Ngao Jai (Shadows Of The Heart) - Episode 4 (A ScruffCap)

Shuk:  This episode is my start at recapping this show!  It's also a chance for becca to rage away.  I drained all mine with the FakeCaps for the SK series "Blood".
becca: Thanks for taking over the recapping, unni! I'm not sure how I would have gotten through this one, it makes me so mad. So don't worry - I don't think I'll be running out of rage any time soon.

Episode 4

Naree looks past Sidekick to see Scruff. She double-takes, but he has already turned away.  She focuses on Wat, clearly suspicious of his questioning.  He tells her he’s visiting Uncle, then changes his story to Wheeze’s childhood friend.  Naree coolly informs the pair that Wheeze is resting.

Now what?  Scruff decides to go on walkabout, leaving Sidekick to handle Boobs, to keep her from going ballistic. Such a good guy, to put himself in the line of fire for his buddy.
Agreed! We're only four episodes in, and I think he's already earned a happy ending.
Wheeze is actually resting. May receives a phone call from Goon, who is asking to see her.  Don’t do it, May!  But, no, she agrees for a short time, but before leaving, she makes sure her husband is comfortable.
May! No! Bad idea!
Scruff is wandering around like he owns the place, and it’s a wonder he isn't hailed by any of the employees. But I guess Watit doesn't really traipse amid the citrus trees. Anyway,  he’s heading up a small hill when he sees May standing on the crest, all alone. He wonders what she is doing there, and gets a shock when Goon shows up and back hugs her. Oh, snap!
Aish. This does not look good. Knowing Scruff, he will jump to conclusions, and knowing lakorns, they will only be resolved after many many episodes of pain.

She pushes Goon away, but the damage is done in Scruff’s eyes.  Plus it turns out Goon didn't have anything important to tell her, he just wanted to get handsy.  May admits that she doesn't love her husband, but she takes her marriage vows seriously.
I'm still not sure if Scruff could hear them or not, but does it really even matter? He'll come to his own conclusions.
About that time, Henchman shows up and accosts Scruff.  Rut quickly scarfs his face, and takes off, calling himself as tourist.  Henchman runs after him, finally catching up in the grove.  He demands the interloper turn around, and when he doesn't, a scuffle ensues. Chard ends up rolling down the hill, and Rut is long gone when he climbs back to the top.

Boobs is happy to conclude business with Uncle. In typical Jealous Clingy girl fashion, she  has nothing but smiles for Uncle, and nothing but snark for Tippy. Tippy gives it right back; she isn't Boobs servant and won’t be treated like one. Uncle keeps the peace, but she is left escorting Boobs back to her car.

Sidekick is having a snack when the two arrive, and he’s surprised to see Tippy.  Tippy is happy; Boob’s boyfriend is just as strange as she is - it’s a perfect match!  Bood quickly denies this, calling her boyfriend movie-star handsome. The two them commence making fun of Wat until he protests.
You know, I honestly can't figure out which girl they're trying to set him up with. He argues with them both equally, but I'm hoping for Tippy.
Me too!

Wat and Tippy then chat a bit, but a couple of pointed remarks later, the two girls are in a verbal spat with Sidekick trying to be the peacemaker.  Unfortunately, his warding gestures look like he’s copping a feel with both girls, so things spin up even faster.  To add to the hilarity, I noticed that the truck’s headlights have eyelashes. Poor little Isuzu.
Meanwhile, Rut dives underneath the truck to hide from Chard.  He hisses to  Sidekick that he’s hiding from Koon’s goon. He quickly bundles Boobs into the truck as Henchman shows up. Tippy tells him she didn't see a beanie-and-scarf guy.

Henchman closes the gate out of the farm, suspicious of the eyelashed truck. At the gate, despite protests, Henchman checks the truck, but there’s no boss lookalike there.  That’s because he’s still underneath the truck and being dragged along. When they reach a safe spot, Sidekick pulls over and Scruff rolls out  from under the truck, no worse for the wear.
HA. Of course, he's all squeaky clean. He must have cleaned up when they went through that huge mud puddle.
His luscious butt is under there.
Henchman has to tell Goon that the intruder slipped through his fingers. May uses the chance to leave and head back to the house, There, Naree is PPL’ng a hot beverage when Wheeze shows up, looking for his lady love. She tells him that more than likely, his wife is dallying with Goon. Wait, did she decide to become the nasty girl that her dad wants? Oh, Naree, I’m really really disappointed in you.
I think it's less that she wants Wheeze and more that she resents May for having Goon's heart. Her method seems counterproductive, though. If she really wants Goon to turn to her, shouldn't she do everything she can to help Wheeze and May's relationship?

