Yoo Na's Street - Episode 22 (A ThugCap)

Ack. It's the fallout of Chang-man's Beat Up Min-gyu Mission. Did it work? Did it work?
Poor Chang-man .... he's hurting :(
I have come to the conclusion that some of these poeple need hugs, and all of them need counseling.

We open on Chang-man lying in bed, refusing to answer his phone or his door. Yoona overhears Gye-pal knocking loudly and being ignored. Booking Unni comes out to confirm that Chang-man went home late last night. They assume that he must be out for a morning exercise now.
kakashi: What ... is that shirt Yoona is wearing?! "Boarding seriously harms you and others around you".
becca: Is this better or worse than Aaron Yan's "croissant" shirt in Fall in Love with Me? I don't know, but I was bewildered by both.

Booking Unni and Gye-pal leave for work and don't hear Chang-man groaning in pain. Yoona knocks again. He lets her in. She sees his face and asks about it so he tells her about getting info from Bong and teaching Min-gyu a lesson. When Manbo calls Chang-man for work, he makes an excuse about having a flu.
Poor Chang-man deserves a little something for his efforts, I think.
He's black and blue all over, poor guy. :(

Yoona is putting ointment on Chang-man's wounds (yeah, a little something like this!) when Mi-sun barges in, accusing the two of ganging up on Min-gyu. Yoona says she never ordered a hit on the guy (LOL that's because Namsu was injured, but she was sooooo gonna do it). Mi-sun then proceeds to throw things and shout insults at Chang-man for being a lowlife gangster who beats "innocent people" up.
Is that woman STILL not more sensible?! Will she says "his hand slipped" next? And Chang-man, standing there in his white undershirt, looks so vulnerable ... awwww. That being said ... beating up people is not okay.
Mi-sun is suffering under some heavy delusions, I think. I hope she gets out from under Min-gyu's thumb before it's too late. I am also very disappointed in Chang-man, but somehow I can't be mad at him. I know why he did it, and it wasn't good but it was a reason.

Madame, who went upstairs to check on Chang-man, hears the tail end of this conversation while Yoona drags a screaming Mi-sun out of the room. Madame then calls Manbo to report Chang-man beating up some guy and getting Mi-sun riled up. When Gye-pal hears that it's Min-gyu, he tells his hyung that the beating up was rightfully deserved. Heh.
Haha, Gye-pal is cute. Sometimes.
Chang-man hears Yoona arguing with Mi-sun in the hallway. It looks like she's on her way to visit Min-gyu. When Yoona goes back to his room, they wonder how Mi-sun can still love that kind of guy (yes exactly!!!). Yoona says this is why she hates stupid things like romance. (Chang-man looks at her hehe) Just then, someone calls Chang-man again. It's Min-gyu's hoobae, describing his hyung's injuries and demanding Chang-man show up at the hospital before they call the police.
What a douche!!!!** Hatebeams**
I seriously thought that was Min-gyu calling at first. They look a lot alike.
Chang-man refuses to come right away and ends the call. Yoona warns  him that Min-gyu is a shady guy and he shouldn't have interfered with Mi-sun's issues. But Chang-man says Mi-sun's issues are Yoona's issues, and therefore, his problem too. Besides, they have nothing to extort from him. If he goes to prison, then he goes to prison.
What a cool thing to say, only ... hm.
Counseling. Please, before it's too late. I hate to see them going down this road. (But from a story perspective, I admit that it's good.)
Back at the colatec, Manbo thinks Chang-man likes Mi-sun. (Haha) Gye-pal says no, Min-gyu was just a despicable fellow who deserved a beating. Manbo is familiar with those kind of guys and expects them to blackmail Chang-man, so he promises to look into Min-gyu's background. (Yaaaaaaaas~ show us your underworld connections, Manbo!!!)
Twenty cheers for Manbo!!!
I'm so glad we have him on our side! Save the day, Manbo! Be the big damn hero! :D

Mi-sun finds Min-gyu alone in his hospital room. The guy lays it on thick, how everything hurts and the twin room is depressing him, etc. Mi-sun promises to transfer him to a private room after Asshole says he missed his noona. (Girl, your black-eye hasn't even healed. WTF???)
I don't believe this!!!!! >.<
I spent the better part of this episode cursing Min-gyu. What a shameless little @%!$#*$%$&$%^#. Also, this is where it occurred to me that Mi-sun doesn't love this guy - she loves being the caring noona, and that's why, after all these years and all those men, he's the one that she "fell" for. He's like a substitute for her little brother who died. It's twisted and sad, and… yeah, counseling. 
Yoona and Yun-ji hang out while chatting about Namsu's failed bodobang venture. Yoona thinks that Namsu should stay in the pickpocketing business, while Yun-ji thinks that Namsu's looks should be used to work in a host bar instead. (Haha! Hmmmmmm, good thought) Yoona says that Namsu's too nice and introverted to do that kind of work, but she clocks Yun-ji's interest in the guy. (I'm watching you, girl! I say go for it, Yun-ji!) That teenybopper pickpocket drops by to fetch Yun-ji for another pickpocketing session and Yoona warns them to beware of the tightened security when the Pope visits Korea soon. (He did visit while this drama was airing. Hehe.)
I liked the little "for work?" sign she made with her hand there, hehe.
Teenybopper. Oh, how I love that word!

