Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 9 (A SqueeCap)

It's Competition time!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! And indeed, the fight scenes are epic (the Lord of the Ring flashbacks that overcame me and the pompous soundtrack helped). The big question is: Will Wang So make it to the competition or not? Oups ... I guess this picture kinda gives it away ^___^
JoAnne: There's no real reason why, but I kept thinking of A Knight's Tale during the jousting scenes. Now I need to re-watch that for the umpteenth time. (Heath :( I miss him)
S@ki6: Heath was gorgeous. 
Episode 9 verdict: I'm so addicted. Oh meeeeeeeee too

Episode 9

At Chunghae Trading Company, Princess Yeo Won is checking our her rival ... but Shin-yool doesn't seem to be afraid at all. She calmly tells the Princess to have husband Wang So pick up his fighting-costume. And Wang Wook needs to come for the fitting of his head band, too. Yeo Won parts with a warning: Stop hanging around with So So. "He's not someone you should keep close". Shin-yool looks puzzled. Yes, that's what happens when people lie about their true identity!
I wondered at the time if Yeo Won realized that Shin Yool didn't know that Wang So = So So. Because if I were Shin Yool, I'd wonder why the Princess even cared about that. Unless maybe it's that they both assume the other knows about So-So's OTHER secret identity as one of the black assassins?
Yeo Won probably noticed Shin Yool didn't know. Yeo Won is clever and perceptive.
Outside, watching his princess going in and coming out again, is her Shadow Se-won. She spots him lurking and has him come over (She looks DAMN FINE in that fur-collar!!!) They meet at one of the merchant stalls - it could even be the one where she met So So the other day. She already guessed right that he is the red assassin that injured her husband. He keeps silent throughout their conversation and only shows a tad of emotion when she says her husband must be equal in strength to him, seeing that he couldn't beat him. When she leaves, she silently puts a (bird?) ornament into his hand. Is this a sign to show him she cares for him? That he is truly her man? Later, we see that he put it on the hilt of his wobbly sword.
I don't mind telling you, I will be REALLY angry if Se Won dies in this. I want to know more about Se Won, don't you? And we need him in something else, fast. He's as good looking with normal hair as he is in Goryeo, he SINGS (musical theater) and, well, just LOOK AT HIM. (JoAnne has a long history on crushing on silent bodyguards. I can appreciate this.) Maybe we can have Yeo Won and Wang So united as King and Queen, but the marriage is one of convenience and each quietly has their real personal lives with their real loves.  It would be sad but better than people dying.
Or YeoWon and SeWon can just take over the kingdom and be AWESOME. Aw, their moment is so romantic. 
Talking to the Queen Dowager, Wang Sik-Ryeom swears the sole purpose of the Competition is to celebrate the Late King, nothing else. That is why the winner will get the First King's sword (the one with the phoenix on it, which isn't a phoenix, but a three legged crow) - to make everyone remember the great First King. Okay, she totally believes the old bully! Stooopid woman you.
And because they are fooling her, we can assume that she will be rehabilitated at some point. Because in this drama, if you aren't with Uncle Hairline, there's hope for you. I'm not sure I can forgive her for Wang So's tears, though.
She's nuts and totally unimportant.
The King is nervous and twitching his fingers all the time - he is also increasingly panicked.
I see the twitching fingers, I assume another personality will appear. Then I remember that's the other drama that has me waiting impatiently for more.
The Virtuous Men are no longer virtuous, since they're considered to be thieves now by the people and Wang So can't enter the palace. But he has to stop Wook! Unfortunately, the King suddenly remembers hearing that Wook is really close with that assistant head at the Trading Company - and he comes up with this mad idea to kill that woman in front of Wook after the competition. Uh-oh.
Ok that is just crazy talk.
But normal crazy for kings with a lot of competition for their place.
The next day, Wook goes to visit Shin-yool (remember, the headband needs to be fitted) (don't they just...tie?) ... who just got news from Gang-Myeong that So So is nowhere to be found. Wook is all kinds of awkward with her ... since she mumbled So So in her sleep, is that it? Baek-Myo isn't helping with her *hint-hint-nudge-nudge*-behavior either. But all that Shin-yool can think about is So So. Pissy Elf has another jealousy-fit and whines that she should forget about that guy when she is with him. Aw, but he brings her a red-bean heat pack - sweet. She wants to know why he is so nice to her, but he doesn't want to answer yet - he will after his victory tomorrow.
Talk about counting chickens before they hatch. I am so glad he's going down. Limnium may actually be ruined for me at this point. If I had a guy like that hanging around demanding I not talk about other men while he's there and being all creepy smarmy the way he is, my skin would crawl.
I'm over him. You all complain away. Hot SeWon For The Win! (In life in general, since he's not in the Princes' fight.)
The King loses it more an more ... side effects of the poison: he doesn't hear properly anymore and he loses control over what he says. That's not good. That's definitely not good! Wang Sik-Ryeom plans to expose that right after Wook wins the Competition - and he will reveal that Wang So is the leader of the black assassins in the same go. BAM, both of them gone. Hehe. Dream on, old man. We're only at episode 9. But Wang So is in no state to fight ... he lies unconscious most of the time, fevered and in pain.
I don't understand. She wrapped in the webs of true spider love. Why is he sick?
The not-kiss wasn't long enough!

