Yoo Na's Street - Episode 18 (A ThugCap)

On we go! At this rate, we'll finish recapping this show by 2025. Better late than never applies to this case though! In Episode 17, Yoo-na and Yun-ji robbed the robbers, Chang-man almost kissed Yoo-na (or so she thought) and Nam-su has hit rock bottom. In this episode, the robbed robbers get much too close to our girls for me to be comfortable. Begone! Also, Gye-pal gets some love. Who would have thought...
becca: This was an especially good episode. I almost cried a few times.
Mary: Hey! Maybe there'll be a third remake of Moon of Seoul/Yoona's Street by then! I'm excited that you're excited about the next couple of eps though. Because I loved them to bits!

Episode 18

Yoo-na goes to meet Nam-su at a Pojangmacha. There are two empty soju bottles on the table and he is about to finish a third. Poor boy is seriously depressed: He says he's just living, unable to die. When Yoo-na demands to know why he's tailing Yun-ji, he expresses concern about Yoo-na's continued contact with Hwa-suk. Yoo-na doesn't buy this: especially since Hwa-suk is in prison right now. And she's over working with them altogether: she doesn't want no association with guys doing "Arirang tricks" (stealing from drunk people). It's way below her.
Mary: Poor guy. Yoo-na is a bit of a snob when it comes to pickpocketing skills. Look at how she gets along well with Yunji.
Wow, I think, way to dump a person, when he says: "Don't dump me like this." Nam-su, you may get on my nerves, but sometimes, we think alike. And then he begs her not to leave him. But Yoo-na just walks away. It's harsh, but I would have done the same. She calls one of his Lost Boys and tells him clearly a) to stop tailing Yun-ji (or else) and b) to go pick up his drunk hyung.
She was pretty tough on the poor boy, but I think she did the right thing. He needs stand up on his own two feet - relying on her so much is unhealthy. He seems to have this idea that everything will be okay if she's just beside him, but that's not true. He needs to help himself this time.
Mary: Whut. He never asked her for help. She never cheered him up. All she did was grab his soju and tell him to "buck up" a few episodes back. That's actually a pretty crappy way to treat a friend. Isn't he at least entitled to one session where you get really drunk together and curse Hwa-suk and the President of SK and God and Buddha? Then wake up and kick the world's butt at how awesome you are?
She receives a call from Chang-man as she walks away, who ... is folding her clothes in his room. Way to go, man! He gets her to go have beer with him. Remember how Madame was a bit too curious about Yoo-na and what she's doing? Right. Chang-man warns the pretty thief and tells her about his lie (that she's in "distribution logistics"). When he asks her whether she's still doing "this" (he makes a "wallet-grabbing" move with his hand), she denies it. Ah, but he knows by looking into her eyes when she's lying.
Is it just me, or does Chang-man look especially handsome in this scene? I was so busy staring, I didn't pay much attention to what was said. Maybe it's the lighting.
Mary: I was too busy being mad at Yoo-na for kicking Namsu to the curb and dating the guy who is just her lapdog. Or laundry-folder. Or whatever she thinks Chang-man is.
He keeps bugging her about getting a new job again, but she repeats what she's said before: she has no other prospects. Food is more important to her than her conscience. And anyway, it's not like he will give her food. Ahahahaa, Chang-man grabs onto that opportunity right away and tells her that of course he wants to give her food! He would look after her always. Wow ... he has just proposed to her, that's what he has! Well, we also know that Yoo-na hates this kind of interference, so she tells him to shut up. She's a bit more quiet than usual though.
Awww, I love how he said that so naturally - no hesitation at all because to him, it's so obvious. It's just a fact.
Mary: Go start a feeding program somewhere else, Chang-man.
On their way home, she gets him to tell her about how he grew up: without his parents who both passed away in accidents when he was very young, but with a kind uncle who sent him to school and let him work in his garage. Unfortunately, a wealthy lady had money stolen from inside a car she had left with them. Chang-man was suspected unfairly - and thus left the next morning, to never return. You have too much pride, man, let me tell you.
Poor teenage-Chang-man. He must have been so alone and hurt. :(
Mary: Wouldn't have thought it of Chang-man. He seems like the kind of guy who would reconnect with said Uncle after only a month of sulking...
When they're back at the house, Chang-man goes to visit Axe. The old man is just lying there, very very hurt and sulking since nobody checked on him all day. Even calling Chang-man was impossible, since he didn't have his glasses near him. He brings up a case of a man who died and was only found after 40 days. Oh dear ... I do feel sorry for the lonely old man, but I do have a relatively low tolerance for drama queens ...
This didn't really feel like a drama queen moment to me. It felt real and sad. Lying there alone all day, hurt and unable to call for help, he must have felt so... well, helpless. I'm appalled that no one thought to check on him throughout the day.
