Birth of a Beauty - Episode 18 (A WookiCap)

I'm having a terrible After The Holidays And Its Monday And Beautifully Sunny Outside But I'm At The Office-Blues. So I decided to start the next recap of Birth of a Rice Ball. Let's see whether that's a good idea.
Lafer: Let's call this episode: The Miracle of the Rice Balls, or how one person with a bag of ingredients no bigger than a tablet can make rice balls for hundreds of taste testers!
JoAnne: Well, rice does swell in water. Maybe this rice just really retains a lot.
S@ki6: KangJoon got slapped. Not hard enough, but still satisfying. Also, I watched this episode drugged out on pain meds. It made me think people who get drunk before have the right idea. 

Episode 18

Confrontation of the Titans in front of Winner Group! Well, not really. But Tae-hee is there and Evil Han and they're going all apish over Sara. Poor Tae-hee doesn't understand the world anymore: why is Sara in Seoul? Why is she with his evil brother? And because we're still in idiocy-mode, Sara even says "I have nothing to say". Tae-hee looks absolutely heartbroken ... and very tired. I'm sure he's as disappointed as I am that TEN3 isn't going to happen anytime soon.
He's just tired because he realizes that he is spouting nonsensical lines in a nonsensical drama and still has a few episodes to go.
Joo Sang Wook is about to reach 'I cannot even' level of self-loathing for choosing this bat-shit rabid-dog dementia-raddled tired old bag of a drama.
If I suspend my disbelief, this all makes sense.  
Tae-hee learns from his Awesome Assistant that Sara is the new model for Evil Han. Immediately, Tae-hee starts having doubts: of course, he now thinks that Sara likes Evil Han, which makes TOTAL sense NOT. :-D Because she is a model for the company, Sara now works on the 8th floor (I'm just passing on information as we receive it from this show). What floor do the evil minions work on? Also, surprisingly!, Evil Han keeps word and stops Winner Foods bankruptcy problems (sure) and Tae-hee's prosecution. But the union of two people working at Winner Food isn't happy at all, since their boss shows no inclination of coming to work.
His union should join up with his restaurant workers if they want to commiserate on how little work the boss does.
But he's busy being HEART BROKEN.
I wish I had Tae Hee's skills of doing nothing and yet getting lots of money.  Really, I'm so jealous right now.
becca: That is so not fair. He does nothing and gets boatloads of money, and Awesome Assistant does all the work and gets... I don't know how much, but it could never be enough to compensate for working for this guy.

Which is weird, because he definitely is in the building all the time, like right now. He bumps into Sara (it may be on the 8th floor) (Probably.  Why confuse us more?  Oh, wait...) . The only thing he wants to know from her: Why Evil Han? (I know why! I know why! *jumps up and down*) She doesn't dignify this with an answer but starts pestering him about Winner Food. When she does answer, she says Evil Han "has ability". Oh, I'm sure he does. And he has more ability than Tae-hee, as is currently obvious from Tae-hee's bum status. But I'd like to add that Tae-hee is still MUCH better looking.
I have to say that the hate Sara is getting from the commenters on Viki is hilarious. Best part of watching this episode.
I guess the dough boy rose to the occasion.
(Okay, nothing can top Joanne's comment just then.) Pity Dough Boy: he's not rising the way he wants.
Noble idiocy is doing wonders for Sara's hair, though. Does it come in shampoo now, too? "Noble Idiocy: Frizz-B-Gone! For long, glorious locks that don't make Becca want to jump into the screen and chop off all of your hair."
It looks like Tae-hee needed that kick in the butt though - he vows to focus everything he has on Winner Food, even if making these rice balls has become damn difficult. (I'm pretty sure I could do it if  I followed a youtube video on it.) Good on you, man, good on you. And of course, he absolutely HAS to become CEO, says Grandma to Chae-yeon. Who, buy the way, is plotting something "evil" again (inviting Sara to a talk show to unmask her). As is Kang-joon, who goes to the company to assault Sara a bit, but only until Evil Han comes walking towards them in the corridor. My god, this man is useless.
I'm laughing so hard here......oh wait, this is supposed to be the serious/suspenseful part.
The appearance on Oprah where she yells 'Everybody gets a rice ball! YOU get a rice ball! And YOU get a rice ball! And YOU! And YOU!' - that's what I'm looking forward to.
Urgh, perfect opportunity to slap KangJoon and she doesn't take it. Am disappoint.
I'm confused. Why does Sara have to keep her identity a secret anymore? Everyone knows! And wouldn't it be easier to say, "Hey, I'm Geum-ran, and my husband tried to kill me." Plus, she could get all her stuff back.

