Birth of a Beauty - Episode 17 (A WookiCap)

Noble idiocy Part II! What a boring struggle this one was.
S@ki6: I could hardly keep awake. 
Look, even what's his face is asleep. Crying in his sleep. What a wuss.
becca: It's okay, Wookie - I cry when I have to sit through this show, too.
Lafer:  Yikes!  I'm sure no one will mind if I sit this one out, right? IT is New Year's Eve, after all.

Episode 17

Sara is gone, Tae-hee grieves. It's sad. But here comes the twist! Sara hasn't left at all! She's still in Korea - and currently, in front of her mother's house. Because her mother called her in episode 16 and addressed her as "Geum-ran", Sara knows her mother knows her true identity. A teary reunion follows. And then, they leave for their hometown together. There, Sara takes a job as a cook in her mother's friend's restaurant.
Is that the one behind her neighbor's brother's butcher shop?
No, it's the one behind her neighbour's sister's hanbok shop.
Well this is... unexpected. Also disappointing. Stop promising to leave if you're not gonna leave, Sara!!
Tae-hee wants to believe Sara is still with him - he is in the first stage of grief, which is denial. He even sees her in the kitchen, but of course, that's just his fantasy. I really hate Sara for making him suffer this much. This drama hasn't gotten anything right so far, so why must it make this hurt so real and palpable?
Because you like the guy and don't want him hurt.
Ok, but would it be wrong of me to ask whether he saw Geum Ran or Sara?
Aesthetics won, JoAnne.
Ohhhhhhhf course they did. *absently flicks chocolate wrappers at screen*
Chae-yeon is still after the Canvas building. If Kang-joon doesn't give it to her, she'll reveal his part in Geum-ran's disappearance. Conveniently, she has a black box memory card that proves it all. It's his disciplinary meeting the next day and if she hasn't received the ownership papers an hour before its start, she'll reveal it all.
Sadly, she was the most interesting person in this show today.
She's a weasel with an awkward body and frigid woman hair.
I like her a bit for having him by his balls.
They're both crazy and should be in jail.
Sara tells Evil Han where she is and he goes to visit her. He has realized she doesn't care for money and fame and has thought of another way to "partner up" with her. Not sure what his proposition is, because we don't get to hear it. But we get to see Sara, who is very sad over leaving Tae-hee. Especially when she looks at one of his wishing cards from the tree, which reads: "Ahjumma, be happy".
Again, Sara, use this person to get rid of KangJoon.
Honestly, Officer, this huge blob of what looked like dough just came out of nowhere and swallowed up that guy with the weird ears. It was amazing!
Tae-hee is in the second stage of grief now: Anger. He destroys one of her cardboard images. He vows to hate her. Of course, he regrets it right away. Assistant Choi tries to get him interested in company matters (aka Kang-joon's disciplinary meeting), but Tae-hee has no intention to attend - he wants Choi to go in his stead.
And Awesome Assistant Choi can just take over everything. Because he's awesome like that. 
Fine, let's turn everything over to him and make the show about HIS love life. I'm curious. I know a few other people are, too.
Even though the two characters haven't met, I started shipping him with Geum Ran's friend who has been caring for the Omma. Because that girl deserves a nice boyfriend.
I would actually watch a drama all about him. With relish. Awesome Assistant is the only intelligent person in this drama and therefore the most attractive. I wouldn't pair him with any of the girls in this drama, though.
Kang-joon brings a load of documents to the meeting to prove his innocence and asks to postpone everything, since Tae-hee himself cannot attend. Ha! But here comes Awesome Assistant Choi - he has a different set of documents that show Kang-joon's part in defaming Halmoni. And other stuff that shows how bad Kang-joon is for the company. As a result, Kang-joon is suspended for three months. Evil Han tells him to stay the fuck away from Sara.
Evil Han is the person to send KangJoon to jail. Him and the dad. I know, Sara's not too bright, but seriously, just a little thought rather than just cooking the next meal, would help her figure this out. Plus, I did like how Evil Han put KangJoon in his place. Someone explain the Korean notion of guardianship, by the way. Is it like next of kin over here?
Yeah, pretty much.
How much do you want to bet that Awesome Assistant dug up all the dirt on Kang-joon while Tae-hee goofed around?
Tae-hee quits Winner Food. Halmoni is displeased and comes to scold him. I have an urge to hurt her, which is ... very bad. Yes, it is.... Want some help? Of course, she also has to badmouth Sara and tell him that he's the only one suffering. And because he's a KDrama idiot, he believes this shit. But he also remembers to watch the next episode of "Birth of a Chef". As we know, she made a special stew for her special man - a recipe that is good for his heart. It's not much of a surprise that she wins, right? And seeing her makes Tae-hee realize that she always loved him.
This Halmoni - aish, I don't care. 
We knew she was mean from the beginning.
Not just mean. Evil. She must burn. *hoists flame thrower* Who's with me on this?
Kang-joon still hasn't given Chae-yeon the Canvas building (and she was nice enough to give him an extension of the deadline). Bad boy. She's not one to sputter idle threats, so she sends her proof to Kang-joon's sisters (by the way .... what about Sara's restaurant? Ahahahaaaa, this show! It simply doesn't care about its own stories). Ready now to hand over the building? Yup. Fuck Ears, you lose. Or not? He tells his mother he has another solution for keeping the building.
I was super-impressed both by Chaeyeon following through on her threat, and with elder dumb sister's jangly gold coin sweater. Me, I lounge around in sweats when I'm at home. Napping is hard with bullion around your shoulders. 
Life out here is hard for a pimp.
Maybe she's trying to attract a leprechaun?
