Ngao Jai (Shadows Of The Heart) Episode 9 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: Rut finds out that wish fulfillment isn't everything it's cracked up to be. And Citrus Farm, despite it's beauty, holds a rotten core that only our intrepid twin can discover and dig out. And hopefully, we leave some of the tears behind as our younger couple gain some maturity and understanding.
becca: For those of you have been worried, fear no more! This is a very fun episode, and we're headed into good viewing times. So gather 'round and prepare to squee your heart out and laugh your head off.

Episode 9

Poor Wat is heading back to the farm, frantically trying to find a song on the radio that isn’t a heartbreak song. He finally gives up and calls a radio station to ask for a Bird Thongchai song that suits his mood. But according to the DJ he has to wait his turn, even if he pays. Wat is frustrated now on several levels.
At Flower Shop, JerkWatit is slowly crunching potato chips while Mom finishes some work. She chuffs that her daughter is irresponsible not to show up this late in the day. Flower Boy arrives from school, and Mom demands he call his sister to make her come home. Rut is playing the pitiful martyr to the hilt, and all I can do is shake my head.
I'm cackling! He looks so pathetic! Rut, you little faker.

When May arrives, she’s pissed that her husband snitched to her mother. Time for a family pow-wow. Ooh I don’t like this. Mom yells at her daughter for being the problem and all but orders her to obey her husband. Rut is all self-satisfied smirk. I guess he didn’t learn his lesson from the almost-divorce. Really, JerkWatit, just how much pressure are you going to put on May before she cracks right before your eyes????
Aww, really, Mom? Why you gotta be this way, hm?

May yanks her brother away for a private conversation, but he’s siding with JerkWatit too. Plus, he doesn’t want his sister subject to gossip and innuendo. Rut walks into her line of sight with a sad expression on his face. She makes the decision then. He wants loving wifey? He’s going to get loving wifey!
They do have a good point, though: she's only making things worse by sticking so close to Koon. JerkWatit still has no right to treat her so badly, of course. There's no doubt about it. But her life really would be better if she stayed away from the rapey, murderous cousin, regardless of JerkWatit's jealousy and abuse. The "we're friends" excuse doesn't fly with me, either, because you just don't stay friends with someone who physically assaults you AND actively tries to destroy your marriage.
The next morning she wakes up first, and immediately starts stroking his face. When he wakes up, her face is on his pillow and she starts using lovey-dovey words to greet him. He freaks out when she tries to give him a good morning kiss. When she finally saunters away, he touches himself to make sure everything is intact, and then smacks himself to make sure he isn’t dreaming. LOL
Hahahaaa! Oh, I wholeheartedly approve of this new tactic!

In the bathroom, May shakes off her jitters, and sets up Watit’s bath things. He’s suspicious, of course, since she’s never done these things for him before. But she wants to show her appreciation of her husband; after all he’s always been sooooooo good to her. She was hurt at first by all the strange changes in him, but now she knows that she should accept those changes.

He decides to test her. She should scrub each his back in the shower. May’s game for it, and takes off his pajama top like a strip tease. That gives him the willies, and when she tries to yank down his pants, he grabs them and tries to back down. She giggles: Maybe they should shower together! He finally resorts to fake stomach cramps to lock himself in the bathroom.
*cackling* That's right, scare 'im, May!
There he takes a deep breath, sure that she has revealed her true colors, and is even more convinced that she pitted the two cousins against each other just to watch them fight over her.
Oh good grief. Yes, that's how we women are. We like to destroy families just for funsies. *rolls eyes*

In the bedroom, May looks at her hands, thinking about them touching his waist, and wipes them.

Later in the morning, May and Tippy are starting their yoga. May tells Tippy that she plans to fight back from here on out. They start the poses just as FakeWatit shows up with a camera. He declines joining them, and May gets an idea. She sneaks up behind him while he taking selfies of himself and kicks him into the pool, then stands and laugh maniacally….

… except it’s all in her head. The other two look at her like she’s crazy. She resolves to do it for realz. But she stops short when he turns. She pretends it’s just a yoga move, but tries to push him in anyway. He dodges and she teeters at the edge until the only think stopping her from going in, is his hand on her arm. So, of course, SPLASH!
Whoops. Well, we saw that coming.
He cheers and grabs his camera for a few shots. Suddenly May gets a cramp and can barely make it to the edge. Don’t do it, Rut! Nope, we know he secretly worries about her too. He reaches down to help, and of course, SPLASH!
Yasssss! So satisfying!
They get into a splashing contest that ends up being pooltime playtime. Awww.
Dammit. When they're cute, they're cute. So so so adorable. Be like this always, please!

