Ngao Jai (Shadows of the Heart) - Episode 3 (A ScruffCap)

We are one episode closer to the switch, and one episode closer to being caught up! Yay! Sadly, there is still a minimal amount of Scruff, but I'm willing to put up with it because I know we'll be seeing much more of him later.
A lot of this episode seemed like filler, but it also gives us glimpses into the family dynamics of all the different farms: Flower, Veggie, and Orange. And we can see how love and understanding can make a family unit so much more than just a bunch of people living together.

Episode 3

Naree's dad throws a fit after finding out that Wheeze is getting married and orders Naree to break them up. She tries to say that maybe they should give up, but he tells her to stop thinking. She has to help him get Uncle's money. Boo. Still don't like him.
Filial gratitude does not extend to prostitution, Dad. Also, transferring your bad karma to your offspring doesn't balance those scales, either. And the look on Naree's face tells me this isn't the first time her father has tried his wheedling demands.
Goon's Henchman (looks like they both work for Uncle) overhears the maids and one of Wheeze's caretakers talking about Wheeze and May's upcoming marriage and has his own mini-fit. After he storms off, though, the nurse tells them about why May is marrying him, and Maid #1 is outraged. This is going to be a problem later, isn't it?
It's okay to be angry and sad for your friend, but a temper tantrum in a canteen isn't going to make the cooks want to give you an extra portion of chicken next time. You're only hurting yourself, Chard The Henchman.

Goon confronts Uncle about his scheming, and we see once again that Uncle doesn't give much weight to his nephew's feelings. He says May is the only one for Wheeze, so left him have her, and if there's some other girl Goon wants, Uncle will get her for him. A prince among men, this one. Goon swears that he'll never stop loving May.

While Goon does some broody skeet-shooting later, Henchman reminds him that he only has to give the order, and he'll take care of things. Uh… okay, I wasn't expecting that quite so soon. Goon admits that he wants to give the order (is this normal for you guys???). So why doesn't he, when Wheeze is such an easy target? It's not out of brotherly love! No, it's because Wheeze is so isolated that Goon would be the first suspect. WTH!! Goon, how can you talk about this so casually? You have lost any sympathy I might have had for you!
For now, I think I've ranted enough about Uncle Bulldozer. But Goon, Goon, Goon, a pure-hearted girl wants a bad boy on the outside, but a good heart on the inside. This is not helping your case.

And if Wheeze does marry May? He'll make his and Uncle's lives a living hell. Dude, you are a sweetheart. Really.
Uncle gets Flower Boy out of jail, as promised, and aww, the Flower Family is so happy to be reunited. At the Flower House, Uncle thanks Mom and May for saving Wheeze, and Mom requests that he take good care of May.
With all the happiness of walking to the gallows. 

Goon storms in and glares at everyone before storming away again, and May chases after him. She tells him that no matter what, he'll always be her good brother, but he looks at her with big puppy eyes and says that she is his heart, and he'll never stop loving her. She's all that he has, and he'll never be able to love anyone else. Ah, I'd feel bad for him if he hadn't been casually considering murder just a minute ago.
Just like said in the previous ScruffCap to May, there are other women, too, Goon, and hopefully one that will pull you bad from some very bad choices. Like murder, mayhem, jaywalking...

Flower Girl hears that Flower Boy's case has been settled and he's home again, and she's all smiles. She tells Scruff about the 20 million Baht, and he guesses the Flower Family must be wealthy, if they could afford that. She doesn't think he would have been out delivering flowers if his family was rich, though. Scruff shrugs it off and tells her to learn from this experience and be less reckless from now on. She won't always have someone like Flower Boy to save her.
Her promise to support and assist Flower Boy was so much Petals In The Wind, wasn't it. And to be sure, little girl, thanks to you, he won't be back the way he was.
Wheeze is giggling over the wedding invitations when Goon arrives. Goon points out how disgusting it is that May is being forced to marry him for Uncle's money, but Wheeze says he doesn't care about the reason. He's just happy that he gets to marry her, and, oh wow, he actually believes that they love each other. Goon rips up his invitation and once again vows that he'll never lose to Wheeze.
You know, if he were smarter and less, yunno, genocidal, he would pretend and be all smiles and congratulations, then kidnap May right before the wedding and whisk her away to Hua Hin. But poor guy is already stuck in Second Lead Syndrome. And he's not even likable.
When he storms out (it's becoming a habit), Naree chases after him and not so subtly offers her comforting arms. She gets turned down flat, but promises herself that she'll make him forget about May. Yet another girl who doesn't realize that there are more than two men in the world.
You tell it, Nong becca.

