Birth of a Beauty - Episode 19 (A WookiCap)

More moping. More incredible boredom. And then, noble idiocy is finally exposed and killed. Grow up already, you stupid characters! Be over, show! Shoooooo!
S@ki: Omo, I'm really having trouble getting through this episode. 
I almost died recapping it. I was questioning life's meaning, too.
Lafer:  Remember when we all loved these characters? No, of course not, our brains have been washed away.
?????: Who am I? Why am I here? *horrified screams* What IS this horrible show??

Episode 19

Dough boy is so pleased with himself ... CEO! Finally! And he has with him what he truly desires ... a new black suit! I'm kidding of course. No, it's Sara: It's the only thing he ever wanted and he Must.Have.Her. But she knows now what he did to her Beloved... and because she knows, she asks him whether it was him. Yes, of course, Sara, he will say: "Yes! You're right! I did it!" Ahahahaaaaaaa, in fact, he DOES admit it, or at least tells her that he is envious of her making rice balls with Tae-hee. And he tells her to end it with him for good or else. Way to win a woman's heart indeed. 
Her hair is looking better. Perhaps she's depressed and not washing it every day/drying it out to unbearable frizz. You know, because she misses Tae Hee and is starting to hate Han.
South Koreans love that fuzzy hairstyle because it makes the face look smaller.  Or so they think. It's just messy and heavy. 
Elsewhere, Tae-hee is trying to stop the talk show. But Chae-yeon won't have it - and she has finally understood! Tae-hee turned Geum-ran into Sara because he wanted her, Chae-yeon. Which is ridiculous, but actually ... yeah. Go and read the first few recaps if you have forgotten. Holy Gigantic Rice Balls, I did forget. All I got from rereading the recaps was how totally insane we were to keep this up. Anyway, Chae-yeon wants revenge (for what exactly?! (For someone catching her out on her mean girl act.)) and Tae-hee tries to get her off it. And this is completely inconsequential, I'm sorry for wasting your time, people.
Chae Yeon looks like she smells something bad...probably some of those balls rolled into a corner and lie there, forgotten.
It was probably the smartest line of the whole drama when Tae-Hee said "for us to all go our separate ways is the best right now." Yes, right now! Let's leave this drama and never look back!
I support this plan wholeheartedly!
Dough boy is (on) a roll - he has this deal for Grandma: either get Tae-hee to give up Winner Group or else she will rot in jail and he will destroy Tae-hee. (Grandma's expressions were priceless, though.) This, too, is completely inconsequential later. Sorry again. In any case, Tae-hee isn't done. Oh no, he isn't! He puts on a horrific red jacket (that turns out to be a coat later) and invites four shareholders to his office. Counterattack! He has conjured up some proof (=documents) that show that Evil Han is, well, evil. But will he be able to turn this around? Stay tuned. Meanwhile, Sara isn't answering Han's phone calls. Therefore, Han tells his Assistant to get her, by force if necessary. What next, chains? A muzzle?
Balls, cleverly designed as a really big pearl necklace. Once wrapped around her neck she will never get away.
The main message from this show has been, "A woman's body is an object." So, yeah, Sara's a possession.
Sara's lost her spunk. This drama has sucked the life out of her, along with all of us.

