Birth of a Beauty - Episode 14 (A WookiCap)

This episode might as well not have happened, cause ... nothing happens. I don't believe it, but it's true ... after this one, we have 6 episodes to go!!
S@ki6: I can't believe this show isn't wrapping up in two more episodes.  Or that it wasn't just a mini-series of three or even just a movie.  But I feel that way about most dramas.
JoAnne: You're KIDDING me. I was sure this was a 16 episode series. They didn't have enough for TEN. (episodes, not the series. Sorry, Kakashi.)
Lafer: Now I don't feel so bad that I had to keep pinching myself to stay awake through this episode.
So did I: and I was seriously fangirling over this.
becca: I haven't watched this episode. *looks down* What on EARTH did they do to his face???

Episode 14

Where were we? Ah! At: "Ahjumma. Marry me". She doesn't believe her ears and asks about 1000 times whether he means .... marriage? I wonder why it's so hard to understand for her. This is hardly unexpected! Well, not for her, at least ... but for poor, poor Evil Han. And for bitchy-itchy Chae-yeon, who thinks Sara/Geum-ran can never have Tae-hee/Winner Group.
Why is she so surprised that a guy who declared his love for her and keeps helping her and thinking of her wants to marry her?
They think they might be able to eke out an episode's worth of does he/doesn't he, those shitty writers.
Did the writers not think things through? (rhetorical question) Why did things happen so fast in the beginning and get so slooooow now?
They blew their story wad in the first two episodes. It's alllllll down hill from here, folks.
Tae-hee also has a ring, but before he can do anything with it, Evil Han comes over to threaten him a little. And when Tae-hee walks away, he gives orders to Kang-joon to a) find out what Tae-hee is up to and b) Stop the new product (which is, you might remember, Sara's rice balls, but definitely not hand-made). Kang-joon is quite eager to find Geum-ran by the way. Good luck.
I'd like to suggest adding up everyone's IQ's just to see if they come out to one normal one, but I'm afraid they won't.
Where's Lafer, we need a contest.
I'm here, trying to glue my eyelids open.
When Tae-hee and Sara get home, they're cute for a while and Tae-hee fantasizes about their first night as newlyweds. Damn, they don't even let him fantasize right!!! His fantasy ... starts and ends with kissing.
The mystery of why he's not married is solved. (was a long time ago, actually...)
Their cutesie cutesie is getting old. 6 more episodes? I'm crying......again.......
Getting old? It's been old for a while now. They're annoying me.
In the meantime, Sara isn't fantasizing - but worrying. Does she deserve this happiness? I'm not sure you do, Sara. In any case, the worrying phase lasts 10seconds, because Tae-hee shouts from downstairs to come drink beer with him. In a silly hat. They're a tiny little bit drunk and she makes him call her noona. Is there a point to this? Oups, sorry I asked!
If they make me hate even these two, things WILL get ugly here.
I felt like she was having a multiple personality episode there. I could not compute.
What the...????!! *rubs eyes* *blinks* *realizes she read it correctly and throws hands up in defeat* You're not even trying anymore, are you, writer-nim?!
Since she is a bit angry/sad that he hasn't told her about Winner Group (well, he has, but you simply didn't believe it. Twice), he tells her that he was hiding due to his accident trauma. And then, he promises to become really popular for her, so that she'll have a cool husband. He hopes very much she'll say yes. Believe me, so do we!
Mostly so the show will end. I swear, this is why I have trouble with kdrama endings: they take too long to arrive.
Oooh I just had an idea. I'm not going to share it right now.
Please, share! So I can at least fantasize at the possibility of an interesting ending.
Yes, we need hope!
Well, as we know, we have many episodes to fill still - cause we're not getting a yes easily.  Next, Ji-hoon goes to the restaurant to tell Sara to say "no". He has no clue what's going on - which Sara tells him. The pointless sisters hear it all - and now know it all. Is there a point to this? I doubt it, cause anything involving the pointless sisters is utterly, completely pointless.
There was a point in the first half, so that Sara could use them to wreck some havoc, and so ChaeYoon could realize the idiot decision she made "marrying" into that family. 
I kinda think both could have happened without them.
They really are two of the most superfluous characters I've ever seen. But I'm happy that the younger sister confirms my choice of glasses that I bought recently.
As you bought that type or didn't buy that type? (I bought after watching Fated to Love You.)

