil Han as CEO, but is currently busy planning a birthday party for a certain someone. He wants to be together with her all day and then be the first to congratulate her when it's time. Awwwwww. Ji-hoon (sure, he needs his 30 seconds on screen), whom he asked to help him, gives him a dating tip: Women love aristocratic culture. Huh?
No, women love hot men. Some of them appreciate aristocratic culture. Just spend a day being cute with her, Tae-Hee. Ignore this Ji-Hoon dude. He's Chae Yeon's brother, too, you know.
becca: Ergo, he has the same stupid genes.
I think they just needed to give him screen time.  He shows up at the most random times.
Meanwhile, Sara is sitting on her bed, on cloud seven. The hug made her deliriously happy... Downstairs, Tae-hee gets back, all loveydovey. Haha, he freaks himself out about that! As soon as she hears his voice, she jumps to her make-up table and ... well. Tae-hee bursts into her room and notices she is wearing a tad too much make-up for this time of the day. "Wanna look good for someone?" he asks and smiiiiiiles. Cheeky cute bastard. In any case, he is zhere to tell her to go on a date with him tomorrow and brings her all kinds of things in many bags. Shoes, dress, that kinda stuff.
I have no memory of anything you said after cloud seven because that's awesome. We say cloud nine. I get irrationally excited when different cultures/languages/countries have similar but not exact sayings. You may have noticed this.
It is exciting! You know what I love? That the words for "mother" and "father" have similar sounds across cultures. I know it's because those are the first sounds that babies learn to make, but I love it. Because a mother is a mother, no matter what language you speak.
As I am not using my brain in regards to anything associated with this drama, I just assumed you wrote cloud nine. Oh well.
Next scene: They arrive at what is later revealed as a concert hall and Awesome Assistant gets a red carpet from the trunk. Yes. Because Tae-hee cannot go see a concert without walking a red carpet, right?! (Awesome Assistant cheers them on! Ahahahaa - I love him so much) She is wearing one of her bird nests again, but MY, does he look fine in a tuxedo. I vote Joo Sang-wook Korea's James Bond!
Oh, my eyes. They want to touch him. So do my hands, my lips, my skin... and I thought the red carpet was to make her feel special, no?
I had to put my phone down to fully appreciate this. Can he just wear a tux - or maybe that leather biker outfit - all the time?
Wow. To be walking on his arm. I get all kinds of squishy inside just thinking about it. But obviously this writer has a friend who designs hats and is letting them be showcased in the drama. 
The date is ... a disaster. She snores during the opera performance (the singer seems to have issues projecting his voice, the volume is rather low) and wants to leave after the first act. He wants to buy her a nice necklace next, but that? Also luxury shit. Her idea of a date? Go to the supermarket and eat from those food presenters there! He about dies from embarrassment ... especially when she takes off her shoes to sprint towards a 1+1 toilet paper deal.
So she has no problem wearing expensive clothing (including ridiculous hats. I forgot to mention that the one you said looked like a cotton ball I thought was a bunch of napkins.) but a birthday gift is beyond consideration?
This was weird. Because she loves music, AND she was totally onboard for this type of thing when she was going after her husband. I see what you're trying to do, writer, but the way you're doing it is a little clunky.
This kind of pissed me off a little. Due to its stupidity. And from far away I couldn't tell if the hat was Mickey Mouse ears gone awry or part of a cat woman costume.
Cute man in a tux is angry! Not his idea of making her happy on her birthday! But get this: for Sara, birthdays aren't important. 1+1 deals are much more important. Get it, handsome man in a tux? She is Sa Geum-ran. An ahjumma who worries about household matters. And she pops the question we've all been wondering about: does he like Sara? Or the woman that goes crazy over 1+1? He doesn't answer, but that just confirms it for her: he is like all the other men. He likes a pretty face and a good figure, but there is no way he'd like a fat ahjumma named Sa Geum-ran.
I see no shame in admitting he likes the combination of Sa Geum Ran's personality and Sara's body. Let's face it: she's gonna love Tae Hee a whole lot more than she loves Dick Ears. Wait. It's Elf EARS Dick HUSBAND. Ok fine that's because of his personality, but the ears don't help.
Now I'm sad. *doesn't even have the strength to defend the elf ears*
Had to take a moment to laugh, there, becca. And to think you watched this boatload o' crazy just for him!