Tae-hee has a load of problems, and the most pressing is probably how to stop Sara from going on that talk show. Is someone willing to explain why having her "exposed" as Geum-ran is a problem at all? Anyway, he calls Sara and tells her he wants to talk. So they meet. She is terrified that Evil Han might find out and kill Tae-hee on the spot. In the picture below, Joo Sang-wook looks a bit like my mother. How disturbing.
Be glad she doesn't look like Evil Han the Dough Boy, or Fuck Ears the Murderous Elf with the Wandering Dick.
Good thing this IS only 2 more episodes. It is really messing with your mind, kakashi.
*tilts head to the side* *tries to imagine JSW as a woman* *shudders*
Sara is clearly very concerned about his safety and asks him all those questions about "were you attacked? Are you fine?" and he just looks at her totes WTF Woman. She then tells him to "completely forget" and "ignore" her, since Evil Han can't have even the teeniest bit of any misunderstanding. OMG this is so stupid I might have to have a rage fit soon. He in turn tells her to not go on that talk show tomorrow, because Chae-yeon will reveal her identity. And because he is worried about her, but for the very last time, of course.
You could help him, Sara.  You could walk away, looking back mournfully, and smash your head full force into a brick wall, get a concussion, and wake up with half a brain. That would be very helpful. Not to mention a huge relief for us, your bewildered and irritated viewers.
No, just smash up Kang Joon, his whole family and the rest of the Hans, Halmoni included.  Then OTP and all of us can live peacefully. 
Damn, I wish I hadn't gone back and read over those first few episodes, because it just makes me more furious that they've both turned into lifeless bowls of cold oatmeal.
At this point, I kind of want everyone to end up alone and miserable. Yes, that includes the OTP because they're idiots, which makes me mad/
OMG, the tension! I can't, I can't! Evil Han knows who Sara really is! How thrilling! OMG WHO CARES And since Tae-hee is behind everything (illegal plastic surgery, illegal fake name, illegal breathing and being and illegal illegalities), Evil Han is happy. And OMG! Sara finds out that Chae-yeon doesn't even love Tae-hee! What a shocker. Yeah, you could knock me over with a feather. She is just greedy for him because he will be stinking rich soon. You don't say. Oh, but all that excitement was for nothing, sawry ... the talk show is cancelled by Evil Han. Bummer. And everybody was so excited about it.
Why did he cancel it?
Who cares? At least we don't have to go through it.
I ... actually, I don't remember
I'm beyond caring at this moment.
It's probably so that he can use the new information to blackmail them.
Tae-hee overhears Kang-joon Fuck Ears talk to Sara in the corridor and that makes him realize that ... we don't know, because we're with Evil Han again next, who tells Sara to stay with him. Not forever, just until he says so. What's important to him is that he took Han Tae-hee's woman. Ahahahahaaaaaa OMG YOU'RE TOO STUPID FOR WORDS, SHOW! Also, Kang-joon is told to collect information on Tae-hee's "illegalities" and once he reveals them, it's goodbye Tae-hee.
Okay, so if Evil Han's motivation is to take all the Tae Hee Things, shouldn't he have focused on winning Evil Grandma's love? THAT would have been the thing to hurt Tae Hee with, you dumb lump of damp flour. I bet the creases of your arms smell like yeast. Ugh. I'm gagging.
Guess he's still mad at Grandma for making his mother pick money up from the floor. Since I'm not into this "you forced my son to drink with you and sleep with you nonsense," I don't care if he puts her in jail.
I think I need another Peppermint Patty. Or maybe a glass of ice water. Over my head.
Iced water over KangJoon's head.  That will always be fun.
I wonder what the writer is smoking today....
Tae-hee is home and remembers ... all the noble idiocy moments. He broods a little, but not under the shower. Why was there not a single shower scene?! He only gets nude for shows he can actually put on his resume. Next, he asks Sara whether she was threatened (she denies it, yawwwwwwwn) and is this the reason they broke up? Yes, that's exactly it Tae Hee! Thank God you know the thing I've been trying to keep from you for pretty much eternity! But no. She denies this as well. He doesn't believe her and tells her he will get to the bottom of things. Sara? You FAIL. He doesn't despise you, no, because the memories he has of you two being happy are what counts.
I guess you can live a life time on 5 minutes.
It's amazing how quickly people forget all the good times like blowing on each other's fists and chocolate for heart troubles et cetera. 
