Birth of a Beauty - Episode 8 (A WookiCap)

Well, this drama is fast in some things but really good in draaaaaagging out the inevitable romance between the two leads. I mean ... they're there already, but since they both don't (want to) realize or admit it, we get to do a lot of squirming. I shouted "kiss already" during this episode, because what this drama does really well (it's the only thing) is giving us those tingly OTP feelz we all love so much.
becca: Can they just get on with it already?
Lafer: Geez, I feel like I'm watching another episode of We Got Married where everyone is just begging for a kiss.

Episode 8

The cat is out of the bag (how stupid can you get? Or was it his subconsciousness that wanted her to see and left the file open on the computer? In a size that makes it readable from across the room?)! But ... instead of coming clean, he starts babbling about his alien hand syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes hand movement without the person having control over the action and/or not even being aware of it. So: while he was doing the lie detector test, the hand just started moving and caused this result. Plus, she is a third gender to him: not male, not female ... but ahjumma. You get a lot of points for the SILLIEST excuse EVER.
JoAnne: You know, he always describes himself as a genius...does anyone else ever? HAD anyone else ever? Or is it all in his head?
becca: He's probably smart when it comes to academics and business. But emotionally? He's kind of an idiot.
Lafer: Well, I have to admit I burst out laughing at "alien hand syndrome." Sometimes you have to give in to the stupidity.
Of course, she's pissed off by that remark and retaliates by saying he's a third gender too: just "Doctor". Duh, she doesn't have any feelings either. But she feels a great urge to torture him after that and starts cleaning in a very sexy outfit, getting reeeaaaally close to him physically in the process. When she's not making sure we see the PPL made by Samsung. But what is this? She suddenly grows quiet herself, as she stares at his beautiful face from up close. Why is she feeling so strange? (well done, show, by the way: awesome tension)
Sigh. They are gorgeous together, aren't they?
Best moment of the episode. I think. I don't really remember the rest.
He could definitely cause even a talkaholic like me to be left speechless. But I love that she didn't really buy it and was getting all sneaky to prove him wrong.
After being manipulated like that by her, he is angry himself, so he retaliates by going into her room half-naked. Not naked enough though: just in his undies. Which is totally fine with her, since he's not man, not female but just a doctor, right? *stares*. Yup, toooootally fine. Very fine.
Fine does not begin to describe that man.
I died laughing when he stood their flexing ALL his muscles.
So hysterically immature, these too.
Her turn next: She goes into his room with a Scream mask, which makes him drop what he was looking at: her wedding ring that he got from the pawn shop for her. Awwww. She says that Chae-yeon is an idiot for not choosing him, who is smart, great, lovely, etc. Awwwwwwwwwwwww. He admits she's quite fine too. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. (I'm running out of "w"s here).
Should we do a Kickstarter to get you some more?  Get some for ourselves, too, while we're at it?
She can't have any of mine! They are MINE. *hoarding "w"s like there's no tomorrow*
These two are back and forth faster than a ping pong ball.
And they go to the kitchen to keep complimenting each other. Like: he has long eyelashes and when he looks down, he looks cool and lonesome. His lips are sexy. He looooooves when she glares angrily with her unexpected ahjumma power. Wow, these people are SO into each other. There's a charged moment in which they actually let that sink in and admit it to each other and they get THAT close to kissing, but, alas ... phone call! It's her husband. Boooooooo!
I swore. That man needs to go away.
And this is where my interest in the episode took a dramatic, frustrated downturn.
I thought that moment was too good to be true.
They agree to go on a date and Tae-hee tells Sara that this is a very important date - Chae-yeon has found out they know each other and since she's not dumb, she might find out Sara's true identity. Which means, they need to make Kang-joon confess quickly. Hence: more dead wife. Are we ready to catch the bastard? We are!
Remember way back when we thought he sort of seemed nice and it was puzzling us?
We were giving the show too much credit. This guy is so one-dimensional, he's barely a character.
When he is on the screen, I'm painting my toenails, making cookies, folding wash, etc etc etc.