Just then May shows up, and all is right in Wheeze’s universe. After Naree leaves, Watit relays the conversation, and admits he worries when she is not nearby. May promises not to do anything improper in the future, then goes Naree-hunting. She coldly asks for Wheeze’s medicine tray. Naree thinks May should be happy meeting her lover, but May puts the kibosh on that line of thought. She and Koon are friends, and she knows what’s appropriate and not. I have to wonder: is Naree being a biatch because of Dad? Or because Goon won’t let go of May? Either option, her anger is waaaayyyy misplaced.

At Scruff’s home, Mom is relieved that her younger son is happy in his married life. Oh, so Scruff didn't tell her what he saw (May and Goon) or what didn't see (Wheeze). Both Rin and Mom feel that no more bad luck will be coming their way. Sidekick and Scruff exchange a glance.
It seems the piano lessons are going smoothly with May and Wheeze, and their relationship is a lot more comfortable. She has no problem falling asleep together, although Wheeze is still starry-eyed about the whole wedding thing.  He still wants May to be happy, and comes up with a crazy scheme, enlisting the help of Tippy and a bunch of farm workers to create a flower garden overnight.
Really, Wheeze? You got them all up in the middle of the night for this? I don't think that was really necessary. May would like the garden even if it wasn't a complete surprise.

The next morning, Watit wakes May, with a Western-stye breakfast in bed. She squeezes his shoulder in thanks before heading to the bathroom for her morning ablutions. Just that touch makes him all warm and tingly. But he should have remembered her dislike of farang food from the restaurant. Maybe he learned that from Uncle Bulldozer.
Yep. A little consideration goes a long way.

Things are not warm and tingly with Goon. Naree is happy to make him breakfast, but he just wants to know where May is. She tells him all about the special breakfast, and that she’s now at the Citrus farm with Watit.
His gift to her is a beautiful rose garden, studded with miniature orange trees, and May is suitably stunned and happy. At the top of the hill, Wheeze explains the logistics of the plan. I think it’s her first genuine smile since the wedding. Wheeze promises to do his best for her in their married lives.

Uncle is having a cup of coffee when the pair arrive back at the house. He compliments Wheeze for the work on the garden. In his hand, he holds a deed to a nearby tea plantation he recently  purchased. He hands it them as a wedding present, and asks May to help with the daily operations of their farms. Uncle is estatic at how well his adoptive son is doing, he wants May to understand the entire business. After all what is Watit’s is hers also.  She is startled to hear this, but not as surprised as Goon, who eavesdropped from the hallway.
I love how things can be all bright and cheery with happy music, and then we pan back to see Goon lurking and the music is suddenly super dramatic and intense. Dundundundundundundundun.
More skeet shooting for Goon, which I suppose is better than kicking puppies. Henchman praises his 100% hit ratio; Goon offhandedly says he is picturing either Wheeze or his old fart Uncle with every shot. Soon, both of them will be coughing up blood in their last breaths. What evily nasty plan do you have for your relatives?
*becca's claws come out* I do not like him.

Predictably, at school Flower Boy is having a tough time. He eats alone, thanks to the rumors of him being a hit man. The school bullies decide to taunt him. They rile him enough to almost start a fight, but Flower Girl steps in. She trades a few barbs with the bullies and admits to filming the whole scene. As bullies do, they back off and leave.
Good grief, aren't they supposed to be in college, not junior high?
F4, they ain't.

Flower Girl bounces over to her friend, expecting thanks. But he’s not interested even in breathing in the same space that she occupies. She’s hurt; after all, didn't she just help him? She doesn't understand that (a) she is the source of all his current troubles; and (b) her current actions will be interpreted that he is hiding behind a woman. She apologizes for not thinking before acting, but Maitree still won’t bend from his opinion about her, and leaves the canteen grounds.
She is awfully cheery around him. Maybe don't be so cocky, honey. Give a real apology, then leave him alone because that's what he wants. Again, consideration is important.
Wat is working at the Veggie Farm R&D department when Scruff tracks him down. He’s looking for the results of their fertilizer testing. Or was he?  He has a grumpy face, and admits to Sidekick that he misses his little brother. Wat reasonably points out that he never felt twin-empathy before, so why now? Scruff snaps at his friend, but Wat knows the real reason. It’s because of May and her dalliance with the ex-boyfriend on the hill crest. But what can Rut do, throw his weak brother into shock by revealing, not only his existence, but his wife’s affair? Scruff knows this isn't the solution, but is at a loss at what he can do. He stomps out of the room.

