We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 11)

It's the wedding episode, it's the wedding episode!!! Ooooooooohhhhh, it's the wedding episode!
JoAnne: My goodness, she's a lovely bride.  And that spunky personality too?  You know, if SHE had been the lead in a certain drama...I bet a lot of people might feel differently about Almosssssst Parrrrrradise...
Mary: It won't be Almost anymore! Then again anything with Rim si Paaaaaaaaradiiiiiiiiise.
becca: This episode and the preview for next week killed me. This is my ghost speaking.

Episode 11

It's their wedding day, it's their wedding day, it's their wedding day!!!! Huh, but she's not very excited, is she! Cold feet there, missy? She is waiting and waiting for Rim Boy at their apartment ... and here he is! With an immense amount of flowers. "Good morning, honey", he says in a husky voice, into the intercom. And in English. Has he been practising secretly?!
Perhaps they will honeymoon here in the states.  New York is lovely at Christmas time, you know. AND only two hours from me...
Mary: A little birdy told me that Rim's honeymoon will be in Japan. Don't ask me how the birdy is related to Rim though.
becca: See, now all I can think about is that I want to ask.
The flowers are his idea (or MBC's, but who cares). He got them so that they can make a bouquet for her. Flashback to him at the flower market, demanding flowers that represent passion, mystery, eternity, and never-withering love. Pffft. Overall, he is being a tremendous dork again at that market. The smart sales person tells him they give better prices to good looking people, which causes Rim to laugh really funny and then to buy all his flowers there.
Little does he know, but the flowers women REALLY want are the ones that say 'I will never have to be reminded to take out the trash, sweetheart, and I will never fart in bed and then blame it on the dog, either.'
Mary: Since I'm clueless about this flowers and special meaning business, is there one that says "You can undress Oppar any time you want" "Stop yapping and kiss me"?
While he praises the benefits of making your own bouquet (in a nutshell: much cheaper!), she confesses to being a bit worried about the quality of the bouquet if they make it themselves. This is a one-time thing, this wedding! Well, yes... we've seen him almost ruin his couple shirt before, so you're right to worry, So-eun!
Mary: If it's Rim, he will make a big mess but the flowers will magically fall into a perfect arrangement.
becca: I'm just glad that glue isn't involved this time!

