Unkind Women - Episode 3 (The SJR only version)

In Episode 2 of Unkind Women, Song Jae-rim took an extended, though not undisturbed shower, was a gentleman and showed us he has a good heart. In Episode 3, fanservice continues. What country did Mary save in her previous life?!
(Captions by JoAnne!)
Even Rim isn't entirely sure if this is a lead role... 

Episode 3

Fact: without diligently maintaining his pecs as counterweight to the apple bum, SJR continually falls backward
(17:34-17:40) and (17:40-17:46)

Fact: Rim takes ramyun preparation very seriously

(18:05-18:07) and (18:10-18:13)

Fact: This will not make you better with chopsticks

(19:04-19:12) and (19:12-19:19)

'She's dressed like a man, but isn't hiding the fact that she's a girl? I don't know what to do!'

(19:34-19:36) and (19:37-19:40)

This is really a problem. Completely outside kdrama laws! 

(19:47-19:53) and (19:54-19:56) and (20:04-20:07)

Fact: Injured in a childhood accident with too-spicy food, our hero has no tastebuds

(20:13-20:19) and (20:21-20:22)
Never fear, though, spirits are high - a crucial decision has been made!
'There's one person who can make things right! I'll find her!'
(31:17-31:25) and (31:31-31:46)

Fact: SJR cannot untie knots

'I'm disappointed. You won't do.'
Interview: "At the time, I thought - is she the one? No. I was disappointed'
(34:13-34:15) and (34:18-34:21)

'She's about *that* tall, but she'll kick your ass if you keep hanging around.'

'Mary will be proud of me.'


Drama version: Awwwwwww, he already likes her. Awwwwwwww. (And he's SO the lead, JoAnne. Well, as much a lead as you can be in a drama 87% full of women)
JoAnne caption version: Next on Rim and mary, Rim will go have ice cream with mary and will smile at her all day.