Unkind Women - Episode 2 (The SJR only version)

In Episode 1 of Unkind Women, Song Jae-rim jogged (both straight and sideways), yelled briefly, then slepts, woke up and slept again. After a while he got up and left. Let's see what he did in episode 2! (Overall, this drama doesn't look too bad. Maybe it'll be subbed after all? Pretty please?)
This post is dedicated to mary aka kdramalaws, of course

Episode 2

Song Jae-rim being at the same café as Jung Ma-Ri, getting his take away coffee and seeing her sitting there, silently wiping tears away (12:45-12:49)
Song Jae-rim feeling a bit sorry for that woman he doesn't even know (I don't think he recognizes her as the woman from the classroom either) (12:53-13:00). Because he is a kind person, he buys her a take out coffee, but has it brought to her by the barista. She does not know it's from him.
And then! (44:28-44:30) Song Jae-rim taking a shower ...
Being shocked to hear a woman's voice in the men's shower (44:34-44:38):
Song Jae-rim getting angry at this somewhat dense and weird woman who thinks this is the female shower (44:49-44:53):
Still angry, if not more, asking if she can't read Korean (44:55-44:56) and telling her to get the f out (45:06-45:08):
Song Jae-rim thinking the crazy woman has left, ready to take a long, hot steaming ... shower (she's back though, because she's not only in the men's shower, but out there is also the men's changing room, which has two changing, soon naked men in it) (45:25-45:26)
Song Jae-rim being incredulous (since she's back and quasi snuggling up to him behind the curtain) (45:39-45:40) and (45:44-45:47)
Song Jae-rim cannot believe this is happening (46:05-46:10):
She actually asks him to to get out and help her - by removing the other two men who are about to come in here naked. Couldn't they have disguised the tattoo better? It can't be THAT hard?! (46:26-46:33):
Song Jae-rim, politely telling the other Kendo students to please go elsewhere (46:42-46:48):
Song Jae-rim saying thank you very much for being so considerate (46:55-46:57)
Song Jae-rim after quickly running after that weird woman ... but he only sees her back, as she runs away (47:12-47:18). Awwwww ... this will be very sweet.


Oioioiiiiii!!! That's "a lot" of half-naked Rim there!!
So, after two episodes, they keep running into each other at the weirdest places. We learn that he is a decent and nice human being, with a lot of compassion.