Tippy and May are sitting in this neat conveyance driving through the processing floor for the citrus. May grumbles that she really doesn't want any of her husband’s holdings, since they don’t even feel like a married couple. Tippy is practical; use what she wants, spend what she wants, and give the rest to charity, or to friends like Tippy! LOL The tour finishes, and her bestie pushes her off to go take care of Wheeze as her wifely duty.
I like that Tippy doesn't let May pity herself. Instead, she always points out the best part of the situation. She's a good friend.
Tippy is going over some reports as May is wandering towards the exit of the building. Henchman shows up, and begs her to go see Goon, who isn't feeling well. I smell a rat!!! Tippy overhears part of the conversation, and offers to tag along. Henchman is not happy, but, just then, Tippy gets a phone call, and Chard uses the distraction to drag May away. By the time she hangs up, the pair are long gone.
Oh no! Go after them, Tippy!

Wheeze is dancing the “Once Upon A Dream” song from Sleeping Beauty when Naree brings him his meds. When Naree finds out that May isn't there, she wastes no time in bashing her to Wheeze that she is probably secretly meeting someone.
I wish Wheeze would stop giggling.
Just then, Tippy barges in looking for Uncle for some urgent news. Watit asks about May, and Tippy is surprised she hasn't returned yet. Naree pipes up – it’s just as she said! Tippy rounds on the other woman, but Wheeze doesn't wait. Tippy chases after him to explain, but he still wants to see with his own eyes.  All three pile into the car for the drive to Goon’s place.
Aaaack, this gonna be bad.

Meanwhile, Henchman ushers May into the spider’s lair Koon’s house. He doesn't go up with her, but tells her to head up to the second floor alone. May is suspicious, but his alibi is to collect the medicines before following her. This is not going to end well. She pauses – did she hear me? – but still continues to climb the stairs. I mean, come on, May! The man tried to destroy your wedding. What do you think you are doing??
Really. What are you doing here, woman. Get out. Now.

Our bad guy is sitting, perfectly healthy, in a white singlet with a stormy expression. He can’t tell May what is wrong; she offers to drive him to the hospital. He offers his hand for her to help him up, but instead grabs her arm in a vise grip. He tells her he’s happy she still worries for him, and then yanks her onto his lap. She tries to pull away, but he won’t let go.
Goon, you rat!

Chard is lounging around, but when Wheeze’s van shows up, he tells everyone that his boss does not want to be disturbed.
In the bedroom, Goon now has a fistful of her hair as he pushes her against the wall. Bastard!! He tells her that he is doing this (assaulting her) because she doesn't care for him anymore. And you think this will make her fall madly in love with you?? She still tries to control the situation; she is Watit’s wife, and her duty is to care for him and not anyone else.  She attempts to friendzone him, and he finally releases her, even though she is still blocked against the wardrobe.  She warns him to stop his actions or she will leave. His response is to grab her arm, declare himself her owner, and forcibly kiss her.
Aaaargh!! You rat bastard! @#&*&#$)*)^$@#!!!! Scream, May! Find something solid to hit him with, and RUN.

Wheeze and the girls are still on the first floor, calling for her. Chard grandly says the couple is in the upstairs bedroom, doing coupley things. By this time, poor May is flat on her back in the middle of the bed, Goon poised over top of her. He’s got her arms locked as he vows his love, asks her to give in to him, and physically attacks her anyway.
She’s crying and trying to fight him off, when Watit, trailed by Tippy, Naree, and Chard barge into the room.  Koon freezes enough for her to roll away and run to Tippy.  Goon just smiles a nasty, secretive smile. Wheeze looks accusingly at May, who still shaking.  She tries to explain what really happened, but he orders her to leave.  She insists they leave together, but no go.  He wants to speak with his cousin alone. The girls and Henchman finally exit the room.
Well shit. By the way, Wheeze, did you even notice that she was screaming at him to get off of her? No, you just let yourself be influenced by Henchman, Naree, and you're own damned insecurity. *points around at those gathered in the room* Here's a bastard, and HERE'S a bastard, and OH LOOK YOU ARE ALL HORRIBLE PEOPLE. Can May and Tippy please run far away now and never look back?
When they are alone, Wheeze asks Goon why he did it. Yay! He doesn't assume it’s May’s fault. Goon sneers that a half-man like his cousin can’t satisfy a woman, and implies that he and May are already lovers. The only reason May married him was for the money to help her baby brother, so he’s the legal groom. But May’s body belongs to Goon!
Spit in his face, Wheeze!