Before they get started, she makes tea and gives him the cup to try. He asks where she drank from it before. Why? Not because he wants to avoid the germs. Nope, because if he drinks from the same spot, it's an indirect kiss!
And then he runs his lips around the entire rim of the cup so no matter where she sips, she gets his kiss back. Did you guys notice how Nam has kind of given up and just sits there looking disgusted now? I laugh every time I see his face.
Mary: I want them to be best friends. Why is there no show called We Got Bromance? Korea, have you not seen what those kyaagirls are writing fanfics about? BROMANCE IS THE NEW SEX. It sells. Now get on it!
becca: Nam is so completely done, it's fantastic. I TOLD you that they broke him!
Hehehe, So-eun has something to say: it seems she watched Rim on SNL! Where he said that their relationship was "just business". She doesn't like that, does she? He quickly explains that he had to say that: It was in the script! In the interview, he says he thought about her reaction and brings up the Lee Sang-yoon heart-incident again. If he wanted to retaliate, he did well because she definitely looked very cosy with Sang-yoon BTS! Who wouldn't, I ask, who wouldn't! I'd spend all day trying to make the dimples appear.
I think I might have a trick or two that could solve that problem...
Mary: It's not a trick unless the dimple appears somewhere else. Eheh. And come on, So-eun! Rim's lines were scripted. Your Liar Game BTS kyaaing were not. Now that I think about it, Lee Sang-yoon also fits your criteria: (1) tall, (2) large Adam's apple, (3) no double eyelids. So who do you really like? (Basically, I just want you to tweet more selcas of yourself with Rim. With PINK and RED hearts, okay?)
becca: Lee Sang-yoon, mmmm.... *lost in daydreams*
They start making the bouquets. The flowers smell nice and she wants to put some in a pretty vase ... why not in the lovely bottle that contains that expensive alcohol she brought from home? He jokes around that he'll drink it all then, but no, Rim, you can't! It's your wedding day. And you'd surely die.
She did get a glint in her eye at the thought of sharing a pre-wedding shot or two or three or four with him, though.
Mary: I think she'd be happy for an excuse to drink. Wedding or no. LOL
becca: Yep, the girl likes her alcohol!
He points out how much care went into the selection of all the flowers - and cheats a little by using his mobile to say: "I'm your balloon flower". Blank faces all around. But it means: never changing love and devotion. Ah, he's talking about the alcohol! That was balloon flowers in there, right? No? Maybe?
Bingo! Yes
He seems to be looking at a site where plants are matched with cheesy things, right? He declares that he wants bracken fern (=seduction). She says she'll give it to him and lightly touches him on the shoulder. He thinks she hit him, but no! She seduced him. Lame joke and you wish, girl, you wish! He says her skinship feels like she's patting a dog and starts barking.
Mary: That was Rim's talent in his first variety show. Barking. (Prepare to cringe at this clip.)
I think half (no, more) of the enjoyment we feel is that we know that even if the romantic interest ISN'T real, they genuinely enjoy each other's company.  That's not fake, I'll swear on it.  And I think, you know, they are young, attractive, compatible in many ways...why wouldn't they feel a spark or two?  It is my ship. I will go down with it.
In the interview, he remarks that his So-eun has become so much more natural at skinship (=much more touchy-touchy). He feels loved. Awwwwwwwww.  
She's quite affectionate...they both are. But he really never stops grinning around her.
Mary: Maybe he's trying to stay cute to avoid thinking naughty thoughts. Hehe
I bet it's hard.
One of the pink roses head's is broken, so he says that she seems to be breaking off the heads of those prettier than her. That gets her to pout, of course: What? The rose is prettier than her? Rim is caught in a corner ... for a few seconds. But here comes the correct answer! No, he says, she is more beautiful than the rose, of course. The day is saved.
They get back to the bouquets and Rim says So-eun is really talented - she should go work in a flower shop. She: "Buy one for me, oppa". You ruuuuule, girl! Gooooo! Also, they're doing well with the bouquets! She thinks he should open a flower shop, but he says he'd be broke in no time - yup, stay with modeling/acting.
I think they should do a drama together.
becca: They must! I don't even care what it's about (well, not too much). Someone should do a You from Another Star-type thing and make a drama especially for them. On cable, of course. We want kisses and skinship!
He makes two bouquets and says one is for marrying him, the other ... never mind. Ah, but she found out about his true intentions too, with that court lady! (Is she referring to that other SNL skit? The Frozen Flower parody?) He ... headbutts her. Wow, Rim. O_______o Way to show your affections!!
Mary: I think he was trying to reenact the grab-and-kiss scene with the Court Lady from his SNL skit... but chickened out at the last second.
Also, I think he was gonna say something dirty about the second bouquet. Don't you?
becca: Probably something about deflowering. I LOVED that moment when he grabbed her, by the way. I had to rewind and watch it again - which I hardly ever do. They are So. Cute.
Which bouquet will it be? He tries to check whether she is wearing white underwear, but she just told him to imagine her in white and poses with both. Cheese alert! No flower can outshine her beauty, Rim says. So she could use no flowers at all. Or just some scrubby leaves.
She barely even blinked when he asked about her underwear! He's ruined her!
Mary: She has been desensitized. Rim can move in for the kill. But he won't. Because he's a gentleman. A Cheesy, Perverted Gentleman. T____________T
becca: Awww, and that makes me love him even more.
It's time to get a wedding dress! (Wow, pretty cool to get that on the day you get married...).They are outside and it's freezing. Also, she's much shorter than usual ... because she didn't put any shoe lifts in and is wearing flat sneakers. Hahaha. Of course, he totally likes his women petite, what else! He gets down to her level and does this VERY silly walk next to her, trying to keep his head level with hers.
That is the most awkward intertwining of arms I have ever seen.
becca: Aww, she look so happy to have him down at her level for once.
At the dress shop, he half-insults her again (about her shortness) but does add that she's the prettiest, way prettier than the models on the small screen next to them. He also calls her a wily fox in front of the shop assistant. Still, he is getting better at NOT quite insulting her, which I like.
He's teasing! Teasing! Not insulting!
Mary: Is this the "bad boy image" he vowed to do last ep...? Try harder, Rim.
becca: No! Don't try harder! Be your cheesy, shy self! She likes that!