Upstairs, Mi-sun observes in front of Yoo-na what a kind man Chang-man is: taking care of Gye-pal (yes, he is currently helping that loser with the documents for the prosecutor's office, because there's an issue with getting a fine payment plan) and being so kind to Haraboji. Oh, and don't forget him folding Yoo-na's clothes! Well, he has it all, says Mi-sun, except for one thing: money.
Incidentally, Yoo-na is looking at wedding rings (well, to check the price for the goods she has), but Mi-sun asks her if she would accept Chang-man's hand if he were to offer. No way, is the answer. It's not the money though: She doesn't want to marry anybody who knows about "her past". What about Mi-sun, would she marry Min-kyu? But no: Mi-sun has moved on to a new guy.
Eh... good??
The next day, on the roof, Mi-sun finds Yoo-na on the treadmill. She is so well trained at running, she'll be able to outrun every average cop on the street! But here comes Da-yeong. She still has a grudge the size of the sun and tells Yoo-na to get off her running machine. Forever.
Wow. Immature, much?
*makes shooing motions at Da-yeong*
Chang-man is driving the Madame to the market. She is very silent. And then, curt. Don't tell me ... because of her delusional daughter?! Of course, Chang-man The Meddler won't let it go. Over a meal, he gets her to talk. And indeed ... this is about Yoo-na. Madame loses 10 points immediately. She even wants to get rid of Mi-sun and Yoo-na by driving them out the house! Chang-man says he'll leave immediately if she makes the women leave.
I'm disappointed, Madame. You and Chang-man are supposed to be friends!
Gye-pal and Curly meet at the bus station. When they board the bus (Curly to visit his wife, Gye-pal to go to the prosecutor's office), Curly pays for Gye-pal's bus fair. And he gets him a seat. Aw. Today is the day that Gye-pal starts at the colatec, we learn. And these two guys ... wow. They promise to help each other from here on out. I'll be damned, show! New friends?! Curly, you saint!
Aw, is this the beginning of a new bromance? Aww.
LMAO at how awkward it all is. Though it'd probably be this awkward for men in real life.
Yoo-na and Yun-ji are going to see that dealer in stolen goods they mentioned in the last episode . They get suspicious when he tells them to come into a junk yard. Be careful, girls! The old guy they're visiting seems to be dealing in waste paper though - so they leave quietly. They decide to try another guy, someone that Yun-ji knows and had dealings with. I don't know ... I don't get a good feeling about this!
Yeah, I'm worried. These girls are out of their depth, methinks.
Mary: nuuuuuu~ it's too fast! Don't sell poached things in a hurry!!!
At the house, the little ones are practicing jitterbug! They're good! And so cute! And Herring and the Cooking Ahjumma come to visit Axe and bring him a lot of uber-delicious food. Cooking Ahjumma defends Manbo (a bit) since the two guys seem to think it's the lowest of things he hasn't once called in on Axe.
But what's that? Manbo is drinking - alone in his office. Chang-man brings him some anglerfish and Manbo tells him what's wrong: he thinks everything is always his responsibility and his fault. So it seems two dance teachers told him it's his fault Axe fainted: the dance floor needs to be redone. Chang-man agrees: it does need to be fixed. Manbo is hurt. He feels that things are super unfair: it's actually Big-Eyes' fault for booking so many women for Axe. But then, Big-Eye goes by, brings Axe some soup, and is not blamed for anything. But who paid for Axe's hospital bills and knee injections? Manbo! Not a word of thanks, just blame! Aw, Manbo... he almost cries, feeling lonely and friendless.
Aw, Manbo. Have a hug, you sweet, socially-inept man. I get the feeling that if he'd just reach a little bit, that's all it would take.
Yun-ji meets the "fence dealer" she knows at a café next. He looks at the diamond ring and is impressed, asks Yun-ji what else she's got and promises her a good price. When he leaves, Yoo-na (who was sitting in the café incognito) follows him and listens in on a phone conversation he has with someone, in which he boasts about this catch. Very fishy! The deal is off. Girls ........ be careful!! Cause now, the initial thieves hear that their stuff has surfaced. And DAMN, the fence dealer is now talking to the thief-family!! And FUCK ME, he took a photo of Yun-ji, and let's the creepy thief see it.
Nooooo!! This is bad bad bad!!!
Mary: No!!! No talking about sources!!! You unprofessional poopsucker!!!
Yoo-na decides that they're going with the junk yard haraboji after all - her father always talked well about him and if there is one person she trusts, it's her father. And don't all true masters mask their genius like he does? I'm nervous ...But he seems alright. He is not a hasty one, though ... he tells her he'll keep that stuff for about 10 years. Which is super smart, because thieves usually get caught because they too quickly start spending their money. So he buys the diamonds (not for a very good price, but better than nothing!) - but not the watches. Noooooo! More nerve-wracking stuff!
Great. So they still have to get rid of the watches somehow. Great. More blindly looking for a trustworthy fence. Awesome. We're doomed.
Fuck ... when they're in the car, driving back, the thief-girl calls Yun-ji. Damn! Yoo-na gets the shocked Yun-ji to disconnect immediately and tells her to lose her cell phone. I don't like this :(
That was so creepy!! I told you they were in over their heads!