Yoona calls Chang-man. He's going to the hospital, but can't even bend over to put on socks. Yoona tells him to put some slippers on and she'll meet him there to put the socks on him. (Ha! At your roundabout way of saying you want to come with him.) Too bad because Da-yeong drops by before Chang-man could leave. He asks her to put on his socks instead. She does it while scolding Chang-man for getting hurt for Yoona's unni instead of studying for the civil service exam. He comforts her about the canceled production and you can see her eyes forming into hearts again.
I kinda forgot about Miss Delulu until now. She is extremely annoying, I want to do something mean to her. Have I ever told you I used to stick needles into my dolls?
I… thought that was just a joke. I think the worst thing I ever did to my dolls was to give them crew cuts. O___o
I thought that was a joke too. Poor Alex.
When she admits that it's her first time putting socks on a man, Chang-man says that aside from his mom, Da-yeong was the first girl who put socks on him too. (Aaaaand this is why this girl won't get over you, Chang-man. Sometimes you have to be cold, y'know?)
Yeah, idiot.
Da-yeong. He just compared you to his mom. Don't be so happy.

Manbo goes to Herring's restaurant (haha, I like Herring, the useless boaster) (we heart him, yes!) to ask about the host bar Min-gyu works at. Turns out the boss there was called Straw. One of Axe's "kids" back in the day. (And Herring brags about beating Straw in a fight but Manbo doesn't remember anyone like that because Herring never wins. Haha) They're interrupted by Da-yeong's arrival, who Manbo invited out to eat cold noodles today.

The camera cuts to inside the restaurant, where President Jeong's son (the "impressive" lad who loves musicals) is eating noodles while reading some artsy/culture magazine. I started laughing here. Also when Manbo saw the guy and led Da-yeong to his table to introduce the two (it finally happens!!!). Young-gun guesses that this is the daughter who plays Sylvia in that Cosmonaut's Last Message production and even compliments Da-yeong about it. Father and daughter sit on the adjacent table and it's funny how Manbo keeps looking meaningfully from Da-yeong to Young-gun.
Heehee. I wouldn't put it past him to have set this up somehow. So cute and obvious, our Manbo.

Chang-man and Yoona meet with Bong to strategize first (Bong, you're a mean meddler. You knew exactly how dangerous it would be for Chang-man). He wasn't expecting Mi-sun to side with the guy when he asked Chang-man to teach that jerk a lesson. For now, he advises Chang-man to apologize and do whatever Min-gyu wants to avoid being taken by the police. But Chang-man goes by his decision to punish Min-gyu and refuses to apologize for it.
That's right, stick to your guns, Chang-man. Beating a guy up is wrong… but he totally deserved it.

Thus when Yoona and Chang-man enter Min-gyu's room, he refuses to say sorry. Min-gyu asks his noona to call the cops right now, but Chang-man wants to say his piece. "When I beat you up, didn't you apologize? Didn't you say you were wrong? And now you want ME to say sorry?" Min-gyu claims he doesn't remember admitting he was wrong, so Chang-man says maybe he should be beat up again. Haha! Chang-man would rather go to jail than apologize to a lowlife like Min-gyu.
Me too!! >.<

Mi-sun takes him for his word and starts dialing the cops, but Yoona snatches her phone and runs out of the room. (She even complains about Mi-sun having long arms when the latter tries to reach for her phone hehe~)

Chang-man sits near Min-gyu's bedside and tells the guy to reflect sincerely on his sins. He will be back tomorrow to talk again. Is it just me or is Min-gyu looking a bit scared?
Yeah, cause he's full of shit and its about to overflow. Dirty liar.
I enjoy seeing his fear. It's so satisfying.

Mi-sun meets Chang-man leaving the room and calls him a thug again. Chang-man only looks at her and asks if she got her phone back. (She didn't. Yoona was too quick. Heh.) But when she comes in, she tells Min-gyu that they shouldn't report Chang-man because he has strong backers. She promises to negotiate for the hospital fees instead. Min-gyu looks at his unni and says that being beat up like this must be his punishment for treating her wrong. (YOU THINK? YOU POOPHOLE.)
Low, despicable, disgusting, abusive, manipulative piece of $#*&. You'd BETTER be in pain!