The two men of Citrus Farm share a cup of coffee on the deck. Uncle soberly says Watit’s heart rate has been erratic, and he wants to spend some time with his son. He asks Rut to take over the day-to-day operations at the farm. Later that morning, he sees his uncle off to his Veggie Farm.
May watches from the balcony and wonders why Uncle is driving himself, and why he has been spending so much time away from the farm. Since FakeWatit can’t really answer, he turns it around as a chance to learn things about each other without extra people around.

In the kitchen, Naan is inconsolable, sure he’s going to lose his job as Por Liang’s personal driver.  The servants just roll their eyes at his histrionics. Janpeng wonders if Uncle has a Friend With Benefits or a little piece of fluff on the side. HH scoffs at the idea.
Ha! Poor Naan! He has one job around here, and he can't even do it.

Doctor is checking over RealWatit, and has determined that the room temperature and air pollen has been exacerbating his lung issues. But he’s a strong young man and so far hasn't exhibited any muscle atrophy or pressure sores. Mom is upset that she wasn't paying attention as well as she should. Hey Mom, you’re wonderful, but you are only one person. They also discuss physical therapy as part of his long-term care.
Mom is also not a trained professional.
At the college, Rin tries another “accidental” meeting. Hey Mai, did you approve her FB Friend request? He claims he rarely uses Facebook, but she notices him on it every day. She pouts over to her friends, ready to give up. But they point out this is the fifth time she’s “given up”. I love her friends!
They're adorable and pretty smart, too. They know exactly what's goin' on here.

Man, their teacher loves his tablet, but he does pull his nose away from it long enough to see Maitree’s report on his desk. Mai is just walking into the classroom when Teacher stops him and shows him the report, grumbling that his student must be a jokester since he said he hadn't completed it. Flower Boy stands opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water, until Teacher tells him to take his seat. Rin, did you write his report? She smiles at him as he walks past, and he can’t help but smile from his seat.
*sputtering and pointing* B-b-b-but! That's cheating!! *Miss Goody Two Shoes is horrified*
At Citrus Farm, the sorting goes on as Rut goes over the books. He finds a discrepancy in the purchasing logs. Multiple, large orders of fertilizer and herbicides are recorded too frequently to be feasible. Tippy admits that she orders what she’s told. Koon may know about it, but the orders always come from Chard. Tippy wants to contact Koon to discuss, but Rut stops her. After all, he is new in all this business, so it would be best for him to talk to Koon directly, in case it’s just a misunderstanding.
Plus, we don't want Tippy stuck in the middle of that fight.

On the processing floor, Tippy and May discuss the conversation. May is all for bringing in a doctor who specializes in hypnosis, so she can figure out what her husband is thinking.  Hey May!  I know of one who is trying to leave South Korea who might be willing to come to Thailand!
Pffft. And again, I say, pffft! Funny unni.
Hey, you never know...
Rin meets up with Uncle after school, and asks him if her brother is really doing well at Citrus Farm. Mom thinks she is being presumptuous, but Rin just worries. After all, most of the updates are from Wat, and she only believes half of what he says anyway. The two start bickering until Mom makes them stop; Uncle thinks his son will be happy to know he’s part of a loving, concerned extended family.
I got kind of miffed with Mom during that scene. It's only natural for Rin to ask about her beloved big brother. I find this separation of the family quite cruel. :(

Mom is washing the dishes and refuses help. Does she seem a lot less energetic than the earlier episodes? The two girls talk, and Mom says Rin was always the more stubborn of the two, both as children and now. Rin gives her a cheek kiss.
Well, she has been taking care of Watit 24/7 and refusing any help, which is exhausting, no matter how much you love someone. A good caretaker needs to take a break every now and then, too.
Wat has fluffed Rut’s bed for Uncle, who is grateful that he hasn't told the rest of the family about Rut’s injuries. He promises to pay more attention and make sure Rut stays safe. Uncle is also grateful that Wat is taking care of RealWatit, and offers to do something nice for the young man. Wat cheekily asks for 3 rai ไร / 100 acres of orange groves, but he’s just joking. Uncle offers to help him find a bride and pay for the dowry, if he has someone he likes.
Psst psst! Bulldog Uncle! Can we choose for him? I know just the girl!
OMG. Wat’s dream sequence has him and Jae Bood gallivanting through the woods and endlessly flirting. But just when they are about to kiss, BAM! The little boy falls out of bed and wakes up.
Uncle is startled out of sleep, but Wat covers that it must have been a bad dream. Uncle hopes the nightmare turns into good things.
My favorite thing about that dream was that Wat was dressed exactly like Scruff, complete with scarf and beanie!
It’s morning, and the girls are ready for their morning workout. Tippy hands May Watit’s medical records and appointment books; Uncle wanted her to make sure Watit took care of himself. May starts looking though it. Wait, there are several doctor’s visits that Watit has not gone to. May is concerned.  Just then, our Watit shows up, appropriately dressed and ready to for some sparring.