That horrid and vulgar cousin keeps talking until Wheeze snaps and tries to manhandle him. Of course, it was easy for Goon to throw him down. He stares at him with a satisfied look as Wheeze tries to catch his breath. The girls hear him fall and run back into the room, and Goon pretends to be all solicitous of his cousin’s welfare. She convinces him to leave; Goon tries to help but May shakes his hand off her husband. Even Naree flashes him a look of disgust before leaving.
Good. Now hold onto that feeling, Naree. Nurture it. Let it grow and blossom into a righteous rage, then DESTROY HIM.
May assists Watit with his inhaler. Wheeze is calmer after May explains the circumstances. Does he believe her? He stands up and walks away until he’s at the edge of the patio. She tries to hold his hand, but he pulls it away. Aw, crap, he doesn't believe her.
Oh maybe he does. He muses out loud that he didn’t think Koon would take things this far, and asks May to stay away from the crazy man.  She smiles, and when she takes his arm, she promises to avoid him.  He pulls away a second time, and tells her to go and rest; he wants to be alone.  He walks away first, but there is sadness in both their eyes.
I honestly can't tell if he believes her or not.

Wheeze makes it to his office, the events of the last several hours swirling around in his head until his anger has no outlet. He suddenly rushes over to a lockbox, and pulls out a small case, containing a .44 revolver and bullets. Oh, no Watit, don’t you even contemplate this. Why not ask May to go to her OB/GYN? That would solve the misunderstanding with a single doctor’s visit.
Or better yet - trust your wife who you've known all your life. Shouldn't you know her better than this? Of course, even if he believes May, he's still bound to be mad at Goon for messing around with them like this. I know I'm mad. (In case you couldn't tell.)
[Slowly backing away from angry Nong becca]
The woman in question wakes up in bed alone.Where is her husband? He’s not in the house though. He’s gone to confront Evil Goon at his house. Goon and Henchman are drinking fuzzy glasses of fuzzy liquor. Wheeze demands a one-on-one conversation.
"We're so evil, we drink censored glasses of wine. Badass! Woot!"

Evil Goon reiterates that, no matter the legalities, he will never own his wife’s heart. Wheeze throws a hissy fit that doesn't really help the situation. Goon knows how to needle him, focussing on the theme of “Sex Is Love”. Wheeze says May is happy to be with him, but if he can’t do that, then she can’t be happy.
*mutters darkly under her breath, seething*

Wheeze begs him to leave May alone, but Evil Goon refuses; since Wheeze stole her first, he sees no reason not to steal her back. Wheeze pulls out the gun, but not in any convincing way, and tells his cousin to leave them alone or he will use this way as the solution. Of course Koon easily subdues him, knocking away both his gun and his inhaler. He snarls at Watit to just die and leave May to him, then proceeds to kick Watit into unconsciousness. Chard comes in for a little action, too.
May is searching for her husband at the main house. She checks with the servants, who haven’t seen him.  The housekeeper barks at her for not tracking her husband.  I don’t know, maybe she should LowJack him? They organize the servants for a search and rescue team.
I really don't like that housekeeper.

It’s now dark outside, and Henchman is carrying a still-unconscious Wheeze to the main house property. Evil Goon decides to drop him off in the rose garden, where his allergies will hopefully kill him. At the same time, May, Tippy, and worker Naan arrive at the garden, to see if Watit is there. The Dastardly Duo quickly dumps him and scurry off.
Yes, run away you COCKROACHES.

May is the first one to spot him with her flashlight, and Evil Goon and Henchman watch their concern as he is picked up and carried to the van. Death By Pollen: Failed.
Hahahaha! But the look on Evil Goon's face: "Whaaaat? Noooo, don't save the guy. Why are you saving the guy. Come ooooon, I worked so hard to kill him."
Everyone is in the ER waiting room when Uncle arrives. May apologizes for not taking better care of Wheeze, but Uncle doesn’t blame her. His son is a grown man (physically only, in Shuk-opinion - emotionally, he's a 10 year-old). The doctor finally comes out of the room, and asks to speak with Uncle privately. This can’t be good.
Nope. But I do sense plot progress coming our way, so… bright side!

The physician is frank and to the point: Watit had both a heart- and an asthma attack. He also describes the internal injuries subsequent to an assault, including broken ribs. Even worse, he is now in a vegetative state and may never fully recover. After reeling in shock, Uncle begs the good doctor to keep his son’s condition secret.
I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but I am kind of surprised by how quickly he thought that up.
May is still feeling guilty, but Tippy points out that she’s the spouse, not the babysitter or a security guard.  Uncle comes back to the hallway, and basically says Watit needs to stay a couple of days to recover. He gets upset and yells at her to leave when she asks to see him. Poor May, she probably thinks Uncle really is blaming her.
Uncle isn't a bad person, but I really wish he'd be more considerate of other people. He doesn't want to hurt anyone, but by being so completely focused on Wheeze, he doesn't understand how much damage he does to everyone else.