Yoona and Chang-man walk out of the hospital. She sees all the unread texts from Mi-sun's men, all ignored right now because of Min-gyu. Mi-sun calls, demanding her phone back, and Chang-man insists on going back with Yoona to return it. (Using his injury as an excuse to lean on Yoona. Heh.)
Hehehe, his very small triumphant smile when he puts his arm around her ... :)
On the way back, they see a girl taking care of her sick mom. Chang-man asks about Yoona's mom. She says she doesn't know. Her mom married Kang Bok-chun not knowing he was a thief and got a shock when he was carted off by the cops 4 days into the marriage. She stayed for three years before finally calling it quits and leaving Yoona with grandma.
That's not nice.
Wow, mom. Really??

Yoona shares that when she was a kid and dad was on the wanted list, detectives would follow her around as bait. Waiting for the dad to show up. One of the detectives was nice to her and kept buying her snacks... the detective ended up catching her dad, but took care of Yoona. His name? Squad Leader Bong! (Awww......)
Bong is a weasel though. Somebody kick him where it hurts.
He's not really a good guy, no… but I do like him. Who was it who wanted a drama about Bong and Yang-sun? 'Cause I would watch that.

Yoona says she doesn't care what her mom is doing right now. That person doesn't deserve to be called a mom. Chang-man tries to sympathize with how hard her mom's life was, but Yoona walks away pissed at that.
So … they're bringing up mom ... because she's going to appear, right? As a zombie?
But I don't like zombies. :(

She waits for him to catch up though, and grudgingly admits that she knew life was hard for her mom. "But still... she shouldn't have abandoned me." Awww... you poor thing! It's true, too! A mother who suffered being married to a pickpocket should've known it would be difficult for a kid to grow up in the same environment!
Goddamn, yes! What did the kid do to her? Mean woman.
Wrong choice, mom. Wrong. Choice. Poor little Yoo-na must have been so confused and hurt.

Yoona says mom should've taken her. Even if they starved together, she should've taken her. T_____T "If only she took me with her, I wouldn't be like this." She blames mom for pushing her into this kind of life. She swears to never forgive her mom. She even thinks that she took up pickpocketing both to follow in dad's footsteps AND to spite her mom.
That's sad :(

Yoona was fueled by that hate. Even when she was in juvie, she kept imagining that mom would visit, and that Yoona will get to rage and spit at her. But no one came. Chang-man says a mom is a mom and no one can resist that feeling of wanting to come home and just rest in mom's arms. He uses the My Parents Are Dead So Don't Take Yours For Granted card, which doesn't work on Yoona, of course.
Apparently, this mother is not a real mother, because she abandoned her child to become a thief and never looked back.

What's so sad about this is Yoona totally looks like that kid who's repeating "I hate my mom, I don't want a hug". Then looks out of the corner of her eyes, waiting for mom to come and hug her. But in her case, mom never did. (Fuck you, Yoona's mom.)

Chang-man's phone rings and he says it's "that nice detective who bought you fish bread" LOL. Bong badgers Chang-man to get a medical report in case Min-gyu continues the lawsuit despite Mi-sun's intervention. He keeps quiet though when Yang-sun hears the call and reminds him that Min-gyu is their best customer, and she's going to "visit" him. (Using the term for visiting prisoners instead of the hospital. Hehe~)

At home, Manbo tours "The Straw" around. He's very fond of Axe Grandpa and also respectful of Manbo hyung for being loyal and giving Axe a home. So I'm already fist-pumping when they talk about Straw's host bar business. Manbo asks if a certain Min-gyu works for Straw and he confirms it after calling the manager. Manbo lets it be for now as talk turns to everyone's successes. Axe Grandpa is proud that even if he didn't become rich, all the boys under him like Manbo, Herring, and Straw are still loyal and successful to boot.
The guy's hair!!!
I know! It makes me think of Jang Hyuk in Fated to Love You! Hee.
Gye-pal drinks alone in a store when he spots Curly and Wife walking and pretending not to see him. He shouts at them to come over, and I laughed when the two finish their ice creams in a hurry. Gye-pal is offended at being ignored, but Booking Unni whispers that they were hiding from the store ajumma, since they bought ice cream from the other shop w/c sells for 300 won cheaper. HAHAHA I totally do that too! Hiding from market ajummas who are nice to me when I'm going to buy from a different stall!
Which is a good thing, because I'm sure they'd be offended! I would be.
Ahahahaha, I love the Curlies!

Gye-pal is quite drunk and turns it into this "you'd ditch a long-time patron for 300 won???" and the couple corrects him that, actually, it's 600 won because they bought two cones. Booking Unni then says that women are like that and know the value of money! This makes Gye-pal sadder (probably thinking of Mi-sun) so the couple stay with him while he emo-drinks.
Now, Gye-pal isn't cute anymore.
The looks on his and Curly's faces when she said that, though… priceless.