May is ready too, just not with her fists. She shows him the appointment book and demands they head to the doctor’s immediately. He tries to lessen the problem; after all, he has been feeling a lot stronger and healthier recently. She is firm; they will go that morning. Oh darn, FakeWatit just remembered an important business meeting he has to be at, right away. With that, he bolts. Now, even Tippy believes he’s gone weird, and May vows to get to the bottom of it.
Rut, would it really be so hard to leave for a few hours every now and then and lie that you went to your appointment? *flicks Rut's forehead* Ya big dummy.
May and Tippy try to talk to Watit’s doctor, but he is out of town. According to the nurse, though, Khun Watit hasn't been to the doctor in several months, and last she heard, the entire case was moved to Bangkok.
*sigh* Uncle and Rut should never go into the spy business.
I don't think either of them ever really thought the whole thing through.  Or at all.

Rut attempts to contact one of the companies that the farm used for supplies, but the sales contact hangs up on him twice after he identifies himself. He calls the manager directly instead. Soon after, he has a run-in with Chard. The worker arrogantly refuses Rut access to the dry storage areas, insisting that only the Farm Manager (ie Koon) has access privileges. After arguing, Rut demands Chard track down Koon and bring him to the facility to unlock the doors. However, once Chard leaves, Rut grabs a pole and busts the lock.
Chard's smug face annoys me.
And a good enough reason not to have a gif.
Evil Goon wonders why Watit is being so nosy. When our Dastardly Duo saunter back to the storage area, FakeWatit is already inside, looking at the piles and gallons of hazardous chemicals. Goon wonders why Watit couldn't wait until he showed up, and why didn't he consult with him first.
Because he doesn't trust you, of course. But you know that.

FakeWatit was curious about fertilizer types, but now wants to know why all the chemicals are there when Uncle specifically told them to return them and not use it on the farm anymore. Goon promises to dispose of the herbicides, and tells FakeWatit that they use different fertilizers depending on the age of the tree. Rut understands it all now.
Tippy and May are pulling up to the factory when they see Watit leaving in his SUV. He drives to the supply company to confront the sales contact directly. She dodges him, until Rut tells the administrative assistant that she needs to talk to either him or the police, her choice.

At a bright cafe, Rut and the agent meet. She comes clean almost immediately. The scheme goes like this: The farm buys product at full price. The company offers a high-volume discount of 30%. She skims 10%, and out Evil Guys take the other 20%, and the money never makes it back to the farm.
Tsk tsk tsk. Dishonest! I do not approve.
On top of that, the orders are more than the farm uses, so, again, our Evil Guys take the overage (already paid for by Citrus Farm) and essentially sell it to a secondary market for pure profit. Okay, I felt bad for Koon at the beginning for being secondary in Uncle Bulldozer’s eyes. But this is sheer, unmitigated embezzlement and fraud. Bastard.
I know! At first he seemed okay and even pitiable, but it turns out that he's been rotten to the core for a long, long time already.

May and Tippy make it to the middle of the farm. Evil Goon is surprised that she doesn't know where Watit went. He calls the agent, but she tells him she’s with a client in Lampang, so Goon thinks they are safe.
The meeting is over, and the woman is ready to leave, but, nope, she gets arrested with the assistance of her manager, essentially cutting off any chance that she can warn Chard and Koon. Good move!

May is on the processing floor discussing the worker’s pay. They head to the office to check attendance records when Watit calls Tippy, to find out where Koon is. May frowns that this isn’t normal Watit behavior, but Tippy teases that she wanted him to ask about the wife before asking about the cousin.

Chard is watching a sales pitch from a box manufacturer. He doesn't really care; the two have already come to an ‘agreement’ [cough cough] and the only thing left to do is complete the contract. Those two don’t even feel the noose tightening, do they.
Wow. They're so casual about their criminal activities. This shouldn't surprise after how easily they decided to kill Watit, though.

Rut arrives and stops the negotiations; in fact, Uncle should be involved with this decision. But Koon insists on autonomy as the Farm Manager. The salesperson slowly pulls back his paperwork as the two continue to bicker. Finally, Rut demands they go to a private place to discuss this.
In the main office (which is not-so-private), he shows them the proof of embezzlement. Chard loudly proclaims it as fake, but Koon knows this isn't going to work, even though all the evidence (orders and contacts) point to Chard. He turns and faceslaps Chard, demanding an apology; Chard mumbles it. Koon tells Rut he will handle it, but Rut is all ready to handle it himself.

