Birth of a Beauty - Episode 20 (A WookiCap)

We are almost done, which means the show starts cleaning up its mess. Bear with me. It'll be over soon.
JoAnne: I am still here. Still alive! This show will not kill me. (Healer might, though.)
Lafer: I am so proud of myself for actually finishing this drama. One of the truest tests of endurance in my lifetime. (I think this makes me cry) 
S@ki6: I almost never finish dramas. I finished this one because of the squeecaps. And because Joo Sangwook is hot. 
becca: I'm not watching the rest of this drama. Life is too short, and I need my brain cells for other things. Becca, you have the right idea.

Episode 20

Ahjumma is there! Where they first kissed! Hoodeldoodeley. And just like that, the animosities of the last few episodes are forgotten. Forever. They go home, where the Christmas Tree still blooms and Tae-hee tells her she can stay here until things blow over.
Can I just say that I hate how he just yanks her into coming with him. Wouldn't this have been a great time to be tender and caring? Nope, just barking and yanking.
JoAnne: It's so MANLY though. (excuse me while I gag) There are wrist grabs I mind, and ones I don't. The thing is, that will be true for girls who wrist grab, as well. They exist, too.
I hate wrist grabs all around, but I have personal space issues, so I may not be the best person to judge a good wrist grab and a bad wrist grab.  Maybe it's good if you're saving the other person from death by fire or falling off a cliff.
becca: For me, it's all about context. Who grabs who, when, why, and how can make a big difference. Most of the time, I have no idea why it's so hard to grab a hand instead of a wrist, though. Just aim two inches lower! 
Perhaps because it's harder to get out of a wrist grab. In the hand, you have more bones and fingers to wriggle and move out of the grip.
They sleep in separate rooms, of course, (rolls eyes, although this was one reason I got into k-drama in the first place) and poor Tae-hee rushes up to hers as soon as he wakes up because he either thought he was dreaming or, as he claims, that she might already have left. Which she hasn't. He cooks for her and confesses to reading tons of books about Ahjummas, so that he would understand why she broke up with him.
Lafer: I thought it was really brilliant to bring her back to the same house she had previously lived in. Because it would be so hard for Ears and Dough Boy to find her there.
Yeah, He's a genius, don't forget
JoAnne: Which is why it's perfect. Why would they look there again when she's supposed to be hiding?
When did he have time to read books on Ahjummas? Oh, right, while Assistant Choi was doing all the work.
becca: Exactly.
Disturbing their smiley happiness: Evil Han. After taking off his sexy little apron, Tae-hee goes out to face Doughboy. Who says give me Sara, who hurt Winner Inc.'s image badly by her reveal. And now, she has to go back to Evil Han for at least 59 years of slavery. But no, not gonna happen. Nice try, though.
I was too distracted by the horrible haircut on Dough Boy to listen to the conversation. 
This is clearly inspired by Yo-yo from Healer
JoAnne: Yeah, so forget what I said earlier. *giggles because now even Kakashi has HealerBrain*
Sounds like Dough Boy thinks he Lee Soo Man or whoever that guy is heading Star Empire (Long documentary, so watch later).
I'm still stuck on that comment about the apron. My mind went places.
I guess Doughboy simply left, (not a real K-Ent head, though, because they send thugs after their runaway stars) because we're inside again next, and Tae-hee and Sara talk about how evil Evil Han is. And then, they remember that this drama used to be about revenge - and we're back in that downstairs room, like we didn't take hour upon hour of painful detour.
Obviously Winner Food must be going well since Tae-hee can spend all of his time getting revenge on Thing 1 and Thing 2.
JoAnne: Oh HEY there, Team Jangnim face.
If they'd stuck to revenge, we could've wrapped this up happily several episodes ago.
becca: Remember when we thought this could be a fun revenge tale? Or that maybe Kang-joon was actually a character? You do? Good because I barely remember.
Alright, it's revenge time! Sara goes to the company (wearing her Big Bird coat) and tells Evil Han to keep his hands off her and Tae-hee or else. She also gets ready to go on a Very Special Talk Show. On the notice board, Tae-hee posts a sign saying that Evil Han lied about being the brain behind the rice balls.This is the beginning of the end for Evil Han: the shareholders are starting to turn against him. His mother decides to get involved. Good luck, FrogFace!
OK, the look on Dough Boy's face when he finds out she's there is one of terrified shock. Uhhh, didn't he just demand she come to him?
Yes, we all know that Sara is the brain behind the balls. Or that she is the only brain near any balls.  Except she's not that smart, either.  Sigh.
Really, they could've just gone with a smear campaign right from the beginning.  They should know K-Netz believe anything bad.
The OTP does some bonding and mending over dumplings and chicken soup. Tae-hee stares at her smiling and when she's a bit shy about it, he says it's because he hasn't seen her that close ever since the hospital. Cue flashback-memory to that assassin who tried to get into Tae-hee's room. There must be CCTV footage!
Now I'm starting to understand Sara's. Not only can she single handedly make hundreds of rice balls, but minutes after leaving Han's office, she's whipped up all kinds of food and even has a new product of natural seasonings to launch! All while wearing what looks like a toilet seat cover (credit to a Viki commenter for pointing that out.)
Don't forget she likes to cook. A hottie who cooks and cleans. Every man's dream. Sigh.
I got nothing. So she's pretty and she cooks. Yay.
Well, she is quite good with balls, too.
Men fight for her balls. Er… yeah.
Wouldn't it be funny if all this time Sara/GeumRan turned out to be a crossdressing man? Chick with a Dick as I saw in some movie or other. 
Evil Han goes to see Sara in private and orders her to help him keep his dignity, i.e. leave Tae-hee and stand next to him. Come on now. When he gets a bit violent, Tae-hee storms him and hits him in the face. Cause it's him that's protecting Sara now.
And because his wrist grab is a good thing but Dough Boy's is a bad thing.
I'm the only objectifier around here, dammit! Take THAT!
Where are her judo skills? I loved earlier eps where she took out multiple thugs.
That's all well and good in the beginning, but who really wants to watch a woman be an independent kickass for 16+ episodes? (Me. That would be me.)
Well, protecting her means he can pretend he hurt his hand really bad when he hit his brother. She runs into his room to get the first aid kit, when she sees the cardboard figure of her - scotch-taped together again. What does that tell her? (He can't throw anything away?) (That the writers wanted to copy a scene from Protect the Boss?) (That he's obsessed and she should get a restraining order?) We don't know. And it doesn't matter because it's time for Tae-hee to be a 5 year old again and tell her to blow here and here (no, not there!!) since this spot hurts and this and this.
Maybe it should be 'there!!' so they could focus on something besides all the general nonsense.
Nowhere near the genius of blowing on each other's fists when they were gearing up to fight several eps earlier.
The blowing makes him smile happily. (Hahahahahahaahha) (*chokes*) That encourages her to talk about her broken cardboard image and the hard time he must have had, especially since he stayed in this house so full of memories. Ah, but him staying means she now has a place to crash, is his answer. She may stay after everything is over and he'll accept if she wants to leave after. He's really sweet, isn't he ...
His little smile almost makes me forget how torturous watching this is.
Pretty men. They catch us every time. Damn them.
Good looks help a lot.
I come for the looks, stay for the brains. When there are none, I'm out. Bye bye, Tae-hee!
The next day, Sara meets with the Boring Sisters and their mother. Why even bother, seriously. (Because we had to have some serious PPL for Syrup mobile app.) (Which I will never use now.) They're all slimy and apologetic. They say they reflected a lot. And they want her to spare Fuck Ears. But Sara sees right through them: they're not sorry, they're just concerned for their own future. So ... no, assholes. Goodbye and learn to take responsibility.
How uncomfortable do you think it was to have to sit on all those rhinestones?
Some people might like that kind of thing, you never know.
I wonder if they would've had more luck apologizing but admitting they are shallow, so please forgive your murdering husband and never ever gain weight again.  Oh wait, they should've just said, we'll get your divorce if you just forgive him and clear his name. 