It's the day of the competition! And here comes the carriage to pick up a still not well Shin-yool. She has no clue why the king would fetch her, but her relatives (minus Gang-Myeong) think it's GREAT NEWS. She is wearing her Wicked Witch of the East-hat, which ... never mind. I guess it's important that there is that purple veil again. Cause veil = nobody sees her face even though the veil is completely see-through. Shin-yool feels ominous. I'm glad it's only episode 9.
I've only ever seen gisaeng wear these hats in sageuks.
See, if people can't see through a see-through veil, then we could've dropped the whole ridiculous cross-dressing angle to hide her identity.
She is taken to the King first before she is taken to the competition ground. The man is super hostile and tells her she'll lose everything today. Wow, the poor woman doesn't know what hit her at all. While there, Ji-mong recognizes her as the woman who was at the royal library with Wang So.
I want to kick her brother's ass right now.
Is he really her brother? I'm not really sure about that and I don't know how he fits in exactly, possibly as another royal adoptee?
The princes enter the arena! This is almost Lord of the Rings kinda epic :) But where is So?
So exciting! Except for the prospect of having to watch Slimy Elf get to look like a big strong man.
He's taller than Wang So. In fact, Yeowon is taller than Wang So too! And I love the fur hat below on whichever prince that is. (Why are they all hanging around when there's borders to be defended and charity housing to be built, and countryside nobles to be managed?)
He is still in bed - out cold. No! He opens his eyes and gets up. He can walk! He is determined! Yaaaaaay! But still late...
Sorry what? No shirt. (DAMN I keep staring too) What a tiny but deliciously put together man, huh?
Er, I think I prefer him with his shirt on.
... upstagey bastard Wang humiliates the King by addressing the crowd first - and by then declaring that this is a competition for the next King. And the King giggles madly in return and blabbers something about a dragon and the blue sea. Shin-yool knows immediately what that means: if Wook wins, she dies. Wow, haha, their guessing powers ARE out of this world.
The gliding mouse slips dangerously close to the delete button. Does this mean a) Prince Wang Wook will die, probably by my hand, or b) I would like to remove all reference to him from this document or c) both.
The bizarre thing is that I don't think Wang Wook understood the blatant reference at all. All beauty and no brains, that one.
Elsewhere, Wang So has made it to his white-tiger-gown and loooooong sword. He gets dressed. And he's so ready. Uhm ... maybe hurry up a bit?!
He's not the only one. I'd rather he didn't look like a reject from a bad 80's dance video, but whatever. He could dress like Richard Simmons, truthfully. It wouldn't matter.
Did they play Eye of the Tiger? I don't remember.
I guess we're all not very surprised that useless brother Gyu-Dal (who really is to blame for Shin-yool's life threatening situation and is getting on my nerves BIG TIME) has nothing better to do then go and bet on who will win the Competition. It's very illegal of course and they get their information with the help of carrier pigeons. Hehe. Gang-Myeong follows him and manages to prevent the worst. At first... And look who's there as well! Eun-chun and Kil-bok (who has always been and is increasingly getting, utterly useless). Both very worried to hear that the competition has started without Wang So.
Loved the carrier pigeons.
Yes, this part was awesome. 
There are several rounds of fighting and there's a k.o. procedure. Basically, the last one standing wins. Archery, spears and sword play are the categories. Without any difficulty at all, Wang Wook wins it all (and with a wobbly sword at that! His sparring partner is Hot Assassin) ... while Shin-yool prays to whatever gods she believes in that he won't. DAMN. Wook does not know the danger she is in and looks all smug and happy as he struts up to take his prize. Armed guards move in on Shin-yool when the King lifts his hand - is this the end?
I could almost accept the loss of Shin Yool if the King would only kill them BOTH.
It is NOT! The hottest man in Goryeo has just arrived (No, Se Won wasn't there.) - there is no mistaking that voice. At his appearance, the camera does a CRAZY spin, which makes us all dizzy. Dizzy for Hyuk. Shin-yool: What is So So doing here?! Why is he wearing Prince Wang So's clothes?! 
At which point I am so cannot with her.
So stupid. So unbelievably stupid. Actually, just so stupid. For a minute I forgot about the drag and the non-see-through see-through veil.
He asks to be admitted to the competition even though he's late - since this is all a happy gathering for the princes to show their brotherhood. Wook is all for it - this is about showing his lady that HE is the stronger brother. And because he says "So hyungnim", Shin-yool finally gets it: So So is Prince Wang So. Dun dun.
Seriously, girlfriend. You're an idiot. Although I think I might be struck a little dumb by that glorious flash dancer below, there. Show us your moves, Hyuk-ah! (Just show me.)
Archery first: Total fail for Wang So; his wound is hurting too much for him to hold the bow for long. (I'll hold it for you, So.) See the women look worried and Wang Sik-Ryeom smug and happy. But he does much better in the spear fighting, because he can do crazy Equestrian vaulting stuff and ride backwards. 
This writer is a sadistic bastard. I need a moment.
I don't see why archery would hurt but not equestrian stuff. All the muscles are connected. 
True, but have you done archery? The most difficult part about it is holding that left arm still enough to aim well. You need a LOT of strength there.