Which consists of Chard’s arrest. Koon tries to stop it as the loss of a hard worker, but Rut doesn't care. Quite frankly, neither do I. Bye bye Fake Chard with the dead man’s identity! [waves a hanky]
Don't let the door hit you on your way out!
Evil Goon accuses FakeWatit of butting into his business. Rut promises even more; this trail didn't lead to the ringleader, but the next one is bound to. Because Chard’s too stupid to come up with a plan like this. Rut leaves, and the workers scurry away.
He has a good point about Chard's intelligence. It's practically nonexistent.
The officers are heading for the jail with Chard handcuffed in the back of a pickup truck. Suddenly, he kicks the lone officer in the back and jumps out of the bed. He rolls down an embankment and starts running as the officer stops the truck and gives chase. Oh, crap.
This is not going the way I want it to go.

Chard meets up with Koon, sneering at the ease of his escape. But what to do now? Chard needs money to hide out, but Evil Koon has money and a good idea. He meets up with Greed Dad, who is only happy to hide Chard out on his property as a sign of good faith. He insists on the truth, though, as proof of good intent. Plus, anyone who can dodge out of local law enforcement hands has a set of useful skills.
Uh… that's one way to look at it. I guess.
It’s the end of the workday, and the workers are filing out. Naan runs up; the part-time workers haven’t signed for their pay yet. According to Tippy, it’s Chard’s responsibility. But he’s been arrested!

May heads home to wait for her husband and hear the explanation. Before he arrives, she slides something under the counterpane. When Rut arrives, she tells him about the problem with the paychecks. He settles back on the bed, and she asks him where he was all day, especially since he wanted them to stay within each other’s sight. He hedges with the same reason she had used - he just had an errand to run.
Begin May The Amazon Mode. She grabs his face and insists on an explanation. He flips her over and pins her to the bed - what if he uses his method? But then he looks puzzled. What is that? LOL It’s a pair of shears aimed at the one part of him that does most of the thinking around his brother’s wife. So THAT’s what she hid on the bed.

Now he is the one on his back, and she is in the position of power. Why was Chard fired? It takes a few snicks of the shears before he gives in.
Oh, I am taking waaay too much joy in his fear. Heehee.
It gushes out of him. He went over the books and found discrepancies and did his own research and discovered there was an imposter living on the farm doing bad stuff and it was Chard and he had him arrested and that was really really everything that happened.

Next question: why didn't he take her with him? Well, he would have but she wasn't home. May makes a feint, and he squeals in fear. May is remorseless. Watit did all of this today, and didn't inform her, his wife and assistant, of anything. And if the worker’s pay hadn't become an issue, she bets he would have never shared the information with her.
No no no, Watit sweats out. He wants her beside him forever in cute harmony, and moves his hands into a ‘together’ symbol before cupping himself again. HAHAHAHAHA!!
Pffft!!! *rolls onto the floor, laughing hysterically*

In the bathroom, May stares at her reflection and wonders why his reaction wasn't like the Watit she knew.
The real Watit would be dead about a million times over if he were here.

At Flower Farm, Maitree is working on his class presentation when Mom stops by. She describes it as his solo project because he didn't want his friends to get in trouble with the other students. Aww, so he’s not being mean to Rin because he’s still mad. And this is the friend who gave him the study guide for mid-terms. Why didn't that girl want her son in her group? Mai admits he was the one who didn't want to join them.
Aww, you don't hate her anymore, Mai! *nudge nudge* You like her a bit, right? Right?
Mom gives him a little food for thought. It’s alright to stand up for yourself, in light of what happened, and it’s okay to ignore those people who ignore or treat you wrongly. But he’s wrong to ignore the person who is trying to be helpful and nice. Even though she insulted Mai, it was before the “incident”, and what’s past is past. What’s important is how she treats you now, and how you treat her in the future. Aw, what a good mom. And a good son!

Rin is also studying at Veggie Farm. Well, that, and looking at Flower Boy’s Facebook page again. At both farms, both Flower Kids are thinking hard about their relationship. Mai remembers Rin explaining her reason for her original treatment, and asking for forgiveness; Rin looks at the laptop again, and deletes the FB Friend request. Yikes!
What?! What - noooo! Don't give up now!
Mai is thinking the same thing when he sees it disappear off his own screen. Not only that, she’s blocked him as well. Uh oh, Maitree, it’s groveling time!
Go get the girl, Mai!

