Unkind Women - Episode 6 (The SJR only version)

In this episode, Mari, I mean MARY and Rim continue to sniff each other out, more or less carefully. Do they realize their lives are already entwined so much that de-entwining will hurt?
On another note, I hope some of the "funny faces" (or are they supposed to be cute?) on some of the ladies will go away soon. Shoooo!
This face: Not funny, but very cute. We do not want it to go away.

Episode 6

Mary regrets acting out that scene from 50 Shades last week and offers Rim a chance to retaliate
'Go on,' he says.  'Close your eyes. Maybe I'll kiss you instead, you never know.'
Alas, no kiss.  Rim had a very garlicky lunch and he's worried about his breath.
'Your breath stinks too!' he announces before rushing off.  He's such a 12-year-old!
Rim is shocked when he sees what looks like Mary heading off with another man, already
He goes on the offensive to drive off the other man: 'Her breath smells!  And she likes to slap!  Are you into that?'
Unfortunately, the answer is yes, and so the two men are forced into an extremely aggressive form of wrist-grabbing called 'Tug-eu war-eu'
Rim is deeply shocked when Mary suggests that there is a way for everyone to be happy...
'Please!  This is my Mary!  I love her and cannot share, please go!'
The older gentleman leaves after Rim promises free lessons in Kendo for life.  'Man', he thinks. 'You meet all kind of weirdos these days. I just wanted her watch!'
Mary ran off whilel the men were distracted by negotiations, and so Rim follows her to her apartment
Mary:  He left? Rim: Yep, it's just me, your plan to scare him off worked!
'So NOW we kiss, right?'  Mary puckers up, but Rim laughs and tells her good night.
Imagine his surprise when he arrives home and Mary is already there, trying to peak in through decorations left from Lunar New Year 
'I know it's late to still have them up but I've been busy!'
'We should drink!  I feel like piggy backs later!'
'Of course I mean for me to give you the piggy back! Don't you know how strong I am?'
PS: I want her house AND her food! 
No one eats lobster like that. Where's the butter?