Goon goes out drinking next and thinks about happier times, the engagement ring he'd already bought, and then May crying after agreeing to marry Wheeze. In his drunkenness, he mistakes an affectionate couple for May and Wheeze, and he realizes his mistake too late. He gets punched, then Henchman steps in to break a bottle over the other guy's head. Goon barely stops him from pulling a gun on the guy. I don't know what kind of relationship you guys have, but it is clearly unhealthy.

Flower Boy seeks out May, feeling guilty about her marrying Wheeze because of him, but she tells him it's okay. She can do anything for him and Mom because their happiness is her happiness. He tells her that she's like another mother to him, and even though she's crying, she teases that being his sister is enough of a headache. He cries, too, and thanks her, and she pulls him into a hug. *sniff* I love these two.
That kid is going to grow up into a heartbreaker, if those eyebrows are any indication. And he is adorable! I want to squeeze him and ruffle his hair and feed him cookies.
He has the puppiest of puppy dog eyes.
Uncle goes to apologize to Goon… and to thank him for sacrificing his happiness for his cousin. Goon points out that he's not a good enough person to make such a sacrifice - all of this is because Uncle loves a kid who's not even related to him more than his own nephew. Uncle hopes he will understand one day. In the meantime, come to the wedding! Because, no matter what, he's family. He leaves an envelope for Goon, saying it's his apology. Inside the envelope is a check for 5 million Baht. Wow. That's what I call adding insult to injury.
Typical Uncle Bulldozer. Money bought his beloved son a wife, so money is the perfect representation of love to his nephew.

Next thing we know, it's the wedding day, and aside from Uncle, Wheeze, and a bunch of extras, no one is happy. May looks like she's going to her execution (but on a shallow note, she is gorgeous), and Tippy tries to cheer her up, promising that she'll always be there for her.
May looks soooooo uncomfortable among the wellwishers. She well-wishes she was anywhere but there. But she's being a real trooper, and I hope she keeps that backbone for the tougher times ahead. 
Naree's dad is still putting pressure on her to break up Wheeze and May. I'm seriously wondering if he's her father or her pimp.

While Wheeze and May pose for pictures, Flower Boy watches with a heavy heart, still blaming himself. Mom feels bad, too, but tells him that this was May's choice, and now their duty is to stand by her.

Later, during the water blessing ceremony, Uncle and Mom bless them and wish them happiness. Things proceed smoothly, until Goon and Henchman suddenly show up, and everyone tenses. He steps to the front, takes the shell, and slowly starts pouring it. His blessing? "I hope that you break up with May quickly. It would be even better if you die today or tomorrow, so I can take my May back." And then he splashes the rest of the water in Wheeze's face.
The Rod Nam Sang is such a beautiful ceremony. What a jerk.

Wheeze and May jump up in alarm, and rips the circlets from their heads, then hits Wheeze in the chest and shouts about him stealing his girl. May yells at him to stop - he's gone too far! Goon replies that he could go further - it's a miracle he hasn't killed Wheeze yet. Uncle steps up and slaps Goon hard, which Goon notes is the second time he's done that, now, and says Uncle can kill him, too, if he wants - he always does what he wants anyway. Uncle throws him out, but he doesn't leave before casting one more glare at Wheeze - and kicking over a chair.
Stupid, destructive idiot. What a great way to estrange yourself from the person whose inheritance you want.
Wheeze doubles over, have trouble breathing, but he cries that he's okay. He won't allow his wedding to be ruined. So they proceed with the ceremony. And, ha! Through the whole thing, Pimp Daddy is barely containing his grin. I hate him, but that's kind of funny.
He can smile away, but that doesn't get his daughter any closer to the prize. I have to admire Wheeze for continuing.  I guess he does have some sort of fortitude if he really wants something. This gives me hope that he will be able to interact with May on a better note than as an invalid. 

So Wheeze and May are married, and he promises in front of everyone that he will take care of May forever.
He's so happy; she's so not. It's a really sad picture.
Goon goes home and rages to his dad's picture, hurt and angry about all that Uncle has done to him.

In the newlywed's bedroom, Uncle and Mom pass on words of wisdom to their children as they begin their married life, and it's really depressing. Mom and May look like they're dying inside, and Uncle and Wheeze are so obliviously happy. I'm a bit uncomfortable.
I was wondering about how they made the towel swans. And don't rose petals stain? Anyway, yes, a very painful scene.