The next morning, FakeWatit and Flower Mom giggle over their supposed success forcing May in line. Mom gets all ‘sweetie’ with her daughter now. May accuses her of planning the married pair to help her; Mom doesn't exactly deny it, but it’s really because her brother had an important errand to run and couldn't help with the deliveries. May lays it on thick and throws in a little clingy cutesy, and pinches Rut’s cheek. The look on his face is awesome - it's like a big question mark. LOL
He looks scared, too, doesn't he? I love it.
Mom is happy, and tells her beloved son-in-law not to worry anymore. If her daughter says she will never leave his side, then you can bet she will stick like glue. Rut looks more worried than happy at the news, and May tweaks his chin a couple of times for emphasis.
Be afraid, Rut. Be very afraid. Meanwhile, I'm going to sit here laughing at you.

Mai is waiting for Rin and stumbles over his words. She interrupts him and promises to follow his request and never bother him again. He tries to explain again, but her girls call her and she walks away.  Mai tries again in class to catch her eye, but this time she sits two tables away from him. When the teacher arrives and class starts, he whispers to her closest friend for her chat app screen name, so he can apologize to her. The girls exchange glances and give him a screen-name. I hope it’s a real one.
He is So. Adorable. I like this reversal very much.
He immediately starts texting, but Rin never turned off her ringtone, so it chirps in the middle of the teacher’s talk. Uh oh. Teach starts lecturing on phone use and demands to know whose phone it was. Just as Rin begins to stand up, Mai pops up first and takes the blame. Now the whole lecture is focused on him.
Once I got over the horror of texting in class, I squeed. Because I can.
Oh you little student, you.
Suddenly there is another chirp! Now Teacher is steaming. Who is this person who is completely disrespecting the class?? Whups! It’s his tablet.  Hee hee.

May is playing her tune on the piano, and View looks pretty (and pretty good at) playing it!  Rut comes into the music room and watches her from a distance, at least at first. But he’s drawn in until he’s leaning against the piano looking at her face until she’s finishes. She asks if he wants to play, but he comes up the usual Rut-inspired flimsy excuse.
Aww, someone's a bit smitten. Keep it up and be nice to the girl now!
She has a letter for him, and reads it’s out loud. It’s from a school he sponsors; it was a reminder for him to participate in Children’s Day. He pretends like he remembers it. But the school is a far distance away, and they should leave together no later than tomorrow if they want to get there in time. FakeWatit would rather stay and take care of the farm, but May really thinks this is important too.  Road trip!
Wheeee! I'll bring the tunes!

No After Episode Extra

But we do have this:
And for some other treats, compliments of The GMM Channel on YouTube:
Toomtam singing on The Star!!
Episode 1: At around 5:13
Episode 2: At around 6:10

Final Comments

We see a little bit of progress for both sets of siblings. Even though May is exaggerating the whole lovey-dovey thing, we see that having the two spend time together (without outside influences) is a very very good thing.
They really do get along well when they're not surrounded by meddlesome relatives and employees.
Tippy doesn't count in that statement!!
!! Of course not! From now on, you can assume that Tippy never counts in negative statements.
Rut is still suspicious, but May's actions have shown her as more than a shrinking violet, and the respect she forces on him, even at the point of shears, will also force him to reevaluate her. She isn't a shallow, weak creature. She seems easily swayed only because her innate goodness blinds her to some of the evil around her. But her backbone is every bit as steely as his, and she is a perfect match to his strong moral fiber. And I hope we will get a chance to see a guitar/piano duet, don't you?
I'm for it!
Koon's back is against the wall, no matter how he thinks he can wriggle and spin. And there's is nothing more vicious than a cornered animal. I shudder to think what kind of mayhem he is capable of. We have already seen that death for both Koon and Chard, is no big thing, and I am quite sure he would sacrifice May to save his own skin. Chard is just a mean but dumb animal, easily led by his boss, so any scheming is definitely coming from Evil Goon.
Hm, I don't think Koon is yet at the point where he's willing to sacrifice May. He's certainly not going out of his way to make things easy for her, but as long as he wants to possess her, he won't hurt her. Uh… much. I do worry that later he'll get into the "if I can't have her, no one will" mentality. And then I WILL worry for her life.

Other side characters? Naree is an idiot who will be easily victimized. Wat is adorable but needs to cut the cord from Bood. Our stalwart Tippy is the perfect link between the business and the family. The moms are great! I wish I had a mom like them. Wait a minute, I do! Love you, Mom!!
I'm going to go hug my own mom right now. Until next time, squeeglets….