Wook down! And not very gracefully. Hahahaaaa. Even Queen Dowager looks happy, well, that's a first!! Dick Elf doesn't even take Wang So's hand when he wants to help him up, that's how petty he is.
Because his heart is as small and flimsy as his sword. And probably other parts of him.
Wook is cute when he's all determinedly angry.
They're even now, so the sword fighting decides on who wins the whole thing.At the betting place, news has just come in that Wang So has joined the games after all!! Gyu-Dal bets his whole money on Wook, like everybody else (people ... do you even know how betting works?). Only Kil-bok bets one coin (all that Eun-chun can lend him) on Wang So (yes, HE knows how betting works). The sword fight starts ... it looks serious. Wook moves in close pretty fast and Wang So doesn't have the strength to hold him off. He can save himself by skipping over Wook's back. While fighting, he realizes that Wook uses a very similar sword fighting technique to the Red Assassin.
That immediately had me wondering, but no, it doesn't work. It's just because Hotness was his sparring partner.
He also loses his sword, which .... nooooooo! Go get it back!!! And he does ... by smacking away the wobbly blade with his hands and kicking Wook away as far as he can. And then, he moves in for his victory ... and smacks his opponent off the platform. It's a win! Wang So, Wang So, Wang So!
I mean, I knew it was going to happen, but I am still very excited and cheering. Everybody, dance!
He goes up to claim his prize - his father's sword. He says to Wang Sik-Ryeom that by taking this sword, he is taking his father's wishes, too. And he turns to the crowd and shouts that he feels happy on this day, on which the sons of the First King could build their respect and honor for each other. A day to show their loyalty to the King. He'll put all their loyalty into the sword ... and present it to the King. (haha, that's SMART - since he wasn't here when Wang Sik-Ryeom declared the other purpose, he can just pretend it was about friendly sparring all along). He kneels and holds up the sword to King Jeongjong. Well done, man. Really well done.
It was masterful. I was very proud of our So.
True, good save. And leaves a way open for Yeowon and Hot Bodyguard Sewon to take over the throne, even if it's only in my dreams.
At the banquet that follows, Wang So is showing signs of great weakness, but he is good at covering it up. Unless you look at him. But no one does. The King gets up to give a speech. He thanks Uncle Wang for so generously holding the competition and promises he'll never forget that. He'll also not forget somebody else ... the Assistant Head of the Chunghae Trading Company. Bring her. Foooook! She is led in by two guards (veiled). She looks straight at Wang So, but he is about to pass out and only sees a purple blur. The King steps closer and says: I hear you're good at knowing the future. So who will be the next King of Goryeo?
Where the fuck did THAT come from? Suddenly she's got special powers?
Of course she's good at that. She's this mystical being, the Last Princess of Balhae, who can speak all languages, and get away with ridiculously bad drag. 
She dodges that tricky question by saying the next King will be named Wang and his name will bear the heaven's will. So, basically, she says that all of them could be next king, since all are Wangs and every name is a variation of sky or sun. Next question of the angry King: why did she provide the embellishments for free? She answers that she's a merchant and provided them for profit. She will sell the ornaments. But the King believes what his crazy mind wants to believe: she did it to topple him from the throne! To be with the next king! (Wook). He draws his sword ... and puts it on Wook's neck ... and then hers. END OF THIS EPISODE.
Go ahead, kill Wook. I'm fine with it. And I mean, other than So being sad, I'm fine with her dying, too.
One out of two leads wouldn't be bad.


Nooooooo! Give the King a sedative or something, please!!! And just when we thought things were alright TT__________TT. It makes me worry, because if the King keeps targeting Shin-yool, Wang So might have to move against his own King and brother. And I do not wish that upon them ... I like the bromance!!
Ohhh, good point. Don't kill her!

Wang So was SOOOOO COOOOOOOL in this episode. Even his mommy thought so! Did you see her smile?! It's even possible she felt something like love for him at that moment. Mommy issues solved now, Wang So!
Still a bitch.
She's nuts. Ignore her.

(by the way, funny fanmeet info thanks to Gumi @gumi132223: "HoneyLee: What's really professional about JH is, he was really sleeping when filming the scene in which he was lying shirtless in my room. He didn't sleep for three days and it was 5am, so he was really sleeping. But when I have a line to say, he stops and when there's no line, he snores again. And I say my line, he stops again. It was so impressive!") More of the awesome snore-skill will be on display in episode 10. I did think he was playing "asleep" really well there :D
That look says 'I got to touch Jjang Hyuk's bare chest and you didn't, peasants.'
ROFL. And wow, she looks amazing! We were talking on twitter how her earrings make us want to wear some.