Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 17 (A SqueeCap)

This episode is not for those who are watching this for the romance. It is packed full with quite awesome intrigue-development and two major aha-moments for Wang So and his wife, Yeo-won. While the first finally gets ready to change the fate of the nation, the second decides it's time to trust in the power of the one who should be king.
Episode 17 verdict: Get ready for impact, people. Intense and foreboding.
I liked this episode.
Oh, me toooooooooo. Very much.

Episode 17

The drama treats us to Yeo-won's wonderful break-down and Wang So's exit once more. He is not ready to be the King ... at least not if it means killing his own brother for it. She tells him she tried to save him by killing Shin-yool - to cover up the unlawful marriage. They both have done unlawful things, he says: she poisoned the King, he married without royal decree. Now it's time to start over. Well, my dear Wang So ... I do believe you and her can come to an agreement, but you and her are not the only ones that know about those secrets ...
For some reason the translation of this scene was better than the translation of it in the last episode and I believe her more, now.
After he is gone, she cries bitter tears of frustration, and maybe fear - while he chuckles outside, looking up into the sky. Shocked amusement? Rattled astonishment? In any case, he did the right thing. He is not moving against his wife - he is trying to join forces.
If I never hear Jang Hyuk laugh again, my ears will be so grateful. And this alliance should've been done right at the beginning. But, better late than never.
I think that's the laugh you do to keep from crying.
At Chunghae Trading Company, the Elf has just condemned Shin-yool's work of a lifetime into the hands of greedy Uncle Wang. Companies should never show too much power in front of governments. After she has fainted, Gyu-dal stamps the documents. So does Wang Wook. I'm not sure Shin-yool hates you - she seems incapable of such things ... but I certainly do! Well, they can continue working (instead of going to jail) but they're now working for someone else. That someone else being hateful Uncle Wang Fuckwit. And as we will soon find out, Fuckwit is taking everything from them, so continuing work is also going to be difficult. 
Terrible, but they should've been kissing more backside than they were. It was bad politics on the trading company's part. 
Yes - but I somewhat doubt that kissing backsides would have saved them from this Western Treason people though. Shin-yool should have cared a bit more about politics and a bit less about money - she would have seen that the risk of monopolizing all the resources was far too high. That's why companies need good political risk assessment!