In the meantime, Tae-hee is searching and searching for his Sara. At her friend's place, he is brickwalled - but then, Geum-ran calls. Ahahaha. He sees the caller ID and BANG, he now knows his Sara hasn't left the country at all. Evil Han is also going down there, while Kang-joon (hey, there's some braincells left between the Fuck Ears) has realized that something important is going on "in the provinces" and follows Evil Han there. Yeah. This show really doesn't keep any of its secrets, does it?
I think this writer does revisions in white-out on the computer monitor screen.
Actually, I suspect that they're doing a circle story among the writers. One writes 15 minutes worth of script, then hands it over to the next writer, who does the same, and so on and so on. Revisions do not exist.
And now I know how this drama got written episode 14 onwards.  Thanks, becca!
In other words, a circle jerk without any hope of a happy ending.
Tae-hee gets there first - but instead of going in to greet her, he just watches his ahjumma through the window. What a true KDrama hero! He is discovered by her mother though. And for whatever weird ass reason I seriously don't get, she is angry with him for hurting Sara. Excuse me??! She tells him her daughter and him don't fit and not to come back. Ah, wonderful. He can be a noble idiot too, now! On the way back, he realizes that Sara might not have been telling him the truth about her feelings though.
Does her mother think he's Kang Joon?
Idiots. Every single one of them. (Except you, Awesome Assistant. Love you! *shoots hearts*)
Unfortunately, he finds her at the restaurant with Evil Han, who came to tell her about the trouble Tae-hee is in (er .... WHY would he do that??!). Yes, Tae-hee. It's very likely that Sara is now in love with your half-brother. Well, this makes him go in at least/last.
So this plays out with Evil Han doing a good deed for the sake of the woman he loves? Eh. I can live with it.
We still get to burn Evil Grandma and Evil Han Mother, though, right? I demand a blood sacrifice!!
Evil Han is doing all this to one-up TaeHee.  So he still must burn.  Or melt cos of the dough.
They talk - and she tells him to get his act together for the Winner Group. And don't come see her anymore. She pretends that breaking up was all easy for her - but it's not for him. He misses her so much he can barely live. She keeps up her act until the end and tells him to get out of her life. Well, thanks for repeating this same scene again show --- NOT. Damn, Sang-wook breaks my heart. At home, he enters the last stage of grief: acceptance. And takes off their engagement ring.
He went through those grief stages fast. Good thing since he's got all those syndromes that might get triggered.
It was that brain wave thingy. He used it in the parts of the drama only the writer ever sees.
I can't even keep track of why anyone does anything anymore.
If you thought the show had forgotten about Fuck Ears, you're wrong! No, he waits for Sara outside the house and when she goes out for groceries, he corners her. He tells her about what Chae-yeon did and then ... WHAT?! tells Sara: "You have to save me". In what universe does this make sense? If she reveals she's Geum-ran, she can take the building. And then, she has to testify that he didn't kill her. If she doesn't, he'll come every day.
Because Sara lacks the necessary thought process to handle this, I'm just going to ignore it all.
I'm kind of laughing at the men stacked up like accordian wood outside of her windows, pining away.
Evil Han's next evil plan: to falsify documents and prosecute Han Tae-hee for using loan shark funds. (Oh, never mind what I said before, then.) Plus, Halmoni needs to be sentenced as quickly as possible. (Yeah, she might die of old age and spoil your evil fun, ya big creeps.) Yawn. Good for Awesome Assistant Choi, he doesn't believe these allegations. He can't reach Tae-hee though - so he calls Sara. Now this ... exactly what Evil Han planned. Sara calls him for help and he agrees to get Tae-hee out of this - if she accepts his offer. It being .... wild sex?
More like matching pjs and lollipops. With his mother.
No, no, this is Awesome Assistant Choi, not Han Tae Hee. Choi actually knows what you're supposed to do with the dangly bits, I  just know it.
Uhm, we're talking about Evil Han here. He is the one making the offers. But nevermind. Nobody cares.
Awesome Assistant can finally get a hold of Tae-hee, who promptly rushes to the Winner Group HQ. There, he runs into the Evil Hans and Sara, all dressed up. They're going to some kind of business dinner. Oh what, is that the favor Evil Han asked for? Lame. Sara stares at him in shock - and then turns her face away. The bitch.
Hi, hello, remember me, I'm Sanity, one of the viewers? Why is she shocked? Isn't that where he works? Wouldn't she expect to see him there sometimes?
Well, she's caught with the Evil Hans (the mother looks like a frog in her best moments, by the way), dressed up and all. It doesn't look particularly good, I'd say. Traitor!
In my head, this drama is actually about Assistant Choi running around trying to clean up after his idiot boss. I call it Awesome Assistant: He Who Carries The Boss, Endure His Weight. At the end, he gets fed up, buys a boat, and sails away with his true love.
And no Young Do to make it hurt just a little less for the viewers.


Well. Yeah. So ............... whatever. Four episodes to go. I hope that everybody dies. Except for Han Tae-hee, he is cute and I'm angry at everyone who hurts him.
Since when is Sara just a huge prize? I get she's super pretty, but she's not super-successful and she doesn't have any family to speak of, and in the entire world, money and position are more important than looks.  Even the Duchess of Cambridge had the cash behind her to mix with aristos and meet Prince William in the first place. If just being pretty was enough, then all the English princes would've married the models they dated. Okay, possibly an extreme example, but money and position are what seals the deal when toffs marry.
This is Korea and she's the prettiest of the pretty, and remember how all the men just followed her drooling droves at the beginning? She is a thing to be possessed and there is no equal to her, therefore her lack of specs doesn't really matter.  Plus her lady bits shoot out pheromone-laden puffs of fairy dust every time she takes a step.
I promise I'll watch next episode. Because I must share in the comradery of suffering.