The prices of the dresses almost give him a heart attack, so he asks whether they're also for rent?! The dresses look all the same to him (he's wedding dress blind!), so why not get a used one. Nono, that won't do! Of course, So-eun demands a new one, which prompts another cheese line from him: "You're already sold (to me), so I don't need to see you wearing anything new". Or something like it. These early subs are sometimes a bit rudimentary.
I'm pretty sure it's nothing he's actually interested in seeing her in.
Mary: I bet that's gonna be in the WGM Director's Cut DVD.
becca: Lady PD-nim, take my money!
She also gets a chance to be cheesy! (and Rim LIKES it) He thinks the wedding dresses are quite heavy, maybe even too heavy to walk in? No, she says. They're not too heavy. She is walking to him after all, so how can they be? Awwwwwww.
*nods approvingly*
Mary: A girl after my own kokoro.
becca: *rolls around squeeing*
There's discussions about her cup size O___o, she handles it really well. Up to a certain point. Girl, I tell you: don't take this to heart! Having a bigger cup size isn't all that, either. But wait ... what was it that she wanted to tell him about that thing that makes her heart go "dugun, dugun"? We don't get to hear it because he doesn't shut up about cup sizes!
She totally shut down his hug at first. I laughed so hard I hiccuped.
becca: Urgh, I hate it when guys tease girls about cup sizes. Like, dude, you have NO idea how that makes a girl feel, so shut up. The not-hug-yes-hug was great, though.
She's disappearing behind the curtain to change. When it's closed, he asks whether she is undressing. Hehe. And then grows quiet. Naughty thoughts? She produces some noise while putting on the first dress, too, like "she's giving birth", he remarks (not really, RimBoy). He positions his mobile phone to take a video when the curtain opens. To record her looking at him. I don't know what to think about that. It's weird.
He said she will see his face looking at her, but he is recording it so she can see what her face looks like after seeing the look on his face. I think so she can relive the moment because she will know how she felt when she sees her face. I thought it was sweet, because the implication (to me) was that he would be completely awed by her appearance, that that would please her, and he wanted to make her happy.
Mary: Oh. I thought he wanted her to see how shy/expectant she will be when the curtain opens because she rarely looks tenderly at him, and she needs to see how lovely she looks at that moment. (Though my brain is screaming: THERE ARE CAMERAS FILMING YOU, RIM. IT'S A DAMN SHOW. OR DID YOU FORGET IT ALREADY??? Then the fact that he did it made me think that he's doing what he thinks he will actually do for his bride. Which makes the gesture sweet again.)