Kang-joon is in prison, scheming. He doesn't look smart enough to scheme, so this scene made me laugh. His father finds out about the murder charges. And about the evil deeds towards Geum-ran's mother. Kang-joon on the other hand hears from his father that Sara was at the hospital with Geum-ran's mother. "Hmmmmmmmmm", go the weird ears. And they put a gangster (looks kinda like JYP, doesn't he? or is that just me?) on Sara's tail, to check her background. Much later in this episode, Kang-joon gets out, armed with the knowledge that there's a man "going in and out" of Sara's house.
Oh, you don't like that she might have another man, Kang Joon? How surprising, considering your very open approach to relationships. Also, on Dad: He keeps swinging back and forth between bad and good for me. He's a badly written character. His responses aren't consistent at all. He has no core philosophy. (Wait, doesn't that describe 90% of the characters in this?) And he's an idiot.

(no pictures of AssEars)

Chae-yeon tells the Hans about how she first met Tae-hee. That makes Evil Han brood (He should have done it under the shower). Also ... he has a secret compartment in his desk, which contains one of those clay pipes with many holes (ocarina). He looks at it and sighs. I think he's totally not evil!!!!!!
I think you must be hungry, since he looks like bread dough.
I have to admit, I was like "what the heck is that?" I thought it was a handle off a walking stick.
At home, Tae-hee is a bit tortured by Sara's question and his inability to answer. Also, it's getting later and later, and Sara isn't coming home. He goes to wait outside (awwwwwww), it's going to be her birthday soon after all and he wants to take care of her.
It's an interesting question, though. If he got to know Sara's personality in Sa Geum Ran's body, would he have fallen? I tend to think appearance gets you in the door but doesn't keep you there for long.
I agree.
He probably never would have gone to the door if she was the old Sa Geum Ran. It's a sad fact of life. But it's not like she is going to change back (although who knows with this show.) If there was a possibility she would, it would be more of a dilemma, but this is who she is now and who he's come to love. I don't quite get her problem.
She is currently walking home after visiting her mother... and there is Evil Han! With another huge bouquet of flowers. Not for her birthday, but for her first broadcast, which is tomorrow. Plot Twist: Sara falls hard for Evil Han. Because he also give her an ocarina! It makes wishes come true. It's not just "a" ocarina, but his - the one he used as a kid to wish he would achieve his goals (which are? Being evil? To defeat Evil Grandma! To make her BUUUURRRNNN!!!). He is giving it to her to show that he's going to work hard not to lose his job (pffft, haha).
I didn't think she fell for him. You did? Are you being sarcastic again? (Ahahahaa, of course!!!) I thought she was touched by his gesture but I didn't see any sparking.
Is Evil Han going to keep counting how many times they meet? So later on it'll be, "This is the fifteenth time!" and "This is the twenty-eighth time!"
Yeah, and I don't think it's fate when you actually find out someone's schedule and wait for them. 
Tae-hee approaches and sees them laughing together (well, he doesn't see Han's face, which I'm sure is important later unless they completely forget). The clock turns midnight! She's with another man! Massive jealousy mode ON. Still, he cooks her seaweed soup the next morning ... but not for her birthday, he claims. It's to make his own blood circulate better, since it's meet-grandma-time! (huh, where did that come from?) Later. Now, he wants to know from her what she thinks of him ... of them. What is it between them?
I think there's a whole half of this drama that only happens in the writer's head.
You mean like the restaurant that Tae-Hee's supposed to be getting up and running? Are the two sisters working hard in her head? And what about Sara's new name and identity? Where did that go?
Sober up quickly man, because she says she's a married woman. Her body was never found, she's still married to Mr. DickEarsMuderDuckFace. She may have feeling for Tae-hee: but she can't think of him as a man. But hey, she'll rescue him from his pain: Think of her as Sa Geum-ran. That'll make him lose interest!
Ok but Sara, you don't love your husband anymore. He tried to murder you. He married you for your money. He cheated on you.  ou have no intention of staying married to him. So what's the problem? Come on, Writer-nim. Come up with a better conflict.
This is pretty half-assed. If she's not legally dead, why the funeral, huh? There is no consistency, I swear.
Who's writing this drama? Which intern got the luck of the draw this week to try their hand?
Time for Tae-hee to meet his Grandma! (Hey, remember when Kang-joon had a grandma who was pretty important to Geum-ran? Yeah, the show doesn't either.)(She died, Bec. In the part of the drama that only the writer ever sees.) (I know, as a final episode wrap-up, let's make a list of all the things that just went nowhere or down batsh*t alley in this show!) I wish they would make it less obvious that there's no wall at all in that prison ... Of course, Grandma immediately recognizes her grandson because that's what happens in big family reunions in Kdrama. And then, she dies. Hahaha, no, she doesn't (unfortunately). (Why you gotta get my hopes up, unni??) But I hope she'll be punished for turning Nice Han into Evil Han! And I want the Han half-brothers to be friends!