Sara goes to the supermarket with Dick Husband. Watching in "disguise": Tae-hee. When Kang-joon hugs Sara and kisses her on the forehead, Tae-hee almost explodes with jealousy, but lies to himself that it's not that, but chivalry.
Nobody's buying your bullshit, Tae Hee.
PWAHAHAHA!! Okay, that was funny, Show.
Kakashi, how will you ever see Joo Sang Wook in a serious role again?
Let's talk about that next year when we're finally getting TEN3
Next up, outdoor clothing PPL and couple jacket shopping. Tae-hee is also there, but this time, he's not just jealous but sends a text to Kang-joon from Geum-ran's old number: "Honey, it's me". Hehe. And calling him out on his new affair he's having. That rattles him gooood. And he almost loses it when Sara finds a ringbox and a picture on the backseat of the car: his and Geum-ran's wedding ring and their wedding picture. Heheheeeee. And the last straw to break his back: have Tae-hee drives towards him like he drove towards his wife (and sending him text messages from Geum-ran's phone all the time). When he gets out of his car to shout after Tae-hee's Sara hits him over the head.
This is so awesome.
I wish their revenge plan was a little more interesting. Yes, it's nice to watch him freaking out, but it could be so much better if I didn't get the sense that they just think "what would annoy him?" and do that. I want to see him gaslighted! Drive the man INSANE. Be DEVIOUS.
It's hard to pull off a gaslight when the comedy aspect is so high. Here's where we must just delight in the cute little looks Sara and Tae-hee sneak to each other.
He gets tied to a chair and when he wakes up, Geum-ran speaks to him about the murder. "I killed you once - I can kill you again", he says, claiming he's not afraid. But when he sees his dead wife approaching (just a trick of the eye!) he faints again. It's Sara that steps closer ... and Tae-hee. They have his confession. NICE! (only ... in real life, that would do zit in a courtroom)
Yeah, this show is not interested in sticking to reality.
Through the whole scene, I was stuck trying to figure out how they got Geum-ran's voice to say those things. She didn't say them before she died, and it sounded waaaay too natural to be a composite of other recordings.... *sigh* I shouldn't over-think this.
I had that problem, too. Her voice was "changed" right? But in reference to my comment in the last recap (and probably every one so far) just use this mantra - NOTHING MAKES SENSE, so don't even try.
Suddenly, Sara can't breathe. It must be the excitement, the shock, the trauma! Tae-hee simply hugs her close and comforts her with soothing words. It's okay, he says. I'm here.
It would work for me.
Actually, that would make my breathing go completely hey wire. Like heavy panting, I think.
Chae-yeon returns to her in-laws only to run into Sara in her husband's room. Ahahaha. Bitch-fight! Later, 2nd Lead Bitch overhears Sara telling Geum-ran's Friend (who has a little rage fit at the in-laws because of the missing Geum-ran-mother) that she's on Geum-ran's side, doing things "for her sake". Bitch is now suspicious.
Here's what I can't understand: THAT FAMILY.
Chae-yeon must have super-hearing to have heard all that from so far away.
She's a perfect match for Kang Joon. Her reactions are about as lame.
Tae-hee is packing! He is leaving!!! Foooooool! When Sara comes to tell him about her missing mother, she only finds a note telling her he went looking for a relative. They'll have their farewell party after he gets back. That relative would be Halmoni, whose daily foodtruck (of love - blegh) activities have been reported to Tae-hee by Awesome Assistant (love him - he gets ALL the heartbeams). Who, by the way, has the evidence against Kang-joon and was told to hand it over to the police. As Tae-hee looks at his Grandma whom he hasn't seen in twenty years, he gets those heart-pains again (which are due to "Broken Heart Syndrome"). They are so bad he cannot do anything when the police arrive, sirens blaring, and arrest Halmoni.
I think we should ask someone with Pinocchio Syndrome whether Broken Heart Syndrome actually exists.
So. Bored. I care so little about Tae-hee's family's story, I yawned every time it came up. I don't even care that he cares.
Yawn.....I missed a spot on my 3rd toe
Just when he's about to collapse, Sara appears next to him and catches him in her arms. And hugs him tight. Niiiiiice. Minutes go by. It's cute. From all angles.
I did notice that his head is pretty big. Did you notice that? (You did a while ago already, during our Cunning Single Lady's squeecaps!)

That hug went on forever.
65 seconds!

When she helps him home, they're observed by Chae-yeon. She hears that Sara is looking for her mom - and that Tae-hee calls her Ahjumma.
Doesn't she have anything to do besides lurk? I thought she had an important job.
The reasons he hasn't told Sara about his Grandma are his Broken Heart Syndrome (he can basically not go near her?) and his parents who told him to forget the past (I'm not sure they meant it like that...). Because they're both so traumatized, they decide they need each other. They can't part yet. Okay, it's extremely silly, but also very very cute.
Whatever it takes.  'Oh, it might rain a week from Tuesday and I don't have an umbrella.' 'Well then obviously I have to stay nearby since I have an umbrella you can share.'
Excuses, excuses. Just kiss already!! Make out! Where are the sheksi times??
Cute silly is OK with me. Neither one is married in real life, right? (calculating the possibility of a real kiss in this drama)
Right before the restaurant opens, Sara is swarmed by journalists, who all want to have the "Beauty" on their channel for a cooking show. But it's Evil Han that secures her for his broadcast. Man, he struts well! Time for Sara to get a new identity and start a new phase in her life.
So is she going to leave this town and start a new life? Or just suddenly be someone else, but right here where she's been all along?
This is what's been bothering me for episodes now: when Sara trashed the house, she took a bunch of jewelry and was wearing one of those necklaces when the video was taken. I kept expecting one of the family to recognize it, but they've all seen the video now, and no one noticed!! So why'd you make it seem so important at the time, Show? Why??
Maybe this is where we start with part 2 - Sara's career as an eating model managed by Evil Han. Or not. Who knows how this show will go.
Right when Sara seems ready for that, Chae-yeon realizes that Sara ... must be a modified Sa Geum-ran. Oh medical miracle, hallelujah!
Looks like Tae Hee's not the only genius.
She figured that out and accepted it way too easily. These people are weird.
You'd think she'd be freaked out if she came to that conclusion, like maybe she's the one losing her mind? I mean how many people do you know have had complete makeovers, even their voices?


Silly, silly, silly. Love Joo Sang-wook and Han Ye-seul together. There's feels. The rest is still shit.
Yes, but it's shit that I watched because there was a lot of Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul.
I watch because even though it's a terrible role and he's doing very badly in it, I feel obligated to support Jung Kyeo-woon since no one else will. I can't abandon him to my fellow squeecappers' hatred!
Becca, I admire your loyalty, but I'd have to watch 20 hours of him being adorable (if that's even remotely possible) to convince me. But I actually like this show for what it is - cute and silly sexual chemistry. And ridiculous lines like "alien hand syndrome."