Chang-man is walking home and he is remembering the earlier conversation with Madame, about Yoo-na. Oh dear, there at that little kiosk restaurant, he bumps into Nam-su. That can't be good... The ex-thief is drunk again and waiting for Yoo-na, who isn't coming and also doesn't pick up his calls. Nam-su gets Chang-man to sit down and offers him soju - but Chang-man declines, since he means to study when he gets back home. Ha! Good on you! and awwwww, Nam-su tells Chang-man he wants to change careers - to something where he has no problems with the police anymore. And one that Yoo-na likes, too. Because there is no point in life for him if there is no Yoo-na.
*sigh* That's not true, Nam-su. Honestly, I don't really buy his all-consuming love for Yoo-na, either.
Yun-ji is singing at karaoke all by herself, while Yoo-na is eating noodles with Bong and his Wife. Chang-man calls her to tell her he met her "ex boyfriend". Lol. And he tells her that he's ready to settle down with her. Way to piss Yoo-na off...
Yun-ji was having a blast, wasn't she? I love that girl.
La-la-la-la chingu-something!!! I found that song while stalking Surplus Princess background music...

Next, Chang-man goes up to the rooftop to see Gye-pal ... he is not eligible for the fine payment plan, as suspected. So Chang-man .... sigh. Oh, Chang-man ... he promises to settle the fine for Gye-pal. So that he can start a straight life. And pay bits of the fine to Chang-man every month, as if he were the prosecutor's office.
Maybe I'm a sucker, but I really think Gye-pal is going to try this time. He has people who care about him now, and he seems sincere in wanting to live like a human being.
Mary: You mean like how he let Chang-man write his payment plan application essay? XD
The money for the stolen goods has arrived on Yoo-na's account, so she goes to Yang-sun with a cheque (finder's fee!). It's a load of money ($9.000). I don't know ... won't Bong notice?! Damn, they decide to go celebrate at the sauna. NOOOoooooooo! The thief-girl is watching that!!!
Well, shit.
Curly's wife is out! Awwwww. They go to the colatec together. Everybody is happy that she's back (me too). They go to see Gye-pal ... who is cleaning toilets. She hugs him :))) Such a sweetie. And he keeps her worry doll in his pocket at all times.
Aw. Awwww. This scene is just the sweetest, isn't it? I'm so glad Mrs. Curly is back. I love her.
In the car with Yang-sun, they discuss what to to with Hwa-suk's share. Parts of it have to go to Nam-su, of course. They arrive at the sauna, Yoo-na gets out ... and BAM. Here's the thief-girl. Fuckfuckfuck.


Oh no, I'm so uneasy about that whole thievery-thing!!! This drama is giving me a high blood-pressure. Who'd have thought!!!

I'm happy to see that things are looking up for Gye-pal. But I also fear that we might be disappointed in him - once again.
I think his intentions are good, but yes, I'm still worried. You know what they say about old dogs....
They die?