Maybe the GRANDMOTHER set the fire.
Being cute is the only thing this show does well. They should just go the To the Beautiful You route and forget everything else for the cute.
He's gonna rescue Grandma. Sara's gonna rescue him. Everyone's rescuing everyone. (I have to add that I was not a fan of this particular angsty face of his that lasted a little too long--even he didn't seem like he was really feeling it.)
When Tae-hee drops Sara off at Winner Group next, he hurriedly asks her what if ... what if he still likes her, even after seeing her as Geum-ran? She dismisses that as impossible. But he insists: what if he likes Sa Geum-ran? Can she forget that she is married?
What do you mean, what if?  He DOES like Sa Geum Ran. Sara IS Sa Geum Ran. Appearance is fluid. Ok, not quite THIS fluid, but you know what I mean. Of course he likes Sa Geum Ran. Who wouldn't? Why waste time wondering if he would have liked her back when she looked like Sa Geum Ran? He didn't meet her then, he met her now. Ten years from now Sara could look a whole lot more like Sa Geum Ran than she does now. It's all a crapshoot. Just go with it. And actually... Sa Geum Ran was a pushover back then. She's a better person now that she's got the confidence of her appearance, so why then turn her appearance into a negative for Tae Hee? He likes who she is now. Period.
Well said, JoAnne. Well said. *applauds*
You expressed my previous point perfectly, thank you.
We are left to wonder, because Tae-hee has many things going on in his life. For example, making Evil Han really nervous with a DNA test. It's not a DNA test that proves that he is his grandma's grandson or Evil Han's half-brother ... no, it's DNA from a DNA necklace his grandma kept in a safe. Yes, HIS DNA. So the DNA test proves that Tae-hee is that person Grandma kept DNA from. WHATEVER SHOW, you're drunk. Evil Han is still smiling though: Dong-geul/Tae-hee doesn't have any Winner Group shares.
Grandma had a DNA necklace. I TOLD YOU she was creepy!!!
This just made me laugh. The whole scenario made me laugh. From Evil Han's worried look to the super speedy DNA results that match the DNA necklace Grandma just happened to have.
After depositing the DNA results in the same building she's also at, Tae-hee is on the phone with Sara, telling her he wants to start dating. Tonight. If she is willing to forget that thing about her marriage. Chae-yeon, who overhears that, tries an "oppa, I need you"-number. Because that doesn't get her anywhere, she tries a "Sara, stay away from my oppa"-number. Nope, not working either. Next.
You're out of your league, Chae Yeon.
I kinda like watching her stew, though. She's so ineffectual, it's funny.
This is not good. Now I have the giggles. Everything is making me laugh. Her deadpan face as she overhears Tae-Hee IS funny.
Tae-hee has a device with which to manipulate his brain waves. I kid you not. He will make himself see Geum-ran instead of Sara by brain wave hypnosis.
Whatever, show.
Sometimes I cannot believe what I am watching.
And it works! Suddenly, he only sees Sa Geum-ran. She does that PPL cleaning thing again, where she gets reaaaaallly close, and he is super uncomfortable. Because he fears losing his restraint and becoming an animal, he claims. Next, she forces him to do yoga with her again. Very uncomfortable again. And then, kneading dough!
Well that would be kind of freaky but I dunno what this means, exactly. Would he fall out of love with Sara if she didn't stay good-looking? That's shitty behavior, Tae Hee. You aren't always going to be a prize either, you know.
Maybe Sara should hypnotize herself so she sees him with a receding hairline and a beer-gut. Then he can see how it feels to be treated that way.
I obviously spoke too soon about her turning back into Geum-ran. I should have known nothing is beyond this writer.
I'm not entirely sure what we are to think ... that he is disgusted by her true form first? Or just ... flustered? Insecure? It was really unclear. I'd say he's pretty turned off. In any case, as she thanks him for thinking of her birthday, as she tells him she knows that he never was able to celebrate his birthday the right way himself, since he grew up in another family and became head of the family with 15, when she talks about being starved for love, never being liked by men until Kang-joon came along and took her land, he loses his fears of the fat body. He sees her for the woman she is, has always been. And when she has flour on her face, he rises his hand to wipe it off - even though he sees Geum-ran. Unfortunately, she changes to Sara that very moment. Show, you just messed up your own concept.