Inside ICU, Watit is hooked up to a ventilator, a pulse-oximetry machine, and an IV. It’s fairly realistic, which always makes me happy. Uncle holds his hand and begs the young man to recover and come back.

At Veggie Farm, WheezeMom cuts her finger while preparing fruits. Portents! Scruff comes running and mentions that she has been absent-minded lately, even to messing up the breakfast porridge. Mom admits to thinking of her younger son a lot, and wondering how he is doing. Rut spins a tale of how good he looked when he saw him previously.  Mom agrees; after all, if something bad had happened, Uncle would have contacted her. Scruff holds her hand, and promises that he will protect his younger brother, and take care of anyone who wishes him ill. Mom feels better knowing that Rut is even more engaged in the lost one than she is.
Oh, he's very engaged, yes, but this is only the beginning, I think.

Once he’s out of her presence, though, the smile disappears, and he admits to himself that he’s worried about Watit as well.
Evil Goon is skulking around the hospital, trying to make it into the ICU, when Uncle comes out the department to go see the doctor. Goon hides until his uncle is gone, and sneaks into Watit’s room. His hands inch towards the machines keeping him alive, but Uncle stops him in time.  He pretends to be stroking his hair rather than disconnecting the lines. It doesn't matter; Uncle isn't fooled and throws him out, warning him that his absolute orders are that no one visits Watit. Evil Goon stares daggers but acquiesces.
I might have reached out to strangle Goon. Ugh. He's terrible!

Finally Uncle, meets up with Veggie Mom and tells her what happened. She’s in tears and wonders what the future holds for her son, and Uncle promises Watit will receive complete care until he makes a recovery.

Scruff arrives, looking for his mother. Uncle is shocked at the similarities between the two boys. He finds out about his nong’s injuries and prognosis, and the three of them visit the hospital room. Uncle Bulldozer is back and addresses Rut directly; if Watit doesn’t recover soon, it will be hard to find out who hurt his son.
Uncle Bulldozer always comes out when the plot needs to progress.
Yay! We have a rooftop deck overlooking the city. I always love those. It’s just the two of them, when Uncle explains someone attacked Watit and left him for dead in the flower garden.  He suspects his nephew Angkoon, but there is not proof, not without Watit’s testimony. He explains the infighting between the two over May. Which, of course, Rut witnessed firsthand.
I was very distracted during this scene. They were talking about Serious Things, and I could barely contain my grin. Scruff took his hat off! Even his hair is scruffy, and I love it!

Here comes the kicker: Rut must become Watit and live his life on Citrus Farm in order to investigate the perpetrator. Rut goes over everything he had experienced, from the early days at the flower market, to the truck-dragging adventure at Citrus Farm. He’s in. He takes off his beanie, finally. Why hello there, gorgeous man with the resolute steely eyes, and my favorite nose of any young Thai actor!
I knooooow, so gorgeous. Don't judge my drooling! I deserve a bit of ogling after all that rage!

After Episode Extra

It’s View! In Western-style wedding dress and tiara. She really is quite lovely, especially when she smiles.
When people talk about radiant beauty, they must mean her because she really does light up the screen.

Final Comments

Finally! Let’s get the cohabitation going. I feel really bad for Watit, but what was he thinking entering the adder’s den?  He was clearly unfamiliar with firearms, and Koon already knew his threats were mere bravado.
Very bad idea, Watit. But hey! It's finally time for the switch! Hooray!

Flower Girl needs to step back. Cutesy behavior is not going to win over Maitree when he only sees iron bars when he looks at you. You need be become more serious and sincere if you want him to ever be in his circle, even at the outermost ring.
Absolutely. Flower Boy has a very legitimate reason for not wanting to associate with her: she is always getting him into trouble.

May is going to have a rough time of it from here on out. She already feels guilty for using Watit to help her brother, and then (in her mind) causing him to be injured. What is she going to do when a stranger with her husband’s face starts shaking up her environment?  Because we all know, there is no way on any Step to Enlightenment that healthy motor-cycle driving, take-charge guy is going to be successful at pretend weakness. Plus, does he know how to play the piano? Because those lessons are a link forced between the married couple, and one that May uses to try and get closer to her husband.  On the other hand, isn’t this what we have all been waiting for?
It is exactly what we've been waiting for! Bring on the shenanigans!!