We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 15)

Honeymoon in Istanbul! So much fun! This is a very enjoyable episode, thank you, show! They're quite busy coping in the foreign country (tickets machines ... a plague, I tell you) and therefore, there's less of the stuff that started to annoy me recently, when they both kinda started playing their own WGM roles a bit too much. We're back to completely natural RimKim. Pure love.
In this episode, I finally notice that Rim laughs like a donkey's bray. I do not care one bit.
becca: Last night, I dreamed that they ended up staying in a hostel where everyone slept in one big room together, and the beds were infested by this weird flea/mouse hybrid. :\
Sadly, mary can't stream anything right now. Sadly, mary cannot comment on this. It's just ... SAD :( 

Episode 15

It's honeymoon time!! A totally trendy backpacking vacation. Of course they'd send these two on a backpacking trip ... hehe. Well done. (Well he's always got that bag full of whatever you might need at the moment, so...) At the airport, Rim says he's never been on a vacation. If he goes abroad, it's for work. What a shame that this is also for work, strictly speaking ... give the man a real break! She, on the other hand, loves to travel. That fits her personality, yes. And it fits his, too! He thinks he has been grabbed by a ghost who live just in one spot.
Selca time! Of course, she complains about her big face again. Korea, get over big faces already. Oh, this is Canon PPL!
And they're off! It's a 12 hour flight and they were given a hand camera to film themselves. So-eun is make-up less - Rim thinks she's pretty that way. She is - and she looks about 10 years younger. Rim also cleans his face - very roughly. They're having fun filming each other ... he comments that her profile is like the profile of a goddess. I like that they're filming themselves!
She is still very cute without make up. But he's the one who looks decades younger with no make up and his hair in his face, it shocks me every time.
They are cute. I hug them.
Now, he is going to sleep! he announces. Oh, this is the first time they're sleeping together (he adds). Well, says So-eun, everybody here is sleeping together. He likes that, hehe. As Mary would say: perv.