Speaking of drinking, a slightly drunk Manbo chides a slightly drunk Straw for having a "not clean" business. Straw insists that his establishment is legit, but Manbo says that it can't be a good one if trash like Min-gyu work for him. Madame acts as peacemaker between the two and they agree to meet up regularly to reminisce about the past. But you can see Straw muttering about Min-gyu embarrassing him.
Good. Good.
Hooray for Manbo!

Mi-sun comes home late and Yoona warns her to take care of Min-gyu. She heard from Chang-man that Axe Grandpa plans to visit that fellow. (LOL!) Mi-sun turns on the Chang-man hate for being a violent person who broke Min-gyu's ribs. Yoona sarcastically quips that yeah, Chang-man is so stupid, he should've just stopped at cracking ribs like Min-gyu did to unni. LOL.
Thank you, Yoona! Someone had to say it.
Anyway, Mi-sun gets a call. It's Min-gyu-the-shit asking if she's home safe and kissing the phone and saying all sorts of stupid "I miss noona so much I love noona" stuff. Don't worry about having to like him again just yet because when the call ends, another noona drops by for a visit. He uses the same "I'm in pain and alone and I miss you so much it hurts" act on her.
Ohhh, I hope he gets what he deserves. And what he deserves is so very painful. *seething*
Next morning, Chang-man drops by Grandpa's room to wake him up for the knee injection. While waiting outside, he calls Yoona who's eating breakfast with Mi-sun. She puts him on speakerphone and lets Mi-sun hear how Grandpa is insisting on being taken to the hospital to get revenge for her. Yoona acts concerned and says that what Chang-man did was enough. No need for Grandpa to come. Chang-man says that Grandpa is dead set on dealing with Min-gyu like he did with Hammer. ie "Cut his thingies off". HAHAHAHAHA~ Mi-sun's eyes go wide in fear. Yoona begs Chang-man to stop Grandpa, but he says Axe is ready with the giant scissors and stuff.
And this is where I start laughing hysterically.
The clueless Grandpa comes out limping just then. Chang-man walks him slowly to the car. They get overtaken by Mi-sun who gets in her own car and rushes to the hospital. She calls Min-gyu on the way and says that that famous Grandpa who beat up Hammer and made him retire to the countryside? That Grandpa is coming for a visit. (HAHAHAHA)
Oh, I wish!!! 

Mi-sun makes it to a confused Min-gyu's room and helps him pack his stuff. When Chang-man and Grandpa reach the lobby, he tells Grandpa to "come with him to see something". Mi-sun follows them and confirms that they entered the now empty room. Chang-man pretends to show Grandpa what a private room looks like then quickly ushers Axe back out. Then he turns back, takes a giant pair of scissors out of his own bag, and drops it on the bed.
Chang-man, gangsta style. And by the way, Mi-sun drives the same car that the Assistant in Dr. Frost drove!
This whole thing is so delightfully evil, I love it. I hope it does the job of putting the fear into Min-gyu so that he'll tuck his tail between his legs and run far away from our people.


First off, Yoona's mom is a selfish person. The drama will probably make me change my mind at some point (they don't bring up random stuff without dealing with it later on) (that's what I fear). But for now, my heart breaks for the Yoona who's trying not to care but is obviously still waiting for her mom to come back.
I think I'm not liking this development. Just leave the mom be wherever she is.
If she comes back, it will be painful, won't it? I don't want to cry. :(

Her choice played a big role in being a pickpocket, but you can't deny that circumstances left her little choice to begin with, growing up with a pickpocket dad who's in and out of prison and a corrupt albeit nice cop. (How much do you love the reveal that Bong took care of her?! This explains why he's always pressuring Yoona to "go straight" more than he does random pickpockets on the street. Also why the noraebang couple are so invested in Yoona's future/happiness.)
Yessss, I love Bong!

Now, Chang-man.

I love that despite being traumatized by having to beat someone half to death, Chang-man is strict in his belief that Min-gyu needs to be taught a lesson. No blackmail, extortion, or threat of jail will make him change that goal.
Yes and No. He is extremely stubborn, this man. It's not a good personality trait in my book.
It all depends on how that stubborn streak is applied, and I think Chang-man sometimes uses it in the wrong way. I worry, but I do like the way he's dealing with the aftermath of the fight. I think.

Chang-man isn't just strong, he's also smart. I clapped and laughed so much when I figured out what he was up to in the final minutes of this ep. And teaming up with Yoona to bring Mi-sun back to her senses? Hahaha! Gooooooo Chang-man! Hit the casanova right where it hurts!
Ah, I would really love to cut something off that scumbag.