In a poorly lit staircase, Kang-joon tells Chae-yeon to give Sara back her building. Not likely, even when Kang-joon tells her that they're done if Sara reveals the murder (attempt). Chae-yeon suggests he should just kill Geum-ran again and properly, but he says that Chae-yeon would actually be one of the first people he'd kill if he wanted to do it again. That makes me laugh.
Oh man, I'd actually watch this scene.
I'm amazed that Chae-yeon can do the googley eyes for so long! Good thing they believe in a liberal use of botox in SK or her wrinkles would be fierce!
Chaeyeon has serious crazy eyes. It's weasely, which is something I wish people who glare or stare hard a lot would realize.  Just relax your eyes: you can still be intense without them popping out of your head.
Blink regularly, too. If you don't blink, it's super creepy. (Also, I worry that you're with a Weeping Angel.)
Being a good ahjumma, Sara is cleaning in Tae-hee's house. But then, her eyes fall on the ass ugly Christmas tree and she gets all mushy about it. There's a few of his wishes still on there, so she goes and opens them. One says: I wish you'd smile everyday. Another: I hope you don't have nightmares anymore. The music swells - and so do our hearts. One more: Wishing for her good health. And more: He wishes for them to be together next Christmas as well. Probably because he wants to use the Christmas tree one more time. Does this ever end?! She takes another card, which reads: I hope you find your real dream and realize it.
If she writes a response and hangs it on the tree for him to find 'if fate wills it' I will SWIM to Korea and shoot the writer.
You know what would have been nice? To read a card that said "Let's stop all this BS and have our happy ending. NOW"
I think I skipped this part.
I like Lafer's idea. She should get an award for that one.
This very moment, Tae-hee comes running into the house, instantly happy that he has her waiting for him. He also has a gift: it's her favorite food. Food that she always ate when she needed strength. But she doesn't need that anymore, says Tae-hee: now, she is always strong. Does she have a secret? She does - but she'll not tell him right now.
*begins to dig out swim gear*
The best scenes is this drama are from across the dinner table. It's the 18 hours of other stuff that's so annoying.
I'd like to know how she's so strong as a judo champ. Weights?
I see food. Now I'm hungry again.
Chae-yeon finds out about Sara's secret appearance on the Very Special Talk Show and freaks out. She even calls her Tae-hee oppa, but he just tells her to take responsibility. And then, it's time for the broadcast. Yeah, sure ... a live interview. That makes a ton of sense NOT. Sara reveals her real name and who she was before. She also says things like: she thought she needed to be beautiful to be loved, but came to realize that she just needed to love herself first. And then, she drops the "I was murdered" bomb - and reveals every detail. I admit to feeling quite satisfied when she identifies the vicious murderous mistress as Chae-yeon.
Nothing says 'there's a problem with your story' like the victim of a murder saying they were murdered, though. 
You could actually feel the sweat pooling beneath her armpits.
Saying someone tried killing her explains the whole appearance and identity change, so okay.
It's the shareholder meeting minus three days - and because ... well, just because, Evil Han gives the order to "eliminate" Tae-hee. Yawn. He'll try and put the blame on Fuck Ears. Not Awesome Assistant is very reluctant to do it, even after Frog Face Mother asks him to do it for her sake.
Frog Face Mother. It always makes me laugh, but her face is REALLY weird. Hey where's Evil Granny these days? Is she still in jail?
Don't mention Granny, or she'll appear.
I don't want to talk about her. *hisses under her breath* Buuuuuuuurn.