Blah blah blah all true, all right on the spot, your assessments, but meh. Get to the plotting. I should care more about her lifework. I'm in a mood.
Wang So visits his brother ... who keeps sitting behind the throne with his sword in hand, even when sleeping. The state of his brother moves Wang So to tears. He pities his brother for being part of this world, in which kill or be killed is the first law and he wonders what he should protect now that he knows his hyungnim has killed for power too.
He could try protecting the common people.
I think that's his focus as much as his brother is - he's been pushing back against Uncle Fuckwit's conscription, etc, and his father's ultimate goal - which he espouses - is to strengthen his people. He doesn't mention it as much because it's not as dire as his dying-before-his-eyes brother. At the moment, anyway.
It makes him go his father's shrine, who, in fact, told him about that Goryeo in which the noblemen don't have all the power as his big political vision. The First King planned all of this, for Wang So to become the type of King he always wanted for Goryeo. That's ... terrible, in fact, because he basically sacrificed all his other kids for this one guy? Yeah, that's really icky. Meditating there for a long time, Wang So finally decides to go on his own path from now on, not the path his father wanted. Well ... I believe this is exactly the path that your father wanted you on, Wang So, but never mind.
Is this reverse psychology at work?
Do you think his father really thought that the kids would all kill each other or was he just busy taking advantage of his ability to sleep with every female within 600 miles?
In the underground lair, Uncle Wang is chuckling crazily as he tells Se Won that he may just have lost all of Yeo-won's trust by not killing Shin-yool when he should have. But he, the Hairline Guy, still trusts Se Won. If he is entirely his from now on. Wang Wook comes in to tell Uncle Wang about his success with Chunghae and he chuckles happily some more. Evil Toad.
Fucking toadwit.
Wang So visits his wife once more. She is surprised to see him again, but he has been thinking ... about the beasts in the palace. He wants to try and understand what she has been going through, what she was forced to become. But he doesn't agree with her methods and hopes she can change. This, for him, is like a new beginning: What happens from now on will be decisive. He is willing to get rid of Wang Sik-Ryeom and make the King worthy, despite all the odds. They will do this together.  That is what he offers, with his sincerity.
I think I heard Saki scream just now.
And thus, their alliance begins. Awesome.
Cool. I'll try not to focus on all the wasted time before this.
Never satisfied, this girl!
Shin-yool is ill and dreaming ... of the horrible Princess, of Se-won and his sword (Se-won's sword is always a good dream, wobbly though it is) and of Wang Wook's betrayal. But all of a sudden, Wang So is there and calms her with his touch. She is sorrowful because all of this is her fault: it all started with their marriage, which she rushed. But he tells her it's okay. Don't worry. He was never there though - it's a dream within a dream, but she recovers and changes her clothes. Looking good there!
How does he get more handsome each day? Shouldn't he be TIRED by now?
The mood is very somber around the table at the Trading Company. And they should be - because everything there is at the company is moved and sold. In charge of this: Wang Wook. Also in a new dress (looking goooooood). Pink! He's the original APink!  Shin-yool is inviting him for tea and snacks despite of his role in this calamity. She knows there must be a reason for what he is doing - maybe he is doing this to protect her? It's the wrong choice. This is her family, her world. Him hurting them is worth than her being harmed. Told you so, Wook. Wang So would have understood.
And this is why Wooky won't never get no nooky.
At a meeting with his sister, Wang Wook threatens her for touching Shin-yool - and expresses doubts that Wang So will succeed in beating Wang Sik-Ryeom, the King of Noblemen. Yeo-won on the other hand is slowly but surely coming to the conclusion that joining hands with Wang So, even if he doesn't want to be king, is the right thing to do.
Wook, you stupid Pink Elf!
I hope he changes his mind. Go to the beautiful people, Wook. Take Se Won with you!
Time for the people at Chunghae to say goodbye. All the slaves (and Kyeong!) refuse to leave though, even if they won't receive pay anymore. They believe that Yool will make it work ... somehow. But right now, she really doesn't know what to do ... she is completely without hope and vision. Until Wang So bursts in. What to do? Eat, of course! He has prepared a meal for all of them outside - it's his special Wang So stew recipe from Geumgang Mountain. Is this what he sent Kil-bok (who gets the briefest of love lines with the slave woman with kid) to get the other day?! Or have they forgotten about this.
I've forgotten about it, at least.
Gyu-dal is devastated to be poor - he has never ever had nothing in his whole life! Baek-myo suggests he could sell his clothes and accessories, haha, how DARE she? It's a limited edition ... he does take it off though and his and Yool's earrings follow. And just like that, they recover their spirits again and realize that they have faced many a dire situation before - and always got out of it.
ROFL at the limited edition. And Gyu-dal without his finery is just not Gyu-dal. Who is he, anyway? He's not the missing brother, he's not son to anyone there, how did he become the nominal head of the company and adopted brother to ShinYool?
Ah, mysteries, mysteries ...

He's hiding from a woman who tricked him into marriage by getting pregnant, because he's scared his mother will cut off his allowance. She's not a very suitable girl, and in his other life he owns a popular restaurant.
Inside, Wang So informs Shin-yool that he and Yeo-won have come to an agreement: they'll cover up each other's bad deeds. Shin-yool won't be harmed anymore. Yool asks after the antidote and in the process of that conversation, Wang So realizes that Wook most certainly took it.
And if he knows what's good for him, he won't keep it long.

He goes to his father's shrine again to meet with his half-brother. He tells Wook that their father was poisoned. That surprises the Elf, all the more when So tells him it was Wang Sik-Ryeom. He pretends it means nothing to him, but it seems it does ... Wang So is pretty convincing when he explains how this whole situation might have been started by their father, but turned into this perversion by their uncle. Together, they can end this war - if he gives him the antidote. Wook claims not to be in possession of it. Idiot. Wang So tells him that Sik-Ryeom is going down, but to Wook, it makes no difference. He doesn't seem to understand that Wang So is offering protection - for all his brothers. Including him. Wang Wook demands evidence that Uncle Wang did all this - or there will be no antidote. He walks out. IDIOT!
To be fair, Wook has not trusted any of his siblings except YeoWon, and even that is now gone. So, I can understand his resistance.
Pfft. All you have to do is watch Wang So for 5 minutes to know he's not like the other brothers.
The Righteous Men are planning a raid on Uncle Wang's house tonight. Wang So has realized during his last visit that there is something behind the wall (he saw a glimpse of Se Won peeking out).
Like with Hung Kyeong?