But let's not forget that he also suffered from severe Broken Heart syndrome, so those 5 minutes of memories of his parents didn't help much.
You know, I always thought they were idiots, but I only started to get really mad when they became boring on top of being idiots.
And just as it is about to get sweet, her phone rings and it's Evil Han who is sitting not far in a car, watching the two. There's one thing Evil Han has going for himself: as a villain, he is the most effective in this show. Okay, I wrote that before he accelerates and attempts to drive Tae-hee over. Sara totally blows her cover as she jumps and saves Tae-hee's life.
I give up. This was written as a 7th grade class project, wasn't it.
At least they both got out of the way. She could have taken the hit and gotten amnesia (or even died, which could have ended this farce. Of all times to not use a trope!)
Amnesia would've dragged it out more. 
That "or even died" part - why can't that happen, again? 'Cause I'm thinking that would bring happy times for everyone! Or at least it would end the show.
Sara runs away (into the building) where she meets ... Evil Han? Wow, can the guy fly? Anyway, he is seething with anger and now vows to "get rid" of Tae-hee rather than just collect his illegalities.  Meanwhile, at home, Tae-hee is thinking hard about what it could be that isn't quite right about the way Sara behaves ...... think faster, man, I'm falling asleep here!
I know, it's so hard to figure out. She worries about you constantly, she saves your ass literally and figuratively, she looks at you all moony-eyed (sorry, Trot, I know it hurts) - what could it BE?
Alien Hand Syndrome?
Seventh Grade Writing Class Syndrome.  Though, I'm pretty sure a seventh grade writer would throw in more sex.
*banging head against wall*
It's a new day and Sara is in front of the Mango House. To tell Tae-hee what Edith Piaf sang so beautifully about. Being with him was the happiest time in her life. And she'll always cherish those memories. Good, good. Not long after, Tae-hee comes to realize that "someone is targeting" Sara. You can do it, Tae-hee! Bravo! And then, after identifying the car-that-almost-killed-him as Evil Han's he realizes that Ahjumma is being blackmailed and isn't on Evil Han's side at all. CAN THIS BE OVER ALREADY?!
Well, we could have brains, or we could have beauty. Tell the truth, I feel a bit gypped - we didn't even get one broody shower. We should have taken brains.
I'm sorry, I think I'm in a food coma. I must have dozed off.
I keep getting distracted and forgetting that I'm supposed to be commenting.
Sara is going to have press conference at 11am, all to protect Tae-hee. Everybody and their mother is really, really nervous about that. Rightfully so, because the press conference is extremely BOOOOOoooooooring. Sara tells everybody she was ugly and overweight and wanted to become beautiful and successful. So she did this all by herself and only her is to blame for lying to people. And then, she disappears, while the nation becomes more and more curious about who her husband might have been. That's her revenge, by the way, because the two uselessestest villains ever get very nervous.
What was so shocking about the press conference? I thought it was common knowledge that 90% of models/actors/idols have plastic surgery.
I'd be more worried about everyone wanting the exact same plastic surgery and getting gypped etc, yunno, the problems that SK has been having with its plastic surgery industry.
If you're not going to tell the almost-interesting stuff, nobody cares, Sara.
Tae-hee searches at all their favorite places. I could have told him no one would be at the restaurant - no one ever is. And at all their ... places. He needn't worry though: she found herself again and is at peace. But worry he does and finally he realizes where she must be: in that park, where he first kissed her. Oh, those were HAPPY times with this shitty drama. Over and out.
I was just thinking that this was unbearabfuckingly long. Thank God.
Thank God for Viki commenters. I could not have gotten through it without them.
Words cannot describe how much I don't care about these people.


66 minutes to cancel a talk show, hold a press conference, and find out that Sara never meant what she said but did it to protect Tae-hee. Show, you outdid yourself. I will hate you, forever. 
Do you think we could convince Dewaanie to sneak into the building and burn the tapes of this show so it could never be seen again?
I just ate my way through an entire episode. Didn't matter that I wasn't hungry, I just needed a reason to put it on pause while I raided the pantry......every 5 minutes.
This was a tough one.  But at least the noble idiocy is exposed because that's always annoying.
Everything is annoying. Only two more episodes. We can do this...?