Tae-hee took Sara to the seaside (because nothing says love like making someone stand on the beach in heels in 5 degree weather) - and he gives her white roses, symbolizing respect. It's what he feels for her. Awwwwwww. And she reveals what it is that makes her so strong: him. His compliments and encouragement. He healed Sa Geum-ran's wounds with that. Like a doctor.
So now HE is her favorite food, and she wants a taste of that deliciousness.
He was pretty cute here.
Just, awwww.
Cheesy. Get to the part where everybody dies. Whadduya mean that's not gonna happen? Then why are we even here?
Back home, he does a little hack to find the assassin's number plate - and in the process gets complimented by Sara, who finds him incredibly cool. There's a tense lovey-dovey moment, but no kissing. Cause god beware, these two still pretend they're not a couple. They identify where that thug lives and go there together (cause now, they'll always be together). They lure him to the parking garage and then confront him head on. Why not. They overpower him and take away his cell phone. And hand him over to the police.
Next season, on Idiot Investigators...
...who take on only the most difficult cases where the hit men use their own cars with trackable license plates.
At least this loose end got wrapped up. My brain likes loose ends to be wrapped up.
Unfortunately, there is no Fuck Ears or Doughboy on Mr. Thug's phone, so Tae-hee just sends a text to all the numbers, saying that somebody knows about the hit on Tae-hee. That'll reveal the murderer. The text goes to Not Awesome Assistant - who immediately calls his thug. Kinda busted, Not Awesome Assistant. I say "kinda", because Tae-hee doesn't recognize the voice right away.
...our lovely partners will solve cases by accident.
Can we drag this out any longer? Do we really care?
I didn't care. But I was grateful the baddies were finally getting rounded up.
To die, right? Someone's going to die? Please? I have my funeral clothes all laid out and ready!
For Alexe
Fuck Ears Kang-joon is on the run ... so it makes perfect sense to go to the Mango House, right?! He also calls Tae-hee even though he is in front of his house - who tells him to turn himself in. But no, Kang-joon has come to say that he is willing to negotiate about Sara's freedom. Yes, they're still married and Tae-hee can't have her. But Sara says they will conquer this. She is no longer afraid and will never be alone again. And as we finally near the very last seconds of this far too long episode (66 minutes!!! Dafuq!!!), Tae-hee muses about how much they have changed: they were both weak alone - but now, they're fearless together. "This is the power of love".
Kang Joon, I'm pretty sure you'll be divorced soon.
Round and round we go. Show, I'm begging you..... just get rid of them all, show a wedding and give us 50 minutes of commercials next episode. We won't mind.
No, again, pretty sure if you declare someone legally dead, they are no longer married. 
*starts singing The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & the News*


Yes, the power of love. It's a great thing. This drama? Not a great thing. 
Not at allllllllllllllll.
Nope, nothing left to say.
Too long.  That's the problem.  We lost it after it lost the plot.
No, seriously: someone will die, right? I feel like the show owes it to me at this point.