Uncle calls Scruff's mom later to tell her all about the wedding, and she thanks him again for everything he's done for Wheeze. After hanging up, she offers a prayer for Wheeze's happiness, and when Scruff sees her, she says she was praying for his happiness. He's already very happy, he says with a grin. They hug and smile, and ohmaigoodness socute.
Our sweet Vegetable Farm Family.
Now that the parents are gone, the it's pretty awkward between the newlyweds, and when May shrinks away from him, Wheeze smiles and tells her she doesn't have to worry - in his current state of health, he can't do anything to her. She's says it's not that - she's just not used to being alone with him. Uh-huh. That, and she doesn't like you, Wheeze.
She doesn't dislike him, though. But yeah, he should be able to understand her reluctance.

Goon rants at Henchman that he should be the one with May right now. Henchman wants to know what he plans to do now, and Goon vows to take back everything that Wheeze took from him - including May AND all of Uncle's money. Yeah yeah, we gettit, Goon. DO something already so we can get to twin-switcheroo!!
LOL. My nong is getting a bit bloodthirsty.

May tries waiting until Wheeze is asleep before slipping into bed, but no dice. After the most awkward forehead kiss ever, he settles in to grin at her as she tries to fall asleep. It's funny in a vaguely horrifying way.
I hope he gets enough sensitivity to not constantly crowd her. They have a better chance if he just gives her a little space,
The next day, Bestie Wat is fighting with Bood again when he sees a picture of the newlyweds in the paper. Hey… doesn't that guy look like Scruff? Yep! He takes it directly to his friend, who is ready to dismiss it as a coincidence, but Wat doesn't find that convincing at all.

So the boys take it up with Mom, who admits the truth right away: Wheeze is Scruff's younger twin brother. She and dad used to work for Uncle on his Fruit Farm before they married and set up a small restaurant, but soon after, they found out that dad was in the final stages of liver cancer. He died, leaving mom three months pregnant and struggling to make ends meet. She didn't know she would have twins until she gave birth, which is also when she found out about Wheeze's illness. Uncle has been taking care of him and sending her news ever since.
I'm glad we have the back-story, because I always wonder why rarely both parents are alive in a lakorn, and sometimes they never explain. Still, she raised her kid and niece very well.

Scruff says she should have told him, but she didn't know how and asks him to understand her. He knows she did her best - Wheeze would have had a rough time if he'd stayed with them. Scruff wants to go visit him, but Mom dissuades him, saying that finding out about them might be a burden to Wheeze. He's happy and married to a good person, and she says that that's enough for her.
He's so understanding of his mom, I just love how much they understand and support each other. No doubt we have all seen the raging tantrums when a parent confesses a wrongdoing to their progeny. May needs to get in on this family pronto!!
He picks up on the fact that she knows the bride, and she admits that it's that girl who came to buy the spider flowers. His face darkens, though, because, yep, he recognized her from the picture - the girl he saw at the market with Goon. Uh-oh.
You snooze, you lose, Scruff. You should have tried a little poaching; it's not like you knew Goon, and maybe they were siblings or something. 

May looks at her wedding dress and thinks back to when she and Tippy were teenagers. Tippy loved looking at the wedding dresses in the shops, but May said the dress you wear isn't as important as the person you marry. One is worn for a day, but you're stuck with the other for life. She was determined to only marry the one she truly loved.

In the present, Wheeze invites her out on a date. She tries to decline by voicing concern about his health, but he's says it's all good - he got permission from daddy, and he has his meds in case of emergency! He has the enthusiasm of a ten year-old.

So off they go, and I seriously wonder is Wheeze should be driving, but whatever. They visit the temple, go for an elephant ride (which looks fun, I must say), then browse through the local market, where they run into one of Wheeze's old teachers, who brags on him for still supporting the performing arts society. He invites Wheeze to come see the kids perform at the next sports day event.
Aww, I think she was having fun, even if it's not the romantic time. The temple visit was great because no doubt, May is the kind of person who feels better when she makes merit. It's nice to know that Watit isn't a complete idiot.
Bestie Wat catches Scruff looking at the pictures he took of May at the Royal Park, and Scruff shares his concerns about her: if she already had a boyfriend (remember, he thinks she's dating Goon), why did she suddenly turn around and marry Wheeze? He's determined to go and see for himself if she and Wheeze actually love each other.
Big Brother Mode, Activate!

