Kim Ji-hoon on Happy Together

Who is missing Kim Ji-hoon? Me? Yes, I'm about ready to recap the next episode of Golden Era of Daughters in Law. Also, Kim Ji-hoon was on Happy Together (on The Hot Men and Women Special) a few days ago and talks about how he ended up on Jangbori (though he really didn't want to), doesn't get any offers, and why he tries to stay away from Variety Shows.While he heavily crushes on Lee Sung-kyung (the student from It's Okay It's Love). It's totally one-sided. Pooooooooor Ji-hoon :(
Happy Together is (sometimes) funny, this particular episode is ... so so la la. Three guys and three women - they answer a few questions and then have to vote whom they like. Nobody ever selects Kim Ji-hoon :(
Anyway, here are a few Kim Ji-hoon "facts": 
He has nothing to do: not a single script has been offered to him. (TELL ME THAT'S NOT TRUE??!)
The first time he did Exo's Growl was on Happy Together a while ago ... and it was a total fail. He swore he would never dance on TV again, but then, he made that Jangbori ratings-promise. And then, he practised ... with the choreographer of Growl. Who happens to be his best friend. But he also vows during this episode that he'll NEVER dance it on TV again. (Let's see ...)
His agency is so small that he cannot be idle more than 6 months. Cause he is the only one that brings in any money. If he doesn't take a job, they'd go under. (0__0) So even though he didn't want to take on Jangbori (because of being typecast), he eventually felt obliged to. (Yoo Jae-suk, who knows the agency's CEO says: "I thought he and Ji-hoon are dating: All the CEO talks about is Ji-hoon. Ji-hoon is the only one he calls, too.")
Variety shows are the only ones that keep contacting him these days. But many fans think he is tarnishing his actor image by going on Variety shows. They make you use provocative language and he started using that in interviews too. Unfortunately, he refuses to give us examples ... (DAMN. I think he means it?)
Ji-hoon's dad's a "half-celebrity" himself: he shot a Commercial. And he was on Happy Together himself! And after Jangbori was such a hit, he started looking into houses to buy ... one that he wanted was worth 1.2 million. At which point Ji-hoon had to tell him that he has no money at all. Barely enough to pay his bills. His father was very sad after that. Awwwwww.

Kim Ji-hoon has a temper.

He uses a food tray to eat. And he can cook. He thinks his Doenjang Jjigae is better than his mother's :)
The view from his apartment is GREAT. And he has a strong feminine side: he likes to do housework. And organizing his fridge. Bless you, you lovely guy.

Watch the whole thing here:


mary said…
This is so sad.

I thought a guy of his level at least would have a lot of money and be able to buy a house or car for his parents.

How much harder do the "nugus" have it, I wonder?
becca_boo said…
I knew he wasn't an A-list actor, but like Mary said, this is so sad. :( Somebody give the poor guy a decent role and a paycheck.
Kakashi Sensei said…
Yes, it was sad. He also played very sad and lonely deliberately though, that was the concept. Don't ask me why.
It's not the first time I hear that though. It's a very tough business, but for a few. And no drama actor is considered an A-lister (I learned that from Miss Koala) - you only get that status through movie roles!
trot wood said…
The only thing that surprised me about this is that no woman picked him. What were the other choices for goodness sakes? I mean he is deliciously gorgeous and can also be adorable and he can cook and he has a great apartment.

He has always struck me as someone who is too nice or his own good. He needs a new agency, so I propose that we all work hard and start our own. Our clients can include Kim Ji Hoon, Joo Sang Wook, and Song Jae Rim. We would just need to make sure that none of us gets accused of sexual harassment.
JoAnne said…
I second these excellent suggestions! Why the hell does no one offer him parts? He's a good actor!

And now I want to date him. He's hot, he'll do the cleaning and cooking, and we can fuss at each other.
dgundam said…
hello! new here. just stumbled on your site because of the jang bori recaps. love your insights and comments on your recaps.

on another note, i never even heard off kim ji hoon till jang bori...
and ya movie stars are more famous and earn more $$$.

just wondering you all arent interested in jdramas?
Kakashi Sensei said…
Hi there! *waves*
I personally have never watched a single jdrama ... but not out of disinterest, but because I don't have the time. But I know that several other Squeecappers watch JDramas.
Tofubyu said…
Hahaha Kim Ji Hoon is adorable <3 I was wondering why he kept choosing weekend dramas but the truth is pretty sad D: Isn't he quite a good actor!??
I watched up to episode 7-8 of Jang Bori and ran far far away (melos are bad for my health LOL plus most of the characters make me want to punch them)
Anonymous said…
That was quite a revealing read. Thanks for the recap.
Everything now makes so much sense especially with regard to how his character on Jang Bori was treated towards the end. It's very political obviously.
It's rather sad though when you think of his versatility as an actor, his charisma and good looks, you'd think they'd be banging on his door with scripts. My dongsaeng has been telling me that the agency is the most important thing and it turns out, he's right.

I hope he gets to do some good stuff on cable.

alexe said…
I am speechless . So only one word : unbelievable .
앗!제로또골! said…
Hi Kimjicaps.
You guys know JTBC's reasoning Variety 'Crime Scene'?
He appeared in the Crime Scene S2 EP.2 and EP.3.
Exactly, He appeared from in EP.1 part2.

And it subbed(by. Bumdi)
kakashi said…
Hi! Thank you very much, yes, I knew he would appear there but I haven't looked for the episodes yet. This is much appreciated!