Tae-hee and Awesome Choi are being pretty in the elevator when the door opens and our new OTP waltzes in. Evil Han immediately jumps on the opportunity to rub it in (it = him now being Sara's new beau PLUS that the director's meeting is next Monday, which means Tae-hee will lose because Winner Food is an empty boring shell of a company). When they walk out, he puts his hand on Sara's hip. And she lets him. The writers also constantly make up new things, like Winner Fashion (Evil Han's "new venture" = PPL photo-shoot with Sara) and Winner Foodville, his other company. Ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa.
I don't think I've ever seen writing like this before in a drama. And I've got hundreds to chose from.
Tomorrow's episode introduces Winner Digestive - they take care of you from top to bottom. And then there's Winner Organic Manure...
Zishen is like that actress who played Court Lady Choi in Faith and the aunt in Master's Sun: in every other drama.
I am so confused by what's going on, and I'm 100% that I still won't understand it when I actually watch the episode. (Yes, I am slowly catching up.)
Awesome Choi and Tae-hee are at the Winner Food test kitchens  -unfortunately, there's no power and no chef. (Suspending disbelief again.) Until Sara hears of Tae-hee's troubles and goes to the test kitchen to cook for him (in secret). Where Tae-hee finds her. BUSTED. And then, they have wild sex on the counter top. I can't post pictures of it because this blog is not labelled 18+.
So he's going to launch a product with no chef, no recipe, no workers. But it does give hope to all those who enter baking contests. You, too, may be responsible for the entire future of a new company!
That's not going to make me watch the episode, Kakashi.  I'm just sitting here entertaining myself with 'Win-Ah-Poodeu'
This was the most boring face-off ever.  If the OST hadn't been subtitled, I wouldn't have known it was supposed to have deep hidden romantic meanings.
Still, even though all the windows are steamed over, she lies to him that she came because Evil Han made her come. So she came because she had to? Tae-hee asks. I'm just going to stop myself here. Because this blog is not 18+ Of course, is her answer - why else would she come? All that coming makes him really angry and they get into an argument about who came for whom and why. And he then insists on watching her handling the balls. Because his balls? They are important to him.
He has to watch because right now he is not sure he can trust her with his balls anymore.
But she came for his balls. To work on them. She came to work on his balls.
Tasty balls with beef stock.
Oh dear, and now Evil Han comes too! He isn't happy to see them making balls though. HAHAHAHAHAAHA he's standing there watching them thinking 'Oh, BALLS.'   I'm sure he wishes for her to be kneading his ... never mind. It's a pun about dough I wanted to make but it's come out all wrong and I will stop now. But wow, she now has TWO guys who are insanely jealous. Way to go.
I don't believe Evil Han is in love with her for one minute. He's watching due to ego and lust. And because he probably was promised he'd appear so many times per episode.
That and a chance for strange women to talk about his fluffy little donuts.
The next day, Tae-hee starts tasting promotions at supermarkets. Wait a second ... how many rice balls has Sara cooked?! Anyway, he goes himself. That's true dedication. If you were at the grocery store already, we could say he came by himself, too. Sara watches him from behind a shelf and is really glad her balls make such a good impression. (So, she's actually a cross-dressing transsexual.  Okay, why not.) (Or maybe she just took a page from Fifty Shades of Grey*?) Even the union is back and promises to support Tae-hee. Chae-yeon is there too, and because this show has general amnesia, Sara now seems to think Tae-hee is well-off with Chae-yeon and quietly leaves.
That was always how I handled my noble idiocy. Smile sweetly while watching the love of my life go off with the conniving biatch.
And I just blog a completely different ending and then forget I made it up.
One complaint: Tae Hee heard Chaeyeon's confession to aiding and abetting murder.  Why is he letting ChaeYeon near him, even if he's mad at Sara?  The disbelief won't get suspended here. (It's just part of the general amnesia)
And then, the show suddenly remembers something! The building! The Canvas building! Sara vows to get it back and goes and threatens the "evil adulterer bitch". Also, Chae-yeon says this to her brother shortly after: "If Tae-hee becomes CEO of Winner Group, I want to be with him. As his woman". I thought that was worth mentioning, what a great line. It's all so random from here on that I will just put in a random picture of Evil Han.
Yeah....well....I don't even know where to start
So 30 seconds ago she though Chae Yeon would be good for Tae Hee but now Chae Yeon  has returned to 'evil adulterer bitch' status. Okay.  And I'm glad that Chae Yeon clarified how she wanted to be next to Tae Hee, because I was positive she was planning to be a his coat rack.
Sometimes, I think Chaeyeon and Doughie are the only ones with a brain cell between them.
I think that's giving them too much credit.
We jump forward several days and it's now the Director's meeting. There are two candidates. Guess who! Anyway, Evil Han has a hidden card ... wait for it ........ it's SARA! Who is the key to all of Winner Groups' success. And who is to thank for that? Evil Han of course. Who shows how he saved Winner Food, by negotiating with the union AND by having Sara make the rice balls that save lives and companies. Your balls gave me life, Tae Hee.  And he comes across as an item with WonderSara. CLEVER, you dough boy. He is elected CEO unanimously. THAT I didn't see coming though.
I wouldn't have been surprised if they pulled the 100th taste tester off the street and made them CEO. THAT is how much sense this drama makes.
He Who Has the Balls Must Bare Them. Oh wait, no, that's a different show. #WhenAManHasBalls Now Watching: Balls Over Brains, the American Re-Make
To the Beautiful Balls
Enough is enough, even for Tae-hee. "Now we are strangers", he tells Sara. Are all the KDrama characters of times past, present and future watching? Cause THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FROM NOBLE IDIOCY!!!!
Nope, writers in SK cannot compute.
The writer is working out some...body image issues. No one mention balls around him.
Wow, I found his sudden anger pretty unbelievable since he accused her of being a spy before. He should've thought through all permutations.
I don't think any of them are capable of thinking past the next 30 seconds.
Ah, but now that Evil Han's true doughy face has been revealed, Sara's few brain cells realize that he might, in fact, be evil. *gasp* WHAT?? Noooooo. *sarcasm overload* So it wasn't Kang-joon (who now lives in a hotel room and doesn't shave anymore after he's been kicked out of the house by his father (who is also really dumb, I mean, seriously, dude, you couldn't see that your family was abusing Sa Geum Ran and that your son was cheating on her?)) that tried to kill Tae-hee - no, it was Han! You don't say. Dun-dun.
To be honest, none of us have any idea WTF is going on in the minds of these characters, so you can't fault her too much.
I'm so mad at you Daddy! I'm so mad at you I'm not going to SHAVE! Let's just be glad he's not making the balls, then, because NO ONE likes fuzzy balls.
Are we supposed to feel sorry for him?  I hate when kdramas try to make us like murdering creeps.
That ship has sailed. Oh, and I'm back to wanting to cut off Sara's hair.