Did they mean for us to think that she becomes as beautiful as Sara to him because he loves her?
You are implying that they are thinking. Also, I now want Joo Sang-wook and Ha Jae-sook to do something together as the "real" OTP. They're sweet.
You know, this scene made me wonder how she got that long hair. Voice change - OK. Becoming about 6" shorter, no problem. But even though her hair is bad, it's not extensions. How did he pull that one off?
Chae-yeon tries an "oppa, I need you"-number again! Much more underhand this time, because she lies about being hurt in an accident. Tae-hee calls Sara before he goes to see Chae-yeon, telling her to come to their date: He knows now he doesn't only love Sara - but what about her? Chae-yeon Bitch massively delays him, of course. Sara sits at the restaurant - and then runs to the lover's bridge, their meeting place. No Tae-hee. Yet. He has just passed Chae-yeon to Awesome Assistant (hahahaaa, the look on her face!! Poor AA was left with the witch!!), but the Bitch writes Sara a text not to wait for Tae-hee, because he's with her - and Tae-hee can't text because his battery is empty.
Of course it's empty. But oh, how satisfying, watching him hand her off to his assistant.
I love watching her plans ruined. So satisfying. Maybe you should have appreciated Tae-hee while you had him, huh? Ingrate.
I'm not sure why Sara was conflicted in the first place. She seemed really happy when she took the phone call. I guess we needed to have the extra dose of angst. And doesn't he have a car charger?
Dundundun ... will she wait? Will she go? He gets to the bridge and shouts "Ahjumma! Ahjumma!" She ain't there. "I'm too late", he says, and then remembers her words about being a married woman. "She didn't come", is his conclusion. Akeybreaky.... But ... who is it down there on a bench?! It's ahjumma!!! A very freezing ahjumma.
I always feel so sorry watching these actors in the freezing cold. Couldn't they have found a warm coat for her to wear in that mess of a wardrobe they've got?
He scolds her for waiting in the cold for so long - but didn't he say he'd come? So she waited. And after he warms her hands with his breath, and says she has one minute left of her birthday, he says: "Happy Birthday .... Sa Geum-ran.". And KISSES HER.
Best. Birthday. Ever. I am revising my wish list as we speak.
This is one time I didn't mind the slow mo kiss intro. No siree, not at all. I'll withhold my opinion on the single tear, though.


Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Awwwwwwwwwwww, man, they are so cute!!!! The feelz! I hope we get to enjoy the cute for a bit longer before we go into the mandatory 6-8 episode angst/break-up phase in this drama.
No. Why would they break up?
JoAnne! That ALWAYS happens after the halftime mark! Always!!!
Yep. Always. :\
I never give up hope.
Boy, I hope that doesn't happen, because as much as I love these two, the ridiculousness of it all is starting to wear on me - hence the extra dose of snark today.

The drama did something right today: it brought back Sa Geum-ran (in the weirdest way possible, but hey! we've come to expect this). We needed to be told clearly that he doesn't only care for the sexy body and the drama "proved" it in this episode. Or tried to, at least. Sort of. Sideways.  Kind of. "E" for "effort"? I'm clearly not watching the same drama. As I mentioned above, the only thing that the drama shouldn't have done is switch Geum-ran for Sara in that kitchen scene. And it should have brought back Geum-ran during the kiss scene. That would have made this much more effective. In fact, a good drama would ONLY show us Geum-ran through Tae-hee's eyes from now on, but of course they won't do that. Korea is much too afraid of overweight.
Agreed. If it had left Geum Ran out during the kitchen scene, but shown Geum Ran huddled on the bench, him running to her, him taking a good long look at her, and then him kissing her? I'd have bought that.
I also would have liked that.
I find this whole subject mute.You're attracted to who you're attracted to whether male, female, skinny, fat--I don't know if that can be helped. He was doing his best to not like her ONLY for her looks, and I think he proved to himself that he didn't. But picturing her as Geum Ran to me was making an unnecessary conflict that once again was resolved too quickly. If anything, I felt it was a little cruel to Ha Jae-Suk.

Something else the drama did well: it seems to have forgotten about the Stupid Family (they get about 30 seconds of screen time). Just kill them in a gas explosion or something. You're crazy enough already, show, you can do it!
If I don't see hair, I won't believe it.
Hair alone isn't enough for me. Show me the backpack.