Tae-hee is in his office (which looks really nice now). What is he? Listless? Tired? Grumpy? Ah, it's because Sara hasn't given him an answer yet! Nice and Awesome Assistant Choi brings him a cardboard Sara (how many of those did Tae-hee make?!). But that doesn't cheer him up.
On the other hand, Awesome Assistant Choi totally cheers me up.
So adorabubble.
I think assistants are some of the best characters in ANY drama.
Yes, and Awesome Assistant is up there with the best of them. Not as good as Lee Gun's assistant in FTLY, of course, but pretty high.
Tae-hee goes to see Sara in the dressing room and suggests they have beer again and play the "Truth Game", but she can't - it's her first cooking lesson at the Han-house today. His face falls ... and now he's really worried that she might turn him down.
I think maybe Tae Hee might have a drinking problem.
Why is she teaching that mother cooking? She's living in the family mansion and doesn't have a chef? Even if she didn't, she's old enough to say the hell with cooking, and order out. (A practice I whole heartedly subscribe to.)
Because Korean Mothers-In-Law are the REAL marriage for a woman there, so the two need to date.
Sara has no reason to date her, though! She's not interested in Yeast Man! *shudders* Sorry, I relapsed for a moment and tried to use logic on this show. Ignore me.

Chae-yeon continues to pour poison into Grandma's ears (*Yawn*) and when Sara comes to the cooking lesson, Halmoni seems to semi-recognize her (from that time in the prison, remember? This doesn't matter at all in what follows though, so forget I ever mentioned it). Evil Han continues to smile cutely in her presence. I think he's just misunderstood. Oh ... he tells her he likes her! She tells him she likes someone else. Bummer. Poor boy ... he tells her he'll keep being her fan, but he does have a rage fit after and swear this will end with one of the Han brothers dead. Awwww, you little dramaqueen, you.
The rage fit was the highlight of this episode.
In a tragic accident at the family home of  Winner Group, the heir-apparent was killed when his yeasty self spontaneously exploded. The Han family had recently been shaken by multiple scandals, including the return of the rightful heir.
He's poppin' mad! Somebody poked his little tummy a bit too hard.
Just like Jung-woo in Cunning Single Lady, Tae-hee has built a dream house model for his love. With a room for her mother as well. Sara still doesn't want to say yes to Tae-hee's marriage proposal though (duh) - so he sets a deadline (finally). Two more days until their 200th day after their first meeting. Look who's counting.
Certainly not me. Unless you mean the minutes until this is over.
OK, she doesn't know that her mom knows she's her daughter. Don't you think it would be a little strange to ask a stranger to live upstairs?
I missed this and forgot about this, but yeah, this is sweet that he wants her mother to live with them. I never understood this business of a woman forgetting her whole family exists just because she got married.
But first, it's time to meet Grandma. She warns him about Sara and then immediately agrees to meet up with her. Behind his back, she tells her aide to collect info on Sara.
Where was this aide when Halmoni needed help keeping her staff, her house and her freedom?
Off somewhere not aiding, I'm abetting.
Honestly, I got nothing here.
Just like the aide. Snerk.
That aide is obviously no Awesome Assistant. Therefore, I care not a whit. Not even a microscopic whit.
Tae-hee is trying to impress Sara any chance he gets (with his charisma... someone should tell him he's running low on that these days), but then, bad news: Kang-joon is sabotaging the manufacturing of their new product. At the warehouse, Tae-hee gets flour all over his nice suit (boxes collaps on him. Sadly, no amnesia results) (Was there any flour in Sara's recipe?)(was Minjung spotted anywhere nearby? Moony and I want to know) and is quite depressed that he failed to be a "charismatic working man". But only until he realizes that she's been hesitating to accept his proposal because she is worried that she (and her past) would negatively affect him.