People, we have reached an all-time low. It's so low I'm actually enjoying it.There are actors on my screen saying their lines, yes, they're even acting (and not badly at that) but nothing makes any sense. Whatever motivated them in the beginning is completely forgotten. All everybody wants is (in varying compositions) a) Sara, b) rice balls, c) the Canvas Building, d) to become CEO or to have a CEO, sprinkled with some urge to take revenge for a) killing people or b) liking people.
And to wear tiny, ridiculous hats OR gigantic ugly Pimp Coats.

Also, can we vote for the most useless character in this show today? There's so many to choose from!!! Kang-joon's mother, his sisters, his father, Geum-ran's mother, her friend, Halmoni and Evil Han's mother. Oh! And Ji-hoon! I completely forgot about him. Who gets your vote? Also, a trivia question for everyone: which drama will feature Evil Han next?
I vote for the two dumb sisters, who just show up on the couch now and then in between their cleaning shifts at the restaurant.
But I couldn't remember who Ji Hoon was at first, so...
The sisters, I guess.  It's so hard to decide.
It would be easier to ask who is the most useful. I think we can all agree: it's Awesome Assistant Choi.

The best from today's episode was probably this though: Kang-joon's father finds out that there is evidence for his son's murder. The result? He kicks him out of the house (instead of bringing him to the police himself). Wow. What a role model.
Didn't he already kind of know? I swear he found out episodes ago. Maybe it's just dawned on him that it if your son murdered his wife, that makes your son a MURDERER.
I cast thee out and forbid thee to shave! Everyone will know you are wrong by your fuzz!
He's in denial, but seriously, no.  This is the Dumbest Drama Dad ever.
I think it's time to continue my rewatch of Doctor Champ....

My thoughts: In a year where I have dropped so many dramas, at least I'm getting laughs from sticking with this one. I'm not sure the loss of brain cells will make it worth it, though. You are sending us all a bottle of Prosecco when we finish, right Kakashi?
Excuse me?! No, you got it all wrong! You are to send ME 10 bottles of the most expensive Tequila for recapping this! You think commenting is worth mentioning? Duh!
I would say that since I had no plans to watch this and actively hated the show from practically the first minute and am only here because I promised to always support you in your Wook/Hoon love that you should AT LEAST share that tequila with me because you are MY Joo Sang Wook. Minus the sexual attraction. Because I love you, but you don't have balls. Or that jawline. Or those abs.
After ep 13, this drama went so downhill.  Before that, I laughed a lot, especially when Kangjoon got slapped.  I think that's where the story lost it: it gave up on the revenge against KangJoon and Chaeyeon that was holding it, and our couple, together so nicely.  And I mean nice as in precise 'cos I'm erudite like that.

*I have not and will never read that book. But I have heard things.