Wheeze takes May to his favorite restaurant, which serves Western food, not realizing that she prefers Thai food. His face falls, and he offers to go somewhere she likes. She says it's okay - it's good for her to try new things. Her life has already changed, anyway. He earnestly promises to only give her the best in life.
It appears that he is on a bland diet because of his health, but not every Thai food is spicy. They should compromise on the meals. It's nice that he was willing to switch, even though it's his favorite place to dine.

At home, Wheeze plays the song that he wrote for her and asks if she wants to learn how to play it. She shakes her head, saying she hasn't played since she was a kid. When her dad died, money was tight, so she gave up lessons. Still, Wheeze gets her over to the piano, and as he teaches her, she actually seems to be having some fun.
I think these kids might have had a chance for happiness, if it wasn't for the fact that this a lakorn and Scruff is waiting in the wings. Which is kind of sad, too. Will Wheeze get a happy ending?
I hope so. I'm starting to get attached.
But of course, Goon is watching from outside and scowling.

Flower Girl hears that she has another brother and is overjoyed, even if she can't meet him. She's also happy that the pretty girl who came for the flowers is now her sister-in-law, though she teasingly scolds Scruff for not getting to her first. Heh.

He barely hears her, though, and walks away, leaving her wondering what's wrong. She looks to Wat, who explains that Scruff wants to see Wheeze but can't because of Mom, who feels guilty for keeping them apart. After some flattery, Flower Girl convinces Wat to use that big brain of his and find a way to help Scruff see his brother. Aww.
He's a part of the family, too. And they all pitch in to help each other. I like that!

Wat finds Scruff brooding among the flowers and announces that he's thought up a plan… but then teases that he's not sharing. Ha, but as soon as Scruff grabs him, he spills: it all hinges on Bood.
I like the visual of the scene: Broody hot guy in blue with guitar among the pretty purple flowers, Best Friend in almost the same colors but a silly hat. 
The next day, the boys go and try to sell Bood on the idea of going aaaaall the way to the Fruit Farm in Chiangmai to get oranges to sell at her market, which she finds ridiculous. It's too far away and too much work for too little profit. Wat sees the plan is ruined and tries to convince Scruff to retreat, but Scruff is all in: he admits to Bood that the real reason for all this is because he wants to spend more time with her. After all these years, they've never gone anywhere together, and this is a good business opportunity, too. Ha! He lays it on thick, even pretending to cry, and she falls for it right away. Too funny! I'm dying here!
Boobs is such a sucker, but it was such a fun scene. Is he laughing or crying? I know I'm giggling incessantly. On the other hand, if it makes her even more Rut-obsessive, that may not be so great.
While May sleeps, Wheeze gets to work… what is he doing? Aw, is he planning a garden for her? That's actually pretty sweet.

In the morning, Bood and the boys show up at the Fruit Farm. She tries taking Scruff with her to negotiate with Uncle, but Wat fakes horrible stomach cramps, and Scruff sends her off on her own while he takes care of Wat. Pfft. These two.
They do love stomach cramps and hiding in the bathrooms. A lot. Oyyy!

They go off looking for Wheeze, and Wat figures it will take forever if they just keep wandering around. So Wat goes to get information from a girl sitting nearby. But it's Naree! When he calls to her, she turns around... and catches a glimpse of Scruff, just as he turns to hide his face.

After Episode Extra

Navin (the guy who plays Koon) announces that this episode is over, but please come back for the next one! Don't miss it!

It's nice to see him not being evil, even if it's only for a few seconds.


So… this episode did actually make me feel a bit for Wheeze. He's still fairly annoying, but I do believe that he wants to be a good husband to May. He doesn't want to be served by her; he wants to spend time with her and take care of her. The way her married her was not cool, however, and we do know that he has a (very) petty side when things don't go his way, so none of this may last. But I do finally see why May has called him a friend through all these years, and why she might be able to find some happiness, despite her situation.
I agree. His illness has taken a back seat to his happiness, and it allows us to see a glimpse of what a good guy he can be without all that peevishness. Despite the rocky beginnings, I feel these two have the potential to become more than friends, even though we already know that's not going to happen.

She deserves so much more, though - she deserves to be fully happy, not just semi-happy. And that's why I'm so very glad to know that Wheeze is not endgame. May is a vibrant, hard-working, loving woman, and she needs someone who can keep up with her, challenge her, and not just put her on a pedestal. I'm sure there will be plenty of angst and misunderstandings first, but I think Scruff might be just that kind of person for her. Now if only we could get them to meet!
Word. But can we hope, just a little, that Wheeze can find happiness, too?