With an ex like Kangjoon, that's fair.  And I say this only because these two should've put KangJoon away by now in that padded cell all by himself suffering his personality away from us.
Which past though? The one she thought she had when she was nuts? The one she had as Geum Ran? Or the one he made up for whatever her new name is? My point is - that's a ridiculous worry.
It's a ridiculous story, period. But my brain is starting to get separation anxiety from me leaving it every episode.
I'm just sitting here staring at Sara'shair with murderous intent. She looks like a six year-old.
Thanks to his shining intellect and a few hints from his wife, Kang-joon realizes that Sara is most likely Geum-ran. (wearing a really ugly dress, I might add.) (yeah, but when has she actually worn a good dress in this show?) And he immediately gets violent against her. He rips some of her hair out to do the inevitable KDrama DNA test (which turns out to be 99.9% match between Geum-ran and Sara. So ... Kang-joon kept Geum-ran's hair somewhere? Interesting) (He, too, wears a DNA necklace. Only his is strung with his baby teeth.) He even breaks into Sara's room! To take what is rightfully his?! No, to throttle her! But Sara screams, Tae-hee wakes up and runs to save her - but when he switches on the light, creepy Kang-joon ain't there anymore. Just a dream? 
Okay, all this time, I thought Sara had a weave. And what about her amazing judo skills that she was so awesomely using earlier in the series? Urgh, I don't like her as a damsel in distress, I like her beating up KangJoon. 
I really could not give a rat's ass about anyone in this show.
I don't care if it was a dream or not, I just want someone to explain to me why the heck they are still sleeping separately. 
I've been blissfully re-watching Dr. Champ, and it is ten - no, ONE HUNDRED times better than this show. Just sayin'. (Okay, maybe that's a slight overstatement, but it's still way better. Seriously.)
It makes Tae-hee realize how big of a burden Kang-fuckear-Joon is on his Ahjumma and he proposes to go abroad to get married - and come back once she's forgotten. 
I'm on board with this. Wrap this show up, people!
Get thee gone, Sapiens!
This is one of the first lines that actually made sense. Let's leave this train wreck and move on!
And because the idea makes sense, we know that it will never come to pass.

That's not a very good idea - that's probably why we don't even hear her answer. Instead, she goes out and buys a couple bracelets and goes and has deep thoughts with her mother about love and not losing it. She then calls Tae-hee .... and accepts his proposal. I'll stop the snark for a few minutes now, because when they meet face to face, they're extremely cute.
Well Jesus, look at him. I mean come on.
He does play his role well, given what he's given. And looks extremely good doing it!
Okay, I will begrudgingly admit that he is cute. I am sooooo done with Sara, though.
But look who's here? FuckEars! And he says to himself ... "My wife is marrying another man?". Ahahahaaaaaaaaa.
Says the guy with two wives.
And the fuck ears.
All I want to know is why there is never anyone in the restaurant, even at 7 p.m.
Because the writers say so. Don't question the writers. You'll only hurt yourself.


Damn, she's still married to Fuck Ears! How will she get out of that? I think the only sane thing to do is to kill both Kang-joon and Chae-yeon. Oh, and while we're at it, to lock the crazy Family up in the basement.
She was declared dead. She cannot still be married to KangJoon.
Exactly. Except conveniently in the middle of this the writers started saying oh, well, she's MISSING, not necessarily dead. No. I reject your shitty writing, shitty drama writer.
Wow. Practically a whole episode wasted on whether she would say yes or not. Because let's make conflict where there isn't any while leaving a million loose details floating in space. This is truly a test of my endurance.
You were right, Jo. I missed absolutely nothing by not watching this episode.