Who else went into giggle fits everytime Rim tried to phrase "Are you naked/dressed right now?" without sounding like a perv? Because that's never not going to sound pervy, Rim. Even the studio host comments exploded during that. Hehe
The curtain opens slowly ... He starts laughing ... and then shuts up. Thankfully. Cause she's damn pretty in this dress! It reminds him of the first time they met, he says: He didn't know who she was then - and now, she's so pretty he doesn't know who she is again. See, he's doing it again!! Glossing over his embarrassment with some dumb joke, when the truth is, he's blown away by how beautiful she is.
He was completely floored, wasn't he? And of course he should be, because she is an absolute vision.
Mary: She is byooooooooootiful. I feel like his laugh was one of exhilaration.
becca: Yes, it was a loud, nervous/happy laugh. His reaction was sweet.
He is vulnerable when he admits it in the interview, which I like. And I think she realized this time that he was quite speechless (not speechless enough not to add a comment about the dress "sticking out at all the right places") She was like a snow-white angel, he adds. Nam has a fit.
Nam must do this show. He must.
Mary: Don't act so prim and proper, Nam. We know about those videos you do over at Eat Your Kimchi. Hehehehe.
becca: Kekeke.
She tries on a second dress that she likes, while he watches the video he just took ... and then tries to peek through the curtain. Then, he sits down in front of the curtain. And is obviously bored. The curtain opens! He compliments her on being pretty again and when she asks which of the two dresses he likes better, he says she made less noises when putting on the 2nd, which is a good thing.
I think I like the second one, because that greyish tone of the first one always looks dingy to me.
Mary: I am swooning that he thought of her comfort when choosing the dress. How many guys do that?
becca: He totally likes this second one better, too. He was struck speechless by the first one, but the second one made his jaw drop. I'm surprised he managed to say anything.
He steps closer that have a better look ... but says he can't really look "there". Or anywhere? He is getting even more shy, hahahaaaa.  They practise walking a bit (she finds it difficult) and how they'll hold hands ... and then, they part reluctantly.
This dress also followed the line of her body as if it were made for her. I really liked it.
Mary: He is such a dork about the curtain. Hehe
becca: I loved how they waved to each other as it closed again. Sweet. Adorable. I'm dying. I'm dead.

And we're at the wedding location! The guests start arriving! Rim greets them all. I don't recognize many faces, but it seems the whole production team went (haha, how romantic!) and we get to meet Rim's manager who ... is HOT. And he has a sexy voice.
My EXACT thoughts. Heyyyy, Mr. Manager, how YOU doin'?
Mary: We really are friends. We notice same things. O3O
becca: I was busy trying to get a look at Lady PD. Mr. Manager is quite handsome, though, I agree.
So-eun sits there, all beautiful and nervous. And so is he, judging by the amount of water he drinks. Guests come to look at the beautiful bride and are stunned by her looks. Nam has a little fit when Rim says he doesn't want her to turn into bubbles and disappear (after one of the 5urprise boys said she looks like a mermaid princess). Rim ushers them all out and then turns to her and congratulates her on marrying a really great guy. And she says congratulations, she thinks she's been through a lot. Yeah ... you two keep being cute, thanks!
Headlines tomorrow will read:  Terrible Tragedy! Entire wedding party dies of cuteness overload!
Mary: They are too precious. My babies!!!!!!!! They're a special couple. Very special. *starts tearing up*
They're getting into position! Kim Min-Kyo is the MC. And off we go! Rim says off camera that finally, now the time to say no has come. If he didn't want to do this. They're both nervous now and who wouldn't be! This show is so weird - who would want to do a fake wedding ceremony as themselves with real guests?!
It's a very, very strange show, isn't it? But I prefer it my country's offerings, which is basically a group of guys or girls who will lower themselves to anything in order to win the bachelor/bachelorette. There are some disgusting, shameless people in this world.
Mary: I dunno... I found it sweet and also charming how they're so nervous about their own wedding. When Rim was running around So-eun straightening her bridal train at the last minute and also frantically putting his boutonniere back on. :') *whew* I'm so nervous for them. Maybe the guests were there to induce those shy/tingly feelings and make it more spontaneous?
becca: They were so cute, scrambling around to get ready.


I'm glad Rim stopped laughing and told her so quickly how beautiful she looked - not like at the shoot, where he was too nervous to compliment her. I also liked how shy they were around each other during the dress-up. Most of the time, they are in full control of themselves - I'm not saying they're constantly acting, but they are, in a way. If a camera is around, you start to behave differently, more controlled. The shyness wasn't controlled, it felt really sincere. I wish you luck, guys!
I know what you mean, they really did seem caught up in it.  Such an important moment that even when playing, it becomes real.
Mary: They're so cuuuuuuuute. :)))))))))))
becca: *ghost-becca rolls around squeeing*