They have landed. So many Turkish fans!!! (and no security for the actors) Well, that's no surprise to me, cause I've come across quite a few Turkish KDrama fansites before. The hosts are quite flattered though. Yeah, guys: you do have a global audience! Rim puts her arm around So-eun's shoulder in a protective way ... she seems intimidated.
She did... and I wonder if she herself has had such a large following before.
The first trial though: Taking the subway. What's their budget, do we know? He tells her to trust him, but ... the ticket machine seems a bit hard to handle. Hehe, it's true, that usually IS the first difficulty when you get to a new location! Now that I have a bit more money, I tend to take a taxi if the public transport system seems too challenging.
Hehe, me too. Screw waiting for subway, walking to find entrances, etc etc, just get me on the right side of the road and find a cab.
Rim gets help (and hey! he DOES speak English!) - and the transport guy even knows how to say 감사합니다! They're on the subway and So-eun is very, very quiet. Tired, I guess! Awww, he lends her his shoulder and she sleeps on it.
Very cozy.
They get off at their stop - and the next difficulty is to find their lodging. They have a photo, but of course, it was taken in broad daylight, not at night. They get temporarily lost, but they do find it with the help of the pictures. Well done, guys!
What, the building looks different at night? Do the streets run in different directions? No. (Well streets do, sometimes.)
Things do look different at night, sometimes. Coming home after dark, I frequently wonder if I've missed the turn-off to get home (I never have). We don't have street lights, though, so that makes it more confusing, I guess.
It's a guest house with ... bunk beds. Rim is disappointed it's not double beds. They hosts are disappointed, too. You need one bed on a honeymoon! By the way, where's Nam? Time to unpack! Rim brought couple PJs. One pink, one light blue. They're ... weird. But they look cute!
They look hot. As in uncomfortably sweaty. They also seem more suitable for toddlers.
I'm just happy that the room is clean and pest-free! *tears of relief*
After a good-night - roasted chestnut greeting, it's time to sleep; but Rim "warns" her he might be next to her in the morning. And he sings her a cheesy song. Awww, Rim. You're all talk and no action. I see through you, man.
He talks a big game, doesn't he?
He does, indeed, and now that she knows he won't actually jump her, So-eun is much more comfortable with him. Now she just rolls her eyes and laughs.
Time for sightseeing in Istanbul next! Now it finally feels like they're in a foreign country. He says ... "It's like we're in the middle of Lotte World". Rim! Ahahahaaaaaaaa. Yes, indeed, you don't travel much, do you. Of course, they're headed for the Hagia Sophia first. But ... it's not yet open. In fact, it's closed on Mondays altogether. Pfft, beginners. Well, they do take some pictures of themselves in front of it. More PPL. Nice camera. A crowd starts to gather around them and So-eun greets them with a Merhaba (Turkish for hello). Why does she greet them, he wants to know. Well, they said something to her, she claims! Oh, maybe they said "she is small"? he jibes.
Oh Rim, let it go. Let it go.
He washes his feet before entering a mosque - and So-eun needs to veil herself. They're going to pray, and he suggests she should pray for a 50 years marriage. Uhm .... no. (What is he trying to do to us???) Since it's their 100th day coming up (ALREADY?!) he suggests they do a 108 bowing exercise (that's a thing Korean Zen Buddhists do, 6 (for the senses) x 3(aspects of time) x 2 (conditions of the heart) x 3 (attitudes) = 108). Haha, Rim! Get your religions right!
I'm glad you were here to explain that. By the way, I miss Mary. She's home with the family but when does she come baaaaaaaaaaaaack?
Not soon enough!!
They're going to an Egyptian bazaar next and need to take a tram to get there. Time to try some exciting food! She asks again whether he'll abandon her if she weighs 100kilos, but he just tells her to watch the show and she'll know. Remember when he didn't tell her though she wanted to hear? And then said it's because he now knows how to "push and pull"? yeah. And then ... Rim gets ripped off buying ... something. What is that thing?!
Supposed to be a top? Maybe he bought it for the cats.
It's a spinning top, I think. I feel for the guy - I would totally get ripped off in a foreign country, too.
He sniffs her (since she's wearing a nice parfume), but she won't tell him what she used. He has a secret too, he claims ... that he likes her. Ahahaha, how's that a secret?! They go after pomegranate and sing a pretty song that goes with it. People around them look at them like they're crazy.
They are, but it's why we love them.
They get fresh fruit juice from a street vendor (So-eun vows she'll never get ripped off like Rim, hehe). Time to get on the tram - which she calls subway. No, my dear. A tram is not a subway. More issues with ticket machines. Ahahaha, this is very funny. And he forgets his very expensive "top" thing on top of the machine!! Poooooor Rim. He's destroyed.
Another thing that I would do! Rim, I love ya, but we can never travel together, okay? It would be our ruin.
They're at the market - and he brought the two-person rope thingie. So that they don't lose each other. He ties it around their wrists ... and everybody stares again. They're inside! Ohhhhhhh, I wanna go there myself! You know, I've never been to Istanbul, but I really, really, REALLY want to go.
I almost got stationed in Turkey - orders changed at the last minute because they sent me off to a school first. I was kinda disappointed.
Ahahahaa, this is fun. All those pretty things! And the foooooooooooood. *drools*. They look at an evil eye bracelet and the shop keeper tells them it's for good luck! Money, girlfriends, etc. But nono, Rim doesn't need a girlfriend, since she's his wife! So-eun says. Ah, then it's for a second girlfriend, the man says. Did they tell him to say that?! It's perfect! The shopkeeper also tells So-eun that she's very beautiful (she is) - which basically means Rim doesn't need a second girlfriend. Hey, do they ever cheat on WGM?!
Joonie left the show when his 'wife' was discovered to be dating someone in real life. I think it just became too weird to continue.
Oh yes, I know that. He was married to Bori Bori! And of course, a real life relationship is kind of ... the end of a WGM couple.  
They try on belly dancing  hats - but not the costumes. Ahahaha, So-eun. Rim just stares. They buy more stuff and are so proud to get discounts all the time. Yes, this is all about getting discounts, of course! But she really does well: I'm sure her face helps. As does the camera, hehe. But this way, she makes up for Rim's huge blunder earlier.
Time for a mackerel kebab! *droooooooool*. Talking about food reminds her of how he made fun of her ramen packing. Yeah ... that was mean. Oh, Rim ... he has a little cushion for her to sit on. That's cute. They start eating their huge baguettes near the Galata Bridge. Ahahaha, she has trouble fitting this into her mouth!! They chew ... and then comment that mackerel tastes the same everywhere.
Here, have an entire fish slapped between a loaf of bread cut in two. Looks dry and very uninviting.
Since she has something stuck in her throat (careful! people have died from fish bones!), he starts singing "Thorn" from Buzz - and then comments on Min Kyung-Hoon (formerly from Buzz) picking So-eun as his ideal type. Trivia question! How am I (kakashi) connected to Buzz? anyway, Rim claims he isn't jealous, but of course he is. I'm jealous of her, cause Min Kyung-hoon is HAWT. Wait, is he legal? *checks*. Oh, no problem there at all.
You both like the same manga? I have no clue.
Also clueless.
No? JoAnne has a lead there! It's about a manga, in which Kakashi plays an important role

Anyway, he hands her flowers ... he got from a fan. (er, how do these flowers get to Istanbul? Did he get them from a Turkish fan?) (He's been carrying them around since earlier in the day, so probably.) Anyway, So-eun takes great offence (as she should). He warns her of the greatest danger of a honeymoon: the divorce that happens on the plane ride back. Because you see the other's no-make-up face. And get to know their whole personality. Fine, she threatens to meet Min Kyung-hoon then. Yeah. That shuts him up.
No regifting flowers.
They decide to try something else: Turkish baked potatoes. By the way, she took about 3 bites from her bread.
Because it looked dry as f***. I could go for some potatos. Who cares if it's 12:30 at night?
She challenges him to aegyo on the Galata Bridge - perfect. I love how the crowd reacts to them ... never have I seen more WTF-Faces, ahahahaaa. He adds a loud "I love her" to that, which embarrasses So-eun greatly. Serves her right. But she embarrasses him in turn by getting him to do a (Power Ranger? Sailor Moon) "go"-pose.  Rim: you lose.
Yeah, no clue.


Loved this episode! I am so happy it looks like they are going to milk this honeymoon for several weeks. Sometimes, I wonder how they work out schedules on this show! What if both husband and wife are filiming dramas as well? How do they actually film this and get enough material every week? That must be quite a logistical nightmare!
I've heard a couple times that these two can provide a lot of footage in a very short period, so they probably don't spend more than a few hours together except for things like this.

And guys! Congrats on winning Best Couple at the MBC Entertainment Awards!!!