That weasel of an assistant to Uncle Wang reports on the missing slaves at Chunghae Trading Company (200 of them). Wang Sik-Ryeom leaves to investigate. Time for Wang So to create a little ruckus. He goes into Wang So's mansion, for reconnaissance, of course. And to be extremely handsome ^___^ looking good there, Jang Hyuk! He also sees which slaves are undercover fighter-slaves - and indeed, some are dispatched immediately to fetch back Consul Wang.
That is one nice robe, So.
The servants refuse to leave him alone in the main room, but Eun-chun creates a diversion outside.
He made me laugh with all his jumping and tumbling.
His watchdogs ran out and Wang So seizes the opportunity to try and enter the secret passage. Unfortunately, Wang is back already! But when he comes in, Wang So is sitting well-behaved in one of the chairs. Before he leaves, he tells his Uncle that he used to be his hero when he fought wars with his father, but now, there is only disappointment. There is nothing left of that hero but a greedy, disgusting wolf - who even goes after a company for more power.
Brave. Perhaps foolish.
At Chunghae, Shin-yool is weighing their options. It seems they are well regarded everywhere because they always paid before receiving goods. So maybe people will give them goods on credit  this time? But the tradesmen are not ready, it seems. Of course, the other company is behind it! But a few souls are brave enough - it is the slaves that she bought and let free! It's not a lot, but wow, this is moving ... Shin-yool vows that Chunghae Trading Company won't go down. Never.
Might be time to move to China. Just thinking.
Why not try Europe for a change?
I got a bit teary. They offered to be sold back into slavery to help her.
Unfortunately, that weasel servant sees them when they leave and follows them to where they all live. Chunghae Town! Luckily, Se-won sees him see them. Please protect them, Prince of Balhae! The damn Snake Uncle sees a big chance in this.
What chance? To re-enslave these people?
I think to crush Shin-yool. As if she needed more crushing.
Urgh, she should've left for China. China is the America for people in Korean sageuks.
What the hell? There's a whole town sprung up within easy walking distance of the actual town, and no one realized it? Stupid idiots, what kind of spies are you?

Se-won meets with Wook, who knows who Shin-yool is to him! And of course, he doesn't tell Shin-yool? He is beyond redemption now. Also, they are there because they suspect that the hideout of the Righteous Men is near. They have put guards on three suspicious places. Luckily, Eun-chun is one attentive SOaB, and he is able to get Wang So off the street right before one of the guards can spot him.
I never understand this business of not telling people things they should know, like that's your long-lost sibling. Although maybe Wook is so gay for Se-Won, he can't stand the thought of Se-Won changing the loyalty Wook demanded and Se-won never actually gave (I love you, Se-Won).
I've never seen any indication that Wook had any interest in Se Won other than as someone to be used in his plotting. As for the not telling, it's weak writing. They can't come up with a reason to keep people apart or in misunderstandings, so they just keep facts from them for no reason. Cheap work. Shoddy.
They go to an inn instead and Wang So confirms there's a secret passage in Consul Wang's office. He suspects that the bronze mirror pieces are there. The infiltration will happen tonight - they know it's going to be tough. But they know how to take advantage of the current situation ... they'll lure the Red Assassins to their "hideout" and attack Wang Sik-Ryeom's house at the same time. But they cannot kill him yet! They first need proof of his treason. Time is of the essence!
Red, yes. The availability of fabric dye is impressive for medieval times.
I'm always impressed with how colorful everything is, yes. And clean, too, unless they need something to be dirty to make a point.
Eun-chun and another guy go into their hideout and make sure that Se-won's spy hears them discuss that they're meeting. It works! As Wang So and most of the Righteous Men make their way into Wang Sik-Ryeom's mansion, Se-won and some soldiers storm the hideout. Fooled you!
Doubt it.
Wang So is in! Swiftly, he makes his way down to the secret stone table. But where are the bronze mirror pieces? He searches the walls, but then, his eyes fall on the brazier in the middle of the table. He throws out the coals and starts sifting through the white pebbles that are underneath it ... yes! there is a box ... and inside, there are the mirror pieces.
Dun dun DUN... too easy, of course.
But right when he wants to run out again, one of the Red Assassins comes down the stairs. Is it Se-won? They fight ... the sword wobbles ... and Wang So takes off his mask, shocked. It's Wang Wook!
Who learnt swordfighting from Se-Won.


Wang Wook is doomed, right? He will die, I think. Yeo-won, on the other hand, took the right exit before it's too late, it seems. I'm totally ready to forgive her.
This episode was gloomy and severe, but it also makes me very hopeful. Everybody is getting their act together. Things are moving ... into the right direction. I didn't even miss the lack of OTP moments, because even though I love the two, the overall story around them is just as if not more interesting. 
He has to live to marry his full brother's daughter in The Iron Empress. (There was another brother to him and Yeowon and their mother is actually alive all this time.)  He does become a wandering traveler playing his flute and looking dweamy. 
A Shine or Go Crazy Spin-off, called the "Dreamy Years"?
Dweamy. The lispy pronunciation is important for emphasis.
Maybe So convinces him. It could happen.