Unkind Women - Episode 7 (The SJR only version)

In Episode 6, Song Jae-rim pissed off his future father-in-law. How will he get out of that?! Maybe by being a very very very cute namja?
JoAnne: He certainly is cute...and in these photos, she matches him for cuteness picture by picture.
Shot captured right before someone punched them for arguing over who was cuter

Episode 7

When Rim needs to go, he has no problem hurrying along the person using the bathroom that has the bidet
But he does generally expect people to get OFF the bidet before telling him to come in

Rim struggles to put the right words together to explain to Mary why privacy is so important to a relationship

He even draws up a contract, but Mary is taken aback.  I'll kiss you if you sign it! Rim declares.
Finally winning her agreement, Rim is able to use the facilities, in the dark, in his mask, as he prefers

Mary wants more than kisses... even Rim's cute little hand pinch thingy he does is not enough
Paint my toenails! she says.  If you paint my toenails, I will observe your bathroom rules.
Unfortunately, Rim allows his playful side to take over - Mary's involuntary reaction is a surprise to them both
Well, I'm just going to go use the bathroom now, Rim says. I made a mess when you surprised me. 

The lovers go for a walk, but Mary hyperextended her knee when she kicked Rim in the face so he has to carry her. 
It's okay, he says. Strength training!

In a private moment, Rim strokes his stick and slides on a stick ring
His mother calls right then. You'd think it would ruin the mood, but no

Later, Rim and Mary talk to his mother and Mary promises to help Rim with his stick
Rim says that stick thing gave him the flash of an idea, but he can't quite remember it
Later on, when everyone is supposed to be meditating, Rim is still trying to remember his idea
All of a sudden, it comes to him! Rim checks quickly to make sure no one can tell what he's thinking
No comments today, eh Kakashi?  I haven't seen this episode so I have no idea what actually happened.
Okay, I'm laughing really hard now, I don't have comments. Haha. Nope, none.