Unkind Women - Episode 1 (This is Not a Recap, but it's for mary)

Dear Squeeglets, at this moment, we do not know who will sub Unkind Women or even IF somebody will sub it. I won't lie, I'm not particularly sad about it because I'm preoccupied elsewhere and wasn't going to watch it anyway. BUT. Yes, there is Song Jae-rim in there and attentive readers might have realized that SJR has a somewhat special status on this blog. Who's to blame? Well, Mo. And through Mo, mary. And because mary is troubled by difficult internet connections (I'm so sorry dongsaeng), I promised her Song Jae-rim gifs. So these gifs? They're my gift.

Song Jae-Rim Gifs - and other relevant things

First SJR sighting (03:14)
 SJR jogging with Kendo pupils (03:14 - 03:20)
 SJR jogging sideways and being annoyed by Kendo pupils who leave group (03:22 - 03:25)
SJR sleeping in a classroom until Lee Ha-na (Jung Ma-Ri) starts yelling at Kim Ji-suk (Lee Doo-Jin) (28:29 - 28:32)
 ... and going back to sleep (28:35-28:38)
SJR getting up after a student comes to fetch him (sorry, there's a woman in this gif, too, couldn't be helped) (33:24-33:37) and (33:40-33:44)


Haha, sawry! This is it. This is the entirety of Rim in Episode 1.